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  • agodnottobenamed 1d

    A Helping Hand

    Some don't trust my words,
    And some don't trust these eyes,
    I hope for all of you,
    A helping hand shall suffice.

    Bitten by snakes and filled with anger,
    I know you're in pain and in love's hunger,
    Hoping you can still believe,
    In this helping hand that I offer.

    Not every shell is empty inside,
    Not everywhere does evil reside,
    Sometimes, it is okay to trust,
    A helping hand to guide.

  • agodnottobenamed 14w

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    Every so often a shoulder droops down,
    A head is put to rest,
    A happy face becomes a frown,
    And a winner stops doing his best.

    A dream becomes a disappointment,
    A win becomes a loss.
    Success now is no longer a commitment,
    Another speedster slips on the moss.

    A visionary becomes blind,
    His eyes seem to not see at all.
    An eagle on the ground catching wind,
    Injured from his pride's fall.

  • agodnottobenamed 15w

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    A Lesson of Life

    Bleaching an old soul shall not
    Shed out a new one.
    Smacking the same mole will not
    Make the hammer any stronger.

    Enjoying a constant comfort shall not
    Make tomorrow any better.
    Living in the shadows of convention shall not
    Save you herd's stormy weather.

    Learning different lessons shall not
    Make you any weaker than the rest.
    Fighting a different battle shall not
    Stop you from being your best.

  • agodnottobenamed 15w

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    Space Inbetween

    There were times when the blue sky was not blue,
    It shines today only because of,
    Lightning and thunder none knew,
    So fierce that it left behind only a corpse.

    The gleaming sun shall not always shine bright,
    It burns only because its soul is new,
    Soon, its hair shall turn white,
    And all it can do from a distance is view.

    What world does a new star know but brightness?
    It knows not why it burns,
    It knows not what it is to be a black hole,
    And that is what makes it pure.

  • agodnottobenamed 17w

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    A Smile On My Cheek

    A smile on my cheek,
    A tear in the eye,
    You are the happiness I seek,
    And there could not be anything better in the sky.

    My reality so dreamy,
    And my dreams so real,
    Without love, life is blasphemy,
    And you, the testament which made me feel.

    Everything I wish for is you,
    An angel, a goddess and my fairy tale.
    Without you, the sky can no longer be blue,
    As I watch, it shall turn black and it shall turn stale.

  • agodnottobenamed 17w

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    I Know Myself Better

    With every cut on my arm,
    I feel my soul gleaming brighter.
    With every fall to the ground,
    I know the smell of winning better.
    And with every day passing by,
    I know myself better.

    With every tear in my eye,
    I see the tan of a fighter.
    With every breaking of trust,
    I feel a stronger shield inside.
    And with every day passing by,
    I know myself better.

    With every bit of love,
    I am stronger on the inside.
    With every bit of hate,
    I am stronger on the outside.
    And with every day passing by,
    I know myself better.

  • agodnottobenamed 17w

    I Paid Yesterday

    I paid a tear for every time I smile,
    I paid a sob for every time I laugh,
    I paid with sweat every time I held a trophy,
    And that's why I am happy.
    Because I paid yesterday.

    I paid with love before I received,
    I paid with trust before loyalty was earned,
    I paid with hurt before wisdom was learnt,
    And that's why I am happy.
    Because I paid yesterday.

    I paid for my anger and I paid for my lust,
    I paid for the times I was not my best,
    I paid in love and I paid in truth,
    And that's why I am happy.
    Because I paid yesterday.

  • agodnottobenamed 18w

    All We Need

    A walk hand-in-hand,
    A look into each other's eyes,
    A hug so tight that we cant get any closer,
    That's all we need.

    She smiles at me,
    And I smile at her,
    We just know that this was meant to be,
    And that's all we need.

    We dont look back at the bad yesterdays,
    Or worry about the mysterious tomorrows,
    We just look in each other's souls,
    And that's all we need.

  • agodnottobenamed 18w


    The bright shine of righteousness,
    A song by the bird of justice,
    And the bloom of colours from a bud,
    That's what wakes me up.

    To see pure little smiles walking around,
    To see wagging tails with a woof,
    To see a silver lining in happy eyes,
    That's what I wake up to.

    There are blind eyes walking with daydreams,
    And legless hearts zooming continents,
    A million miracles to witness by the hour,
    How would I ever know this had I not woken up?

  • agodnottobenamed 19w

    My Girl

    A brown cheek stuck to my shoulder,
    With a smile whiter than milk.
    A heart for which I always smoulder,
    Made my soul smoother than silk.

    A waist for me to hold proudly,
    And call mine without doubt.
    My heart beat for her so loudly,
    And my salvation could be expressed by no shout.

    Hours seemed like seconds,
    I could not figure out whether I was blinking.
    For when my hands are in her hands,
    She is all over my thinking.