I'm a variable soul drifting along this geoplane of disorder...

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  • athenasdescendant 1w

    There's no other way to say this.

    Awful tragedies have befallen us once more. Another great crisis, warranting wanton control through fear, order out of chaos.

    Once more.

    There is a racial firestorm in which everyone gets burned.

    Once more.

    There is the threat of the end of the human population...

    Once more.

    There is a fine line between curing a disease and playing God.

    Once more.

    There is a fine line between wanting the best for everyone and speaking in the act of inclusivity.

    Once more.

    There is a fine line between law and lawlessness.

    Once more.

    There is a fine line between leadership and totalitarianism.

    Once more.

    There is a fine line between fighting for gender equality and using a movement to serve yourself.

    Once more.

    There is a fine line between protecting the public and criminal acts against humanity.

    Once more.

    There is a fine line between managing the resources that are for everyone and hoarding it only for the privileged.

    Once more.

    There is a fine line between democracy and liberal media.

    Once more.

    If you continue to allow yourself to be conditioned to be the same way as they intended, you will never know what lines you have crossed.

    When you cross a fine line, the damage is done.

    There is no I'm sorry.
    There is no We'll make it up to you.
    There are no special payments that will undoubtedly make people feel any different than they do now.

    Call it karma, call it an act of God.
    One thing I'm sure of is...

    They know the difference. They just don't care.

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    Walking The Fine Lines

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  • athenasdescendant 2w

    Political systems are a disease to which the only cure is to break free from the conditioning that feeds the corrupt body of government.
    The month coming up has to do with liberation. Use it. Find the truth. The WHOLE truth.

    Life, Love, Light, and Truth.

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    Botulistic Prick

    Paralyzed by ego. Overcome by errors of centurial misguidance and fleeting wishes.

    Suffering from double vision caused by a two-party system.

    Choking on the hypocrisy of human life, the breath of freedom is harder with every gasp.

    Your mouth goes dry as the minutes pass...

    Losing control to these botulistic pricks is the last thing you would want to happen.

    That said, suffocation is NOT a pretty sight...

    Think about it.


  • athenasdescendant 2w

    Self-Serving Subservience

    All around we...

    Are slaves to the ones who serve...
    And they...Serve the powers that be.

    And the duties...Volatility reigns on the ones seeking liberation from insurgence from the...

    Slaves to the power. Slaves to the money. Slaves to the system.

    Acting out won't stop it.

    Walking away will break the strings on your back.

    Using logic instead of labels will bend the shackles.

    Thinking for yourself is true freedom.

    They are not willing to let us go. So we must force them.

    Political manipulation is the worse kind of slavery there is.

    And on this plantation...Every race is affected.

  • athenasdescendant 2w

    Poison Market

    You don't need to look far to find toxins.

    Dripping in your water... Hiding in your furniture.

    Burning your brain...Rotting your gut.

    You pay for it every day, all day.

    Frying your nerves...Weakening your pipes.

    You are an unwilling participant in the poison market.

    Don't you think it's time to get your money back?

    It'll be tedious. But in the end, it'll be worth it.

  • athenasdescendant 2w

    Words Into Worlds

    Writing is a tool into a different world, where truth meets elegance.

    Writing is a medication to which there are no side effects.

    Writing is a weapon against the falsivities that threaten our very thoughts.

    Writing is a flower, changing throughtout the seasons.

    But to me...

    Writing is life.
    You can't spell world without word.

  • athenasdescendant 3w


    Pierce the thickness of discord and fury...
    Open the gates of enlightenment.
    There, you will unlock the key to your soul...

  • athenasdescendant 5w

    A Deep part of us lies in the fragments of our past lives. Only then will we find the courage to thrive.





    Grasping at straws at the precipice of sanity and melancholy. Over the top, under fire.

    There goes another gunshot. The wound is dire.
    Oh look, another cop rehired. Another real leader retired.

    The disseminating fragments of race tensions and political pensions spillover. Take cover.

    A fragmented financial system exploits the poor, empowers the rich.

    As I look at the human fragments, my mouth starts to twitch. I set down my device with a grinding echo in my head saying...

    The fragmented life is a bitch.

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    Human Fragments

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  • athenasdescendant 11w

    Once upon a time, The world cared.


  • athenasdescendant 14w

    Oh my goodness! We are doomed!
    The "New" virus has taken over the world!
    Gather your thoughts! Get to the stores! Buy out the toilet paper, paper towels, and lysol!
    Protect yourselves!

    Very scary words have had an unexpected effect.

    What did you want?

    The media are not being honest. The officials aren't being honest.

    So, why can't you listen to reason? Is it just a voice to you?
    Is that why you're listening to lies?
    No facts, no evidence.
    Just voices.
    Nothing concrete.

    Are you scared? You should be.

    But it's not the virus that's going to kill you.
    So many things happening behind closed doors...
    Your closed doors.
    Your towns.
    Your sanity is being tested, being pushed into oblivion.
    Do you sense the building turmoil that is threatening the very fabric of your existence?

    Do you feel it yet?

    Or do you find the mass news media...


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  • athenasdescendant 14w

    Sir Edmond Burke

    "All that is required for the triumph of evil is that
    good people remain silent and do nothing."