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  • bluepuppy01 7h

    I'm just bored, so here's something rushed & cliche. #bluepup

    The POVs change:
    ● = Guy
    ○ = Girl
    And also there are 3 parts narrated in diff. POVs kinda...I honestly have no idea what I did, but whatever- this is how it ended up.
    Fated Reunion

    He appears before me
    Again after so many years
    My eyes can barely stop the tears
    And my face instead chooses to smile

    There’s nostalgia in her eyes
    And it takes me by surprise
    She even remembers
    I made a cameo in her life


    We reunited
    As Fate had scripted
    And reminisced
    The memories we had created

    We sat for hours
    Sharing the stories we missed
    And at the end of our discussion
    I suggested we write more

    And that’s how it all began again
    A simple suggestion
    Of “maybe we should meet often”
    Introduced to us new chapters


    I never thought life would alter
    So much ‘cause of one encounter
    Little did I know
    I wasn’t just some extra
    But a character worth staying
    By the side of the heroine

    I never could have imagined
    That togetherness was our destiny
    No matter how desperate was the dream
    I had always wanted to be reality
    Yet we had seen us through to the end
    Of an inevitable possibility


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    Fated Reunion

  • bluepuppy01 1w

    #illusion #bluepup @mirakee

    My senses are distorted
    As the language of my reality
    And is absorbed into itself,
    Where once it was my native tongue,
    Yet no more am I to speak it

    All of a sudden,
    Yet seemingly in slow motion,
    I’m reading my world backwards,
    While the words describing
    The beingness around me
    Are warped into a new truth

    The concept of existence has changed,
    Parallels became one
    At a certain point in time,
    Creating an intersection of space
    I’m unsure of where to cross

    My mind cannot focus
    Or decipher
    The true meaning
    Of transformation,
    Yet still here I am,
    Solely occupying the land of truth
    Before a crossroads

    One way leads
    To the deception of paradise,
    Another to a false reality,
    And the last, to a realm of uncertainty

    But is it really necessary
    For me to travel purposely
    To falsity
    When my whole world view
    Became clear to me?
    Is choosing to stay awake
    To the truth of everything
    Really the only decision left?
    Should I remain here alone,
    Always waiting for another
    To open their eyes
    And realize the illusion?
    Or should I choose a path
    I’ll never remember walking on
    And forget
    That I, once upon a time,
    Could have chosen a path of no regret?


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  • bluepuppy01 1w

    Unforeseen Connection

    A third eye saw
    Their inevitable connection...

    He hacked his way to victory
    Round after round
    Yet lost to one stranger
    Over and over again
    In shock over his losses
    And impressed with her skillset
    He contacted her on a silly little whim

    Though cautious at first
    Of the competitor across the screen
    A compliment was all it took
    For her heart to be shook
    And from there
    She eagerly replied
    To his curious side

    What grabbed their attention
    Was the other's potential
    And afterwards, they traded Insta
    Talked for hours
    Sharing art and poems
    Sent from across the world
    To each other
    Indulging in moments
    Of storytelling
    Where anywhere and to anyone else
    Would be nothing much more
    Than a few insignificant words

    On it went
    At a certain time everyday
    Taking turns saying hi
    Yet always searching
    For anything else to say
    To fill the seconds they could spare
    In their mismatched zones of time
    Wondering what the future'd be like
    If both remained present
    In the other's existence


    * I couldn't find a pic that would match this the way I wanted so I just chose a random one (lol pretend she's looking at her messages instead of taking a selfie)

    *And if you're confused about the Unforeseen Connection title and the third eye thing- the point is that the 2 characters themselves didn't see or expect anything at first...(I wanted to get rid of the third eye part cuz it didnt seem to fit but then I'd have to change the title and I'm not good with titles so I just left it��)

    *If you've seen a picture that matches it better and know where to find it, I would appreciate it if u could leave a link or something in the comments

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  • bluepuppy01 5w

    #bluepup #prettypic238
    Been a while since I opened up Mirakee...
    (Will add a pic once I get my phone back)


    You don't know where to start
    But the end has already begun
    The world has split apart
    Your heart has nowhere to run

    You give up and accept
    Watch the world crumble
    As your time stands transfixed
    Unmoved by the quaking soil

    Debris lines every horizon
    Rubble of a second’s passing
    All that’s left is an eerie silence
    In a place where hearts were once amassing

    The ending has taken place
    Before you had the chance to begin
    But now that everything’s been erased
    Maybe it’s time to try to start again


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  • bluepuppy01 13w

    Title suggestions are welcome in the comments below��

    The winds were howling
    Like little wolf pups
    Longing for their mama's embrace
    In the soulless comfort of a snow bed

    The storm was blinding
    Like rays of sunshine
    But without the familiar warmth
    That brings a sense of peace

    She sat huddled
    In a cave of ice crystals
    With no intention to leave
    For there was nowhere to roam to

    Hugging her knees
    Captured in her daydreams
    In a land where day
    Was treated as myth

    There, she fought off the cold
    With the heat of her soul
    And the plush softness
    Of her thick fur coat


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  • bluepuppy01 15w

    #bluepup #ceesreposts


    I read each word,
    Yet I don't understand,
    It's as if my brain has been crouching so long,
    Hovering over the collage of letters,
    That when I stand up suddenly,
    All I see is darkness
    While my eyes are still open

    The essence of the letter eludes me,
    As each silent whisper
    Of my thoughts tracing the cursive,
    Seem to drift off the pages like a ghost,
    Haunting what I could have known but never learned

    And as I get to the end,
    I know I'll have to read it all over again
    So that maybe I'll comprehend
    After reading a second time

    But no matter how I skim through,
    How fast,
    How slow,
    How long,
    I stare at the ink,
    Convincing myself to believe
    I don't understand the writing,
    Though I've actually known all along
    What it's conveying,
    But I don't want your message to hurt me

    Thus, my eyes, which have glided
    Over these unchanged words a million times
    In a few short hours
    In hopes they would suddenly gain a new meaning,
    Feign blindness to deny
    The pure harshness of reality


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  • bluepuppy01 16w

    Web of Memories

    Each dew drop was a memory strung into her art


  • bluepuppy01 17w

    #cees_wp_chall #abyssentry
    #prettypic261 #bluepup

    Sorry that it's a little choppy�� I had to somehow reduce the original amount of lines to 20 to follow the challenge rules..

    Midnight Spies
    The lady in black sat in the back
    Wearing a hat meant to hide the truth in her eyes
    From the crowd fooled by
    Her taciturn disguise

    Soon, the clock struck midnight
    And she, whose eyes couldn't lie,
    Looked up to face the gentleman before her
    Who came requesting a dance

    He approached for he had his suspicions
    Yet he couldn't confirm if it was really her whom he sought
    For the brim of a fedora
    Cast shadows over half her facial features

    Chin low with a seemingly shy smirk
    She accepted his offer
    And, hand-in-hand, they entered the 'battlefield'
    Assuming their positions,
    They synchronized with the music
    Whilst almost close enough
    To breathe the same breaths
    Then the bullets of inquiry were fired


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    Midnight Spies

  • bluepuppy01 19w

    Papers Glow in Fire...

    You're. ..
    The ink to my pages,
    The words to my blank spaces,
    The dot of my dimples,
    The cross of my religion,
    The forever to my finiteness

    And in the everlasting finity of us,
    Our story created a spark,
    An unpredictable variable
    In an experimental mixture
    Of passion and imagination

    We didn't know
    Where it would take us,
    How long we would last
    With a wildfire in our parchment palace,
    Yet we persisted in our lovely innocence,
    Cherishing each moment between the lines

    And maybe
    That was a mistake we'd never regret
    Or a blessing we can never forget,
    But no matter what we label
    The unknown that almost undid us,
    What remains is the fact
    That without the sudden firestorm,
    We would not have become what we are

    And if we consider
    How papers may glow in fire
    But books burn into hearts
    We could appreciate more
    The tale of our blazing love

    #sur_title_ch #bluepup #ceesreposts

    Submission to challenge by

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  • bluepuppy01 20w

    #bluepup #ceesreposts #bluestory

    Love Letters to Broken Hearts
    I met a broken heart last week. Asked why the break-up came to be.

    She said, “He didn’t like me being me.”

    My eyebrow rose in confusion, yet I nodded like I understood the complexity of relationships and responded with some random words off the top of my head, of which I hoped sounded like wise advice. “It’s nothing to dwell on. Everyone breaks piece by piece, showing off little fragments of themselves until they find the one longing for the whole puzzle. Clearly, he wasn’t the one, so just move on to find the one who will accept nothing less than all of you.”

    “That’s harder than it sounds,” she countered, and I said, “Maybe, but going on a scavenger hunt for puzzle pieces sounds a lot more fun than crying over someone who never bothered to look.”

    Anyways, I met a broken heart last week. In the process, I discovered my talent for poetry on a topic I’ve never even experienced myself. Yes, love! After that whole ordeal of me giving sage advice to a random stranger in a storage closet at my school, I thought of something I figured would be a neat idea: I should just write “love” letters to broken hearts- not love letters as in the “I love you! Date me?” kind, but the kind of sweet love notes that express how much you appreciate their existence and all the things their heartbreakers couldn't see.

    Of course, spontaneous lil’ me had to go and act on this idea. Let me just say that the test run on this drive of good deeding (yes, I know that’s not actually a real term) didn’t go as well as planned. Somehow, I ended up with a fiery handprint on my left cheek- the answer to a total misunderstanding created by me. I didn’t deserve it (they obviously didn’t know that), but I didn’t get upset about it. Nope, not at all. Instead, I thought of the stinging pain as constructive criticism which led me to tone down and tweak my non-romancing love letter techniques.

    I persevered under the alias, CupidGotNothin’OnMe, because I learned that signing my real name may lead to unwanted and undeserved consequences. Granted, I should have picked a better name, perhaps a name that suggests, “I mean what I say with all my heart” such as Sincerely, (Just think: at the bottom of every note, the words, “Signed, Sincerely”), but um...let’s just say I was too lazy to change it in time before it stuck. And boy, did it stick, spreading all over school and even to the neighboring schools thanks to social media: “More wise words from @CupidGotNothinOnMe,” “@CupidGotNothinOnMe left me a note,” “Who is @CupidGotNothinOnMe and who will they strike next,” “Thank you, @CupidGotNothinOnMe.” I exaggerated, more or less, but at least this time my letters of “You are lovely” poems were well received. No slaps to the face came my way, whether that be because my letters were sent anonymously or because my wording improved, I’ll never know, but I like to think it’s because the offered pieces of my whole heart helped heal their broken ones (at least a little bit).


    Side Note: I put the dashes between sincerely cuz on the original doc I had it struck through, but you can't do that on Mirakee so just pretend there's a line through Sincerely ��

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    Love Letters to
    Broken Hearts