Look to the skies, there you'll see me in the shooting stars My words exhibit the torment in my head.

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  • bonniesbabu 7h

    The love that they share,
    It should encourage me
    But all it does is make me envious.
    I struggle constantly
    Just to subdue my envy
    Suffice to say, I am fighting a losing battle.
    I watch them
    And all I can do is cry
    If wishes were pennies, I'd be wealthy.
    My heart is frail
    It has been broken too many times
    I just wish I could be desired and wanted.
    This will just be a wish
    One that will not be fulfilled
    And I will have to accept that reality.


  • bonniesbabu 1d

    A Perfect Gift

    I saw you at work today
    I had to bite my tongue and ignore you.
    You made your intentions clear
    It broke my heart, but it was for the best.
    I'm grateful for the time we spent together
    It was a perfect farewell gift.
    I wish you nothing but the best
    And maybe, one day we can be friends again.


  • bonniesbabu 2d


    A teacher takes your hand
    Pulls you close and educates you.
    The education is not just school
    But also about life.
    I thank all my teachers
    For their dedication and support.
    I am who I am
    Because of their love and encouragement.
    Thank you to all educators
    For without you, we wouldn't succeed.


  • bonniesbabu 3d

    The negativity you sowed
    It echoes through my life.
    In the pendulum of life
    I swing from positive to negative.
    I seek positive days
    And I sincerely wish this pendulum would end.
    Life, don't begrudge me this request.
    I need some solace.

  • bonniesbabu 4d

    Your spontaneous calls
    Those fill me with joy.
    Your calls fill me with hope
    And they remind me of happier times.
    Life is beautiful when I hear your voice
    I'm blessed to still have you in my life.
    I love you Grandma
    Thanks for being my cheerleader.


  • bonniesbabu 1w


    My soul truly needs some peace



  • bonniesbabu 1w

    Watching the public display of love
    Between the mother and daughter
    Broke my heart and made me feel incomplete.
    My mother loathes being hugged and kissed
    But she will accept it from my siblings.
    My hugs and kisses disgust her
    And I wish I knew what I did to make her feel that way.
    The envy I feel is not right
    But I feel it nevertheless.
    I've wondered why God did this to me
    But He doesn't want to answer me at the moment.
    I've cried enough to cause floods
    Yet I seem to have more tears to shed.
    This is my cross to bear
    And it is a painful one.


  • bonniesbabu 1w


    The laughter of a child
    It fills me with joy.
    The innocence in their hearts
    Brings out the protector within me.
    Children are a gift from God
    They are to be loved and cherished.

    Based on their gender,
    These precious babies are culled.
    We bring upon ourselves
    The wrath of the Almighty.
    Against His wishes,
    We delete members of society.

    Protect our future
    Protect our progeny.
    Love them without condition
    And remember, you could have been culled as well.


  • bonniesbabu 1w

    Subconsciously I knew you were a bad choice
    Yet, I chose you thinking I could change you.
    You broke me
    And left me holding my broken heart.
    To you, I was just another woman to cheat
    For me, you were the world.
    I wish you well,
    And I hope you will be able to answer to God.


  • bonniesbabu 1w


    On days when the world gets too loud,
    I find safety and silence in the garden.
    The hustle and bustle of the day disappears
    When I am enclosed within the arms of nature.
    When my creativity is at an all-time low,
    I find my muse while looking at the flowers.
    The sound of animals calling out to each other,
    It soothes my soul.
    My mind is healed
    And my heart is whole.
    In the gradual flow of nature
    My life is content and fulfilled.
    The garden is my escape
    From the negativity of the world.