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  • chitraa_shankar 2d

    Look deeper into my body,
    Tell me what is fascinating more
    The lust that's filled up in your eyes
    Or the stories my scars recite?

  • chitraa_shankar 3d

    Screamed into the void,
    Hoping my pain fades away
    But now the echo dreads me more.

  • chitraa_shankar 1w

    Ups and downs (part 3) was time for school the next day and I was more than ready to go to school. Excited yet nervous, I wanted to see him so bad but I had to wait until he came to school. By the time I went to the class he was already there with his best friend, talking. One look at him and all those butterflies in my stomach started to dance, they wouldn't calm down. We gave each other a hug upon meeting, by then it was already time for the first class to start. We sat down at our places and his place was behind me. I don't know why but my cheeks wouldn't stop making me look like a tomato and the butterflies wouldn't stop. After 4 classes which felt like forever, it was time for lunch. During lunch he sent his best friend to ask me to go and meet him near one the enpty class rooms. I went and there he was standing and that's when we told his friend that we were dating and the look on his friend's face was priceless. He was happy but it looked like he never saw that coming even in a 100 years. He seemed convinced later and he went back to class. There we were, alone and didn't know what to do. We were all shy and awkward but somehow he managed to kiss me and there it first kiss with him..that moment when we kissed, all the chills and electricity shoot I felt in my body, would even win against a thunderstorm.
    And that's whole day was filled with me reliving that moment in my head and I can't help but blush even more whenever I think about it. I bet he too had the same going on in his mind..
    Time really flew quickly and it was time to go home but I couldn't wait but come back to school the next day. Things went really well between us after. We spent good time together and even had teeny-tiny arguments but in the end it's all worth trying to convince each other. And then there was trick of stealing chances to kiss me. Whenever he used to stand near the window, he used to ask me to count the buses on the road and when I used to count them, he used to kiss me on my cheeks. I wouldn't deny, I'm impressed with his tricks lol.

  • chitraa_shankar 2w

    Ups and downs (his pov)

    So there was this girl in my class. She was really different from the other girls. Like she was short tempered, not girly and into sports. And damn! Girls into sports are a blessing. But we both never got along well. In the starting of the high school years we were like friends but not friends..makes sense? I don't know but that was how it used to be. Our first meeting didn't go that well for me to remember it, but I sure know it was awkward. After that we spent really less time with each other because we knew we we're going to fight if we did. We used to have fights and arguments for no reason and we both being short tempered people, thought it was better to stay away from each other. And that's what we did until suddenly we both were fine with each other. All of a sudden we guys started hanging out, spending time with each other and yes our friends also used to be with us but somehow only she managed to grab my attention. I don't even know why I started paying attention to her all of a sudden but I was happy that my eyes wished to stay focused on her. I didn't know what I was feeling but I did know that she was special.
    Days passed and now we both were really close. We both spent a lot of time together and made great memories. And all those time spent together I used to keep wondering if I should make a move and let her know about what I felt for her but I was afraid of losing her. After going through lots of fights and arguments we became close and I couldn't afford to lose her now so I tried suppressing my thoughts and I waited for the right time.
    "Good things come to those who wait" goes the saying..and it's not false.
    It was around 1:50pm I guess when I got a call from her, as usual I expected her to have called to wish me since it was my birthday, she wished me and then there was something else she told..
    "Um..I guess I like you and I don't know if you feel the same about me but I thought I would just let you's cool you don't have to answer"
    I couldn't believe what I just heard, my wish came true. She like me and loved her too. Things happened the way I wanted it to and I did the right thing by waiting for the right time. I was so happy that day, I danced, danced and legs hurt but I couldn't care any less about the fact that she just asked me out minutes ago. If that moment she saw me acting all crazy because of happiness I am sure she would've got scared. End of the day we both were happy and that's what mattered. I couldn't wait to go to class the other day.. and her words kept ringing in my mind like a lullaby to sleep.

  • chitraa_shankar 2w

    Ups and downs (part 2)

    It was nearly a year now since we both had become good fact more than that I could say. I was confused with what I was feeling. I never felt this way after I had broken up. Things were a mess then and so was I but now I didn't that way anymore..I didn't.
    He was what a girl expects her guy to be. I loved spending time with him, I loved talking to him, everything related to him was my favorite all of a sudden. He loved football and I too was into throw ball and basketball. We were more than good friends now but there was something I could feel maybe I had feelings for him and that's why I love when he's around me or when I speak to him. I needed to be clear, I was not ready to get hurt again and neither I wanted him to be hurt. Hurting him is the last thing I would choose to do.
    And suddenly everything made sense. Yes, I had feelings for him. Yes, I loved him and yes, I was sure. I felt chills all over my body when I told myself I loved him. That feeling I had at the very I don't even have any words to express. When I thought I would not move on and stuff, he came in and I couldn't be anymore thankful to have him as my friend. And now I was ready to take our friendship to the next level and hopefully everything would ho the way I want it to.
    I needed to make the first move because I was never sure if he ever felt the same way towards me. And if I waited for him to tell me, I think that would probably not happen, so I was ready to face whatever it was..either him telling me likes me back or him telling I never felt that way towards you.
    And which day could be anymore special that his birthday. I decided to let him know about my feeling that day and I did. And I couldn't believe what he had to say... I hoped he would say yes but I didn't expect him to..and yes, he told YES!!
    I couldn't believe he had the same feelings for me, I couldn't believe things went the way I wanted it to. That moment...even my words fall short to express my happiness. I was finally happy and I knew so was he.

  • chitraa_shankar 2w

    Ups and downs (part 1)

    High School. New day, new people and all I wanted was to make good friends and everlasting memories. And I did. I met many people and I made really good friends with them. I even became close to my friends' friends. It was great.
    But there was this one guy I never really got along well with, he was one of my friend's friend.
    I remember our first meeting, it was kinda awkward. We didn't speak much and we probably didn't even like each other. We were what you call "distant friends" that even a word? like we were kinda friends but we used to never speak much or hangout together. And even if we did we both used to end up fighting or arguing about some or the other thing. So I never expected us to be friends in the near future.
    Days passed and surprisingly we grew close. We somehow managed to fight and argue less. They tell things happen when you don't expect them to. And I liked what we both had become all of a sudden.
    The past few months were not in my favor. All I experienced was pain. I had broken up with whom I dated for nearly a year. The time we both spent together making memories, telling how much we loved each other and thinking this was what we both wanted, I couldn't just forget all those easily. And I never thought I would catch feelings for someone else, at least not for now because I was not ready to be broken once again.
    But I had my friends, they we're always there for me and I was glad I made friends with some golden people. And yes he too by then , was one of my best friends. I don't even know how we both grew that close till now. I loved spending time with everyone but he seemed to make that time feel special. I don't know why but I liked what things were becoming or I didn't know if I was over thinking stuff. But I really hoped things to be real.
    (to be continued..)

  • chitraa_shankar 5w


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    There can be nothing as passionate as the
    Sin we've committed together tonight.

  • chitraa_shankar 7w

    Destiny I didn't wish for(part 2)

    It was a 13 hour long journey and I was all alone with my favorite novel and my favorite songs. I always loved spending time alone with my favorite book. It's as good as having hundreds of friends with you. I spent most of my time reading. I always fancied writing a story but I never had time to. So I thought why not try writing a story now. I took out my phone and tried figuring out how to begin my story, the characters and their names, plot twists and ending and I wanted to make points of all these. Not bad, I could at least come up with a story idea and I really liked it but before I proceeded to figure out the characters it was time for dinner. The bus halted at a hotel near highway. I was hungry but I already had all my food packed, my best friend did that for me. So I ate my dinner in the bus, reading the novel. Surprisingly I had finished nearly more than half of the book. From past 3 months I could read only 2 chapters. After the dinner was over, the journey began again, the lights in the bus were now dim. There was a guy sitting next to me this time and I thought he confused seats so "Um.. there was someone else sitting here before you. I guess you confused it with your seat." I told. The stranger turned to me and with a smile he replied "yeah, well that lady wanted to sit with her husband over there, apparently my seat was next to him. So we switched seats. It's fine right?"
    "Oh it's totally fine" I replied and got involved with my story writing later. The guy sat silent for a long time. Sometime later I ran out of ideas for my story and I was looking outside the window and was thinking about how to proceed the story. At this point I was so involved with my story writing I didn't even think about how I'll spend my vacation after reaching there. The guy next to me snapped his fingers in front of my face and brought me out of my imagination. My phone was ringing for quite some time so I guess he tried telling me that but then I didn't hear him probably. My friend had called to check on me if I had eaten my dinner and had my medicines. I spoke to her and told her not to worry about me. She seemed relieved when I answered her call and spoke to her after she trying to call me 5 times.
    "So you're a writer?" He asked.
    "Not really. It's just my hobby" I replied to him. He asked me how many stories I had written. "This is the first story I'm tryna write." I replied. "Cool" he replied and then we both spoke about books and songs. He seemed to be a nice guy and during our conversation I learned that he was going to the same hill station as I was, to spend time with his other friends who were sitting in the back.
    We did speak but not much. I was too tired so I decided to sleep and figure out how to spend my vacation after I reach there. Seven hours more and I'll be at my destination. I could sleep the whole seven hours I thought and laughed at myself.

  • chitraa_shankar 7w

    #destiny #destinyididntwishfor #wow #dds

    So here it new story
    I know the first part is not that great but then it's just the beginning..there's a lot more to write and I hope you guys will love it.

    @mrittikaghosh @shayraanshy_ @spoiledwords @vyshna_rk @danny_a @saishankar @crimson_writer @lelijk

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    Destiny I didn't wish for (part 1)

    I had to hurry. I was already late to the trip. The bus was going to leave in 15 mins and if I delayed even a minute more I would surely miss the bus. My friend decided to take a shorter route and we somehow made it to the station at time. God knows how many traffic rules my friend had broken today haha. She dropped me off at the bus station, bought me chocolates and then she gave me a tight hug. "Promise you'll be back soon okay?" She told. "Hopefully" I replied giving her a smile.
    After arriving there I got into the bus and found my seat, within 5 mins the bus departed.
    I was heading to a hill station which is 13 hours away from my home town. I needed this trip at any cost. Me and my friends had planned since 3 years but every year some or the other obstacles came up, either my job emergency oy my friends cancelling the plan. I badly needed sometime off my job. I wanted to relax for somedays and take out all the stress off my mind. So I decided to take this trip alone but I didn't know when I was going to return back, hopefully soon. I put on my earphones and started listening to music. I already felt relieved that I got sometime alone to myself. Lately I had to deal with a lot of stress. My job was a mess and my previous relationship ended because he thought that I didn't know how to manage things. Honestly he never even knew what I was going through. All he ever wanted was physical relationship and he never supported me mentally. I was tired of that. I was just so glad it all ended and I could walk my way alone now. I wanted a week off from my job but then I couldn't. So I resigned my job. I however wanted to find a new job so I decided I will start over new and fresh once I would start feeling myself again and once I returned from this trip.
    So I guess everything will go fine from now.

  • chitraa_shankar 7w

    Yeah I'm soon coming up with a new story
    Not decided the title yet..will be posting 1st part soon tomorrow.❤️❤️❤️

    (This is a little sneak peak into new story)

    @mrittikaghosh @shayraanshy_ @crimson_writer @saishankar @vyshna_rk @spoiledwords @enigmatic_ekta @danny_a

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    "She was gone
    Gone forever..
    I couldn't believe the words I just heard. The words kept ringing in my mind. It felt like the whole world had stopped. I couldn't imagine a world without her in it even for a split second. My heart felt empty yet so heavy like it carried the weight of the whole world. I was in so much pain even if someone would've striked the back of my head with an iron rod it wouldn't hurt as much as it did now but yet I was so numb. I wanted to scream out all my pain but I felt like my throat was tightly tied. I wanted bang my head on the walls but instead all I could do was stand still not knowing what to do now, not knowing how I'll live my life without her, not knowing if I was having a dream or was the reality so cruel that it took away the only person I ever wanted to be with. All I wanted was to hear someone telling me that's it's only a dream and nothing happened in reality.
    But she was gone...for real"