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  • coldplaydreams 5d

    Ohh baby , you gotta remember this and that and this and that . Haha ! Okay . I don't care about what all you invented . And I don't wanna use my brain and calc for all those fx's and deep shits. I don't need to run a race when I know at the end you run outta fuel . Cause you know what happens to all the stress you fuelled in that little space . Your nerves wreck in and you're in a total blackout . *curtains fear a fall this time*

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    Sometimes I just feel like flushing all the junk memories with a hosepipe inside my brain . And maybe use a filter that will keep the best of moments safe . Or maybe I could use a select backup . If all of this is possible . If I can reprogram myself entirely in a new manner in which only I decide and I don't give a damn about what's all trynna manipulate me , then it would be a jackpot .
    But all the "Ifs" that deprive me of this brilliant possibility , I wanna kick your butts . Cause I don't care about anything else . I desperately wanna flush it out . Like a Whooooshhhhhhhhh and it's gone ! For good . Yeah .
    Afterall it's painful . Obviously I am talking of the evil that's sticking to corners of my mind palace .
    The air freshener isn't working still .

  • coldplaydreams 1w

    With each passing frame , I learnt to observe
    With each rolling drop , I gathered an ocean
    With each urban robe covering me , I became more native
    With each word spoken , I travelled miles
    With each passing day , I grew a bit stronger

    What I did was plant light in darkness
    Which filled the voids in me
    I am a passenger
    And by the window , it's a voyage that I leave behind


  • coldplaydreams 2w

    Sorry . But everytime I bow and pray , I chant all the names who smiled with me .

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    There's this end and there's that . And I am somewhere between both .

    I don't know where it's all leading me to . The skies and the lands , the air and the structures around me , the times - in all its consciousness , the places , the people ; I know not how the words will stop . How it'll all fall .

    But I believe , between birth and death there's life and love .

  • coldplaydreams 2w

    I shall bring all roses
    For the one with a red heart

    Ektara : One-stringed musical instrument

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    E K T A R A

    The sun rolled in arms of the ocean
    The shadows travelled in vast drifts
    When the hermit prayed in devotion
    His last hymns echoed through rifts

    Of the day that seized all powers
    There he lit three candles in shade -
    That shot waves rising as towers
    Then he fed on the piece of bread

    No sounds of life seemed to speak
    As silence skinned his human state ,
    Time's toil never made him weak
    Not once did he lament his fate

    With the trembling fingers a string moved
    Over the wooden frame that his axe stroked ,
    Sweeter than love which realms approved
    A victory sang with veins inside , cloaked

    From far away , away than far
    Shrieks shook the pious fire ,
    Wolves as men scored a scar
    And thuds of her feet drew nigher

    The army of mortals stormed
    Till she ran to the hermit's cottage
    Sunk on melodies the string formed -
    A flash of sight , a whip of rage

    Doors of dusk unbarred
    And the lass crawled in ,
    Into the hermit's guard -
    Lone shelter that had been !

    As fragile honed perils
    The string forged so red ,
    Slashed the throats of devils ;
    The string which sang , now bled

    The thirst of mortals drank all death
    Dare all fury which seemed wise !
    All seeds sowed on crusts of faith
    As to dine a feast the string did rise

    © D e b j i t G h o s h

  • coldplaydreams 3w

    In the proses stuffed inside my empty pockets
    And spaces between devastated fingertips
    Past was present
    And present just slipped
    Brooding on the ethereal destinies
    That my naked feet traced along
    Over the infant greens

    The earth over which I trudged
    Drank every agony of mine

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  • coldplaydreams 3w

    The crop is yours , Darlings of this world !
    And the soil is mine , till it drips in fever
    And cracks in pain .

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    The gauge in silence kept the levels safe in memories . Of some drops of water and some drops of tear .

    And the world fed on crops .

  • coldplaydreams 4w

    I N F E R N O

    Vermilion as the last light of dusk
    Fell over the frozen victims
    As I painted time's mortal husk
    Over the seeds sculpted by men -
    That squalled to kiss lands
    And flinged the child into deep fear
    Of the smell in rotten brands
    And the victories they bear !
    That the lighthouse spilled
    Once more on the living highs
    Which gave birth and then killed
    The divine art of infinite skies

    The rising stars lit the flames
    To welcome the Lords above ,
    I Called them by certain names
    As the oracles filled all cracks ;
    Then one by one the cold cast
    A tale for the cities which sip ,
    Swept away by the drunk past
    The rest who slept a grip .
    What oft rolled in a chain
    Of withered flowers and wine
    Now just bubbled in a numb pain
    A noble death served to dine

    © D e b j i t G h o s h

  • coldplaydreams 6w

    I blinked . Every pixel I saw was a foreign trivia .
    I blinked again . And every pixel I saw was now a dear drip of stain .
    This time I closed my eyes for a timeframe . There was not so dark a house , lit up by souls .Feathers flew and the morning blues sprinkled over the windows of a sight .
    There slept wisdom . The odyssey through voids . Scribbled over snows . To the right with a turn down the slopes , there was a broken arrow . With a letter lying beside which read
    " I saw then , I see now -
    In flames , I don't know how "
    Cast in the shadows , the words withered . Cold over the lava . With each fading scribble , the oceans roared . Beasts howled . And signals echoed inside my hollow skull . I gasped for life .
    This last time I blinked . For a split second it felt like I am blind . Thunderstruck . I tried to pour a few more drops into the broken vessel . But a deafening spillage down the cracks screamed .

    There was a warning I never saw -
    Before I was gifted with illusions
    "Don't blink
    It's a deathly mirage"

    © Debjit Ghosh

  • coldplaydreams 6w

    Define . What made you , you ?

    Fragments . What forged them together ?

    " And I discovered that my castles stand
    Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand "

    What is so intricate in these two lines ?
    Roots - the lines were just not written . Words kept crawling until the seas brimmed .

    Ever looked at your frail insides ? Ever seen how the hard rocked you has a different you within ?

    Yes , you'll leave . And I'll too . And do I have nothing to offer ? Don't you've something ?
    Times - ask me for a change .
    And I find my pockets empty . Running for blood . And the gates never open . The seconds keep bleeding . A nightmare . An incessant rush . And I wake up to beg .
    I beg and I beg . For answers .

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    " I used to rule the world
    Seas would rise when I gave the word
    Now in the morning, I sleep alone
    Sweep the streets I used to own "

  • coldplaydreams 8w

    We breathed it differently , but on the same diet of air . We sketched it differently , but on the same miles of skin . We lost it differently , but on the same origins we shared .

    - D