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  • day_dreamz 48m

    Silent strength...

    All through the torrent of words
    She remained silent...
    Her silence bothered them more than words...
    They taunted her that she was a coward not to speak up...
    She smiled serenely...
    And they left bewildered...
    "It takes courage to speak yes... but,staying silent when your mind screams to be let out...
    Control the urge to lash out pain just like they did...
    Well it takes more courage for that"
    She told her reflection
    As one lone tear caressed her cheek...

  • day_dreamz 1d

    They laughed at her
    For the way she dressed,
    For the way she spoke
    It hurt... yes it did
    But eventually, she learned to laugh...
    At their stupidity...
    At their callous minds...

    Eventually, she declined their view
    And formed her own...

  • day_dreamz 2d

    This Qur'anic verse reminds me
    We all do have problems, but the strength to face it is also within us... we must be patient until we find that strength.. never lose hope!
    Always have faith!

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  • day_dreamz 2d


    As he came to bid his last farewell
    She hid behind the flowers, her tear-stained face...

  • day_dreamz 3d

    Try as you may, somethings can never be expressed...
    The words will never be enough
    to divulge the emotions you feel...

  • day_dreamz 3d

    I wish these memories of 'Us'
    Were the footprints I leave in the sand
    So readily washed away by the waves...
    I wish these memories
    Were the steam on a kettle
    That rise to the sky, no more to be seen...
    Alas! for wishes
    These memories remain
    Etched in my mind
    As a carving on a stone
    Never letting go...

  • day_dreamz 3d

    Realization dawned
    Of how wrong she has been
    Fear crept in
    What will people say?
    She felt hopeless
    And felt the darkness conquer
    She tried to withstand it
    But did not succeed
    As she gave up her fight
    Gasping for air...
    She resolved once and for all...
    "Yes, darkness will be her abode now
    But I'll wait for the light to return..."

  • day_dreamz 4d

    Frightened I am
    Thinking of the day
    When words leave me... all alone
    Alone to face my insecurities
    Alone to feel my pain
    With mind full of ideas
    And no way to let them out...

  • day_dreamz 5d

    Giving a definition for life is so hard coz we all are individuals in different situations, facing life with different perceptions...
    Just like a person on top of a mountain feels dizzy looking down and another feels overwhelmed looking from the foot of the mountain...
    All we can do is stay patient, strong and trust the Almighty!

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    The definition of life depends on where you stand...

  • day_dreamz 5d


    Random thoughts running wild
    Trying to find the perfect words
    Pain and hurt inked on paper
    And so is strength and hope...