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  • diverzain 4h

    Your love for me is like

    A dungeon i'd never want to be freed of
    A spell that i'd never wanna get rid of
    A hell i'd choose over paradise
    A vow i'm ready to give for any price
    Your love for me is as pricy as drips of rain in the season of drought
    And the ray of light in the murky night
    And a flower in a barren heart chose to sprout. 

  • diverzain 2d

    Faceless beauty

    I don't need to see her face to know she is belle,
    Flowers chose to blossom on her face for a reason, i can tell.

  • diverzain 3d

    Struggling to survive
    In this world i strive
    For peace and freadom
    And me

  • diverzain 3d

    A new wedesday

    Awaken by a sunshine cuddle
    Resecting my dreams puzzle
    The autumn breeze stroking my hair
    And the waft of milkshake embalming the air
    Reviving my appetite for salad and food
    And some nuts as a snack'll cheer up my mood


  • diverzain 4d

    If it's too much than you can cary
    Cut the rope dragging down

  • diverzain 5d

    Ιт'ѕ ѕιlly ι ĸnw вυт jυѕт popped oυт ιn мy нead����

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    Ғυry ιѕ мade oғ ғιre
    Ғιre ιѕ eхтιngυιѕнed вy waттer
    Wнen yoυ're ғυrιoυѕ jυѕт тaĸe a ѕнower
    And ѕoon enoυgн ѕerenιтy'll overpower

  • diverzain 5d

    Spread my wings and fly
    Free i'am like a butterfly

  • diverzain 1w

    Memory bite

    And i remain indefinitely sipping the poison of what's left of your memories
    Receiving its bites with an open chest
    Whenever i got an unmerciful yearnattack
    Did you have to leave me stuck in a web of fantasies?
    The more i try to forget you the memory summons your name to haunt my heart
    Isn't it high time to bary that love in the oblivion
    Why am i still attached to that flash that leads me to you?
    Whenever darkness swept my life?
    Why doesn't forgetting knock our door as it did to the doors of former lovers separated by fate
    And why is the memory bite still hurting as the first time?
    Neither the wound heals nor the scar vanishes.

  • diverzain 1w

    And you get the stab from whome you trusted would'nt even scratch you.

  • diverzain 1w

    Agony had become my concomitant partner after you