A humanitarian. Psychology student. Collecting thoughts one step at a time. Love reading between the lines. Walking on the road of life with a smile.

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  • dreamy_eyes 14h

    Don't live in a bubble,this world and your abilities are meant to explore,so live your life to the fullest and keep the spirit of learning within you,so that your life can be enriched with experiences and knowledge!��

    #life #journey #monotony #bubble #wall #happiness #dream #soul #explore #evolve #experience #knowledge #17shadesofpain #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #ceesreposts #writerstolli @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Escape From The Bubble

    I drew a line in life,
    Collecting the chunks
    Of the things necessary
    Created four high walls
    Between which I can
    Live safely undisturbed
    From the risks outside
    It was wonderful first
    Staying self absorbed

    The dilemma ghosts
    Couldn't find me here
    It was my safe heaven
    Where I had a collection
    Of works to perform
    To survive every day
    In a black and white
    World that I created
    But it didn't lasted long

    The Flies of monotony
    Infested my life slowly
    My irritation only grew
    Each day like the moon
    Anxiety covered my aura
    Pulling my peaceful cover
    To the brink of extinction
    I yelled at myself loudly
    Looking at the mirror
    Which showed me clearly
    The lines I drew in past
    Was now covering my body
    Like a fish in net I cried
    Intensifying my stress
    That caught me completely
    In it's hook,tearing my body
    Apart from my fading soul

    It was then I started to seek
    A door to escape this hell
    By Bursting the bubble I made
    Hoping to feel safe under
    It's shade,but it was now
    Suffocating me inside
    I fought my fears that stood
    As guards on the doors
    To finally be out and breathe

    Embracing the variety
    Exploring this world
    Now I finally understand
    That life is a journey
    Not a place to settle
    Down and build walls
    It's meant to fully live
    each moment till it lasts
    Fly high in the sky of dreams
    Dive deep into the soul
    And live everyday with a
    Wish to learn more!

  • dreamy_eyes 1d

    She was walking through a field with her friend,when she spotted a small fragrant flower and picked it up,it was white in colour with elongated petals and had yellow anthers with red filament,she inhaled it's fragrance and it was so calming,suddenly she felt she remember this smell,but wasn't able to point an exact memory in which she smelled such fragrance,she was standing there,thinking about it,when a voice brought her back to present,"What're you doing? We are already late for the party,thanks to my car,which stopped,when we were just 1km far from our hotel and now we are taking this unknown short cut,shared by a stranger,I just hate this place more now!come fast!" She saw her friend standing ten steps away from her,in her thoughts about the flower,she didn't realized that they were walking together,but she was now standing on the same spot,where she picked the flower. She quickly kept the flower in her bag and followed her friend to the party destination. It was a college reunion after 10 years from the day they left college,as was decided among her friends that they would meet once they get settled well in their life.
    The picnic spot where the reunion party was happening,was coming near with each step and she felt as if she was walking towards her old memories,it was then she remembered about the flower and it's scent,with that came back the memory of her friend Ritwik,who was also her boyfriend in college days,he was the most funny and brave guy in their college,he was always looking for troubles or troubles always came looking for him,it wasn't clear! her friend introduced them to each other in the first year,they quicky became friends in first year as they had so many common interests from movies to trekking,they loved everything,when the second year came they became best friends and it was only in the third year,that they stepped into relationship,after knowing them,it was pretty obvious according to her friends that they would end up together,but with the last day at college,their relationship ended,as he left her without a word,no contacts, nothing! She went to his home address and his parents told her that he has left for London for further studies and she asked for his number but he never picked her call! She was heartbroken in those time but as they say time heals everything,she has now moved on,has a loving husband and a beautiful daughter and works in an MNC.
    Her life was so much happier now,which she never expected during that period of time,when she thought she would be happy,if and only she stays with Ritwik,she never asked about him from her friends,she left his memories in the past until now when this flower reminded her of him,it was the same wild flower he used to bring for her everyday from the time they became best friends,and she would think that it was a gesture that how much he loves her,how else one could understand that the other person was in love with you,and she was right!,as he was the one who asked her on a date and she said "Yes"without even thinking a bit,but she didn't knew that if love can blossom like flower,it can also wither away like flower,after all everything has an end sooner or later,forever is just a myth.
    She was buried under her thoughts when her friend's voice pulled her out again,"Why do you seem like a walking dead? What happened to you?" Her friend asked."Nothing!" She replied instantly."You know when someone says just nothing as a reply, there's usually something, what's bothering you? You can tell me!"."It's Nothing, really!" She said firmly,though her eyes felt lifeless,"Okkkk!if you say so!" Her friend stepped back as she didn't wanted to make her feel uncomfortable. "Ahhh! We are finally here" She looked forward,when her friend said this,they were at the same old spot,where they used to come during her college years. All her friends were already there,they greeted them and they all asked each other about their present life and laughed at lame jokes like old times.
    But she was busy searching for him,her eyes were on a quest to find him in her group of friends,but he wasn't there! Even a shadow didn't felt like him,so she can know that he was there too. After some time,she asked her friend Anand,who was busy emptying packets of Chips,"Where's Ritwik? You all didn't invited him!?" The moment she threw these questions at Anand,he stopped eating as if he went in a shock,or saw a ghost! He started saying with heavy breaths,"Don't you know?! Ritwik is dead,it has been more than nine years to that incident!" "What?!" Now she was sharing the same appearance on her face like Anand,He said," yes,he came back to India just six month after he left for London and was found dead in his apartment,the next day! Nobody knows,what happened to him,police closed his case after finding no possible suspect." A tear rolled on her cheeks while hearing this tragedy.
    Why didn't she contacted him? and why she gave up on him so easily just after a month?,were the questions,pinching her heart,she was filled with regret now,even though she knew somewhere that it wasn't her fault.She stood up from her place and started walking in an unknown direction."Hey! Where are you going now!".Anand was calling her from behind,but she kept walking.Now that her question,why Ritwik left her? Would never be answered.
    She felt something was freed from inside her heart and escaped through her eyes as tears.It was the final end to a chapter,which she closed a long time ago,but was still opened inside her somewhere,until now!
    - ©@dreamy_eyes
    Note- A huge Thanks for reading till the end;kindly share your feedback,I would be very grateful to know that!������ And fill in the reason why Ritwik left her with your imagination.Why Ritwik left her and what really happened with him is a mystery which only you can solve,so be the Sherlock Holmes/detective in this story and share your thoughts,if you like!Thankyou!��

    #flower #life #chapter #love #story #end #mystery #17shadesofpain #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee #writerstolli @tooota @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli

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    Closed Chapter

    (Read in caption)

  • dreamy_eyes 2d

    Be free from the shackles of past,it wouldn't haunt you,if you get deeply involved in creating a new life! Everytime is a good time to embrace change of perspective,attitude or lifestyle!��
    #life #change #light #image #love #happiness #create #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli #17shadesofpain @tooota @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli

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    After a long night,
    I embrace this light,
    Leaving my past behind,
    To create new life!

  • dreamy_eyes 3d

    Dedicated to my Elder brother������who is a good and kind soul,who always thinks about buying something for me first, whenever he gets his salary,who always vanishes after knowing that I am sad and comes back home with chocolates,who always leaves his share of my favourite icecream for me,even though it's his favourite too,who always has been a great brother, doing everything for me without saying a word and who stays silent,when I get annoyed at him and fight with him and makes the first move in talking to me,after I calm down,like nothing happened! A brother,who has a big loving heart,this is for you..☺️You are my Superman!���������� And I am your Supergirl(atleast a bit hehe�� I know you are the best!)Thankyou so so so so so much!Bhaiya!������

    Thankyou so much! Ma'am ���� @laughing_soul for giving us a chance to write about our loving brothers, because most of the times,we take the people we love for granted and never acknowledge their importance,love,care,hard work and sacrifices they make for us!��
    #Bandhan_LS_Chal #brother #rakhshabandhan #love #care #life #happiness #heart #smile #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #writerstolli @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli

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    O Brother!

    Mount of strength,a bond beyond
    the worldly strides,thou art my pride,
    Memories intertwined,with your love
    Resides in my heart,cherished for life,
    Creating a painting,with vibrant colours
    From the rainbows,and flowers I like,
    O Brother,thou art my pride!

    Under your shadow of care,I grow daily
    Like the wild orchids,stay calm on trees,
    You laugh with me,you cry in my pain,
    Though your tears get lost,in struggles
    To bring a smile on my face,I remember
    The sacrifices without a word you make,
    O Brother,thou art my pride!

    When I get lost somewhere,in silence
    Not saying a word, locked inside self,
    It's you who brings me back, always
    Your worried face calls for my answer,
    Not leaving my side,until I am happy
    Bringing me chocolates and everything
    That I like,to nourish my cheerful soul,
    O Brother,thou art my pride!

    You are the moon,showing me the path
    Determined to keep me safe,from night,
    I have come so far,with you holding me
    Whenever I get scared from fear of fall,
    Being the angel,that came before me,
    In this world,became a responsible man,
    Because of whom I live like a princess,
    For you always take care of the rest,
    O Brother,thou art my pride for lifetime!

    May the rewards of all my virtues,
    Blossom in your life as happiness!

  • dreamy_eyes 3d

    A very Happy Independence Day! To everyone!������
    Though we feel good about living in a free country,but are we as humans really free? the chains of hate, ignorance, prejudices and discrimination,still limit our growth both as a nation and as a society,After we break these chains and grow together,only then we can really say we are free.�� Unity is not in standing together,even several statues can stand that way,the real Unity is in standing for each other and helping each other in getting equality and justice.��
    #life #freedom #country #Independence #Diversity #peace #love #humanity #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #17shadesofpain #writerstolli @tooota @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli

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    I wish for a complete end,
    To this hatred filled in world,
    Making many lives to bleed,
    Slowly being drawn close to,
    The same old wars and fights,

    Creating walls now are easier,
    Than bridging the distances,
    Between several beating hearts,
    Even though we all have lived,
    Under one sky from centuries.

    Diversity suffers continuously,
    To survive in discrimination,
    Deciding to call a person inferior,
    Based on the difference one holds,
    Breaks the heart of nature everyday,

    We grow in numbers each day,
    But we fall through our actions,
    Everytime we close our hearts,
    From helping those in need of us,
    Cries of humanity can be heard
    in those moments,

    Whenever this world gives in to hate,
    The struggle for peace starts only then,
    But situations would take different turn,
    if we start to value love and peace,
    It's then,each day will bring us more
    closer to a better world!

  • dreamy_eyes 4d

    Challenges and struggles to overcome them,are part of life!���� So never be afraid of them,treat them as the chances to know more about yourself and ladders to rise each day as a better and stronger self,when you take the next step to overcome them!����
    #life #light #hope #challenges #futile #struggles #thoughts #better #evolve #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #ceesreposts #writerstolli @tooota @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee

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    The light veiled with darkness,
    Seems flickering as this moment,
    Passes slowly into the oblivion,
    You have left your heart to rot,
    Under the shadows of lost hope,

    Actions for you seem so futile,
    That everything has now ended,
    Before the actual end of time,
    Paralyzed with all your fears,
    You drag your existence slowly,

    With no more destination to visit,
    No seeds of dream flowers to sow,
    No need to quench thirst of life,
    No skies to fly and break limits,
    It's a time of the fall in autumn,

    As failures erode your will to try,
    Sinking you deep into sorrows,
    Like suffocating inside dark smoke,
    I understand that you struggled,
    Between the unending storms,

    Burning yourself in mental turmoil,
    As the clouds of your thoughts,
    Blurred your vision for the future,
    Now you stand here destroyed,
    At the base of many challenges,

    That stand ahead like mountains,
    You feel robbed of your warmth,
    Which kept you moving forward,
    Frozen and with a pale face now,
    Tears have vanished from your eyes,

    As your eyes feels like old mirror,
    Waiting to break into many pieces,
    Increasing the mess in your life,
    In this time of extreme uncertainty,
    Just give your life another chance,

    Follow the trail leading inside you,
    Where you need to save your heart,
    From getting carried away in dark,
    Bring it back to the light of hope,
    That still exists somewhere within,

    Though you think it didn't survive,
    But hope ends only with end of life,
    Hold on to it as if nothing else matters,
    It's then you will find the light again,
    The reason to battle fears that hide,
    Inside your mind,making you run,
    Away from the challenges you find,
    Covering real need of them in life,

    There's a void with no ups and downs,
    With every challenge there's a chance,
    For you to evolve into true self in life,
    Becoming better than you were in past,
    As life is not just meant to survive!

  • dreamy_eyes 5d

    Walk with love

    As the morning sun awakes,
    Curtains of fog start to fall slowly,
    Dew drops now cover every surface,
    I take my steps on a grass bed barefoot,

    Absorbing nature's essence inside skin,
    To be filled with same bliss nature holds,
    Tethering my mind with a serene scene,
    That blossomed just now in front of me,

    Orchards start to shine as bright light,
    Falls on the trees wearing pearls of dew,
    The flowers that went dull in cold night,
    Now sparkle with radiant smile on face,
    Moving hearts to sing words of praise,

    It's here that you enter with silent feet,
    I feel the warmth of love as you hold,
    My hand,like sand of a vast sea shore,
    Touches cold sea and transfers the heat,

    Waves of emotions rises within my heart,
    I feel current traveling through my nerves,
    As the rays of your true love brightens,
    They light up room of my heart like
    moon gleams in presence of sun!

  • dreamy_eyes 1w

    Anger should always be used as a defence mechanism,but not on the people who love you a lot,when it comes to your loved one's,always try to resolve issues with conversations.

    #life #fury #fire #loneliness #love #peace #relationship #writersnetwork #pod #ceesreposts #writerstolli #mirakee @tooota @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli

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    The fire of her fury,
    Consumed her love,
    Broke her relationship,
    Dissolved her peace of mind and
    Banished her to the desert of loneliness.

  • dreamy_eyes 1w

    Domestic violence is an evil that's part of many lives,women(both cis and trans) face it more than men,as in our society,feminity is thought to be a weakness by some ignorant evil minds(because of patriarchy)! Due to this,many have gone through a series of mental and physical torture,and the Dark figure can be anyone(father,brother,husband anyone,evil doesn't has a single face) While some women are able to fight their way out of this horror, others succumb to it thinking about the judgements society will pass on them(afterall there are such people in our society,who see women as a carrier of responsibilities,they put on them, not a human with her own life and blame them for everything that goes wrong). It's a serious issue and a black spot on humanity,the only way to end this is to be brave and fight for justice and your rights.A violence is a violence doesn't matter whether it's done by a stranger or by a family member,the culprits need to be put behind the bars.Everytime you raise your voice against injustice done on you,you inspire others to do the same,and if we all work together, such dark figures would be out of our life and society in no time, helping everyone to lead a happier life!

    This is my entry to "challenge of the week" by @poeticmemories as per all the information and rules mentioned!
    #life #night #dark #figure #light #love #dilemma #fight #right #justice #baddream #poeticmemories #writersnetwork #pod #ceesreposts #writerstolli #mirakee @tooota @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli

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    A bad dream in life

    Whenever I close my eyes now,
    A dark figure is born within me,
    Staring at me with bright red eyes,
    Crushing all the Jasmine flowers,
    Which I hold so close to my heart,
    I cry so loud on him to stop it now,
    For the pain inside me grows again,
    Increasing it's intensity each day,
    But he says not a word and continues,
    Destroying the things I love so dearly,
    There's moonlight falling on my face,
    I imagine it as the touch of a loved one,
    To seek comfort from a cruel sight,
    But it starts burning insanely soon,
    Silence like death sorrounds me now,
    My words loose their existence in it,
    As I sit in a corner hoping this night,
    To end soon consuming the tragedy,
    And Pulling me out from a bad dream,
    That has become a ritual of the night,
    It's then I sense the smell of alcohol,
    Coming from somewhere unknown,
    Something breaks with a loud noise,
    I slip out from the horrific sight shaking,
    Only to find the same dark scary figure,
    Standing near me with a whip this time,
    As my eyes shift on my skin with scars,
    I collapse down into neverending loop,
    Where I can't decide whether to submit,
    To my tragic fate between these walls,
    Or fight to escape in the world beyond,
    I can't decide as a dilemma
    has covered my conscience!

  • dreamy_eyes 1w

    If you don't forgive yourself for past mistakes,start looking and moving ahead,your regrets can become the monsters of your life,who can push you spiraling down into the pit of depression!

    #life #thoughts #regrets #pain #memories #horror #struggle #light #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #writerstolli @tooota @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli

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    If only I had,
    listened to my instincts,
    I won't be standing here,
    On this cliff with regrets,
    They have burdened me,
    With their painful weight,

    It feels so scary as I watch,
    The night approaching slowly,
    From long stretch of horizon,
    In it's cold frozen invisible hand,
    It carries a bag of bad memories,

    To haunt me in silence of night,
    As ghosts of my horrible past,
    Sending chills down the spine,
    My soul will burn all this time,
    As the only way to keep me alive,
    While the storm of sadness,
    Rages deep inside my heart,

    Blocking my ways to escape,
    Into cave of peaceful slumber,
    I would cry creating a flood,
    Of emotions that severs my ties,
    From actual world outside my mind,

    Locked inside with my fearful self,
    My heart beat sounds like clock bells,
    Reminding me that I'm still alive,
    And standing near the same old cliff,
    To jump or not would be my choice,

    If I can keep myself sane from chaos,
    That's breaking my connections slowly,
    From my plain and blank present life,
    Only then I would have a slim chance,
    To take a step back from this horror,
    And bring myself again in the light!