i am girl with full of moody character "Delhite"������

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  • ekta_rao 2d

    Status wake up now these days !
    Stories tag line are alarm clock for birthday
    Old friend is always older but now new friends never become older
    Because Friends with benefits is trendy
    Now love become loses its purity
    By hook and crook is trendy

    19 th century is love and 21 th century is lust

    What happened next ?

  • ekta_rao 9w

    Now finally I got my new address !
    It's good or bad I don't know ?
    It's home or a house I also don't know ?

    Let go find the answer !

  • ekta_rao 9w

    Some coincidence are fixed !

  • ekta_rao 22w

    Akash Ke neeche baith kar
    Khuli aankhon se dekha Hai Kuch
    Kuch kami si hai aaj in me
    kuch aas paas hai kuch hai dur dur
    Kuch badal ki parat m mano dab se gaye ho
    Ek baar fir unhe dekhne ki chaha Hai aaj
    Shayad unka Milan ho gaya hoon phir ek baar


  • ekta_rao 24w

    Mysterious world

    This is my world full of dirty and dust !
    The word dirty and dust Don't take it for other references
    I lovezz my lazyness , i find myself too ugly
    But the ugly things make me happy
    All these things come fromm me self realisation
    Wake up late morning , and I even do not brush
    Not toeven eat healthy food , to see series and movies read novel , not even bath daily
    love to live alone in a single room
    The aloneness give me the idea to feel free
    I just fell like I fly in my single room and interesting things is that no one can see me !

  • ekta_rao 30w

    I miss you !

    Today your care tought me this
    Your slience quietly say in me ear that I missed you too

    We are not left each other
    We are together but we missed each other

  • ekta_rao 31w

    Cloudy weather in love with someone's soul
    When the Misty air touched my face it just give the feeling of you
    Music lyrics ask me again and again you are in love with someone ???

  • ekta_rao 31w

    May be it's good or okay not bad
    When you are taking two days off from your college
    And enjoy the most beautiful morning
    Cloudy weather , in love with someone ,
    A harilious balcony with a cup of coffee with Parle G biscuit with your favorite music
    It's just mine favorite days of recent life

  • ekta_rao 32w

    Why always my word stuck in between little alphabet
    why it always too tough for me to describe you
    Why my quotes writing never express you

    Why you are so soft towards me ????

  • ekta_rao 32w

    Some times moody things are good
    Some time feel the awkward is awesome
    Some time not to think about that what other people think about you
    Sometime enjoy your tearing face
    Sometime feel the silence

    '$ometime '

    Need to live for alive not to alive for live