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  • ishubhankar 1d

    Worthless Writer #7

    I tried to hate Christians
    Until I read the verses of the Bible
    I tried to hate Muslims
    And Quran gave me a new outlook
    I tried to hate Hindus
    But Gita guided me out of the darkness

    The words never fought among themselves
    When I wrote this free verse
    It’s the man who taught me hatred..


  • boocbr 5d


    Then Jacob made a promise. He said, “I want God to be with me and to protect me on this journey.
    Genesis 28:20

  • valazinnia 5d

    Jesus Saves
    Thinking of that one person who gave you freedom because of his love,grace and compassion.

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    I will heal
    as I think
    of you.


  • boocbr 1w

    Like a morning dew,
    Like a gentle breeze,
    Like a shooting star,
    You breathe out fresh Hope & life into me.
    This is the beginning of a great adventure,
    An eternal journey, to know, learn and live this life with you. And I'm ready!

    Letters To Jesus

  • ksworld17 3w

    Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. -1Cor 16:13

  • theexpressionist 3w

    My brethren, always remember

    Jesus Christ is the only way

    to God, Our Father.


  • jc10116m 6w

    Story Of Joseph

    The story of Joseph is in the Bible for this reason: to teach you to trust God to trump evil. What Satan intends for evil, God, the Master Weaver and Master Builder, redeems for good.

  • mkandres 7w

    The Sweetest Angel

    Til walked out onto the wooden porch, the rickety screen door slamming shut behind him. Lowering his old, lanky body took some effort but it was his morning routine. Sitting on his front stoop and whittling absentmindedly with his Daddy's rusty pocket knife brought him pleasure.

    "Look at that there sunrise, Noah," Tilson Pantos said. "Ain't that nice? God sure is creative."

    The ancient brown hound dog sprawled out in the corner twitched his left ear in a lazy response.

    Rheumy green eyes scanned sparse land. Dried grass, overgrown bushes and dead trees stared back.

    "Yep, God has been good to us, Noah. All the time."

    Holding his chunk of wood loosely between calloused hands, Til worked quickly, his eyes still on his failing farm.

    He had had a good, long life. His bride of sixty-two years had departed into Jesus' arms a decade before. Pru was an exceptional woman; a loving wife. Although they hadn't been blessed with children, they had been blessed with each other. Prudence cooked delicious meals, kept a clean house and saw that he was happy. He missed her but knew God always took the best ones first. He always needed the sweetest angels by His side.

    Distracted from his thoughts, Til looked up to see a dusty plume drifting up his dirt-encrusted driveway.

    "Looks like we got us a visitor, Noah," Til raised an age-spotted hand to shield his eyes from the rising sun.

    Noah twitched his left ear again.

    The old man watched warily as the dark sports utility vehicle parked beside the house. A young man in a three-piece suit, a hospital-type mask covering his lower face, stepped from the driver's side and slogged through the dry, dense foliage.

    For half a second, Til thought about retrieving his deer rifle but remained in place, continuing to whittle.

    "Good morning, sir," the young man said cheerily.

    "Mornin'," Til mumbled. He didn't look toward the visitor but smiled at the dust covering his wing-tipped shoes. Whittled wood shavings curlicued atop the dust.

    "I'm Elias Crandall from the CDC," the man announced. "Are you Tilson Pantos?"

    "Sure am," Til replied. "Most folks call me Til."

    "Does anyone else live here with you?" Elias inquired as he pointed toward the house.

    "Just me and my dog." Til waved his pocket knife in Noah's direction.

    The dog opened his sleepy eyes only to quickly close them again.

    "I'm here to make sure you evacuate per government orders," Elias said sternly.

    "Evacuate? What for?" Til was befuddled.

    "Due to the virus sweeping our nation, Mr. Pantos." Elias seemed confused. "Haven't you watched the news, listened to the radio or talked to family or friends by phone?"

    "Nope," Til said simply. "I ain't got any of those. No television, no radio, no phone. I like quiet solitude. Just me and my dog and God."

    Elias couldn't imagine that in this day and age. "No technology at all?" he asked.

    Til shook his gray head. "Nope," he repeated.

    "Well, I still need you to come with me to be tested and monitored, technology or not." Elias reached a hand toward Til's arm.

    "Let me show you something son," the old man announced and disappeared into his home in one swift movement.

    Noah raised his head and stared at the strange man left standing on the paint-peeled steps.

    Elias pulled at the collar on his dress shirt, a trail of nervous sweat descending down his rigid spine. He took a step backward, preparing to run.

    Til emerged from the house, the rickety screen door slamming shut behind him.

    "This is the only technology I need, son." The old man held up a well-worn Bible, its cover cracked, torn and faded.

    Elias Crandall smiled at the elderly gentleman's faith and tenacity. "I understand that, Mr. Pantos and that's all well and good but you should still take precautions."

    "I appreciate your concerns but I have a Healer taking care of me already."

    "Don't be stupid, Mr. Pantos, please." Elias adjusted his hospital mask as he shook his head sadly.

    Til's eyes brightened as he shoved the tattered Bible into the young man's hands. "Take this to those who need comfort, Mr. Crandall. It's the best medicine they could ever receive."

    Calling to his dog, Til stepped back into the house, placed the wooden cross he had been whittling onto the fireplace mantle along with the others and slumped wearily into his rocking chair beside the window.

    He watched until the dusty plume drifting down the driveway disappeared completely. Closing his eyes, Tilson Pantos took his last breath; a smile on his wrinkled face.

    --Melissa Andres

  • solace 9w

    #pod #romance #sos #love #Bible
    Sos- songs of Solomon

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    Your beauty is too much for me
    - I'm in over my head.
    I'm not used to this!
    I can't take it in.
    Your hair flows and shimmers
    like a flock of goats in the distance streaming down a hillside in the sunshine.

     Your smile is
    generous and full - 
    expressive and
    strong and clean.

     Your veiled cheeks
    are soft and radiant.

     There's no one
    like you on earth,
    never has been,
    never will be.


  • niknik 9w


    No title given to this poem, no words to describe the story
    No ending is yet to be written, no hope given to false glory
    Embellished laughter is heard, crowds of souls stand near
    Smells of sweat sweep through the air, can you sense it my dear?
    Jokes are played in droves, empty eyes stare in a trance
    Disco balls turn, young men yearn, all the ladies slowly prance
    No comment can touch on this rhyme you see, no title head line
    Life can never explain itself, until you have been refined
    Your world can turn at a moment's glance, the energy flips
    Church girl turned to a cocktail waitress, working hard for tips!
    Towns and cities collect more drama, reality tv top charts
    Simple minded men get chosen, to nonchalantly break hearts
    Ladies shop to buy a dress, nowhere important to go
    Hustle and bustle of lazy life, just to fit in with the flow
    Weddings conducted in formal fashion, vows are never kept
    Mother in law sits looking sullen, fake tears are slowly wept
    No ending is yet to be written, no hope given to false glory
    No words to describe the challenges arrive, playing out the story
    Untitltled verse remains rehearsed, crowds stand in little groups
    Poor old folks who once were rich, stand in line for soups
    Life's a mystery full of religion, but can you grasp your calling?
    Gods not pleased with quite a bit, so keep your Faith from falling!
    This poem is a message you see, given to the ones who comprehend
    For so many stay high, or living a lie, not caring about their end.
    Heaven and hell are very real, which way will you end up?
    Embellished praise is heard in crowds, passing false grace cups.
    Little boys and girls are weary, confusion within their minds
    Daddy thinks it's so cool to rule, his little girl is spiritually blind!
    Streets are paved with trash you see, all morals are out the door!
    Yet a bible awaits, for a twisted debate, collecting dust on the floor!
    Warfare seen and unseen, lingers all around to be fought
    Heaven and hell are very real, but no longer seems to be taught!
    No ending is yet to be written, no hope given to false glory
    Cast the ego aside, love and live outside cliche categories!


  • missqueenc 9w


    Love can only be between the two in which God created in the beginning. Adam and Eve was one heart one soul.


  • the_burning_soul 10w

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    People often ask me that 'why do you want to join army aren't you afraid of dying' ? And then I say it's not just about army but also about 'Identifying ones Purpose'.
    Then they ask me 'how you are so sure that serving your country your mother land is your purpose you never know about future'?
    And then I say joining army has been my childhood goal and through out this whole journey I faced many ups and down, but I am always determined about it.

    I never questioned my purpose my goal because since childhood this goal and dream has defined me as a person with strong character, morals and principles.

    One thing am sure about that if I don't volunteer to protect my nation then somebody else would show up and I take pride for decision I have made because I have that courage and will to sacrifice.

    To all my mirakee friends who are struggling and hustling with their dreams and goals you are blessed, you have realised your purpose stay strong and keep fighting for it with focus and determination your perseverance towards it will definitely reward you with success, may god be with you all. Amen! ����✌��☺️

    Here is a beautiful verse from Bible am sharing with you and it has been very motivating for me.

    JAI HIND ����

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    This is my Purpose.

    I think about it sometimes, many times and it goes away. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

    (Bible)Isaiah 6:8

  • emyflorencemoses_ 11w

    The Bible doesn't say,
    Test and see that the Lord is good.
    It says,
    Taste and see that the Lord is good. There's a difference ☺️

  • niknik 4w


    Let's talk about conviction
    What it does within your mind
    You start to feel apprehension
    Life starts to seem unkind
    All these subtle thoughts creep in
    You find yourself confused
    Is this God pointing out your sin?
    Or is your thoughts too infused?
    Your not your own, you sense defeat
    Or is it your imagination?
    Your conscious takes over with every heartbeat
    You feel lost in your situation.
    God is calling you so loud
    Will you ignore this beautiful thing?
    Follow Him and leave the crowd
    Receive the joy He will surely bring!
    Let the calling on your life proceed
    For the conviction He gives is real
    I'm just the messenger planting the seed
    Now let Jesus take the wheel!


  • digital_wolf 11w

    #silence #bible
    I have little intetest in people (talking machines). Yes...I am intetested in sharing feelings. But I don't prefer to express this interest in public.

    Because I see (generally) that they don't speak what they feel. They are mostly people pleasing. And I hear their old dumb dictionary... over and over again.

    Do they think Silence is stupid?

    I have few words for them. ��

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    �� Silence is not Stupid

    Silence is sacred. In Stillness lies the greatest powers.

    Didn't you read in bible - In the beginning was the words (logos) and the word was god.

  • sirjoshuasg 11w

    Understand what it says,
    Do not make out your own interpretations!!
    A #sheepdogsresponse to #bible #teachings

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    Jesus said, "Not to Judge" in Matthew 7:1
    We all know that, dont we?!
    The Pope, Pastors, Bishops, Deacons and Every Christian Preacher teaches us not to judge,
    And We use Matthew 7:1 mostly to defend ourselves - Hypocrites!
    But what we don't know, is that, In Matthew 7:1,
    He is talking about Hypocritical Judgement!

    Jesus also said, "Judge according to righteous judgement and not according to appearance" in John 7:24 and here Jesus explains what he meant in Matthew 7:1.
    But most of us dont know about John 7:24, because Preachers rarely talk about this, infact they dont talk at all!

    "God gave the scripture in Full,
    So We ought to Preach, Teach & Learn in Full!"


  • sirjoshuasg 12w

    Forgiveness is Revenge

    "Bible teaches Us to Forgive
    And If You study the Process of Forgiveness and its effects on the counter part,
    You'll understand,
    That actually Forgiveness is the Greatest form of Revenge!"

  • niknik 12w

    Press Forward

    Pressing towards a finish line no one can see but him
    Forgetting what the others think, staying ahead of "them"
    Letting go of insecurities, relaxing his head to rest
    Rarely does the thought occur that he just may be the "best"
    Best at forgiving, best at repenting, best at letting go
    Then again if he was, he would never know
    You see, he was the best at accepting grace for all its worth
    Ignoring all the criticism that impeded upon his turf
    Weary days did come, he stayed the course of time
    Coming upon his challenges, not knowing what he'd find
    Like the sand in an hour glass, the grit slowly drifted
    He smiled through it all, taking in what he was gifted
    Pressing on towards a finish line, he ran his race indeed
    Stopping only to share with a few, whom God told to feed
    Years of tests, months of stress, days filled with temptation
    Forgetting what others may think, he remained God's creation
    Testimonials of rage, speaking only on things discerned
    Nonsense here and there, were never his concern
    Bible passages memorized for those rare events
    Keeping him grounded, for those unforseen events
    Pressing on towards his goal, never slowing down
    Peace tucked deep inside his soul, even when he frowned
    Forgetting what anyone thought of him, for they never knew a thing
    He raced towards his goal diligently, on his way to meet his King (Jesus the Christ)


  • simplypr 15w

    Just knowing that I know
    you exist in my life,
    No matter where you are,
    and it gives me peace...
    Then I have found both love
    and heaven...


  • sirjoshuasg 65w

    "There is no partiality with God." - Romans 2:11

    "Partiality is sin." - James 2:9

    "If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for He who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?" - 1 John 4:20

    " He who does not love does not know God, for God is love." - 1 John 4:8

    #bible #wisdom #sheepdogsresponse

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    A Woman in Skirt.
    A Woman in Saree.
    A Woman in Hijab.
    All Devoted to their Tradition and Beliefs
    And All Praying for Redemption.
    But Niether of them got one.
    As Hatred blocks their Prayers!

    "You cannot love God while hating each other."