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    This maybe cheesy and a cliche. But it is what it is.
    #romantic #cliche #love #need #wordsporn #poem #dialogue

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    There are a Gazillion things I do not know
    Except one

    "I Need You."


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    She helped her husband put on his robe as he walked up to Jeffords and the TV to listen to what they were saying.

    "So, what kind of dog do you have?"

    "Dog? What dog?" The AG asked and Sanderson looked at him with a scowl on his face.

    "Dear? Do you think a man that called us six months ago asking if his sons goldfish would wake up if he flushed it down the toilet, would own a dog!" Mallery said.

    "Yes, thank you for reminding me to stay grounded when I judge people."

    "Bumblebeetuna? Why are you guys talking about--what are you doing?"

    "Watching what you tried to prevent me from."

    “No!  You, can't watch this!  It's toxic. Go out there and show that you're the only sane one remaining.  The last man standing. Sanderson, look at me, you were selected because of your--"

    “Don't go there Jeffords.  I know exactly why the hell I was picked to judge this case.  Don't think you were doing me any favors!” Sanderson said.

    “Listen to them out there...You hear that?  I haven't seen this since, well, I was going to say the Simpson trial, but due to the circumstances and the time we live in, this is history's most important case.  You were selected for such a case. Sanderson, don't you see? This will be history, just do what you do best. Don't be swayed by the public temperature and climate.  Ignore all those cameras out there!”

    “That's scares me, that you as AG of this country of ours, would say that given the time, the Simpson case was less important.  Suddenly, I feel so much better that you're in my corner. Jeffords, with a straight face look at the color of my skin. By the way, speaking about time and the Simpson trial, have you ever heard of Rodney King?” The judge started walking.  “For Christs sake, Archie.”

    “Yes, of course.  He was Mike Tyson's manager or something.  Even a Snapple fact would ask that! I'm kidding, man relax.”  Arch Jeffords said.

    “Relax?  I'm a black man who happens to be an esteemed revered judge who was just asked to take the seat of one of the best Supreme Court's eight judges chair, and boy do I have a feeling a lot is riding on the outcome of this case.  Well, the answer for your boss is no!”

    “Sanderson, calm--what?  No? Did you just--" Sanderson interrupted the Attorney General again.

    “Why?  Why would he do that to me?  For the American People? Oh, put my ass in stuffing!  I'm retiring after this case. And yes, before you ask for the third time my answer is no.  I'm too old. I want to just read mysteries at home on a kindle. This is actually a case I'm not going to let be hacked away by the media dispute that circus out there!”

    “Did you just say you're retiring, Sanderson?  You just said no. But, you've been offered the seat of a Supreme--”

    “I don't care about the fucking seat, Jeffords! Sorry, but that was the third time. I'll tell you what I'd like to be offered.  I'd like to take my gavel and shove it up the POTUS ass for allowing the media in my courtroom to be frank with you!  As if this is some--” The AG interrupted the judge.

    “I'm going to cut you off this time from further verbally assassinating my boss.”

    “I'm sorry, but I needed that.  I think I'm ready now.”

    "I have to say, considering today's huge event and circumstances, we just talked about a spiral ham which there's no way given how much I love a particular food can eat during the most stressful times, some dog I pulled out of my ass, my fish bumblebeetuna named from Ace Ventura not the Tunafish brand, a gavel being--nevermind that part that wasn't part of my plan to distract you, and you declining the best job offer. Meanwhile the press is thinking right now we're scrutinizing everything about today's testimony. This whole time she's been your--"

    “My wife, yes! My kids are watching this and both are currently attending law school.  This may be the end of their careers before it's even started for them.” The Judge's wife interrupted both men, telling him he needed to go out.

    "I knew you remembered my spiral ham! The Archie Jeffords that just behaved this way was a stranger to me. I underestimated you. You are special! All this time as those people shouted at my husband, you've been distracting him." She grabbed his cheeks and smiled.

    “Sanderson, wait a minute.  Let me tell you--Sanderson?”  The judge opened the door. “Wait! I picked you because of the man you are. Yes, the President will rescind his invitation for the nomination for the chair if this all goes to smoke, but that's not why I believe in you! You're an incredible family man that raise two brilliant adults with Mallery. Their only going to law school to uphold the law that you represent!. The fact that you helped me calm down a six year old boy when I dialed your number by accident and meant to call his mother and you still cared. You're an incredible man! Listen to your instincts. And the gavel--nevermind, no pressure!” The AG said and Sanderson shook his head while transforming his face and entering the courtroom and out of his chambers.

    (I submitted this so any writer can see the dialogue and how it works. This is of course, a novel. I understand now having been new here, that this platform isn't a place to submit a whole book, but maybe short stories or chapters from my novels like this, which is the intro. I HOPE THIS WILL MAKE WRITERS ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT WRITING WHETHER COMMENTING OR MESSAGING ME, IM ALWAYS HERE TO HELP!!! I also edit work, and ghost write for free. All I do is write! I love you all love and peace!)


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     On the LED 42 inch television, hundreds of people were protesting outside of the Manhattan courthouse as CNN showed live feed.  He hit mute and listened outside the window.

    “Husk, you left wing horses ass--" He turned the volume up and looked back to the screen and saw a man jumping the barricade and start screaming, but it was bleeped out.  

    “Huh, the media did something for us after all.” He said.  

    He,of course, is the Attorney General of the United States.  He was gauging the temperature of the American people as the final moments counted down.  He flipped through channels after swearing not to watch any tv on this day and finally breaking just five minutes ago and grabbing the controller off the secretary's desk that worked in the back chambers office.

    He watched as the streets littered with police officers trying to stabilize any control they could manage.  Attorney Jeffords was briefed by New York City's Police Commissioner, and told how much support would be included and how well the protection of the building would be made by him.  He depended on the NYPD because he didn't trust the word of the FBI. This testimony was the last thing they wanted on record or heard at all for that matter. Nevermind the media's presence.  The AG heard the judge flipping through documents on his desk at the last minute.

    “What about the media?”  The judge asked.

    “I didn't say anything about the media.”  The AG lowered the volume of the TV.

     Most of them of the people outside were all holding signs and chanting, so the judge could hear them.  He looked out the window at the massive crowds of protesters here demonstrating for the appeal of the defendant.  One sign said “A TERRORIST IS TESTIFYING! AMERICA?” He looked frazzled as he looked at the person. He closed the shades and looked at the TV and saw his face peaking out, “It appears the Attorney General is interested in what the people have to say.  Look at his face that he's making. He seems to be displaying uncertainty in this case. Harold what do you think is going on in those chambers?” He changed the channel.

    “Shit!  Fuck me!”  Jeffords said.  The secretary stopped in her tracks and looked at him as he slowly turned around realizing he wasn't alone and spoke out loud.  

    “Sorry, I just realized I didn't leave instructions when to feed my dog.  It's nothing.” He said as the Judge looked above his glasses at him and the secretary.

      The secretary looked at the screen and shook her head.

    “Here, it's time you eat something.  I remembered that it's your favorite.  I made sure to keep plenty of leftovers for you.  Go on, now.” Mallery was holding Tupperware of food in it and Jeffords looked at it like it was a shit sandwich.

    “I...I rather not...ate.  I ate, yes!” He smiled at her and she looked at him curiously.  “I ate already is what I meant to say. Thanks, but I'm so full..of...food.!”  Mallery walked away mumbling, “Full of bs!” He looked back at her wondering if she just said something.

    He then looked and saw his face looking out the window again, so he changed to another channel.  The view from the camera captured a mass of protesters and above the towering historic courthouse.  They then showed old footage from the defendant's previous trials in which this appeal stemmed from.  Their were protesters outside another courthouse chanting for the 12 jurors inside from the street below.  It was a time not too long ago, in a liberal state, with liberal and Democrat people mostly, demanded the defendant found guilty of capital crimes he committed and the actual murders he produced felt like a tragedy to all people feeling the pain for Mr. Ford then.  

    He remembered how passionate everyone was about Ford getting justice.  Three books were written within a year. It was when he was hired and tasked with getting Ford the justice he deserved by the President and promised him he would.

    He thought about the sign he just saw and how Ford was now said to be a terrorist, or colluded with the most wanted one.  He was the most hated man this week.

    He listened to a police officer from below outside.  Law enforcement was mainly concerned about the minority of the people behind the barricade, and voicing their belief for Mr. Ford. Some of them were iconic professors that received PHD in the least, and doctrines in philosophy.  It was a small group, but it still reminded him why he was here in the first place.

    All of the mob of protesters were now affectionate towards the man they called an animal and monster just two weeks ago.  They were now affirming their belief against taking another man's life. But it all became so murky and the lines blurred this week.  

     The news anchor assured the viewers watching, that the screen is correct, that the display on the right upper hand corner of the screen was indeed live from the state of New York, in New York City downtown Manhattan, and despite the state not supporting the death penalty, it was possibly about to be granted from such a state because capital crimes were committed against a federal agent, involving murders.  

    The state no longer had the right to stop it from happening.  A surrogate said something that stuck out to the AG who was thinking about so many things related to this case.  “Loophole for criminals it seems.”

    He knew he shouldn't have watched the TV.  He broke his rule.


    He sighed when he heard the news anchor say that they're switching to their live coverage inside of the court house discussing the case of the appeal.  Inside that very courthouse and behind the courtrooms chamber doors, his head was in his palm as he stood, ordered to be here by the POTUS to support the Presidents candidate and of course, make sure this case has no hiccups, which now was an impossible feat.  He rubbed his eyes thinking to himself that he's the goddamn Attorney General of the United States, not a cleaner!

    He couldn't help but stop the secretary who had been running around the office like a wild turkey.

    “You, what's your name?” He asked the woman trying to take care of the chaos for the judge.

    “Mallery, Mr. Jeffords.  We've met at a Christmas dinner last year?”

    “Mallery, why won't you stay still?  Just. Stop. Moving. Try it. Come here, look?  See all these people?” The AG was pointing to the television screen at all the live protests across the country with mobs of hundreds of people in cities.

    “Oh, I don't like all this nonsense.  I rather not watch it.”

    “You rather what?  But--you're the secretary of Judge Husk.  How could you not know what's going on and the case he's on?  Everything going on around this country!” He asked perturbed.

    “I live it all day.  I don't go home and watch it too.  I like to go home and read romantic novels on my kindle.  Simple!” Mallery said. The AG was stumped and looked flabbergasted at her reason.  How she found it so simple and had a easy solution.

    “Simple?  This man killed a lot of people, tortured many, even.  To put it mildly, he's a psycho! And now the main person who he's hurt--"

    “Jeffords, leave my--I believe you said secretary?  Leave her alone please. I'm about to take the stage.  I need to clear my head. I appreciate the support, but I've already made my decision, so you can move on to the next candidate.”  Judge Husk said.

    "I understand, but Sanderson don't you think it's wise to have a secretary that's aware of all of the masses joining throughout the United States in demonstration for the defendant not to be sentenced to death because they all feel he didn't commit capital crimes due to the fact that the main witness testifying today has just been accused of colluding-- did you say you decided?”  The AG asked.

    “She's been working with me for twenty years and is my wife, Jeffords.  She also has a PHD and her own practise. She's fully aware of what's going on because shes married to the man that constantly has his finger on the pulse.  Mallery, tell Jeffords why they're doing these actions, please?”

    “Wait...did you just say your wife?”  The AG asked, but judge Husks wife answered his question.

    “Because they believe the federal agents, most important the federal agent who testimoney, weren't really working for the United States government.  The star witness is starting his testimony today and is the victim to the defendants many barbaric crimes and is that federal agent.  Are you all set Sandy?” Mallery said.

    “Sandy?”  The AG repeated with a bitter face.

    “Yes, dear, thank you.”  Sanderson Husk said.

    “If it makes you feel any better, I did see you make the same face you're making right now on the TV just a few minutes ago.  That's for not remembering the ham I made at the dinner last Christmas that you didn't stop thanking me enough for, saying you wish you could eat it everyday of your life.  The same ham that you looked at five minutes ago like it was the plague! Look at you now.” Mallery walked away smiling.

    She helped her husband put on his robe as he walked up to Jeffords and the TV to listen to what they were saying.


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    Hello claimed, " Crown me the greatest, as I give people, a reason to smile. I mark the beginning of conversations, a courtesy they all agree to and surely the society would justify."
    "Great must be I, allowing people to move on and discover new horizons. After all, even when I make their hearts ache and eyes cry, the tears wash away the dust of the past." argued Goodbye

    Dwitiya Sengupta

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    No, all that she did weren't sacrifice.
    It was her way of life.

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    "Wonder why people coined the term truth is bitter?"

    "That's because no one wants to take in the truth as it is. Sometimes we sugar coat it but mostly we avoid, hence fantasies survive the test of time and well, the truth remains buried."

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    you sat there with your lit cigarette, actively trying to off yourself, only to give yourself more reason to hate what you were given. you never stopped to think, In your world of self pity, that you would Possibly be alright in the end. no! you were too busy whining, "mommy's gone! mommy's gone!" and spiraling deeper and deeper into the pit to even NOTICE the help you were refusing. 'but you were taking care of everyone else too!' I hear you say, indeed you were, buttercup. but that doesn't give you rights to ROYALLY fuck up the rest of your life! you burn your skin, cut scars across what could have been beautiful skin, attempt bleach a couple of times, amongst drugs! if you want to off yourself so bad, do it AFTER no one cares any longer! then... just after so many things were going right... 5 miscarriages in 5 attempts.... heh, who would have thought, you actually did it.... you saw your mother again....

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    Shiva says...

    "It feels like we are opposites, yet I want you closest to me. So close that the air would suffocate if it had to move.
    You being so quiet and me being ecstatic.
    Come, stay close to me. Like there is no space in between, like the two worlds merge let the distances meet and #breathe.

    Parvati merges into him.

    Lusting for union he rebukes her and instigates her, tests her tolerance. She remains firm with her decision of being who she is saying she is private, quiet and shy."


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    Fave dialogue

    "Jitna bhi try karo kuch na kuch toh chhotega he,Isliye yehi isi pal ka maza lete hai."

    "How much ever one tries there will be something or else missing, so why not just enjoy the time we have right here right now"

    "Every person run behind bigger and larger life n wants to do more n more stuff n run all the while and in this whole process forgets to enjoy what is here right now."
    Dialogue from the movie yeh jawani hai deewani

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    First Love

    Person A-No don't get it wrong I'm just confessing

    Person B-No you're offering the throne of your body and weakest part of your soul into someone else hands Your heart.


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    SHE's (microtales)

    Suna hai jis ghar me sangeet bajte hai waha kalesh nahi hota...

    Tabhi to maa ne mere janam ki pehli raat lori hi sunani thi....
    Taki baba......Beti hone ka shok na manay.

    Aure ussi waqt mera name sarswati rakh diya
    Aure aaj main baba ki swaru ban gai...
    Jiski sargam ki dhun pr wo roj nachte ...

    ©Rj Diary

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    Do you owe me?

    After all this time..
    Since the creation of Universe..
    Did Sun ever say to Earth..?
    That you owe me..
    Did stars ever say to sky..?
    That you owe me..
    Did I ever say to your eyes..?
    That they owe me..
    The thing that happens is..
    Love lightens up the whole sky..

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    Jo mujhe bhool jate hain
    Main unhe bhi yaad rakhta hun...
    Chahe wo dost ho ya dushman

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    First of all, thank you for the unexpected and lovely response, my first poem in this series #BeNotProud received from the Mirakee community. Thank you @writersnetwork. As a writer, there is no greater happiness than knowing that the readers resonated with the words you wrote. I feel so grateful for all the love. I apologize for the delay in coming up with the second part. How much I've been addicted to Mirakee since I joined, I've had to attend some other priorities as well. I wish Mirakee happened during my college days when I had more time. I would have read more and wrote more. Mirakee community, you make this place so vibrant.

    This is second one of my poem series #BeNotProud where I'll personify one thing, event or feeling and dedicate a Loose Shakespearen Sonnet to it. The rhyme scheme will be abab cdcd efef gg. All the poems in this series will be complete in themselves.

    Lust has been a matter of thought and discussion for a lot of writers. A lot of poets have both praised and criticised lust in their writeups. Before the fanatics come judging me on my lines, I clear it out that I do have sex-positive thoughts and I do not believe in lust as a social stigma. Lust is natural and evolution's way of making sure our species lives. We have evolved to feel lust, in its sheer intensity. But I have a philosophy that this universe has dualism. There are good and bad parts to everything. No matter how natural lust is, there are more lovely forces at work in the human heart.

    In these fourteen lines, I personify Lust as a person who stands proud of her prowess and global acclaim. Her tendency to overpower most people. I have a dialogue with her and tell her why I've been infatuated with Love, someone else.

    You loved the first one in this series, @divokost and were the first one to give a detailed critique of my writeup. I dedicate this post as a sign of gratitude to you. Feel free to provide constructive feedback.

    Belated Merry Christmas @geraldine_kumar ma'am. Hope you like my this work too.

    Also, again as I mentioned, nothing matters more to me than my thoughts resonating with fellow souls. If someone doesn't want to be tagged in this post, feel free to comment. Keep reading! Keep writing!


    Regnant -> Exercising power or authority
    Prowess -> A superior skill
    Succumb -> Fatally overwhelmed/ Consent reluctantly
    Trance -> a state of mind in which consciousness is fragile and voluntary action is poor or missing; a state resembling deep sleep.
    Enamoured -> Marked by foolish reasoning
    Sturdy -> Strong
    Profound -> Of the greatest intensity
    Adoration -> A feeling of profound love and admiration

    @tainted_verbs @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @annonymous_ @nightwriter_i @nikhilmahesh @theshekharshukla @allbymyself @lancymark @iamjass @bluebird @halcyon @aragorn @optimist_dreamer @cerca_trova @laughing_soul

    #poetry #sonnet #men #women #equality #life #creation #poem #writing #BeNotProud #rhyme #lss #lust #personify #personification #love #dialogue #perspective #philosophy #evolution

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    Lust, be not proud

    Regnant prowess, you have. With just a glance,
    You stir most people, bow them to submission,
    Where control fades, they succumb to a trance,
    Such enamoured, translucent condition.

    Proud you stand, driven by evolution,
    Sturdy force, that tames. What makes people dance,
    To the rhymes of physical attraction.
    But aren't there those, who shoulder different stance.

    Who look forward to profound conversations,
    Share fears, anxieties, demons inside us.
    Chase the warmth and wilfully have adorations,
    Happy preoccupied by sheer Love. Thus,

    Lust, be not proud, there are those, not loner,
    Who know, great love, won't stem from a day's boner.


  • blueskyboy 12w

    Mission Objective

    "Is there a point to dating these entries?"

    "Perhaps, in the future, someone can create
    a timeline of the events.
    Find the source."

    "All the days past are one
    No way to separate sunlight and moonlight
    It's all dark here."

    "Just because all we see is black emptiness
    for lightyears at a time
    doesn't mean we won't find
    what you're looking for."

    "What am I looking for?"


    "...you got a light?"


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    21 Dis 2017
    Photo credited to the owner yasuhisaphotography on instagram.

    This was inspired by J-Movie 'Okasan, Ore wa Daijoubu' which means 'Mom, I am Okay'. The story was about a high school boy who was never complaining anything in his life, he was such a good boy but then he died of cancer. Yet, when he was hospitalized he still never made others worry about him. His condition needed him a hope but instead he gave others hope. He kept things deep inside his heart, untold until his last breath. After all, he was just a boy. A boy who had a little weak heart but pretended to be strong. Indeed, he was a hero in everyone's heart.

    #momandme #love #mom #dialogue

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    Mom, I Am Okay

    Mom : You are so good in
    cooking, writing, and...
    a little bit in drawing.
    Me : Mom....
    Mom : But you are never
    good in pretending to be okay.
    Me : It's okay mom, I can bear the pain. *smiles


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    Loves last words

    He held me in his arms and warmly asked if I had a choice of any man in the world who would I choose?
    I replied with self assured and tender ease 'That is easy, I would always choose you'. He laughed unapologetically. Without pause. A laugh that seemed to rise from his belly to tickle the back of his throat before reaching his lips and curling in amusement. You can't choose me. He said kindly. I'm not yours to choose.


  • thedarkvoice 14w

    Intoxicated by a million shades,
    I close my eyes to see glimpses of colors,
    smiling faces and happy moments.
    The air has a scent of delectation
    and the breezes carry sounds of
    people cheering with beatitude.
    Faint beats of music gently creep
    into the ambience of celebration.
    The sun is happy too, for it shines
    the brightest, blessing all under
    it with the happiness they deserve.

    Eyes closed I feel her warmth.
    I'm in her arms back again.
    This is true heaven.

    I have reached my destiny.

    -Rock Cliff

  • midnight_memory 14w

    Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

    Insaan ko dibbe mei
    sirf tab hona chahiye
    Jab wo
    Mar chuka ho

  • brandonerickson0707 16w

    Dialogue Prompt 3

    “One day, I won’t have to worry, and war will be memory.”