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  • chriesty_smith 49w

    Innocence of Love..

    Little Priya asks her brother "Do I look like mommy..?"
    Aakash said, "yes completely. She loved you a lot."
    (Door knocks, its lawyer Mr.Singh)
    Mr.Singh informs Aakash about a cheque of Rs. 56 lacs that their parents left for them.
    Curious Priya asks "What is a cheque"?
    Aakash says it's a paper with a huge money involved with which we can buy a lot of things.
    Priya confirms a lot of things?
    And instantly asks "can we buy mother from it?"
    Speechless as gets the moment, so does the brother..


  • mirakeeans 56w

    Expression of love

    "Be my dungeon master, would you? " she asked with excitement in her eyes.
    " Love isn't a game. " he replied, rolling the dice


  • mirakeeworld 56w

    Here We Are!! ��
    Starting the Announcement of Top #10 Entries for #ExpressionsOfLove CONTEST.
    #EOL ��

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  • mirakeeworld 56w

    ExpressionsOfLove Contest

    Top #10 Entries will be Posted soon.
    First we decided to Choose Top #5
    but the huge no. of Entries convinced us to make it a ♥️ Top #10 ♥️ ��

    See You in about an Hour Mirakeeans!! ��

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    Analyzing The Entries ♥️

    Its Really Very Hard. We Got So Many Beautiful Entries ��
    But Justice needs to be done. Hope We Succeed. ☺️

  • possibly_copied 56w

    Formal Disclaimer : Don't try this pick-up line for realz tho bros����, as its highly likely that she��, ur "she" that is!��, is gonna smash that big-red-heavy purse�� of hers(only Gawd knows if there's bricks-&-stones in them or not?����so much as an attempt for #SelfDefenece, maybe!��), in that skull��(read : soft-covering����) of ur so-called creative thoughts!!��������������

    *Dedicated to @theinkpot����, maybe in due exigency of the #take_the_poo_to_the_loo_scenario���� that somehow made our seemingly #VirtualFriendship, flourish in the most uncanny of ways, per se..!✌����������

    P.S._also a bit too late entry for: #EOL @mirakeeapp

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    Expression of Love����


    Me : "Hey, gal! Just witnessed how candidly caring u can be to random kids in general! Would u like to have some, maybe?��
    ...my kids that is!"����

    P.S._& never did he ever see, the light of yet another blissful morn..������


  • aysha_hk 57w

    'Did you talk to him? What are you upto?' mate asked me curiously.

    'No, I smiled at him though, he waited and waited for me to response,
    But I at the stage where only could smile.
    Deep down in my heart burbling his name and at the same time disengaging me.

    Whenever he expresses, 'I love you,do you love me back?'
    I really don't know but I do know, there's just something about him I can't let go.

    Everytime I'm with him, my face twinkles like the star and he like the calm moon.
    Together something keeps us untroubled.

    Smile is the answer I had for I never want to see him break, break just because of me, and never to be the reason behind those shattered pieces yet I wanted him to know but didn't want to tell.

    I don't want our bond to end, which is neither a friendship nor a relationship but beyond those.
    For the end leads to heart break and I was aware of the fact that I can't have him.

    I always hoped that I had met him before anyone else and he has no idea of how much he means to me and will always will even if he walks away in my life.'


  • peace_fire 57w

    Expression of Love

    She started reading his lips..
    He started learning sign language..

    And that's how LOVE between them won, without any words...


  • saby_ink 57w

    Something said and left unsaid in a conversation

    She : You don't know what it feels like, knowing that you'll be in his quest for your life; that helplessness of knowing you are to die and you cannot do anything about it but just count your breaths and those moments burned alive and wait for death cause you cannot think of doing anything else without the one you love; who is so stupid of residing under the feet of a devil while he could have been the king of my universe. You won't simply understand.

    He : yeah ( yeah.. How would I.. While I've been dying for you everyday since time I cannot even recall watching my queen mourn each day for the devil who couldn't even ever look at her like I do; I'm watching my death each day and you don't know what that feels like )


  • shyn_writings 57w


    "You don't understand! My brother.. He's terrorising!" She warned him, her eyebrows furrowed. She was finally considering telling her brother about him.
    "It's okay baby, I'll handle it." He reassured.
    "He'll threaten you and curse you and..."
    "Shhh. You're mine. I can withstand all the curses coming my way, for you. I'm not going anywhere."


  • vinay165 57w

    Pure expression of love...!!!!

    "Why have you been helping me,making me smile and supporting me after letting you down and giving you so much pain since a long time??" She yelled at me after talking for an hour after couple of months...

    "Listen, I've learnt that sometimes people might not have hurt us intentionally. It's just circumstances that made people do something weird which they never meant to do. And when you learn to live for others, they will live for you." I replied in a clam tone.

    "Don't you ever think about ignoring calls or didn't you get irritated till now?" Another question quickly fired by her

    "It's better to make someone smile, wipe her tears and drag her out of the mess. I know you better than you, your silence more than your words. Moreover, you can't control the depth of a wound another soul inflict upon you and Life teaches us a lot. Don't let hard lessons harden your heart. And lastly, I was there,is there and will be there for the person whom I consider my friend..." - The answer that struck her heart..

    "I know you, you will never let me fall irrespective of situation." she said in the end...

    Their eyes met and .........



  • sangati 57w

    Expression of love

    She: Let your word flow this silence kills!
    He: Nothing to die for.... Words will flow with every passing tick of the clock
    She :Even this life will... but your words hold power to stop this time my love.

  • peace_fire 57w

    Love without Language ❤

    Love doesn't need any language to be expressed.
    She came home.. He was waiting for her..
    He welcomed her, she hugged him.. Kissed his forehead.
    And then.. Wagging tail, hanged out tongue and a twinkle in his eyes express his love for her..


  • peaceritika 57w

    ...Expression Of Love...

    She (annoyed): "What do you want now?"
    She jerked her hands. Her face looked irritated.
    He was standing holding a thorn. He trembled.
    He: "Uhm.." He choked. "I love you." He said giving it to her.
    Her one eyebrow, up. She got confused.
    She glared at him in anger, kicking a pebble. After few moments of silence,
    He: "Your love pinched me like this thorn, I can't resist it's a bit painful but I can't really forget the 'aah' it created. It wounded me forever. I'll never leave you my rose
    Please heal me now. Let's make this love flower bloom."
    Her eyebrows entwined. Her head was down. A teardrop gleamed, so clear.

  • drew_efficacy 57w


    She looked at him, as soon as their eyes met, he looked down and adjusted his spectacles, she giggled. He won her heart without any tricks or move, but a simple expression of love which is rare among boys, blush.


  • linnie_sml 57w


    Bear hugs and warm smiles
    Blossoming feelings and memories
    Dreamers we are under this spell
    Under the wand of sparkling love
    Slowly reaching out for every chance
    To hold on tightly to embrace this
    Warm and fuzzy feelings within
    Even if I may lose you anytime
    I still love you so dearly
    With every beat of my heart

  • winewriter 57w


    She looked at him, as soon as their eyes met, he looked down and adjusted his spectacles, she giggled. He won her heart without any tricks or move, but a simple expression of love which is rare among boys, blush.


  • mirakeeworld 57w

    Contest Closes Midnight 18/12/2016.
    Hurry Up If Haven't Posted Your Entry Yet. Tag #EOL for sure.
    Top 5 Entries Will be Posted here Tomorrow.
    Winner Will be Announced thereafter. There Will be Only One Winner.

    Winner will earn the Honor to Organize Any Contest of Their Choice on @mirakeeapp and Will be Tagged in Each and Every Entry Mandatorily.

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    Thank You So Much
    Mirakeeans!! For the Astounding Entries for
    ExpressionsOfLove CONTEST ������

  • lancymark 57w


    "Would you leave me?"
    "Never my dear."
    "But what if death do part us?"
    "Be it life or death, dear, yours shall I always be."

    They spent a lifetime, loving each other,
    And when death came calling, It called them both together,
    Gone they be now yet bond for eternity,
    Buried are they under this very same tree.


  • ankhangelmannycrane 57w

    Greedy Love

    For the love of loving you in eternal
    I risk the lost of loosing you in intervals
    To again win you over again and again
    For the pleasure of pleasing the both of us
    With the fact that we are the only ones meant for each other

  • anne_pennock 65w

    My eyes opened

    "When I first saw you, I didn't notice you, I wasn't aware of your existence, until now. I opened my eyes to see who you really are, it is now that I see you for the very first time."