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    Don’t be scared of the monsters, just look for them. Look to your left, to your right, under your bed, behind your dresser, in your closet but never look up, she hates being seen.

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    Originally posted by : @hardipatel
    Amazing twist. Wait till the end

    Horror challenge #FT13 @sid_hart
    #horror #spooky #fear #frantic @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @writersofmirakee

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    Death ride

    "Oh god why did you do that? I can't believe you! You've just woken up the deviles..."
    "Shut up....& focus on your driving ...fast ...they're going to catch me soon!" I said with frantic fear in my eyes.
    I was sitting on the backseat of my friend's bike & She was just riding like she has participated in marathon.
    "Omg they are going to bite me up...hurrry please ..." I cried desperately.
    "Hey open your eyes...they've slowed down"She said by checking out in rear-view mirror.
    I opened my eyes & looked back. Thank god! They were still staring at us.Their foul  teeth from where saliva was dripping & Hound like peircing eyes still gave me thunder of fear. But thank god the street dogs have retreated.

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    Sorry people ������...But this is the recent fear I'm experiencing....
    ....And it's making me think that I would end up like this!����
    @sid_hart I know this is silly, can't help it�� #FT13
    (M I late for the challenge??��)

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    Woke up to the nightmare
    Where I saw myself
    Looking like...

    'An Emoji'
    Cute and funny but
    Without hairs


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    Well this horror can be termed as a sweet horror....
    #FT13 @sid_hart
    Hope so....this one works....not that terrific.
    @mirakeeapp @readwriteunite @writers_paradise @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersofmirakee

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    Diurnally, she used to go to a park , right behind that graveyard, which was vacant apart...where silence was the only thing found sitting.
    Like that isolated park, she too lived an isolated life......far from fantasies. She was divelicated.....for her love left her for someone else.
    As always, she went there and sat on that very old same bench.....lost in her own thoughts......when a voice called her,' I know he left you....but I think you should move on.'
    Being astonished, she looked up to see a handsome, bright eyed fellow....looking at her. On seeing him, at once, she stopped crying and readily accepted his friendship.
    Everyday, she used to meet him and they both used to talk....sharing their past.
    Next day, as usual, she met him. But this time, she proposed him...pouring out everything that was there inside her.
    With a grin, he said,' I'm fortunate to get a proposal from you....but to have a future with me....you need to end your present.
    And, carry your soul to a different world, where only souls brew to live! '
    Being perturbed, she asked him to be crystal clear.
    Thus, he asked her to follow him....
    The wind blew hard through that silence.
    He took her to that very same graveyard, right to that place....
    Where her eyes could see his body unconscious, laying still....with words marked....
    1990-2016 '


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    thnx for the tag buddy, but as I'm travelling unable to write something interesting sorry for that ��
    @sid_hart #FT13

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    Horror challenge

    Monday after a sunday
    Working day after a holiday
    D-Day of challenge is enough horrifying. .....


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    Convent schools were built on Graveyards
    Worst Horror Story of Childhood !


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    100 minutes

    100 minutes was how long it took me to go to sleep.
    Startled by the softest sounds
    Drawn to the smallest shadows
    Turning to see only emptiness
    Where she used to be
    A tear creaks through my eyelids
    A hole through the door
    A cracked mirror on the wall
    Distortions staring back
    An apparition at the back
    I turn to see nothing
    But my own horror story
    Replaying in my memory
    I pop a pill, staying still
    Closing my eyes once more
    Hoping the cycle doesn't see an encore

    ~. K

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    Ahh... If this was scary enough...??!!! ��

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    Horror ✨

    A roaring thunder woke him up from his sleep.. His throat was thirsty so he got out of bed & walked towards Kitchen to drink some water... Suddenly another thunder struck ⚡, the rumbling was louder this time...
    Quickly, the eastern sky turned black... The speed at which the black clouds appeared astonished him... In a few minutes, he could feel cool wind blowing from the blackened sky... In another few minutes, the whole sky was engulfed by black swirling clouds.... The wind increased in intensity causing the windows of the hall to open with a big bang....

    "Thud"... And a painting in the hall fell... After drinking water in the kitchen... He started moving towards the hall... As the winds were touching his face , he felt something moving along with the wind... Assuming it to be because of his half sleepy state, he headed towards the corner from where the painting fell....

    He opened the lights of hall & reached the place where that painting fell... He picked that painting up... It was of a small child... As he was looking at the painting fixing it back on the wall, he saw tears of blood coming out of the eyes of the boy.... He got so scared that he dropped the painting down & rushed back to his room, locking it up from inside....

    That sleepless night he regretted forcing her wife
    to get their first child aborted....!!!!!!!

    - Garima ❤

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    It happened in the winter of 1973. Father was out again. My sister and I were the only ones at home. We sat in my room, scribbling stuffs, when we heard our mother call us from the outside. For a moment neither of us moved. Then it came again.The call. More clear and more distinct. My sister leaped up to her feet and started towards the door. I caught her skirt and pulled her down and clamped a hand over her mouth. Sister dear has always been fond of mother. She keeps forgetting that our mother is dead.


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    Originally posted by : @sunshine_nidhi
    This poem describes the fear of every human being...
    #FT13 @sid_hart

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    इंसान का डर..!!

    हर मोड़ पर मिला है तू मुझे
    ज़हन में मेरे शक तूने भरा है
    काबिलियत पे मेरी कोहरा तेरी वजह से जमा है।

    किसी को है तलब मोहब्बत की,
    कोई चाहता था डूबना इसी दरिया में,
    तो किसी को था सपनों में भी मोहब्बत हो जाने का डर।

    अलग है मोहब्बत का ये रंग
    इंसान इंसान का है फर्क
    किसी के लिए मोहब्बत है दौलत,
    कोई है शोहरत का लालची
    तो कोसी के दिल में है इश्क़ बसा।

    खो गए अगर मोहब्बत के रंग इनके कहीं
    पड़ जायगी मोहब्बत फीकी
    शरीर से एक हिस्सा हो जायेगा अलग
    मिल जायगा इश्क़ के फितूर में धोखे का रंग।

    मन ने मेरे ज़ोर सिर्फ एक बात पर है दिया,
    खो जाए अगर ज़िन्दगी के रंगीन पत्ते कहीं
    ज़िंदा हो जायेगा इंसान का डर।


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    @sid_hart #FT13

    Hmmmm this spoils the story.. Please read the caption after you read the post...

    For those who don't know what TeamViewer is
    It is a popular piece of software used for Internet-based remote access and support. TeamViewer software can connect to any PC or server, so you can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it. - google

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    Past 10 in the evening..

    I was still in the office working on my report for tomorrow. I was almost done when I felt my shoelace being held back. I peeped below my desk and found it caught by the edge of my station's divider. I tried to tug it back but failed so I descended from my chair and pulled it out manually.

    Just before I return to my seat, my music player stopped. There is no one left in the office aside from me and my laptop is fully charged. So why stop?

    I decided to write off the event as a technical glitch then I proceeded on returning to my seat. I was about to continue working when I saw my screen. The mouse pointer was moving everywhere and it minimized all my opened excel files.

    I was dumbstruck until a message popped on my screen.

    Boss: You on office right? Could you open the system? Can't find it. Need to extract something.

    Damn teamviewer!


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    This poem describes the fear of every human being...
    #FT13 @sid_hart

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    इंसान का डर..!!

    हर मोड़ पर मिला है तू मुझे
    ज़हन में मेरे शक तूने भरा है
    काबिलियत पे मेरी कोहरा तेरी वजह से जमा है।

    किसी को है तलब मोहब्बत की,
    कोई चाहता था डूबना इसी दरिया में,
    तो किसी को था सपनों में भी मोहब्बत हो जाने का डर।

    अलग है मोहब्बत का ये रंग
    इंसान इंसान का है फर्क
    किसी के लिए मोहब्बत है दौलत,
    कोई है शोहरत का लालची
    तो कोसी के दिल में है इश्क़ बसा।

    खो गए अगर मोहब्बत के रंग इनके कहीं
    पड़ जायगी मोहब्बत फीकी
    शरीर से एक हिस्सा हो जायेगा अलग
    मिल जायगा इश्क़ के फितूर में धोखे का रंग।

    मन ने मेरे ज़ोर सिर्फ एक बात पर है दिया,
    खो जाए अगर ज़िन्दगी के रंगीन पत्ते कहीं
    ज़िंदा हो जायेगा इंसान का डर।


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    One late afternoon, I was engrossed in my very first horror movie
    I had gone to the kitchen to get a little snack
    The ghost still imprinted on my mind,
    I was moving as though still in its trance.
    The moment I turned around I saw it standing right in front of me, just like in the movie.
    Horror of horrors, I never knew I could scream that high
    Mid scream, it ran away and it was only then did I realize that I had been screaming at my brother all this while
    And the poor chap didn't know what hit him.
    Gee! I haven't scared someone that bad ever...

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    Never had an actual experience of #SleepParalysis��, but if i ever have one i would like it tobe a demoness��, because what's more frightening than a lock-full of lice��, right?✌������
    P.S._That ”me” in the 5th line was intentional, tho i don't know why i did that..!✌����
    #FT13 @sid_hart

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    The Shadow Phoenix

    I wasn't even asleep when it appeared!
    I could see the dark shadow grovel near,
    Tryin' to just crawl up in my bed!
    And suddenly the wet dark locks,
    Were dangling infront of me face!
    Goosebumps were incapable of even spiking-up!
    I tried to scream but my vocal-chords froze!
    Intimidated I kept looking aloof one-eyed..
    But then I heard a familiar voice sayin',
    "So vi raha hain, ya natak kar raha hain?"

    [☝GoogleTranslator->Are u even sleeping, or is it all for drama implications?]


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    That is my shadow in the BG. This is why I do not have a table lamp in my room. I prefer tube lights instead.
    @sid_hart #FT13

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    Horror challenge

    Hearing footsteps in midnight?
    Feeling someone breathing?
    Chuck that.
    It haunts me the most when I see my own shadow on the wall in the middle of the night!

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    @sid_hart #FT13
    First shot at horror��
    Apologies for the long post though��

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    "What a fine day for a job interview!"
    He hummed a tune as he got ready
    The day was bustling with people all around
    The morning crowd was hard to miss, so full of life and chatter
    He almost zipped past the reception desk in a hurry, he was running late.
    "Where would you like to go sir? ", the receptionist enquired
    "I was called for this job opening in zeta company. Could you tell me the floor number?"
    "Oh, that's the 13th floor sir, 2nd office to the right."
    "Thank you, have a good day!"
    He rushed into the elevator and funnily enough didn't find the button to the 13th floor.
    "Hmm, weird. I'll probably just go up to the 12th and take the steps."
    As he climbed the last set of stairs, he found that the floor was eerily quiet.
    He stepped inside the office and no one seemed to be around here either.
    Complete darkness, except for a pale light at the end of one of the cubicles.
    "Excuse me?", he called out.
    There seemed to be someone sitting there but he wasn't really sure.
    His face visibly showed the fear that was only escalated by his surroundings as he moved forward
    With an inhumane speed, the figure turned around cracking her neck sideways only to show hollow sockets where eyes had been and a bright streak of blood across the sides of the lips.
    Out came an ear piercing scream that filled the air.

    He rushed down to the reception desk panting
    Only to find a different receptionist at the desk.
    "The 13th floor... it's... it's... haunted!", he exclaimed
    "But sir, we do not have a 13th floor!"
    Visibly shaken, he ran out of the building as fast as his legs could carry him.

    A thunderous applause ensued.
    "Well done!!", the director cried out.
    His crew came out, all grinning wide.
    "That was a really well laid out prank"
    "We'll surely get a good amount of views"
    The excitement amongst the crew was unmistakable
    "Let's play the footage again!!", the director bellowed
    As the footage played, their smiles turned into an expression of grim horror
    The man's face was grinning back at them from one of the cameras
    And in his hand he held the severed head of the woman who was meant to frighten him
    "That's what you get for playing with the devil", he smirked.


  • she_wrote 91w

    Our is arrange marriage
    Arrange no,
    It was arrange love marriage
    I met her at her house
    She looked beautiful
    We talked
    She called herself rebellious soul, never confined , never to be chased
    I loved her at the same instant for the second time , My first wife was also a rebellious one so she left me early.
    I told her I never give up and someday will confine her with a slight grin
    It worked

    We met every week
    Talked everyday
    She turned me down when I gave her bouquets, chocolates but was delighted to my gentleman efforts
    That's all I wanted
    She could never get slightest idea about our future that I had planned with her
    Everyday When I looked at her
    "Rebellious soul never to be confined" echoed in my ear

    It is our wedding day,
    She became mine
    Waiting for me in the beautiful bridal attire
    That's my wife , right ?
    I told myself the rebellious soul is being chased by me
    It's time to confine her

    That night she slept peacefully
    Never to awake again
    While she slept I choked her breath with her dupatta ; the love she bore for me now transformed into fear
    Rebellious soul , so she fought
    But couldn't win because I am her husband right.
    She was maintaining eye contact all the time and I thought how much I love her more , My first dead wife closed her eyes when I did this to her, pity isn't it. But she looked right through my eyes making me hold her dupatta more tightly around her snow white throat.

    And then she peacefully slept.

    I never give up I said with another grin while closing the door of my Giant Refrigerator , confining her with in.

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    "your sister just passed away!there was a fire in her apartment!"
    "Mother why do you keep forgetting that we died in the fire too??"


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    @mirakee @mirakeeapp @sid_hart #FT13 Real story it is. The girl here is 14 years old .

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    "Dad I see a man in my dreams." Said little girl.

    Dad- Oh! How does he look honey?

    Daughter- Mmmm..! Bearded, tall, it feels that I'm related to him somehow. But I haven't seen him ever.

    Dad - (Laughing it off) Oh! Must be your fragment of imagination.

    Daughter- (clueless) Mmmm! Yes maybe.

    Days later while cleaning up the old almirah, mother finds a black and white photograph. She keeps it out in order to be framed and put on the wall.
    (The picture happens to be his husband's parents who died in his early childhood.)

    Daughter- Mom? Who are they?

    Mom- Your grandparents honey.

    Dad- Yes, honey. They died when I was just as young as you.

    Daughter - (Perplexed) But dad he is the same man I see in my dreams.


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    An old one that I am really proud of.
    I wrote it when Prisma had just launched and suddenly was all over social media!

    COMMENT if you have ever used Prisma or seen scary pictures of other people! REPOST!!


    @sid_hart #FT13
    @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakeeapp @inkscapeco

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    Three horror movies couldn't haunt her.
    One Prisma edit did.