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  • srikanthvaijapur 32w

    Remember :
    It was a women
    who pushed us into
    This world..!

    © Dreaming__together

  • rashmisajwan 32w

    Now she dances for herself,
    To wipe the tears, to hide the pain,
    To raise herself,to walk alone in the lane.
    The world seemed beautiful again.
    As it made her strong, it's the girl's gain.
    No stitches, no scars won't hurt her anymore,
    Coz it doesn't feel anymore.
    Love and peace all she ever deserved
    She is really thankful to the "WORLD" !!!


  • dmauro 32w

    Poem to mother's ( the strongest women)

    By the time you ushered us
    Into this world
    Life had had made you weary
    But growing up
    We would never knew the sacrifice

    We suclkled your
    Strength till
    We could stand on our own
    Unfortunately gratitude
    Would come later

    With a firm loving hand
    You taught us respect and kindness
    And how to really be a man
    And what a strong woman
    Looks like

    We chose my spouses
    From our memories
    Of you
    So the legacy you had imprinted
    On our hearts
    Would continue.

    Dmauro 2018

  • graciamaya 32w

    Women's Day

  • thelostsoulmate 32w

    Once in a while I feel like wonderwoman,
    I let the strings that attach me lax
    I let the titles that define me rest.

    Once in a while I rise, self sufficient,
    Whole, beautiful, and adequate
    All by myself, all for myself.

    Once in a while, I'm enough
    Just as I am.
    And today
    Is one of those days.


  • drrajat 32w

    मुझे देवी मत बनाओ

    मुझे देवी मत बनाओ मुझे औरत ही रहने दो,हाँ अगर थोड़ी बदचलन हूँ मैं तो थोड़ा बदचलन ही रहने दो,मुझे देवी मत बनाओ मुझे औरत ही रहने दो ।
    क्यों की फिर अपनी देवी को तुम छोटे कपड़ों में नहीं देख पाओगे ।
    मुझे किसी के साथ पीते हुए सिगरेट नहीं देख पाओगे ।
    मुझे देवी बना दिया तो फिर मुझे,एक साथ दो दो लड़कों के साथ घूमते हुए,नहीं देख पाओगे ।
    मुझे जैसे जीना है जीने दो;पता है मुझे कुछ लोग इसपे भी मुझे judge करेंगे ।
    क्या सिगरेट पीना ही औरत की आज़ादी है ? ऐसा भी कहेंगे !
    मुझे पता है की क्या सही,क्या ग़लत है तो कृपया मुझे ना समझायें,मैंने पहले ही कहा था मैं औरत हूँ,औरत ही रहने दें,भगवान के लिए मुझे देवी ना बनाएँ।
    हाँ अगर थोड़ी बदचलन हूँ तो बदचलन ही रहने दें।


  • rk_ashwin 32w

    Khuda ne to banayi sirf ye duniya,
    Dhanya hai iss naari ko,
    Jisne di zindagi iss duniya ko!


    God is just the creator of this earth,
    Immense is his debt!
    Women gave life to this barren world,
    Unpayable will be her debt!

    R K Ashwin

  • kchuki 32w

    Happy International Women's Day! Comment down below your favorite woman/ the most influential woman in your life and let me know the reason why ❤
    The most influential women in my life is my mom who sacrificed her career for motherhood. And for Dad.

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    S/o to our homemaker supermoms who work tirelessly to keep the family going. She who sacrifices all desires while trying to fulfill everyone's want in the family. She who is always willing to help without anything in return. She who is filled with love and tries to spread the love. She who is selfless. She who always goes unnoticed. Today is the day to remind supermoms like you how thankful and grateful we are to have someone like you. You are a living goddess who is constantly making sure everyone is happy. You are strong. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. And we admire you. Love you wholeheartedly.
    Happy International Women's Day!!!


  • rarain 32w

    Happy women's day

    She is a superhuman for those she cares.
    Her kryptonite are the ones who take her granted as a spare.
    They don't realise the sacrifices she made.
    They see the mirage, make up and mask.
    But the don't see she is strong, smart and not less then any one in any task.
    She is a miracle with greatest of strengths divine.
    She creates, carries and nurtures another life within

  • bridgethegaps 32w

    Celebrating women's accomplishments and setting new standards for respect and equity.

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    I found every man to be a woman where the (WO) is silent, silently doing everything, a women had the odasity to do out loud. Trying to figure out women like some exotic specie of organisms, man forgot she was just like him.
    Sometimes like an experiment, trying to contain her in his tiny Petridish, thinking he could comprehend, foolish enough to think he knows himself better.


  • rohankoul 32w

    संसार में जीवन की विधाता वो
    सहनशक्ति का भरपूर भंडार वो

    माँ के रूप में जनम देने वाली वो
    बहन के रूप में हमेशा साथ देने वाली वो
    पत्नी के रूप में परिवार को जोड़े रखने वाली वो
    मकान को घर में परिवर्तित करने वाली वो

    अपनी ख़ुशियों को मुस्कुराकर त्याग करने वाली वो
    हाथ पकड़कर चलना सिखाने वाली वो
    असुरों का नाश करने वाली वो
    सिर्फ़ एक औरत ही हो सकती है वो

    - रोहण

  • karanmehta_km 32w

    Happy women's day

    "Why do you think she is the right one?"
    My friend asked.

    "Ah! because when I wished her a happy women's day..

    This is what she replied, "You should wish your Mom prior to wishing me. Also, she should be the first person you should be wishing ."


  • im_bharatbisht 32w

    Women: Gods amongst us❤️🔥

    Respect the body, Respect the soul;
    Respect the hole u came from;
    Call her a slut,Call her a whore,
    Restrict her, Lock her inside closed doors;
    Still she knows how to fake a smile,
    Still she knows how to carry eligance n style,
    Still she wars alone her fights,
    Still she achieves her dreams n flights!


  • mayankshersiya 32w

    Happy ‘the one considered a weaker gender’ day

    Happy ‘the one who have to prove it everytime’ day

    Happy ‘the one who should not have an opinion’ day

    Happy ‘the one who cannot go alone’ day

    Happy ‘the one who should not study or work’ day

    Hope the situation changes

    Happy Women’s Day


  • pragmatic_bhatnagar 32w


    Women are like roses
    surrounded by the thorns of society but supported by the stem of love.

    These thorns grow on these stem
    but never mix with the stem.


  • gauravgoel 32w

    She is my saviour
    She is my perfect half
    My woman ~ My life!


  • alizayblue 32w

    Her journey

    With a beauty unparalleled
    Inside and outside
    She walks proudly
    Carrying her
    Curves of emotions
    Scars of experiences
    Stains of blood
    Fighting her way through social taboos
    Sometimes With victories
    Sometimes regret

    Loosing herself
    For others
    Like the weeds of a dandelion
    She withers
    With age
    Longing for nothing
    But a little
    Love and attention
    Which she selflessly showered
    All her life
    To her tribe.

    -©️Alizay Blue

  • drrajat 32w

    डर लगता है
    किसी को शैतान से तो किसी को भगवान से और अब तो इंसान को इंसान से भी डर लगता है
    डर लगता है बस इज़्ज़त पर बुरी नज़र रखने वाले से ही नहीं मुझे कैसे कपड़े पहनने है ये बताने वाले मेरी इज़्ज़त के पहरेदार से भी डर लगता है
    अंधेरे रास्तों पे ही नहीं अब तो भरे बाज़ार में भी डर लगता है
    घर वालों की डाँट और फटकार से ही नहीं वो चोक्लेट वाले अंकल की पुचकार से भी डर लगता है
    किसी आशिक़ के इज़हार को नकार के उसका मुझपे ऐसिड के प्रहार से डर लगता है
    डर लगता है आज भी इस पढ़े लिखे समाज के दक़ियानूसी रीति रिवाज से डर लगता है


  • thataviguy 32w

    Dear boys, before you molest a girl,
    Just think,
    Not about your mother, sister, wife, or daughter,
    But about the pain you'll feel when she'll kick your balls.


  • girl_in_white 32w

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    She thought that her life was complete. Thought that she didn't need anyone in her life when he was there.
    She only thought so. But didn't know for sure.
    She saw it coming but wasn't prepared for it. Wasn't prepared for her heart to be ripped into million pieces. Wasn't prepared for the wave of pain to wash over and drown her. Wasn't ready for the flame in her soul to be dampened.
    She knew that she was broken.
    She knew that a broken heart was a heart which had been loved once. Knew that there wasn't anyone out there to ignite her soul again.

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    But she remembered
    that a Woman
    can ignite her flame on her own.

    ©girl_in_white | Vaishnavi