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  • donthurt 12w


    Frank Bidart, 1939

    Lie to yourself about this and you will
    forever lie about everything.

    Everybody already knows everything

    so you can
    lie to them. That’s what they want.

    But lie to yourself, what you will

    lose is yourself. Then you
    turn into them.
    For each gay kid whose adolescence

    was America in the forties or fifties
    the primary, the crucial


    forever is coming out—
    or not. Or not. Or not. Or not. Or not.
    Involuted velleities of self-erasure.
    Quickly after my parents
    died, I came out. Foundational narrative

    designed to confer existence.

    If I had managed to come out to my
    mother, she would have blamed not

    me, but herself.

    The door through which you were shoved out
    into the light

    was self-loathing and terror.
    Thank you, terror!

    You learned early that adults’ genteel
    fantasies about human life

    were not, for you, life.  You think sex

    is a knife
    driven into you to teach you that.

  • michaeleaborn 12w

    Happiness is knowing that hearts break, friends come and go, and being yourself is better than any money or fame.

  • michaeleaborn 12w

    Love isn't just intimacy. It's about supporting each other

  • donthurt 12w

    The Hilltop

    Sometimes in the hot months, in August and July,

    We’ll trot up a hilltop, carrying books, and apricots,

    And bubblegum. And I’ll look into his eyes

    And I see stars and diamonds, and I imagine

    That they live there all the time.

    Because who wouldn’t want to live behind an eyelid?

    It’s quite a beautiful place to be;

    What, with certain safety and shelter,

    Darkness and brightness,

    I will count the rods and the cones,

    And savour the saline taste of tears, joyful or sad,

    Plus I’ll always be in focus,

    And he’ll notice more and more about me;

    The colour of my socks,

    The wiggle of my toes,

    Maybe count the freckles on my cheeks,

    Like the stars in the sky, they go on forever,

    And suddenly we’ve made it to the hilltop.

  • jaygotfeelings 12w


    Knowing your doing your best in your relationship and yet you get a numb response from her.

  • carolxne 12w


    I have this feeling of pride
    But this feeling I have to hide
    Away from everyone
    Hide the fact.. That I'm not
    The person I used to be
    ..I'm part of the lgbt+ community
    But although I'm proud of who I am
    Some people just can stand
    The fact that I've made this decision
    To be....who I truly am inside
    So that's why i have to hide
    ....Just so I can be accepted
    By this disgusting,judgemental, society
    I have to stay in this dark, scary place
    We call the "closet"
    The closet that's suffocating me
    And making me feel claustrophobic
    I feel like I can't breathe anymore
    And I'm going crazy inside
    Because I just can't hide
    "Come out ,come out, wherever you are"
    I have a lot of scars
    Scarred by the hurtful things people said
    You know the saying "Sticks and stones may break your bones,
    But words would never hurt you" right?
    Well,thats not true...words can make a person take their own life
    I just wish that they would physically hurt me
    Because at least those bruises can heal and fade away
    But the things that they said to me
    Will,in my memory,forever stay
    And no amount of painkillers or morphine
    Can make the pain go away
    And they wonder why I self harm...wow
    ...And here's the best part...thats just when I was 8 years old
    When I was just...'normal'
    So imagine what'll happen if I come out
    They say be who you are
    But when you do,they try to change you.
    They say to love everyone
    But when you do,they tell you that its wrong
    They say don't hurt yourself
    ...cuz apparently they wanna do it to you themselves
    They say to always be happy
    .....Well I am
    ..It's not my fault I can't think straight

  • hayan_ee 12w

    Hi! I made some poem for LGBT community!
    Hope you like it!

    #lgbt #poem #lgbtpoem #amateur #tryingmybest #gay #les #bi #trans #pan #asex #loveislove

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    Flower Just Like Me

    Is the sky falling
    Or it is just crying?
    Standing here
    Can you hear?

    Heart is beating
    And it's heating
    A Flower like me
    Now I see

    The same body
    But everybody
    They do say I creep
    But the feeling is deep

    The thing like loving
    Is more like running
    Being unsure
    Gives me injure

    Will they see
    That letting me be
    With the flower like me
    Makes me feel free

    Being happy with sexuality
    Makes me feel immortality
    Now you see?
    A Flower like me


  • carolxne 12w

    I don't understand

    I don't understand why people would say"be yourself and love who you are" , but when you do,you get bullied.

    They say don't change,but then they try to change you.

    They say love who you wanna love but when you do,they tell you that you can't love that person.

    They only want you to be who THEY want you to be,and if you're not,they hate you!...they hate me.


    It's a lot easier for me to be who I am,than to be someone I'm not...someone who YOU want me to be.

    I just wanna be myself and be happy at the same time,and not the fake smile,the genuine one.

    ..I wanna come out....but I'm afraid. Maybe....maybe the dark closet is better than the light outside.

  • writing_maniac_ 13w

    If everyone was color blind,
    Then maybe they wouldn't differentiate between people
    who hold rainbow flags and
    the ones who doesn't.


  • littlewritergrl 13w

    I wonder.

    I wonder if you'll ever see
    How much you truly mean to me.
    I wonder if you'll ever know
    I'll fight for you wherever you may go.
    I wonder if you'll ever be
    One and truly only with me.

    I wonder if you'll say goodbye
    If this love is all but a lie.

  • creative_logophile 13w

    An actual conversation I had had. About #LGBT+

    Good news:. My mother is most probably an ally now.

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    "...lots of people commit suicide because our country doesn't accept them for being them. Or spend it in depression and grief. Would you prefer that?" I teared up at this part. The night concealed my grief.

    "Of course not. You're right. But the society still doesn't accept it. Although I agree with you," she told me.

  • yh_writing 13w


    I ran to my imagination for comfort and hid away from my reality. But I couldn't run and hide from my truth.

  • nycevallos 13w

    Self Awareness

    I can no longer control my highs and lows
    So no one can blame me for what I have in my soul; Mercury is in retrograde
    And I wish I could show you what I see
    But I fear that I'm losing my mind and I feel my brain disintegrate
    He loved my hair long, the way it would reach and move with my hips, but my lips or rather what words I formed with them and their meaning meant nothing to him
    So now I have it short, back to black
    I shaved it all and went back to my roots
    I think I needed cleansing, if there was a way to make amends then i would reach out across the table to give you my hand
    But why should I continue to submit everything that I have and what makes me who I am to this man?
    No, to this boy
    I do not need apologies, because I know you wouldn't mean them, or you would have tried by now
    I used to be afraid of you and how insignificant you made me feel, but being alone showed me what I'm capable of and honestly I'm still afraid of the future and what's ahead

    Yet, I know it won't depend on who or whether or not I have someone sleeping beside me on my bed
    I am alone
    Not truly
    Not literally
    Not even close
    But in some way, in some thoughts deep as in space, I feel that I am exposed
    To the world
    That everyone can see me, when I can't even see myself
    As I write I feel my words begin to lose meaning so I pick up the pace to prevent delays
    That's the key to self awareness, not allowing your flow of thought to be stopped
    Pen to paper movement continues
    You can't allow yourself to pause and think because then self analysis and other types of cognitive processing will get in the way of forming instant ideas whether they are good or bad
    I am lost
    I am damaged
    I am non-refundable
    But most importantly, I am fading
    Who will remember me?
    Who will honor me?
    My memory - in death - when no one dared to do so in life, living everyday, even just in passing

    I long skinship, but I would settle for friendship
    I dream of love and warmth
    I see the silver lining peaking through the borders of the blinds
    I feel your breathing, heat radiating from your body to mine
    I feel safe as your arms have bound me close to your heart and I've reached eternal bliss because I found the home I have been looking for
    I turn around to face you, caressing your skin as I do so, feeling the soft blankets protecting us
    I feel safe
    But you are not there, I will never see your face

    Reality is tough to swallow, but I'm forced to do so and I open my eyes to see the truth
    It's just me in my room, realizing that I've become hard
    Not due to desires for any sexual encounters or behaviors but for the emotional barriers that I have set up because people are not as loving as they try to seem
    But I understand that's the reason it's called a "dream"
    I feel cold
    I am distant
    I avoid people, especially those who would be willing to get to know me or form any type of relationship
    I feel trapped
    What do you gain?
    What are your ulterior motives?
    Because none can be truly altruistic
    Or maybe, are you insane?
    Will you hurt me?
    Or does my pain resonate within you and draws you to me?
    I'd prefer the starving artist over the handsome manipulator

    But what I lack is stimulus, I'm eager to learn
    To observe
    What might you have to offer?
    Educate me, with conversations and trips to museums
    Let me hear your songs, whether they are written in a key or sung with spoken words
    I lack passion, which is a crucial driving force to hopeless romantics
    I have found my purpose in life, but it doesn't make me happy if I can't find another person to share it with
    I used to think that my purpose in life was loving you, but I doubt I'll ever find you
    However, I sleep better now, with a more space to stretch my arms and legs until I form an X, knowing that my purpose is loving myself
    I educate myself
    I explore by myself
    I pleasure myself
    And live my life for me, which not many people have the freedom or opportunity to do

    So looking back, I am not lost
    I am Alice
    I have no destination so it doesn't matter which way I go
    Yes, I remain fading, but with the rest of this world at this very moment in time
    So I am not alone and something that causes my eyes to shine remain bright with this new found self love caused by my self awareness
    I am happy and I have hope
    And I will live everyday like I'm certain that nothing will ever hurt me again, not like before
    Although, in fact, I don't


  • inscribed_logophile_pallette_ 13w

    What should he do?
    This is not a dream.
    Although he feels the same way, but it's not the same. This ignition when their bodies bosom, euphoriatic feels when their lips unite, romance in the first snow. No it's not the same.
    He has the same desire to protect and embrace his love when the storm passes by.Perhaps wilder than love that feeling might be.
    But this is not a dream.
    Doesn't matter anymore.
    He walks across the dream now.
    His apocalyptic tenderness is just the same,
    If love comes to everyone
    It can certainly come to anyone.


  • aspadora 13w


    They say to only be yourself,
    They say that words shall never hurt me,
    But what do they know of being alone in this world
    When there are people all around me,
    Yet there is no-one there at all.

    To be different in a world of vanity,
    And conform to no acceptable standard,
    This is a life that I did not choose,
    I did not want to be queer,
    But queer is what I am.
    And queer is what I will be.


  • agirllikethat 14w

    I read today's newspaper, it says that the hearing on section 377 of the Indian penal code has begun yesterday. Basically, this hearing was based on one question- What kind of sex are Indians legally allowed to do. The hearing took some crazy turns. It started with criminalizing 'unnatural sex' (anything that is against what the law considers to be 'natural sex') and ended up at how this 'unnatural' process is also spreading into the animal kingdom.

    After reading this, I didn't had the courage left to read what happened afterwards.

    I've heard about those pride parades happening all over the globe, I have a dream to see it for once.

    I live in a small town, that too in a house made up of adobe bricks (which is also giving up, just like me).

    As I stand in front of my stained mirror, I wonder, if I would ever be able to colour my lips with that dark red lipstick that I've hidden behind my shirts, in my closet. And roam around the streets of my town wearing my favourite traditional saree and admit proudly that
    Yes, I am a transgender and there is nothing "unnatural" about this, it is purely natural.
    Just then I heard my baba, grumbling about something.
    'What nonsense is this? Gay, transgenders and what not. This is utterly disgusting, they all deserve to be in the gutters only. They are polluting our society. All this is because of the western culture. Yucks!'

    We may win the battle on an international level for our rights because today, LGBT community is getting immense support internationally but what about the war that we have to fight on the ground level?

    People like me, who live in these small towns where no one would understand our situation let alone support us. How will we fight this battle standing against the society and that too, alone?

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    I read today's newspaper, it says that the hearing on section 377 of the Indian penal code has begun yesterday.

  • nycevallos 14w


    I don't really know where to begin
    I have a lot on my mind
    Lots of words I can't manage to say
    I can only play the game we played the day you came back to me
    Close your eyes, focus on something
    Focus on me, on the sound of my voice
    On the presence of me by your side
    Tell me what's on your mind
    When I say a word, don't think about how we fell apart or how we don't even know ourselves anymore
    Just tell me what you're thinking, because I don't have a clue
    I think that's the saddest part of falling apart
    I no longer know you


  • littlewritergrl 14w

    What is love...

    Is it a soft kiss on the cheek from your mum?
    Is it the first embrace that leaves you numb?
    Is it the sweet smell of freshly cooked pie?
    Is it the sweet success of telling a white lie?

    Is it the feeling of climbing into bed?
    Is it when new exciting ideas fill your head?
    Is it the beam of the warm summer glow?
    Is it the taste of just cooked pizza dough?

    Is it the sensation of touching someone's skin?
    Is it the kind of kiss in which you hold her chin?
    Is it the cold breeze upon your face?
    Is it the sexy lingerie She wears made from lace?

    Is it knowing that she is all yours?
    Is it when it hits you deep within your core?
    Is it when you stare into his eyes?
    Is it the last breathe before someone's dies?

    Love is everything and anything you want it to be.
    You just need to want It to be able to see.

  • nycevallos 14w


    Walk softly to me
    Sleepwalking towards desire
    Freedom taking form in modern women
    People of color tinted with love
    Sexual orientation designated by God
    While she plants colorful flowers in our souls
    To bloom when we're ready for self-discovery


  • tsongdabid 14w

    The Cub

    Little cub, how are you?
    Walking refined in fashion again?
    So graceful that made you happy
    But rejoice now because tomorrow is end

    Little cub, why so soft?
    For how you move and cry out “roar”
    For holding flowers on your paws
    Now the pride judges you and banishes you to go

    Oh cub, you grew in modest manner
    But why still pursue the dream of being the real you?
    You chose to be a lamb
    You chose to be calm

    Cub, where are you going?
    You wish to go back from the origin
    Where the pride puts pride high
    And tender-hearted cubs are demoralized

    Cub, let your queen soul reign in victor
    Where the odds of goodness come into your favor
    For God loves those who promote love
    Go and be proud!