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    प्रेम का वास केवल हृदय में नहीं होता... प्रेम तो व्यक्ति के अस्तित्व से लेकर उसके भविष्य तक हर क्षण-हर कण में वास करता है।


  • ranasunidhisingh 8m

    अगर एक बार भी कहा होता मेरा साथ नही पसंद,
    तो तुम्हारी खुशी के लिए मैं बिना कुछ जाने कबका बहुत दूर चली जाती।

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    When everything seemed so dark.
    You gave me a hope of spark.

    When I was broken apart .
    You recollected broken pieces of my heart.

    When I was struggling against my past
    You were the one holding my hands,and inspired for a new start.

    You were that star in ambience darkness.
    Who enlighted my life with full of happiness.

    You took me away from living hell
    And crushed the weak me and invigorate a pristine angel

  • renukashastri23 14m

    God's plan

    God plans great plans
    Plans are indefinite rivers
    Rivers of flowing moments
    Some past and most future
    Waiting to catch them
    Not a option
    But walking with the flow
    Helps to persist
    secret of the journey
    No one knows
    Getting divided or United
    Almighty knows
    Beholding belongings of belief
    A long way to flourishing ends
    Endings begins new beginnings
    Beginning are always uncertain
    Uncertain a trait of humankind
    Humankind lacks kindness
    Kindness leads to a path
    Path of righteousness
    Righteousness lighten darkness
    Darkness diminished by hope
    Hope recites poetry of love
    Loves serves purpose to life
    Life's gift given by God
    God plans are always great!
    © Renuka Shastri

  • heartfeltwords 16m

    Pain of healing

    Its stormy outside just like my heart who is stormy inside,
    Clouds are leaking water just like my eyes who are leaking tears,
    Wind is blowing without any direction just like my thoughts which are flowing without any answers.
    Birds are singing celebrating rain just like my whole body which is experiencing the pain of healing.

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    हा मुझे भी तुम से नफरत है |
    पर उस नफ़रत से जायदा तुम से मोहब्बत है |

  • luqu10 25m

    She lied to be with him.
    He lied to impress her.
    I realised there no place for me ❤️

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    Love is sweet like sugar, you are sugar.
    But you cannot taste your sweetness
    You need to be an Ant
    To experience the real sweetness
    Love is in all giving
    You give to others and that will reflect you.

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    Love is like a sugar
    and we are like ants

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    If we remember the memories, we can be together even when we are apart.


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    Favourite one



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    Dil Dimag

    Dil har baar royega tujhe yaad karte hue, par ye dimag tha jo bola tha sahi he ye tere liye.

    Dil aur dimag me se kiska galti he? Pata nahi, par ye dimag tujhe aur dil mujhe bewafa bol rahi he.


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    Love is a beautiful word,
    Tainted by the misfortunes of taking birth in a human heart.
    The people who feel love,
    Are the ones who deserve it in return.
    But the truth of this society is,
    They love from their heads and not their heart.
    Love comes in many forms,
    And we can’t accept even one.
    I look around to see animal lovers say,
    Their love has not been freed.
    They expect us to feel what they feel,
    And accept the love that dwells.
    But in reality, we can’t even accept love between two human beings.
    Romeo and Juliet, oh they died,
    With so much fame to their name.
    Had it been Romeo and Antonio,
    Would we have loved their story the same?
    Adam and Eve the beginners of human race,
    Had it been Adam and Steve,
    Would they be cherished in the holy books again?
    Why is it so tough for us to see two girls kiss?
    Why can’t we accept the sight of two boys walking hand in hand?
    Why can’t we accept that it was Aman who married Joseph,
    Because they were in love.
    No, they don’t belong to same religion,
    But love no-where mentions these divisions.
    Now we fear love so much,
    That before knowing their heart,
    We prefer doing a background check.
    Because we don’t want to get crushed under the social norms,
    So, we love with our brain and play with hearts.

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    Love comes in all forms.
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  • dkshaverma 49m

    “The Most Complicated Case”

    I always chase
    the most complicated case


    Our love is a mess An unwon race
    sometimes fast sometimes very slow pace

    Sometimes we get so close to each other and we kiss
    & sometimes at each others pictures we just gaze

    when our love's base is a maze
    then its bound to be the most complicated case


    Our Love is a mess
    to which I always chase


  • beingsunny0007 52m


    Ishq tujhse ab kuch is kadar hai,
    Sapne me mai tumhe khona nhi chahta,
    Aur haqiqat me ab tera hona nahi chahta.

  • hotaru_ 52m

    My head was throbbing. Morning has come and yet everything felt as dark as night. I couldnt get last night out of my head, all the what ifs playing like a recorder in my mind. I was playing with fire and yet, I didnt mind getting burnt if it meant warming this ice-cold heart. What was I searching for, why was I not content with what I had, how am I still alive when Im suffocating inside?

    Looking at my phone, I saw a delightful message from John. He was furious at the fact that I didnt reply to him yesterday. Understandable, and yet I couldnt care less. Hating myself for feeling this way, I decided enough was enough. It was time to put my heart at ease by returning his. I couldnt be his home when I have yet to find my own.

    Reading his message, I felt the pain in his words. Feeling the last breath of air escape my lungs as he clung on even harder, it was time for him to let go. Instead of replying, I put my phone down. I had to focus on Brians graduation; it was supposed to be a happy day.

    I was proud of my brother, despite all the setbacks hes had in life, he always pushed above it. He was my role model, someone who I aimed to be. Today was his day, the family got together to celebrate his graduation, his accomplishment.

    Eventually, the whole family showed up. Keith, my cousin who was my age, sat down next to me. Keith treated me more as intellectual competition than actual blood. He would say Im his favourite cousin, but I had a feeling there was more to it than that, almost as though he still held a grudge against me that would never heal. I cannot take back my actions, I cannot swallow my words but I tried to redeem his trust, even though I knew it was merely a dream.

    In all honesty, I wasnt very fond of some of the family members from my Dads side of the family, but I pretended for everyones sake. Maybe it was wrong of me to feel this way, but they never took an interest in how we felt. It was always my Father. How he felt and what he said. Everyone believed his lies but never confronted us. It was us against him and his family. Maybe one day things would change but the wind was blowing me in a direction far from them. Whether or not I returned, depended on whether anything changed along the way.

    Staring at the clock, hours had passed by. I had to reply. Reading his messages, he explained how I hurt him by not replying to him, that he was concerned, that what I had done wasnt right. Acknowledging my mistake, it was too late to turn around. Replying, I admitted to being in the wrong and also that I no longer wanted a relationship. I felt numb, almost as though I had lost the ability to feel.

    This feeling had been coming on for a while. I had given up on love; I had given up on happiness. Smiling every day, nobody ever knew the truth. I couldnt admit I was depressed. I lost myself years ago, I needed someone to guide me back to the light but instead I walked deeper into the darkness. My home became a living nightmare and prison. The whispering secrets kept within my room haunted me. Nobody ever understood me, nobody ever saw the person hidden behind this mask.

    Keith interrupted my train of thought, confiding in him, I told him I left John. He was surprised. He believed we were very happy together. I shrugged.

    At one point we were. He helped me through a lot and I appreciate it but I cant do this anymore. Thats right; my heart and soul had kicked him out. I was no longer looking for security; I was looking for comfort and growth, something which he could not provide. Taking the scissors, I cut the string. After a long road, I was finally free.

    "I understand, if you want to leave then its okay." He replied, I sadly smiled at him. Brian, James and Vincent made their way past us. Looking ready to leave before anybody else showed up. I hopped towards them.

    "Where you going?"

    "Taking a drive." Brian answered eager to get away.

    "Can we join you guys?" As I looked towards Keith, I saw a change in his facial expression. I wasnt even surprised; they never wanted to be with us. Possibly another family grudge aimed at my mothers family or even my family. Rumours and false accusation never seemed to surprise me.

    "I think were going home now actually." Keith said hesitantly. Watching him indicate to his mother, I chose to ignore it.

    "Okay, Im going then. Bye." I could not change their minds, nor did I have the energy to deal with something so petty.

    Checking my phone once again, John explained his confusion and pain. How he thought we would last, how he thought I would always fight. At one point, I thought the same, but he was meant to be nothing more than a friend. Its a shame I realized that too late. Replying, I gave him no closure. I just wanted it all to end.

    Drowning in my thoughts, I needed to escape. I felt his grip let go, but I wouldnt be able to cushion his fall. Looking at the night sky, I closed my eyes. When will this darkness ever fade? Drowning in my sorrows, I needed to swim even if it was only for a few hours. Looking at the glass in my hand, I began to hate myself.

    Suddenly my mind drifted to the lift club, it was now or never. I no longer had strings attached, I no longer had fears, I could now wander as far as my heart wanted to.

    "Vincent. Can I have Shannons number please?" He looked at me in confusion.

    "Why?" I knew he would ask that, guess I have to explain myself.

    "Shannon offered me a ride in Zacks lift club but I dont have her number. Could I please get it before my battery dies?"

    "Okay, Ill read it out loud for you." I sighed, really now?

    "Pleeeaaase, Ill be quick." I begged, he eventually gave in.

    Managing to get her number, I wondered if this was a good idea. What if I was rushing into something that wasnt meant to happen? Staring at her number, I hesitantly entered the chat. Sending a message, it showed one tick. Great, another way to eat at my nervousness.

    I couldnt help but wonder where I went wrong. Why I kept running? I had no destination in mind and yet I kept pushing, even when my legs felt as though they were giving in. It was the first night that I no longer carried the burden of guilt. I no longer needed to lie to everyone about my relationship status. No idea as to what relationship status that was, I sighed.

    I just tore someones heart into pieces and I had no remorse. I wondered what Zack was like and how I wanted to help him. I felt myself smile as I realized I finally took the leap Ive been waiting for. Maybe it would be a complete fail, maybe it would blossom into a beautiful friendship.

    Was I ready? I lost those who meant the world to me. I was never good at keeping friendships going. Maybe I would walk away from him too. I wasnt sure what to do. Doubts played in my mind, getting louder and louder with each thought. I wanted to do this, I was curious as to who Zack was and what made him tick. I was ready to open up to someone but first I needed comfort.

    Making our way home, I refused to look at my phone. The atmosphere was dense, you wouldnt think a celebration was held here. I wasnt surprised. My moms family had no place in this house, or so my father made it out to be. It made no sense, but nobody could fix a tainted heart. My dad strongly believed that my moms family were the root of the problem.

    Whenever there would be a fight, my dad would bring up her family. It was a storm that held no rainbow. We never saw the end of it. It broke us apart. I felt as though I had been placed in the middle. That my Last Name was just a name, that my blood wasnt important, that there would never be a balance in life. I could never look at my dad with the respect he deserved. Some part of me knew I would end up just like him and I was ready to put an end to it before that ever happened. Even if it meant never seeing the break of dawn ever again. I made my way to bed, pushing out everything thought that could disturb the small amount of peace I had.

    #writing #Chapter4 #books #pain #defeat #happiness #growth #romance #love #gifted #story

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    Chapter 4


  • srikys 36m


    Unique way of proposals make a girl fall in love with u.....
    And once she fall for u never ignore her if u do u loose her .
    Proposal should not be just passionate one instead it Should give his / her a confidence to say yes from the bottom of their heart ����

    #LOVE #PROPOSE #SHE #BLUSH #MIRAKEE @poornimagowda @rani_shri @vivan_the_peaceminded @rozella @varsha_c

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    He : What's ur age?
    She: 25 but why ...?
    He : Can you be rest 75 years in my arms....!
    She:☺️blushy blushy


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    17 കൊല്ല० ആയി കേൾക്കുന്നു ഇനി അധിക० വച്ചുള്ള കളി ഇല്ല എന്ന് ...... ഇനിയിപ്പോ ഇവളെ ഒരു കൈയ്യിൽ ഏൽപ്പിക്കുന്ന വരെ എത്തി നിൽക്കുന്നു.

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    17 കൊല്ല० !!! 2003 ഡിസ०ബർ 3 ന് ആണ് അപ്പ സ്വന്തമായി കട തുടങ്ങിയത്. അത് വരെയു० ഏട്ടന്റെ കടയിലെ ഡ്രൈവർ ക० ലോഡി०ഗ് ക० അൺലോഡി०ഗ് എന്ന തസ്തികകളിൽ പ്രവർവത്തിച്ചിരുന്നു. ആ അത് പോട്ട്... ഇന്നിപ്പോ ഓർക്കാൻ ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്ന ചില നിമിഷങ്ങൾ നൽകിയത് എന്നു० book season ആണ്. അറിയുന്നതു० അറിയാത്തതുമായ ഒരു കൂട്ട० മനുഷ്യരു० അവരുടെ പിള്ളേരു० ആകെ ഒരു ബഹളമാണ്.. അപ്പയെ സ०ബന്ധിച്ച് കാത്തിരുന്ന ഒരു നിമിഷമാണ് ഓരോ book season ഉ०. തന്നേയു० അമ്മയെയേയു० അധിക० അദ്ദേഹ० ഇന്നു० സ്നേഹിക്കുന്നതു० വിശ്വസിക്കുന്നതു० തന്റെ കച്ചവടത്തെ ആണ്. പ്രായമേറുന്നതിനാൽ" പഴയ പോലെ പറ്റണില്ല മിന്നാ" എന്ന നെടുവീർപ്പിടലു०.... എവിടെയൊക്കെ ഇനിയു० പുസ്തക० തനിയെ എത്തിക്കണ० എന്ന വേവലാതിയു०... തനിയെ പറ്റുമോ എന്ന ഉത്ഘണ്ഠയു० എല്ലാമായ് ഒരു സീസൺ കൂടി വരവായ് !!!!

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    I always wanted to spent time with you bcz it's time for us to be together.♥️