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  • poet_writersheart 4d


    Clench your fist
    let's bang our fist
    On our own heart
    and try to seek
    Is it yours or mine?


  • maysheart 5d

    I miss you, but I’m trying not to care
    I love you, but I’m trying not to show.
    I want you, but what can I do when you are not even mine!


  • borderline_beauty 2w


    There are some who stay
    A bit of their stardust tucked inside my heavy heart.
    Prehaps we are destiney, oh fate!
    Remember today
    I truely cared.
    His stardust twinkled such heavenly art.
    Sometimes a moment gets frozen.
    His stare awoke the goodness in me.
    Now rhymes flow like a word potion
    Left me bare. Made a joke. Left me be.
    Forever walked away from, always!
    Left with the memory of his superficial charm.
    Never thought of forgotten for days.
    Breath in stardust one night; my favorite self-harm.
    I keep the light in me though it flickers
    Not an easy one but I have let go.
    I have to say no ones run away quicker!
    Thanks for a moment I was once again whole.
    Run in the other direction
    Taking with you some stardust from a broken soul.

  • priya_kumari_prasad 2w


    The hollow words in this hollow world from the hollow people of hollow relationships of hollow feelings leaves a deep hollowness in the heart .❤❤

  • priya_kumari_prasad 2w

    Love lost

    And love lost its voice in the ECHO of "Log kya kahenge ".

  • hollingway 2w

    Minds alike

    Don't get me wrong and try not to take this as charity

    Be open to my mind and fall in step with my clarity

    To clarify i've been missing your company terribly

    But you didn't hear that from me no you'll never hear that from me

    Falling out of love meant falling into habits

    I Apologize to everyone I Will ever come in contact with

    My quips and fists always come too quick and swift

    No one ever thought I could react like this

    No matter the amount of trust I have in us

    It could never bring us back to the same kind of love

    Over nights of sentimental lust

    You've been counting the days till we self destruct

    Never thought it could be so abrupt

    Neither one of us paid attention to what was building up

    I'm an addict because I can't run away fast enough

    And you've found yourself in my blood

    I challenge you to remember all the things that felt right

    How I held you from the start of the darkest night

    And didn't let you go to the first sign of early light

    I know that in your broken moments you needed someone but try as I might your biggest battles weren't mine to fight

    But I came I didn't stay and I could never conquer the monster that became your watcher I'm so sorry that I left you I'm guilty of the same crime as your father I faltered when I was meant to protect your honor and all that came from me were the words would someone please help her

    And what do we have to show for it now

    A chance that I might regain what I lost in you somehow

    Or that i'll see your face someday, somewhere other than the clouds or that I'll stop picking apart your different sounds in all the voices i've found

    I'm tired of carrying around the story of a liar

    Because try as I might we were made from the same fire and walking away creates a need that becomes too hard to not desire to resist it means to reject every note sung by the choir and every moment of ours that has broken the surface has proven to me of the trust i've always had in us that we are more than unimportant nights of sentimental lust

    And that the only thing that had been building up was that you found a way to love yourself enough it's tragic that it had to be so abrupt but it was all out of love

    because in the absence of your company I did things that I regret terribly but you'll never hear that from me no you'll never hear it from me

  • ashinasok 3w


    Behind every notebook something special was always written.

    Our history was written in somewhere within boundaries of such pages.

    Words filled with love, with friendship, with sorrow

    Somewhere within those lines memories were lost along with people.


  • theheathenpoet 3w

    to the left and then right,
    we climbed,
    on top of a stormy night.

    we stood so close together,
    free falling,
    on the back of an eagle's feather.

    brooding in sun and shade,
    you wallow,
    regretting that jump you never made.

    in the arms of a different lover,
    once more,
    you have the chance to recover.
    This time,

  • brooklyneyre 3w

    Lonely hearts

    Today was a day to stay in bed and ignore the world.
    I just couldn't function with the way everything played out on Valentine's day.
    We were getting along for weeks and then suddenly this day was looming over us it started haunting me a week and a half before it's arrival.
    all my past Valentine's days with Don were on repeat and I felt uneasy.
    This time could've been different but I couldn't shake our history taunting me.
    So we fought day after day over petty things I knew would push him way,
    push his play button
    All I could do was watch myself helpless at my latest destructive game I played too often.
    A game I became an expert on.
    A trap he fell into easily,
    I think a part of me has been waiting for the day you play it differently
    finally, have a new move to shake us out of this repetitive cycle.
    The 1st fight I picked I thought I heard a woman in the background I panicked and asked him
    "Who was that?"
    And he answered
    "What you mean?"
    I hate when he asked that
    avoiding the question with a question
    I didn't follow the usual route this time instead I chose to run and hide, so I dropped it and stopped talking.
    My silence met his silence and yet he was the one enraged.
    Typical he could do as he pleased I return the favor and he becomes angry.
    But as I replayed it back in my head the memory became distorted was I imagining more after all he was in a store
    a public domain with so many nameless voices passing by.
    The next petty argument was all him.
    Angry I ignored him when he ignored my question saying things like
    "you're overreacting. Can't you just chill."
    "You always on some shit. Do you know how many bitches I could've had. This is why I don't see you regularly."
    I stupidly asked, "don't you miss me?"
    "Na I'm used to not seeing you."
    I felt my chest constrict regretting ever being so open
    This continued back and forth
    I couldnt stop what I set in motion
    A regret I felt the instant it started
    Getting offended over nothing butting heads being hard headed. He knew how to push my buttons right back he knew exactly what to say
    He took aim and struck back a wounding blow
    What did we gain out of our idiotic game
    Nothing changes
    nothing time wasted lonely days ruining our already rocky relationship.
    Fight after fight
    Night after night
    I tried to put it aside. Asked you to hangout Valentine's night. You agreed but seemed unenthused to visit. Sickened by your lack of excitement feeling my humiliation from past let downs I canceled. Here we go with our petty ways
    You threw a fit, a tantrum.
    This threw me for a loop
    "I just didn't feel like you wanted to see me."
    "I told you I was going to come through."
    "Then why did you sound that way."
    " I don't know what the fuck you're talking about always making something up, some excuse to fuck things up. You ruined my whole fucking day. I was excited to share my good news. But you're always messing up my happy days. Get the fuck up off my phone."
    " Wait what are you talking about. How did I ruin your day?"...... dial tone
    Why does it always have to be like this with him?
    We can get so high on each other. Things can be great and something just shifts and we get like this,
    old memories, past heartaches we just never seem to be on the same page.I call back
    "Why did you hang up? Communication has always been our problem."
    "No, you're the only problem. Fuck this I'm done with you." Cold hearted
    Always treating me like I'm his worst enemy
    "Fuck this I'll return your present." Was all I could think of, I was so hurt at this point
    This went on and on until I fell asleep on my tear soaked pillow. Restless slumber this day was truly a bummer.
    I waited a couple of days tried to fix us,
    a peace offering in gift wrap.
    I asked what about my gift
    "What about it was your response?"
    "Do you still have it."
    "Why not did you give it away to someone else?"
    "What about mine?"
    "I have nothing."
    "Why not?"
    " I didn't want to get you anything."
    Like a bucket of ice water thrown straight at my bare naked chest, a sharp pain lanced right in my heart a pain so sharp when I gasped it hurt to even take a breath
    "So that's how you feel."
    "Yup." Cold blooded
    See it's not about the gift, no definitely not materialistic.
    It just felt more like I'm worth nothing to him.
    He could have made something, cooked, hell even a book would've made the corners of my mouth crook.
    I felt stupid for the amount of effort I put
    It took me a few minutes to register the cruelty in his lack of gesture.
    I asked, "Why do you treat me this way?"
    "Because I can't stand you. You're so miserable, always fucking up my good moods with your bullshit."
    My reply
    "You ever stopped to think if you hadn't done all of the things from our past I wouldn't constantly try to push you away. I'm trying to guard my heart.I fail at every attempt because here it is breaking again. You never even truly say sorry."
    "Here we go always living in the past. Get over it. This is why we are the way we are."
    "Get over it?? Your betrayal, your maltreatment. If you hate me so much why do you keep trying to come back."
    "We were good once."
    "So I can't live in the past of my pain created by your hand. But you can live in the past of the brief moment of old love that no longer exists. How fair is this?"
    What a shame I'm fixated on this mistake,
    this person who's buried so deep in my existence I can't remove him with precision
    his constant persistence wearing me thin.
    I couldn't stop the wheels from spinning round and round in my head pounding my temples thoughts of how could it come to this?
    Where did it go wrong? What did I miss?
    When I got a text thinking it was him, nope it was another man from my past Brayson.
    what were the chances of that at this very moment when I'm drowning that I should hear from him?
    I seem to be a magnet for assholes fuckboys if you will. But he was somewhat different. granted I was using him to not think of the man I love I was never cruel about it.
    He was using me as well he was in my shoes his woman doing to him like my man was doing to me we comforted each other but his last disappearing act left a bitter taste on my tongue and I was unsure if I should get involved.
    That lancing pain, the darkness, the crave knawed at my common sense and I gave in.
    When I made love to someone new to numb the pain I realized it was only Don that I wanted but this toxicity can't continue so here I go back to the distraction because he never thought he could lose my love maybe this will wake him up.
    He has made love to so many others that weren't me drowning me out of his heart.
    If only he could see I'm right here right in front of him.
    I just want him to love me with all my flaws, to love me naked, to love me raw, to love me for real not make believe not the thought of me but me the one standing here naked bruised and imperfect slightly emotionally fucked up.
    Blinded by foolishness the two of us.
    When I'm in Brayson's arms all I see is the potential of what could've been with Don. I understand my anger now the right one has shown me what it could be with the wrong one, shown me so much I'm missing with the one I truly want so many things lacking.
    He was more attentive in the 5 months I've known him than the man I spent almost 15 years with.
    He's shown me what good we could've been.
    What I wanted from both of them was to
    Mend my broken pieces with their own shattered bits yes this is what I needed to be whole.
    I wanted Don to cup his hand to my cheek for him to kiss me slow and deep tell me everything will be right this time as he strokes my lip with his thumb.
    I want him to tell me he loves me still like no other to lay me down touch me everywhere
    I want him to
    Whisper in my ear let his voice reverberate throughout my whole body
    "No one feels like you do, no one smells as delicious as you, no one taste as sweet as you do" like he use to way back when
    When I touch him back he groans my name
    Tug my head back nibble my chin
    Look me deep in my eyes and do what only he could do to my body
    I want him to hold me until I fell asleep as he strokes my hair
    I know it will never be this way again
    If only he knew how much pain I was in left in his wake
    I was still in love with him
    Silence hanging between us so loud
    I guess it was never meant to be
    So here I settle with the one who seems to be right on paper
    But he could never replace my hearts true desires
    Here I am with what could be my potential future
    Thinking of my past I can't let go of
    What a dilemma it seems my heart is cursed to love this poisonous creature.
    Here we stand two lonely hearts being stubborn
    who will make the next move who will give in to the inevitable.....
    "Part 1"

  • redmaplequotes 3w

    Smile of the Past

    A torn page of emotions and a face within always smiles back whenever I look back trying to smile at those lost beautiful memories.


  • rubi_mandal 4w


    He used to tell me that I have mesmerizing smile
    Now he is the reason that I forgot to smile
    He used to tell me that I've beautiful eyes
    Now he is the reason of my tears in my eyes
    He used to tell me I've pure heart
    Now he is the reason that my heart got broken in thousands pieces
    He used to tell me that my hands r so soft
    Now he is the reason that I cut my vain
    He used to tell me that I'm a full of life person
    Now he is the reason that I forgot how to enjoy life
    He used to tell me that he can't live without me
    Now he is the one who forgot my everything.

  • obliviousheart 7w

    Dear LOVE,

    Remember me
    While you read those crippled, yellowed,
    Dog eared pages
    Of your favourite book
    Stacked up in crates
    Cradled in dusty dim corners


  • shakessphere 7w

    Nothing kills that deep daze of yours...

    Those dark intense eyes that still burn through me, on the deads of these long lonely nights...
    My cold lying body is still fragrant with your scents and I feel the heat of your breath as I curl myself harder beneath the quilt...
    My hands still yearn to hold you again, my fingers caressing now your empty side of our bed, I enfold gently the cushions you once laid your head upon...
    As I close my lashes, your tender touch still arouses those wild amorous desires and those husky murmurs making me subdued ...
    Your strong arm resting upon me and still gripping around my waist...
    I fall asleep each night...

    ©Vania Singh

  • gayathribalan 7w

    Mean Metamorphosis

    Not long ago: witty repartee became bitter bellicose fights.
    Not long ago: loud laughing breaks became stiflingly silent pauses.
    It hit me then, like a tonne of bricks:
    We were no more kindred spirits teasing one another,
    We were arrogant adults with a difference of opinion.
    What we had was deep disagreement,
    What we had was not sparkling chemistry!
    Even before I knew it, we were friends no more.
    Hoping and praying, we don't become foes any soon.


  • mahijoy 7w


    I wish you would've known
    How fragile my heart was
    Blows it sustained all these years
    Yet pieces went missing by pieces
    On the edge I almost was
    Giving up, my next step
    Then total oblivion, end?
    But you pulled me back
    And patched my soul
    I latched on to you, my only hope
    Made two lives, one soul
    But callous, ignorant you
    Blind you were to my chord
    My note you couldn't hear
    Went away, with my last hope
    And gave me the last PUSH.


  • fizaahfaiyaz 8w

    There are going to be times when you will find it impossible to live without your love.
    Fight harder.

    #lovelost #toughtimes #youaretougher #fightharder #survive #live #death #breakup #staystrong

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    There are going to be times when
    you will find it impossible
    to live without your love.
    Fight harder.

  • bigblackbird 8w

    I lost my baby niece.... And it broke every piece of me... I'm yet to get over it... And I feel she deserves the best of my writing..
    "I'm waiting for you to come back baby"
    "And bring back the light you took off my face"
    "I'm so sorry I lost you right before I could love you"
    "I'm so sorry my love wasn't enough to let you stay"
    "When you come back I'll be right here with my heart filled with love and my arms open wide for you"
    But till then let me keep you in my heart.. For that is where you belong and where u will stay
    #tenacity #lovelost #tears #pain #heartbroken #sad #missingher #love
    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @miralarina @lovenotes_from_carolyn @lost_and_not_found @sakast_luvlife @brooklyneyre @brokenshadow37 @writersnetwork @tigers_purr @tumaku @tigresslionheart @theboywiththespecs @3am_thoughts_ @babinxoxo @sanjay_writes @santosh_p @kunnu_ @khushhi @readwriteunite

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    To define happiness...
    You have to feel the joy...
    Flowing uncontrollably...
    You smile without reason...
    And your mind triggers off to her...
    Your eyes haven't seen her...
    Neither have your arms held her...
    But you anticipate for the day...
    For the day when you finally embrace the joy...
    And a deep look in her angelic little eyes...
    But then she defined sadness...
    Your smile became faded in a nanosecond...
    Your eyes filled with oceans of tears...
    Flowing uncontrollably...
    You cry for a deep reason... You've just lost her...
    Her angelic eyes closed... Closed forever...
    Her cute little face becomes white and pale...
    She came and triggered a current of joy...
    But it wasn't strong enough coz she took it back
    And you anticipate for the day...
    For the day when she will be back again...
    But till then I'm gonna keep you in my heart...
    For that's where you belong and where u'll stay...


  • nirali97 8w


    I will love you FOREVER, he promised
    Little did she know,
    He's FOREVER was constrained to his means.

  • eu4rhea 8w

    Waiting alone

    The show had ended
    I waited, still
    The curtains drawn
    I watched, still

    The audience left, Yet I stayed
    The silence grew, Yet I prayed

    Waiting for your voice
    A song on your tongue
    The sweetest melody
    That never would be sung


  • bluejean_buddha 9w

    Love Always, Kate

    you appear in her sleep as she tries to dream
    laying next to her, or so it would seem
    you pull her closer as she starts to cry
    whispering in her ear, “don’t worry, I’m fine”
    but the words you speak are full of sorrow
    you wont be there when she awakes tomorrow
    too many words were left unspoken
    this heart of hers will always be broken