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    There seems to be quite a lot of measures for the safety of women. But are there any for men? It might sound strange but men go through harassment and rape as well. Their situation is not understood and so no measures are taken but there are quite a lot of men who are going through harassment, maybe more than we realise.

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    Walk to home

    He sighed and looked up at the sky. The sky had turned a purple colour indicating that it could rain soon. The walk to home was lonely and his only companion was the chirping of crickets and his footsteps. Except a few people here or there the road was quite deserted. A slight breeze was blowing soothening his senses and providing relief in the hot and humid weather.
    His movements were continuous, almost robotic and his shoulders slumped. It was as if he was carrying the weight of the entire world on his shoulders. In just a few minutes he had to go back to his wife waiting for him and then they'll do whatever she wants to do.
    It has been 5 years since their marriage, and had he known that he had to live like this everyday, alive being dead, he would have never married her. At first it was the small signs that led to bigger things.
    His wife was a control freak, paranoid and daresay slightly psychotic woman who wants to control every aspect of his life. Needless to say, he has no control over his own life. Twice she had aborted their baby without his knowledge. And that place, the place he was supposed to call home, would have been disneyland if that was the worst of it. Most of the days he would have to go by without food.
    He managed to eat at his office and slowly, although he did not realise it, he was sinking into depression. They would go to the bedroom and she would inflict all sorts of torture on him, something that was normal to her.
    He tried to talk to her about divorce but she flew into a rage and told him that if he even thought about that idea she would file a case of rape against him. He had no choice, her father was a powerful man who would not hear anything against his daughter.
    Day by day, everyday the torture continues and he has no choice but to suffer silently because there is nothing called men's rape or harassment, right? The law has several sections and provisions for women's protection but none for men. But he can't do anything, right? Because men are not supposed to be weak, they are not supposed to cry and so he goes on and on, with this silent torture.
    He stopped in front of his house. His thoughts had carried him here. Clearly he had no choice, maybe death will be the ultimate for him. But for now, he'll have to carry on. He took a breath and rang the bell.


  • april_autumn12 2d

    What's in that beard of you? Huh?
    It surely makes a boy look like a man..
    And the hot guy looks more hotter..
    The beard makes a cute guy look hot and
    Hot guy look hottest!! Best!!
    Yes!! We girls love beard...


  • llcrunchyll 3d

    The earth and universe will be beautiful if the majority of human inhabitants consisted of women only . Only a handful of them will choose to be mothers and the population of this earth shall automatically become less.

    I wouldn't mind being one of those hand ful men of service in that world though.

  • mysteriousmystery 4d

    Honoured men were on the sky ruling thy all while the dishonoured serving selflessly.

  • ashutosh_mishra 4d

    A man who treats his woman like a Princess is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a Queen


  • _silenteyes21_ 5d


    If a boy is hitting a girl the boy is wrong;
    And if a girl is hitting a boy even then the boy is only wrong.
    Why this discrimination?
    It's ok for a woman to be a
    "House wife";
    And when a man wants to be a "House husband'
    Why is his masculinity questioned?
    Why are man always told "Don't hurt girls";
    Why because girls are delicate flowers:
    And what about men? Are they hardcore shells?
    If we talk about gender equality; let's talk about both the sides of the society!

  • shalinee_says 1w

    Mil जाए

    Jo आप ye keh dete ho ,
    Likhne se kya milega .
    Kase btau _
    Kuch mil jae ,
    Hum iss ख्वाहिश me nhi likhte


  • tumaku 1w

    in the roles of a
    son - brother - father

    guards • shares • loves • cares
    fights • cries • smiles
    destroys • builds • survives
    • holds together •
    ° stays °
    till his last breath

  • droyalpen 1w


    Your life’s path,
    Is trust in your decisions.
    Decisions which will lead you places even beyond your imagination.
    And also transform your life forever.

    There are paths meant for everyone, you just have to locate yours and be consistent.
    Taken the right decisions at the right time.
    Overcome your fear,
    That will get you a long way.
    Move with folks who believes in your vision.
    Folks who know what it takes to live for something.

    Do not fall for this just as many had, cultivate other's field while negligence makes weed grow on their own field.
    Not giving up or being led astray.
    Only then can you have a shaped career.
    Forget not that whatsoever you do, it's God's work through you. So believe in him and surrender all to him.


  • matt0yash 1w


    "Be your own trainer."


  • adityabharwani 1w

    Q. Why you be so girly, Dude?

    Ans. People!

    It's the 21st century. Guys can be hopelessly romantic. Guys can cry. Guys can try and make sure they get your attention. And yes, guys also do feel bad.

    So stop thinking these are girly things, because the dynamics do change in a relationship!

    Own it like you want it.

  • ourticles 1w


    The most badass woman in your life??
    Thanks for the title dear!!

    If so, then, you are the most character-questioning man I have ever met!!

  • dpk_bisht 1w

    सच कहूँ तो एक लड़का होना आज की दुनिया में गुनाह है
    लड़की पैदा होती है तो देवी ने जन्म लिया
    लडका पैदा होता है तो गधा, कमीना, कुत्ता ना जाने किस जानवर ने जन्म लिया है
    बचपन से बेटी माँ बाप के आखों का तारा है
    अौर एक लड़का बेचारा बेशर्म अावारा है
    अब अौरों की क्या बात करुं अपने घर की बतलाता हूँ
    बेटी हम पर हुकम जताए में जी हजूरी करता हूँ
    फिर उठती एक आवाज है महिला उत्थान का प्रयाय है
    हैं कौन ये महिला जो मर्दों से इतनी परेशान है
    हर घर में दम तोड़ता एक पुरुष प्रधान है
    माना कुछ बैगरत से कलंकित हुआ है मेरा पुरुष बेचारा है
    वो भी उनसे उतना ही परेशान जितना स्त्री समाज है
    पर क्यों जा रहा ये पुरुष मेरा उल्टे उन राहों पर
    क्या आवाज उठाता इस विषय पर कोई मीडिया महान है
    नहीं उठायेंगे ये बात, पुरुष - पुरुषों की अावाज दबाता है
    यही वजह है पिता अपने पुत्र को निर्दयी कठोर बनाता है ॥

  • repost 1w

    You are not their judgements or assumptions.
    You are your beliefs and ideas.
    You are more than a judgement.
    You are more than just a human.
    So don't treat yourself like that.
    You are a universe unknown of the possibilities within you.
    This is your time.
    Explore yourself.
    Know who you are and go on an adventure to accomplish your ambitions.
    Well because...
    You deserve it. ❤

    For my brave #men and #women out there! ❤

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    You are more than a judgement.

  • dove_o_writes 1w

    Because every yin has a yang
    We know there is no us
    Without the men
    So now that our day is coming to an end
    I say to all of you who wish us well
    Stay well dear men,
    We need your strength
    Your words of love
    And encouragement
    You know we will sooner give up the world
    Than watch you wonder if we think you are enough


  • sanobar_ali 1w

    Women’s day 2018

    To men who’ve wished women greetings for today, i hope you respect women as much as you do on social media. Women of all kind- big, small, pretty, the ones that don’t fit your ideal beauty standards, the miss-fits and misfits, everyone!

    Don’t shame or belittle women you don’t know, because you’ve heard something about them or they dress a certain way or have opinions that don’t match yours.
    Don’t shame or belittle the ones you do know, because by what your posts say today, (hopefully)they mean a lot to you.

    Don’t disrespect them and then honour them just one day, because the calendar and social media told you to do so.

    To the women, I hope you celebrate womanhood everyday as much as you quote to do today. I hope you cherish yourself for who you are and are content with what you have and where you are in life. I hope you’re lifting other women rise above stereotypes, because that’s what the world needs, a better womanhood.
    Happy women’s day you amazing bundle of strength ❤️


  • ddn_rjs 1w

    मर्दाना कमजोरी के इश्तिहारों से
    रंगे पड़े शहर चारो ओर ,
    मूर्ख हैं वो लोग जो कहते हैं
    कि औरत है कमजोर ।


  • shubhankhee 1w

    Ladies first...
    Why ladies first, if men and women are equal then no one is first.

  • someuntoldwords 1w

    #SPREADLOVE #DEFEATHATE #women #men happy women's Day....

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    We are not inferior....
    You are not superior..
    We are not weak...
    You are not strong....
    We are strong enough to protect a life inside us...
    You are strong enough to protect a life from outside world....
    We all are made up of five natural elements...
    After we die..
    You can not differentiate between YOU and WE...

  • titheewrites_ 1w


    I call her Strong, Smart, Sensual, Caring, Giving, Surviving, Tolerant and powerful
    I call her WOMAN!
    Don't let anybody tell you that there are set paths for you to follow
    "As a little girl with a passion, is an inspiring woman of tomorrow."
    We can raise families and build businesses and be proud of all we've achieved.
    Happy Women's Day.♥️