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    You should know in case you haven't been to a courtroom, especially one of this magnitude, there is something about a courtroom that makes it feel like it belongs in the category with hospitals, dentists, and such.  A courtroom always has a distinct smell to it. In the silence you can hear the prayers and worry that you will hear in the profound silence of a church. That deafening profound silence.

        A courtroom represented a bad place for some, but a place of success for others too.  No matter what ripples were created in a courtroom that led to many unseen events.

    The stenographer cracked her knuckles and prepared for the twelve rounds of a heavyweight fight.  Ugh, two sports analogies. Stay with me.

    My point of view is entirely from the account of the man that I came to love.  I know everything about this case and all the truths and lies. I'm doing this so at worst the truth is known if the criminal justice fails.  Whether I'm talking about the victim, or man being charged, or the defendant whose life is on the line, the only thing that matters is that you know the truth objectively.  
    How I retrieved every bit of dialogue was through the help of journals written and through accounts taken by many people. You should know, there is a recess for the holidays which is when I finished this and left it up to you to make it here deliver the truth!  It gives you time to make it here. If by chance you fail to make it, or something prevents you, the rest of this will be safeguarded and will be submitted. It is my hope that you're testimony is a part of that and helps me too. Just remember, everything connects.  Every single thing! Let's begin…



    “For the record, please note the Attorney General of the United States and I came to the conclusion as you all know, given the capital crimes, that it be presented in a rather unorthodox way; that Mr. Ford be reading the testimony in such a way. Don't for a moment forget that I will have overall tone of this case.  I think that's appropriate as I know Mr. Ford is aware that he went over this nightly. Mr. Ford's identity will be on stage in front the public eye with the audience of the media being this is a prodigious case of significance and will be studied by many in the future. Due to this, his identity will now be displayed and shown for the criminal underworld for all of his past undercover work and possible jarring crimes.  I don't think I need to remind anyone what a risk this is. Also, he happens to be involved in two cases on-going at the same time as this one. It's also imperative to note that his future may be, and not limited by, this case and it's findings based on the profound newly investigative discovered evidence. I must say, I take no pleasure in judging such a case that the words government official of the United States of America, terrorism, and most wanted terrorist, all be in the same sentence!
    It seems the saying is right. Indeed, when it rains it pours but they never say can result to a flood. I don't want the two other cases in anyway to taint this cases judgement since John Armando, and Samuel Muhammad is not the defendant in my courtroom. Ultimately, there may be a new defendant by the end of this testimony and such capital crimes may be invoked shortly after this case has concluded. This makes it unprecedented because Mr. Ford's  sentence will be far worse, as we know currently his circumstances. I have gone over the written testimony and found it very helpful and useful. Everything you're told by Mr. Ford and read especially, has been accepted for this case. Again, we all knew that this unique case will be very unusual, but it's now reached unprecedented heights involved in possible treason during the whole time the defendant committed his crimes. Because of the profound evidence it will be my most significant judgment and most challenging in determining whether a man guilty of murder did in fact commit a capital crime of a possible federal agent, or that federal agent was allegedly working in a terrorism organization or cell within the United States of America, While his very job was to protect the citizens of America.  I take this case extremely serious. Myself and the Attorney General made it clear that this case will be presented with the most importance and seriousness. Justice will be given at the end of this case before anyone leaves my court, rest assured! I expect this courtroom and the press to behave very professionally or you will be escorted from my courtroom at once. My courtroom will not be turned into a circus charade, now, let's begin, shall we?” The Judge said before taking his glasses off and gently placing them down.  

      Mr. Ford talked into the microphone after the attorneys both opened with their statements.  This was the moment everyone was waiting anxiously for.

    (This third entry which was still my second really, I stopped and paused, thinking I'm talking about my mind I'm still walking, and I thought about this section and how it should have an idea. Based on what I had wrote ...


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    ***This is when I sat on a bench overlooking the Hudson river and the city's skyline while the sky looked like someone put powdered pink chalk on their hand and blew it across the skies. My mind works differently. After my first entry I was reading it and feeling it out. I stopped about five hundred words ahead where you left off last and then decided to pulp-fiction it. I NEVER WRITE STORIES STRAIGHT FORWARD AND THEN EDIT AND PUT THEM OUT OF ORDER, I simply write out of order. See what I did there. I didn't cap the most important thing in that sentence about me. That's the way my mind works. I have to constantly write up hill. It has to feel challenging so I'm constantly being creative. I hate ordinary writing. My writing may only be good behind the scenes and possibly bad in reality due to this fact. I don't know, but most importantly I don't care because it's what makes me happy and I'm not paid to write my own stories just others. So, imagine how I feel when I'm assigned with writing a bad story and ordinary---just simple straightforward when in my personal time all I do is write crazy twists and turns. I employ my creativity and instill it in their work and breath life into their stories. Every single one. I don't know if I'm meant to have a book with my name on it because I'm so good writing other people's books. It's not an opinion, it's a fact based on sales and consistent positive reviews. Hey, he's the one that has to live with the fact his name is on it. I smile that mine isn't but my words are!!!


    Note; all of this is going to change. The AG will be a very important character and so will Sanderson. This is about the hate too that people free of religion and belief, are hated on by people. It's fucking barbaric! Anyway I'll never inject my opinion again, sorry.

    Hundreds of people were protesting the streets with police officers trying to stabilize all control outside a Manhattan courthouse.  Most of them were all shouting at the towering building above, chanting to the 12 jurors inside next to the windows to the street below.  

    Law enforcement was mainly concerned about the minority of the people behind the barricade voicing their feelings against capital punishment.  The news anchor assured the viewers watching that the screen is correct, that they were indeed live from New York City. The coverage on Gutter Drillsborn (I try to write crazy names of important characters sometimes to have fun...gutter Drillsborn? C'mon!) has been obsessive because of all the destruction he has caused.  

     The Attorney General of the United States looked away from the tv showing the old footage of the past trials that ultimately led to this appeal.  He sighed when he heard the news anchor say that there switching to their live coverage inside of the court house discussing the case of the appeal.  Inside that very courthouse and behind the courtrooms chamber doors, he was standing witnessing the chaos inside the office as he was ordered by the POTUS to support the Presidents candidate and of course, make sure this case has no hiccups, which now was an impossible feat.  He rubbed his eyes thinking to himself that he's the goddamn Attorney General of the United States, not a cleaner! He couldn't help but stop the woman who had been running around the office like a wild turkey.

    “You, what's your name?” He asked the woman trying to take care of the chaos for her boss.

    “Mallery, Mr. Jeffords.  We've met--are you alright? Christmas diner.”

    "No, nice try though but I didn't have one this year. I was alone with a bottle of whiskey and--"

    "I meant last year! Christmas diner?" She sighed.

    “Mallery, let me ask you something, please it will help everyone. Why don't you try and stay still?  Just stop moving...completely. Try it. Come here, look?  See all these people?” The AG was pointing to the television screen at all the live protests across the country with mobs of hundreds of people.

    “Oh, I don't like all this nonsense.  I rather not watch it.” She said walking to the mini-fridge.

    “You rather what?  But--you're the secretary of Judge Husk.  How could you not know what's going on and the case he's on?  Everything going on around this country!”

    “I live it all day.  I don't go home and watch it too.  I like to go home and read romantic novels on my kindle.  Simple!” Mallery said. The AG was stumped and looked flabbergasted at her reason.  How she found it so simple and had a easy solution.

    “Simple?  This man killed a lot of people, tortured some.  He's a psycho! And now the main person who he's hurt the--"

    “Jeffords, leave my...I believe you said secretary?  Leave her alone please. I'm about to take the stage.  I need to clear my head. I appreciate the support, but I've already made my decision, so you can move on to the next candidate.”  Judge Husk said.

    "I understand, but Sanderson don't you think it's wise to have a secretary that's aware of all of the masses joining throughout the United States in demonstration for the defendant not to be sentenced to death because they all feel he didn't commit capital crimes?  Did you say you decided?” The AG asked.

    “I think you meant to ask me first if she, by whom I mean Mallery, my wife, or as you say secretary. She's been working with me for twenty years and is my wife, Jeffords. You're our two children's Godfather.  She also has a PHD and her own practise. She's fully aware of what's going on because shes married to the man that constantly has his finger on the pulse. Mallery, tell Jeffords why they're doing these actions, please? I know if I look you're probably rolling your eyes, so can you just say it so he'll shut up as I prepare for this case.”

    “Mm-hmm. Because they believe the federal agents weren't really working for the United States government.  Especially the star witness who is starting his testimony today and is the victim to the defendants many barbaric crimes.  Are you all set Sandy?” Mallery said refusing to look at Archie.

    “Sandy?”  The AG repeated with a bitter face and taste on his tongue that he tried wiping of with the bottom of a shoe of dog shit.

    “Yes, dear, thank you.”  Sanderson Husk said.

    She helped him put on his robe as he walked up to Jeffords and the TV to listen to what they were saying.

    “No!  You, can't watch this!  It's toxic. Go out there and show that you're the only sane one remaining.  The last man standing. Sanderson, look at me, you were selected because of your--"

    “Don't go there Jeffords.  I know exactly why the hell I was picked to judge this case.  Don't think you were doing me any favors!” Sanderson said.

    “Listen to them out there...You hear that?  I haven't seen this since, well, I was going to say the Simpson trial, but due to the circumstances and the time we live in, this is history's most important case.  You were selected for such a case. Sanderson, don't you see? This will be history, just do what you do best. Don't be swayed by the public temperature and climate.  Ignore all those cameras out there and relax out there!”

    “Relax?  I'm a black man who happens to be an esteemed revered judge who was just asked to take the seat of one of the best Supreme Court's eight judges chair, and boy do I have a feeling a lot is riding on the outcome of this case.  Well, the answer for your boss is no!”

    “Sanderson, calm--what?  No? Did you just--" Sanderson interrupted the Attorney General.

    “Why?  Why would he do that to me?  For the American People? Oh, put my ass in stuffing!  I'm retiring after this case. And yes, before you ask for the third time my answer is no.  I'm too old. I want to just read mysteries at home on a kindle. This is actually a case I'm not going to let be hacked away by the media dispite that circus out there, thanks to the very man who ordered my consideration of the nominee!”

    “Did you just say you're retiring, Sanderson?  You just said no! But, you've been offered the seat of a Supreme--”

    “Oh, I don't care about the fucking seat, Jeffords! My dream to make it to the Supreme has been tarnished by what he's clearly doing. Also, that was the third time you asked!  I'd like to take my gavel and shove it up the POTUS ass for allowing the media in my courtroom to be frank with you!  As if this is some--” The AG interrupted the judge.

    “I'm going to cut you off this time from further verbally assassinating my boss.”

    “I'm sorry, but...you know my kids are watching this and both are currently attending law school. This may be the end of their careers before it's even started for them.” The Judge's wife interrupted both men, telling him he needed to go out.

    “Sanderson, wait a minute.  Let me tell you..Sanderson?”  The judge opened the door. “Make us proud  No pressure!” The AG said and Sanderson shook his head while transforming his face and entering the courtroom and out of his chambers.

     The judge walked out of his chambers without displaying the slightest sign of the frenzy and the intense pressure that was snowballing each moment of the day.  The weight and anticipation of the appeal of the capital punishment star witnesses testimony had been destroyed since the last time court was in session.


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    I must admit that I myself am amongst those who are veiled. I was not forced to be veiled, neither do my parents enforced the wearing of the veil on me. Some may say that I have been brainwashed to wear this piece of cloth over my head. Some may misunderstand and say that I have ill intent. But I would also like to say, I find solace in wearing this piece of cloth. I wear it as a marker of my identity. I wear it with hopes that people will overlook my appearance and see me as who I am.

    And here I am, although veiled, I am not chained by the men of my society. Although veiled, I am without any intent to be a murderer. But perhaps I the only thing I would like to kill is the negative perception people have towards this veil. And I am doing so not through a sword or a knife hidden behind my loose clothing. But rather through educating and being close to those 'infidels' as they say. But through my eyes, I see no infidel, I only see human beings with the desire to be cared and nurtured. I am an aspiring teacher, and I work closely with children of all races and religion. I do not wish for them to be like me. But I wish to teach them respect and accept me and those similar to me in the society. And I wish for them to be successful and I love them with all my heart. Veiled, yes I am, but murderer, I am not.

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    हिन्दू बनना चाहते हैं तो स्वामी विवेकानंद बनें,
    मुस्लिम बनना चाहते हैं तो डा• अब्दुल कलाम बने,
    इतने महान नहीं बन सकते तो बस इंसान बने।


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    5 years ago,
    Call me what you will.
    But don't call me a bad person,
    You don't know me like that,
    Only God does,
    Mind Your Own Business
    As the saying goes,
    Should definitely be practiced more often.
    I still, definitely feel this way,
    But even better about it, because I know God is real now, so at least I'm not a fool, afterall.
    Gullible? Not Anymore.
    Most of my actions are based on pleasure, or rather,
    Fun, because, That's how life should be,
    I have fun, because,
    It makes me happy,
    No THING BAD could come from BEING HAPPY
    and not harmning others,
    for any reason... because
    That's just ignorant,
    And makes me sad,
    someone would even consider hurting an innocent bystander, for no reason at all.
    that's all there is to me
    #Grim #GrimLyssa #Reaper #God #Jesus #Lord #Christ #Father #Lucifer #Devil #Demon #Angel #Grim #Beast #Serpent #Snake #Light #DARK #ThisIsMe #King #Queen #Darkness #Night #Light #Day #Moon #Sun #Religion #Christianity #Muslim #Jewish #Atheist #Nonbeliever #Sinner

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    This Is Me

    I wish I could be like her,
    Watching her, from the street curb,
    How she moves,
    And what she says,
    Gets in my head for days and days,
    She's so beautiful, it's plain to see,
    And I am not,
    It will never be,
    But just as I admire her most,
    Jealousy becomes my host,
    I stalk her around, like I was a ghost,
    You can not find me, so follow the signs,
    Where I live is inside of her mind,
    Pulling all the wires and taking her down,
    Looked in the mirror,
    And you'll never believe what I found,
    She is Me,
    I am Her,
    This mystery, is quite absurd,
    Do I really look like that?
    If they knew how I thought,
    They would hold me back,
    Back against the cell you see,
    This word called life is not for me,
    I can pretend,
    And laugh,
    All day long,
    But in the end,
    I'll be framed wrong,
    So whether God is real,
    Or not,
    If he is,
    Well I've already earned my spot,
    Right into that fiery place,
    Standing right before Hell's Gates/
    But Lucifer is not kind,
    He strips me down,
    And blisters mine,
    My body, that is,
    Before he throws me down,
    Down into a pit of black,
    But no screams you'll hear from me,
    For I've decided,
    The fate of my misery,
    I'll sit there,
    For eternity,
    When the Angels will come for me,
    But they never have,
    And they never will,
    For this,
    I say God isn't real,
    He's just someone,
    Forced inside your brain,
    But the Devil inside,
    They couldn't contain,
    Judge me not,
    By the clothes I wear,
    Or the things I say,
    Or the color of my hair,
    By now you should be well aware,
    That life can suck,
    It isn't fair,
    For whether you believe in God,
    Or not,
    We all go hand in hand, in the melting pot,
    So judge me now,
    By my good deeds,
    If I help you?
    Will you help me?
    I need no religion to see,
    The only way to live happily is to,
    Find inner peace,
    Treat People,

    Grim Lyssa
    February 6, 2013

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    Worthless Writer #58

    If I Pray to Allah
    In English
    Address Bhagwan
    In Urdu
    Sing hymns
    Inside the Gurudwara
    Chant mantras
    To the Buddha

    Will God be angry on me?
    Asked the little girl
    to the father of the church.


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    As I placed my head,
    Against her beating chest,
    The rhythm of her heart.
    Lulling me to fall,
    Into a world of beautiful dreams,
    Shielding away haunting nightmares,
    With just the sound of her pulse.


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    He tied a Mangalsutra around her neck and said Qubool hai.
    Love won.

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    ..."That 'Man of God' is a fraud." he said.

    I replied saying "stop it! Have you forgotten... 'Do not touch my anointed ones..."

    He interrupted me and said. "Yes, I know we are not to touch the anointed ones"


    "But, how do we know those who're not anointed when they claim they are? Anointing oil wouldn't just be flowing from their head. Would it?" He asked.

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    Other countries are seeing us as Indians.

    We're fighting because we want to get called as Hindu and Muslim.


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    #Life#Muslim @writersnetwork@itsashish@__arpit__@karandebroy@mansiahuja@achintya@viku_sharma17@liliaann@arjunvox@writer_bychoice@majid_muaviya@shafi_qurashi@bix_utters@shalini_pandey@fatima_m@arjunvox@ibrahimghani@theuntouched_heart@khaso_aam@solace@john_solomon@anjana@asma_khan@fatima_m@wordsfriendlymishree
    Follow my writings on www.mirakee.com/erfana #mirakee

    Dear humans,
    May I tell you what your lives are worth?
    do you see the sky?
    The sun, moon, stars, mountain, oceans and rivers?
    The sunrise at fajr and sunset at magrib?
    It's beautiful right?
    Now may I ask;why are you sad?
    Whatever lies in the universe is for the bliss of men, And for making one's life easy. That's the life allah has chosen for each.
    But it's complete only when one realizes that we are blessed by the majesty with the most magnificent things in the world and the door of jannah is opened for everyone.


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    All you have to do is prove that you are worthy of jannah

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    Muhammad S.A.W.

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    She's a child of long-lived war,
    Included with blood and gore
    Clueless as to why,
    Most are turning a blind eye.
    To the gruesome blood that is shed;
    Leaving children behind, orphaned.
    And the dark crimson fluid being spilled;
    Leaving the most fruitful parents, barrened.
    To the skin heating bombs that are rained;
    Leaving strong built homes, destroyed.
    And the eye bleeding tear gas being released;
    Leaving healthy bodied people, pained.
    Are the cries of my people and I not loud enough?
    Or are they just being called off as bluff?
    Would all ignore our pleas?
    Until our very own demise?