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  • shilpa_gehlot 19h

    Be yourself

    You are meant to live a life the way you want to live..So just be yourself.....

  • piyushranjansaha 3d

    Meri likhawat hei Sandesh

    Likhna to Bas ik sawk hei majboori na samjh lena,
    Meri likhawat hai Dilon ke kisse isse khat na samjh lena...
    Likhna to Mohabat hei yaari na samjh lena...
    Bas kuch alag se hein, kafir na samjh lena,
    Likhna to meri eiyb hei ise, adadt na samaj lena,
    Bas Yun inn tanhaiyon Mei likhtey hein kuch, gungunatey hein, ise khamoshi na samaj lena,
    Kuch nazmo ki ehesas Mei Yunhi kho jateyin hein,
    Hame musafir na samaj lena...
    Han thode tanha jarur hein, par iye zid na samaj lena,
    Kuch Roj Iss Dil se likhtey hein ise majboori na samajh lena...
    Iye meri kalam Mei Dil ki tanhayion Mei likhta hei,
    Isse syahi na samajh lena,
    Iye likhawat Mei meri Umar ki ilteza chipi hei
    Ise ashqon ka silsila na samjh lena,
    Iye wo rang hei kore panno Pei, daag na samaj lena,...
    Likhte hein kuch sawk Mei, ishq ki dastoor Mei,
    Isse ruswai na samajh lena...
    Iye Meri mohabbat hei Ise majboori na samajh lena...


  • shilpa_gehlot 4d


    What you think of passion..?
    What do you mean by passion..?
    Is there any views on your mind related to this topic??
    A great hardwork or a great madness of something you like the most.....
    But no this is not the actual view in our mind that we think about of passion..
    Passion is not just a word..but a meaning of your life..... it's another world of yours.. where you deliberately struggle hard to make yourself an ideal symbol to this world......

  • shilpa_gehlot 1w

    The world is very big..
    The population is also very large..
    Inspite of all this..we all have so many problems and tensions in our life..
    To get rid of all problems.....
    Make your own little world..
    Fill them with joy, passion,love and courage and break down your ego, jealousy and hatred.....
    Believe me apart of this big world..your little world will make you feel alive once again in your life.....

  • thorns_in_the_soul 1w

    It’s something I say sometimes when I complete a task. Usually the tasks are small. Those are the only kind of tasks I can do, it seems.

    I did a thing.

    When I do something new for the first time at work. When I make a good move while playing a game. When I adjust the mattress after it slides on the box spring.

    I did a thing.

    When I take out some garbage. When I make dinner. When I wash my car. When I send a text.

    I did a thing.

    It’s crushing, you know? The weight is crushing. Like all the years of pretending to be alive pressing down on me.

    I lie about how it makes me strong. I stopped using those muscles a long time ago. It’s too hard.

    It’s difficult to describe existing without your emotions. Ironically, they’d be the best tool for the job.

    So you do things. You wake up and shower and brush your teeth. You go to work(usually). You try and excel because recognition feels like pride and self-worth if you pretend hard enough. You help your friends (when you can stand to be around them), because gratitude can feel like love if you forget what love feels like.

    You don’t engage. You don’t care. You don’t, under any circumstances, stop lying. One truth can lead to others, and then the whole thing comes crumbling down.

    The secret is to let them get a glimpse, just a peek. They’ll wonder, if you don’t. Their minds will fill in the rest.

    The good ones will be concerned. They’ll ask how you’re doing. They’ll listen when you answer. They’re the most useful to keep around. Sometimes you can pretend to be human for a bit.

    The best of them will try to help. They’re the dangerous ones. They dig. They watch. They love you and make you remember that you love them too. That you’re hurting them when you hurt yourself. They can be hard to fool. It works best with patterns. Make ‘em think you have good weeks and bad. Really turn it on for a while when you have the energy. When you don’t, they’ll just think you’re having a rough spell. Don’t clue them in that you’re always gone. Never there. That if you were strong enough to do the right thing, they’d never see you again. Then you’d stop hurting them.

    If you can keep it up, the years will pass. Life becomes an empty hell poisoned by hope and a curiosity for how long it can last. The empty moments are the worst.

    So I do things.

    Little things.

    I did a thing.

    #mywritings @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    I Did A Thing


  • angeldiary 1w


    Every night when i went to my roof ,for a night walk
    .I stared that beautiful yellow and white Moon...
    i used to goes on seeing it till my eyes are filled up
    with its beauty....
    Woow !
    what a wonderful Moon shines everynight,
    that's Our nature is so Beautiful

  • alehda 1w

    Bikhre Huye

    Bikhre ho toh Nikhar gayi hai Rooh itni,
    Tumhe simta hua dekha hota ,
    Toh Qayamat takk khabar hoti.


  • blackroseamonglilies 2w


    My life, my love, my everything.
    My story.
    It won't be a good idea to write a book.


  • akash_dasondhi 2w

    Don't make your effort to show off the things
    Make your efforts to prove them strongly


  • me_and_my_thoughts 3w


  • bombaedory 4w


    I was looking for the loyal partner but forgot to mention that I was waiting for the humanity first.
    Yes...I was ensnared but the expectations never duped me.


  • daniasiddiqui 4w


    Everytime I tried to pen-down my heart
    Judgements of society flashed from the start
    We live in a society where u are labelled by your skin colour
    Where cries of innocents,no one hear
    They will always point out on your mistakes
    Will never accept what u intake
    They will always have a problem with what u do
    As if u should live the way they want u to
    Though your heart is pure and clean
    But the people here are selfish and mean
    They are going to hate u,rate u, break u
    But how strong you stand will make u
    We live in a society where girls are taught to sit properly
    Not once are the boys taught to see
    Where fashion wants to teach us to be naked
    Where laughter and smiles are slowly being faked
    Where people will give you hate
    On what u wear and what's your weight
    Where they will pass u ugly comments
    Because they can't tolerate your content
    Remember,,you will be standing all alone in this fight
    No one will be there to hold u tight
    Light up your soul,,be BOLD and face
    All the struggles and win your race
    Society wants You to CHANGE
    "Show up and be YOURSELF " this is the best REVENGE
    Have a SPIRIT to change the SOCIETY
    Don't get to depression and keep yourself away from ANXIETY....


  • hari_scribbles 4w


    ഈ മഴയെനിക്ക് സമ്മാനിച്ചത് ഞാൻ എന്റേത്
    എന്നു വിശ്വസിച്ച, വിശ്വസിക്കുന്ന
    എന്നെ വിട്ടുപോകില്ലെന്നു കരുതുന്ന
    മനോഹരമായ ഓർമകളും സ്വപ്നങ്ങളുമാണ്.

    ഒരോ മഴത്തുള്ളിയും വെള്ളിനൂലുപോലെ
    എന്റെ ചുണ്ടുകൾ ഞാൻ പോലുമറിയാതെ

    ഈ ഭൂമിയിലെവിടെയാണെങ്കിലും
    നീ എന്റേത് മാത്രമാണെന്ന
    അഹങ്കാരത്തിന്റെ ചിരി.....

  • ankushmishra 5w

    ' अनकहे '

    सवाल कर रहा हूँ तुझसे कुछ अनकहे ,
    क्या पता जवाब में ज़िन्दगी मिल जाए ..

    क्यो दिख रही इन्सानियत यहाँ बेआबरू होते हुए ,
    शायद साहस से कुछ इन्सान की आबरू बच जाए ..

    क्यो ज़िंदादिल नहीं रहे अब लोग यहाँ ,
    शायद कोई हारने से पहले एक मर्तबा प्रयास कर जाए ..

    क्यो चोरी हो रहे हैं अरमान यहाँ सभी के ,
    शायद किसी के दबे सपने हक़ीक़त हो जाए ..

    क्यो बचपन के रिश्ते हो रहे हैं विफल यहाँ ,
    शायद किसी का बुढ़ापा सफल हो जाए ..

    क्यो ज्ञान को खोज रहे हैं इंसानों के समक्ष ,
    शायद हर इन्सान यहाँ भगवान हो जाए ..

    क्यो हो गए सब व्यस्त अपनी लंका बसाने में ,
    शायद कोई वनवास कर श्री राम हो जाए ..

    क्यो देख सीता की हालत आंखें रो रहीं हैं ,
    शायद फिर यहाँ कोई अग्निपरीक्षा न हो जाए ..

    क्यो देख रहा समाज पुरुषों को गंदी नज़रों से ,
    शायद कोई श्रवण और कृष्ण को भी देख पाए ..

    क्यो हो रहे दृष्टिहीन सभी संस्कारो से ,
    शायद फिर यहाँ कोई धृतराष्ट्र न हो जाए ..

    रहे पांडव सा बल और साहस सभी में ,
    फिर कोई महाभारत से यहाँ विचलित न हो जाए ..

    दुसरो को रखे अपने स्वार्थ से ऊपर हम ,
    शायद हर मानव यहाँ पितामह हो जाए ..

    ना देखें हम सूरत पहले मिलने पर ,
    शायद सीरत का मोल यहाँ उससे ज्यादा हो जाए ..

    सवाल कर रहा हूँ तुझसे कुछ अनकहे ,
    क्या पता जवाब में ज़िन्दगी मिल जाए ..


  • mhk_writes 5w

    She cried those evocative tears,
    She couldn't bear,
    She couldn't hear,
    Those screaming fears,
    That had clenched her for years;

    Her pain was like a spear,
    Everything that she hold dear,
    Everything she kept near,
    Buried under the haunting fear,
    Taking her beneath a poignant layer.

  • ankushmishra 5w

    Childish Adulthood

    I woke up today with my heart beating high ,
    I couldn’t think of a thing which would help and worth the try..

    I left bed and washed my face ,
    Saw my eyes and realized that i was awake more and sleeping less..

    I then started to strain thinking of something in my head ,
    But i needed something soothing , which could cool me down from getting mad..

    I just walked up the stairs and stood beneath the sky ,
    The sun was looking through horizon and birds awaiting to fly..

    Fresh air kissed my face and sound of chirping was decent to ear ,
    I then thought what it really was that i was missing these years..

    I got involved with work and haste ,
    And i never had patience and balance of life which i compared to waste..

    I suddenly went to the memory lanes and thought of the time when i was a child ,
    When happiness was first priority and tensions were pretty mild..

    When all i thought was to play all day and watch tv all night ,
    Just some little homework done in haste and which was partially right..

    When party was not fancy clothes and good things to eat ,
    It was all about the dear friends which i was eager to meet..

    When wired phones were the platform where we loved and fought ,
    And carrying our landlines with us was an amusing thought..

    When wishes were a little more real and were not limited to fb and snapchat ,
    And waiting for the friends to come and sit in the circle during lunch breaks, was worth the wait..

    When every relation was pure and we did what we mean ,
    And sundays seemed more fun and not just some stress buster of the week..

    When playing in the grounds was more fun than on screen ,
    And Monday checking schedule in school was the only day to keep ourselves clean..

    Now i got to know what kept me so low these days ,
    The child in me was lost and the childhood begin to fade..

    Life is too short to be big and leave that child behind ,
    Open ur eyes to that innocent version of you rather being blind..


  • mhk_writes 5w

    It was all of a sudden,
    We were young and silly,
    Free from all of burden;

    It was all of a sudden,
    For the way you were oh darling,
    I thought you were my guerdon;

    It was all of a sudden,
    When your glimmering spark,
    Lighted up my dark,
    Ignited up my heart;

    It was all of a sudden,
    When we danced in that night,
    It was so clear and bright,
    When you became my sprite;

    It was all of a sudden,
    And I know I will be alright,
    Hugs and kisses only came into my sight,
    That everything will be charmingly delight.

  • mhk_writes 5w

    "And suddenly I fall into a deep thought where you were my only vision"


  • akansha001sehgal 5w


    Sometimes I pretend to be shy just to avoid people around me...


  • joseph_defencer 6w


    Guys with same uniforms had their time in one room.
    And made thier uniform shine for building their own field carrier which teached them a different places with various types of traditions,
    Known different languages,places, heritage, emotions.
    And they were busy with their carrier,and its been 10 long years,
    And on one fine day they all received an text message regarding -REUNION- after reading a text message they all went into their memories spent at school...they all were excited for the REUNION and they finally met on a day,
    It was the day of memories touch down and felt like an heaven with the mates around.