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  • ananya_agnihotri 3d

    they got burnt wholly, now she has none of it,
    her eyes look popped out enough and her lower lip is an artificial piece,
    her jawline is covered with extra skin and her nose is diminutive than before,
    yet she portrays herself as a great spirit,
    inspires the whole world to be like her,
    not ugly but beautiful,
    not weak but strong,
    not fearful but daring enough to make a win over one's own identity.

  • kriti11 3d

    I'll let you get everywhere you want in me but first �� #hurry #babe #explore #part #first #heart #my #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #rwu #pod #bold

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    What's the hurry babe,
    I'll let let you explore every part of me...

    But first
    Reach my heart..!!

  • anushka_kohli 3d

    You don't always
    have to be a part
    of someone's soul
    to win their heart
    for some souls
    are capable of
    loving you
    from outside.
    Yes, they exist.
    I call them
    best friends!


  • vinaay 4d


    Kahaniya bhi bhot aajeeb hoti he..
    Kisi ko hsati he...
    kisi ko rulati he
    Kuch sikha kar...
    Khatam ho jaati he..


  • boy_in_black 4d

    Humble request to my heart,

    Don't pretend to be a green eyed monster,
    Whose eyes are sulking the flames of jealousy when He lauds unknown's phenomenal art.......

    Paranoia, insecurity are ephemeral feels of heart,
    "Just act in smart and play your part"


  • umaimah_rafa 1w


    IG @sizz3680

  • shrawanidas 1w

    I will for ever love you.
    I won't ever wait for you.
    I will for ever pray for you.
    I won't ever ask for you.
    I will for ever compose for you.
    I won't ever unveil for you.

    ©श्रावणी ©shrawanidas

  • a_poet_of_tears 1w

    You have stolen my heart
    But left me in tears
    You didn't mean the pain
    But you gifted it anyways
    I had such hope
    That things would be well
    But all in all
    It seems
    That we came together
    At the wrong time
    And now we must part
    Because I don't know if we will ever find
    A right time.


  • gitanegi98 1w

    Story of my life
    (Part 2)

    The second phase is yet to be started ,
    Of the girl that never spoke..
    Time was passing,distance came close
    Finally the boy crossed 12th...
    Fear was only of separation ,that girl never wanted...
    But all she could do was to stare...
    They met last at birthday treat,all ties broke as that was there last meet....
    Hug was the thing that became memory,instead of love she wished to carry ...
    Breakup was finally here, kept girl alone with no tears...
    Because it was the thing she expected out of boy, she forever wanted ...
    Unexpectedly it was not again the end,it was a starting of new bond...

  • theadityasagar 1w

    #Part 2 of "देश, दिल, कलम, कविता, मिराकी" !! �� @baanee @manan_raj08 @balmukundjha_4310 @hritik_hv

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    कविता एक आइने की तरह होती है
    हर कोई इसमें अपना अक्स खोजता है !!


    बढ के अपने ढग में Virus कुछ बोलता है :-

    इस चढ रही सुबह की सामों से
    बनते नामो की बदनामी से
    आंँखो की मुस्कुराहट से
    या होठों की सरमाहट से
    और किस-किस से डरते जाए हम
    अपनी पल दो पल की इस कविता से
    और क्या-क्या लिखते जाए हम !!


    हाल-ए-महफ़िल अपना हम कैसे सुनाते
    कि कल रह गई कविता आते आते !!


    पोहोच भी जाएगी वो आज इस मिराकी कि सहदिल में
    पर भाई इरफान,जरा बताओ हो क्या रहा है इस महफिल में

    हर लोग अपना हाल-ए-दिल बताने लगे
    हम सब मिल कर यहां एक कविता बनाने लगें !!



    क्या बनी हमारी बैसाखी
    मन की व्यथा उभोरती मिराकी !!


    दिल की बातों को कैसे बयां करूं
    पहले तो इन्हे कलमों के जरीये लिखा करूं
    अब सोचता हूं कुछ नया करूं
    तो अब मिराकी पे इन्हे हर रोज पोस्ट किया करूं !!


    सबने पूछा "किस पर लिखोगे ?"
    किसी ने बोला समाज के कुरीतियों पर
    तो किसी ने बोला कागज़ पर
    पर मेरा तो जवाब हमेशा से था, "मिराकी पर" !!


    इन्हे महज़ शब्द न समझना, ये कहानी है मेरी
    वक्त की दिवार पे कुरेदी गयी निशानी है मेरी
    खत नहीं महज़ ये, मुहब्बत भरे कागजों पे लिखी गयी
    एक मिराकी है मेरी !!


    बातें बोहोत है, फिर भी बात है बाकी
    आओ हम सब मिलके, Let's Mirakee !!!


    Initiated, Executed & Edited by ©theadityasagar

  • theadityasagar 1w

    On 11th March 2018, I was handed over the command of @mirakee 's 1st ever Patna Meet Up.. I felt privileged about it and Yes, that day me & my team made it a successful hit. There, the whole group of mirakeeans enjoyed a lot together & also created a collective poetic creation on a particular topic 4 all at the end of the show. ����The topic was " Desh, Dil, Kalam, Kavita, Mirakee" & the poem they created is texted below.. ���� #Repost ❤❤ @frommypen @stylishstark #anonymous @fictionalme #sumitkumar @tekronn @virus29 @aaliyamallick @ashesh #irfanahmadnoori @_evil_penguin @wave_walker ���� A big Thanks to #shitbazilf & #akshaynathchaturvedi for being a constant helping hand for this event... Now guys enjoy this wordy treat & do let me know in the comments below.. #Part 1 ��

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    जो सुख जाए नसों मे वो लहू कैसा ?
    देश की पुकार पे उबाल चाहिए
    सो रहे है सब बेफिक्र चैन से
    सोच को जगा दे वो बवाल चाहिए
    देश को मेरे विर जवान चाहिए
    देश को मेरे विर जवान चाहिए !!


    जब भी बात तेरी होती है
    याद बिते इतिहास की आती है
    तू इतना अनोखा है ए देश मेरे
    अखबार की सुर्खियों हर लम्हा तेरी ही दासताँ दोहराती है !!


    ऐ सनम मैं तेरे लिए सब कुछ कुरबान कर दूंगा
    ऐ सनम मैं तेरे लिए सब कुछ कुरबान कर दूंगा
    पर अगर देश और तुम में चुनने कहा जाए
    तब देश के लिए तुम्हे भी कुरबान कर दूंगा !!


    कभी Saffron, कभी White, कभी Green
    All supporting the power of Dream
    People have rarely seen
    That India at heart is totally pure & clean.


    वक्त भी बदलेगा, परिवेश भी बदलेगा
    तुम बदल जाओ, अपना देश भी बदलेगा !!



    दिल की सुनो तो सवाल करता है मेरा ज़मीर मुझसे
    जब दिमाग की सुनती हूं तो दिल सव्वाली हो जाता है !!


    दिल का एक टुकड़ा, दिल दुगना कर गया
    हंसी जो निकली पिटारे से उनकी
    मानो सारी गम-ए-जिंदगी का कर्ज उतर गया !!


    दिलों के दरमियां जो दास्तान अधूरी है
    आज उस दास्तान को तुम्हे सुनाना जरूरी है
    यूं तो किस्सा ये पुराना तुम्हे याद हो ना हो
    पर धड़कनो की बातें दोहराना जरूरी है !!


    एक अजीब सी हलचल है आज कल इस दिल में
    ना जिने की ख्वाहिश रही न मरने की चाहत
    एक अजीब सा एहसास है आज कल इस दिल में
    ना कुछ खोने का दर्द है, न कुछ पाने में राहत !!


    ये दिल की बातें है, इसे दिल को ही कहने दो
    दिल में होती है थोड़ी गलतियाँ उसे दिल में ही रहने दो
    इश्क और आशिकी दिल की ही समझ है
    तो क्यो न इसे दिल को ही समझने दो !!



    उक्ता के इन सन्नाटों से दिल ने आवाज उठाई है
    ए साकी ज़रा बैठ इधर, आज हमने भी कलम उठाई है !!


    जिन पे लिखी गज़ल वो सुन के शर्माने लगी
    कलम कागज़ से लगी तो स्याही इतराने लगी !!


    हर महफ़िल में चोट मेरी चिल्लाने लगी
    कलम मेरी हर लब्ज़ में बतलाने लगी !!


    दिल टूटा तो नग्मे गुनगुनाने लगी
    मेरी कलम मेरी दास्तान सुनाने लगी !!


    बैठे थे हम उनकी अदाओं को ही बयां करने के लिए
    ये कमबख़्त कलम मेरी खुद की ही दास्तां सुनाने लगी !!


    Initiated, Executed & Edited by ©theadityasagar

  • writerpocket 1w


    Your eyes are so beautiful ,
    I smile all time when they come in contact with mine

  • hibluv 1w

    A different love story!

    I felt very happy.. I forwarded that message to Ravi.. He smiled and asked me "are you okay?" "yes I am" I replied... Another message received from payal.. "I am his friend and you?" I felt shy.. I didn't knew how I say... Then i described our family relationships... But she asked me our current relationship... I forwarded that message to Ravi.. "what will I say.. Can I say that I am your new friend?" I asked... I prayed.. oh God please don't let him to say yes even I asked that to him.... He was still typing.. I felt my heart beating to my all body.. I could felt a shiver... and i could count my beats clearly..." say that you are my lover "..... He replied... Thank god.. I forwarded that to payal.. She laughed "is it.. Really.. Ravi fallen in love? Amazing.." i smiled... MY days passed one by one... Yes we are in love... We shared our mind, dreams, goals...
    I was really amazed and excited to think about the magic of love....


  • hibluv 1w

    A different love story!

    I avoid her words and messaged to him... He asked me that how i got his number... I wanted to say that I searched and found it.. But my fingers didn't moved to type it.. I felt a restriction to do so... He messaged me again. "diya gave it right?" i couldn't protest him..." Yes" finally i replied.. He smiled at me... I wanted to ask about that girl who diya told me to find out...It was not her own need.. Now it is my need more than her..."who is payal?".. "she is my friend" he replied.. But I couldn't believe.. Now I think that time i behaved like a child.. I asked him "can you please tell me who foo she"... He told that she is his friend and if I need to know more... he would send me her number... That was enough to make me cool... I saved the number which he sent for me... And i filled the name box "payal"... "hey, you funny... Ravi is my friend..we don't have another relation... I know you won't be OK.. even say this all to you... So I am saying that I have a boyfriend.. I will send our pictures if you want to confirm"..

  • deepu07 2w


    Teri ankhe kuch kehti he,
    tu kuch kahti he,
    Jese bhii ho tum mujhe acchi lagti ho;

    Khena cahta hu me aaj tumese
    Par Khense me darta hoon
    L Par aaj main apni Maan ki baat
    tumse kehna
    Cahta hoon ki


  • hibluv 2w

    A different love story!

    When I went to sleep Suddenly he flashed in my head... I put my phone and opened my vault.. I zoomed it... I took a journey with his face parts..
    He has a beautiful pair of eyes and pink lips and his nose has something special from others... His cheek is like a small tomato... I reached in his eyes i stared at his eyes... I felt that he wanted to say something to me...
    I wanted to talk him on that spot..After this all.. I remembered that what was my goal.. I told to myself with an embrace "hey.. What are you done Riya?". "what happened?" my sister asked with a curiosity.. I turned to find that where was her.. She was sitting next to me and looked at my eyes.. I forgot to control my sound level when I wear headphones... What will I say to her? Uffff...I felt very terrible to think that she noticed his picture and my talks.. "hey, simply i am talking my self." "please don't over act riya... I can understand your mind.. Smile without reason, talking alone, being online.. I also crossed this age" I felt I am melting...

  • hibluv 2w

    A different love story!

    And slowly I sent some messages like an unknown number and talked much more and slowly I told about my studies and hostel.. He was not interested to chat with girls... But i irritated him with messages.. He showed lazy to chat with me..so.. I lost my hope.. I wanted to quit.. But.. I felt shame to be a failure.. And I asked him "do you know Nilu...?" (Nilu is my sister) he was much more excited.. "yea I know.. She is my aunt... And how you know her?" .. I felt very funny... I laughed most.. But i remembered about others.. And kept quiet.. I told "she is my sister.." I knew that he realized me.. Then he was very interested to talk about his family. Slowly I don't know what happened to me my body... I felt a shiver and my mind went to another world... He questioned me very well, Talked very well and i did not got what was happened to me with some minutes... And my fingers flew with a magical power in the keyboard... My heart Beaten very faster than my typing... I wanted to look his profiles again.. I saw his face in his profile picture.. But I felt he was more cute.. I tried to zoom in but WhatsApp didn't allowed me to do so... And at first I don't know for what.. I saved his picture to my gallery and then to my vault...


  • hibluv 2w

    A different love story!

    That was an awesome evening... I was in friendly chat with my friends.. I early jumped from my hostel before the vacation by the reason of my illness.. I had shared my number to my roommates and my beasties.. And they are compatating to message me... And the middle of my chat I saw her message... I swiped it ... Not to avoid.. I feel very irritating when my notification panel get filled with messages.. Another message received.. I opened her message inbox ... Oh.. Yes.. She messaged to remind me one thing which she wanted to do... I was totally absent minded about the thing.... I saved that no which she sent for me.. My hands shivered when I save it.. I replied her to wait...
    She sent me all the best and some warnings.... She want to find the person who is in her brother's mobile ... You may wonder how I find it out.... It was my fear...But she encouraged me to do it and she told if you couldn't do it no one can do it... Then I shut up my mouth and try to face that adventure .. I searched his name in my contact.. yes.. Ravi.. I noticed his profile picture.. Yeah that wasn't attractive but i felt that was not bad.. Because he is my beasties brother...


  • simply_quote4134 2w

    She created illusion...
    He makes it real......

  • jerome_pesso 3w

    When some people depart,
    time does not heal.
    Because in your life their void and part,
    even time cannot fill.