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    Darkness overcomes all
    Blanketing the features of what we once had known
    Shading over all characteristics
    Leaving us without life
    Without a variety of colors
    Without purpose

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    I'm a rebel
    there's no need
    for a rebellion
    at the moment.

    Kaushik Sanyal

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    The stars burn bright in the dark sky,
    Not only for light but beauty unto mine eye,
    The tree stands alone or with brothers,
    But he grows to make my life better,
    And the silent spring she rushes,
    For it is hers to save thirsty men from deathes clutches,
    Then how is it that the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve,
    Seemingly cannot find... their destiny?


  • shenelle_seve_512 1w

    True, words from pen and peace from sword have no difference.
    #life #purpose #peace

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    Fighting can take a Warrior's life and peace can give the Warrior a lifetime respect.

  • shenelle_seve_512 1w

    People may get jealous by your talent, but be patient because this makes you higher than you.

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    People may comment on you, what you have to do is to keep a belief on who you are.

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    People often ask me that 'why do you want to join army aren't you afraid of dying' ? And then I say it's not just about army but also about 'Identifying ones Purpose'.
    Then they ask me 'how you are so sure that serving your country your mother land is your purpose you never know about future'?
    And then I say joining army has been my childhood goal and through out this whole journey I faced many ups and down, but I am always determined about it.

    I never questioned my purpose my goal because since childhood this goal and dream has defined me as a person with strong character, morals and principles.

    One thing am sure about that if I don't volunteer to protect my nation then somebody else would show up and I take pride for decision I have made because I have that courage and will to sacrifice.

    To all my mirakee friends who are struggling and hustling with their dreams and goals you are blessed, you have realised your purpose stay strong and keep fighting for it with focus and determination your perseverance towards it will definitely reward you with success, may god be with you all. Amen! ����✌��☺️

    Here is a beautiful verse from Bible am sharing with you and it has been very motivating for me.

    JAI HIND ����

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    This is my Purpose.

    I think about it sometimes, many times and it goes away. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

    (Bible)Isaiah 6:8

  • rubeenaak 1w

    I know
    you feel empty.
    but do you think
    you can fill it with
    things that destroy you
    and still feel full?


  • rubeenaak 1w

    The soul keeps wandering
    until it finds the purpose in pain.


  • theweavers 1w


    Being a child we all had beautiful dreams every time we went to bed for our innocence and purity was not poisoned. We were free from the worldly cares and our minds were able to think into the vast boundaries of imagination. I remember when I was in 3rd Grade I would place my notebook alongside my friend’s and would count the stars our teacher had given us. And sometimes when I had fewer stars than him I would run to my subject teacher and beg her to give me more stars, I think about the innocence of childhood.

    Those meaningless stars on a piece of paper had so much meaning and inspiration for us but as the time passed we became indifferent, pretty inhuman I would say, technology seeped into our bones and everything else that was analogue felt less attractive and meaningless. We grew towards automation and urban era but we lost that innocence and joy of the childhood, the ability to think beyond the stars, to reach the stars and to hold them. Our aims became small, our hearts became shallow, our feelings became selfish and we who once were pure became so impure that we lost the idea of who we were and what our dreams and aims were supposed to be.

    We heard the stories of how people found salvation in something and their lives completely turned to a new book but when I looked around I found no body of such heart, of such love. The ideas of people were materialized and they worshipped meaningless idols. The meaning of God had become so fragile to them that It had broken apart. Their inspirations changed and their stars became the people as time went by. Salvation was found in material things, in gold and in jewels but what was happening? They were drowning in the ocean of lust.

    The stars glittered more at night merely a 100 years ago but today when I go out and look up, it’s the same sky, the same world but the stars, Oh dear! The stars in despair have moved farther from us for we are so much worried about the world that for years we haven’t looked upon them. Our desire to reach them is faded and so is theirs out of despair. We move away and away and I fear soon we will be left alone in the darkness with no one to enlighten us, no one to glitter in our skies and no one to pour hope into our souls and to welcome our mornings.

    Our hearts shallow, our material passions, our aims low, our love lust, our words futile, our smiles forged, our feelings selfish, our story blue, our hope despairing, our life shadow, our hunger starving, our families shattered, our eyes blind, our minds oppressed, our leaders unpolished, our ideas impure, and we, turning into automata uncaring of the weeping stars, of the people in past, their courage and glory, their yearn to make the difference and their visions into the galaxies beyond imagination.

    Today when I close my eyes to dream,
    I hope to see all the broken streams;

    To see where we were lost in themes
    Where we forgot our visions foreseen;

  • shenelle_seve_512 2w

    Up to visions, one have the right to express the thoughts openly.
    #dream #purpose #determination #difference #right

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    So let them to express the feelings of country's development, who? Your dreams.

  • shenelle_seve_512 2w

    If you have a dream, you must have a thought to move wisely.
    #dream #purpose #determination

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    Without thoughts, one couldn't move forward.

  • shenelle_seve_512 2w

    Your single step shows the way you lead, firmly.
    #dream #purpose #determination #difference

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    Actions must be changed and thoughts must be same.

  • jonnyswrite 2w


    Moving to and fro
    the gate of this great ecology,
    People from all works.

    Always busy,
    an environment filled with diverse future.
    Each, waiting to be cited by it's Eagle.

    Doom, it spells,
    to those, to whom their purpose of existence
    is unknown.

    Bloom, she is,
    To those, to whom purpose
    is defined.

  • theweavers 2w

    The Pedestrian Part Two

    “He seems to be a fine old gentleman,” said the wife

    “Yes, almost of my age I guess,” replied the old man.

    “Sorry, I acted in a childish way at the door, I hope he didn’t hear anything.”

    “It’s alright, no matter who he is, we are supposed to help him, maybe he is a good man.”

    “I hope so,” said the wife.

    The old man’s wife washed her hands and was making coffee when the driver woke up.

    “Thank you…” said the driver coughing.

    “It was our duty, anyways how are you feeling?” said the old man.

    “My head is paining but I am fine,” told the driver.

    “I will give you some medicine,” said the wife.

    “Yes, you should take some,” said the old man.

    “He should rest now,” said the wife after giving the driver some medicine.

    The old man nodded and they took the driver to their bedroom. Laying him on the bed, the old man sat down on the bedroom chair as his wife went back to the kitchen.

    “You are good people, too good for this dark soul that clouds me. I was better dead,” said the driver.

    “Mind what you say, even the darkest souls can be lightened and there is no better in death, it is the coward’s way,” replied the old man.

    “What did I better in the sixty years of my life? Nothing, I guess. Tell me what do you see in my hands?” The driver showed his weathered hands to the old man and continued. “Indeed, nothing but weakness, when I was a small boy, my parents sent me to a boarding school, after a year they were murdered and I was unable to pay the dues. Hence, the school sent me to an orphanage. I was only 8 then. The next two years went by quickly but then one day a man, around thirty, came with his wife. They took me in as a foster child. In the beginning everything was great, they loved me to the fullest but after a year they had their own baby; a boy. We were all very happy until I started to feel distanced. My foster mother started to treat me as a servant and bullied me, until one-day, while being bullied I injured her arm with a knife. Her anger was horrifying and she was yelling at me while beating me with a cane. I ran out of the house and the last thing I heard was, “Never come back you animal!!! I never had the—

    “Coffee…” interrupted the wife and served coffee to the driver and the old man.

    “Thank you for your kindness, you have an amazing wife, Frank,” said the driver.

    “And beautiful,” the old man looked at his wife smiling.

    “Don’t gossip all night, okay? He needs rest,” said the wife as she left the room.

    And the driver continued, “Amazing woman. Anyways, where was I? Ah! Yes, I never had the courage to go back, I spent the night outside in a garbage can and the next day I was wandering in the streets when I found a boy, his name was Patrick. After knowing what had happened he told me that he knew a place where I could stay and took me there. It was an old house and I found 3 boys and an older guy there, around 25 I guess. Living there with them I learned that the boys were homeless too like me and this guy had given them a place to live and taught them how to become pickpockets, they told me how interesting it was to steal and so my unlawful life began. From a small pickpocket slowly I became a thief and a killer. I fell in love with a lady when I was 25, I still remember her eyes.” The driver’s eyes were full of tears and he was whispering. Wiping his tears with the palm of his hand he continued, “I was never satisfied with how I explained her beauty though she always said I overly exaggerated her beauty, but you don’t know, when you love a person how undefinable they become. I knew how heartbreaking it would be for her, once she found out what I was, hence, I stopped walking on the unlawful path, but my people, with whom I had lived for 14 years were unhappy, and so my love, whom I loved sincerely with all my heart was murdered too. See how my past abandoned my future!” and the driver cried for a moment and then continued. “The killing began again afterwards, I wish they killed me along with my wife, but they knew it was better to leave me suffering than to kill me. I have killed people with these hands, these hands are as dark as weak they look, I have killed my own love, life has made me cruel and uncaring over the years and here I am in your house, shot in my left shoulder and slowly dying. I fear that if I live more, life will make my soul even darker than it is now.”

    “Your story is as true as it is soulful…life is all you talked about…and life molds a man into nothing or something, but it is the man who chooses to accept what he is molded into. You were molded into something, something evil, indeed, but did you accept it? Did it make you happy? I can see it in your eyes, and through your eyes I see your heart, it yearns to do good, to help a man, to grow a plant, to happy the unhappy, to drive out the darkness in your soul, and in that madness you are now of the will to drive your soul out of the molding. Life molded me into nothing, and I have been nothing my whole life, I accepted the situations that chanced upon me because my heart did not yearn to change them, it is as dark as your soul, devoid of light. And remember, a heart devoid of light cannot enlighten a soul but a heart with even a small speck of light can.”

    “Hmm…if your heart is devoid of any light, then how are you able to enlighten me? And if you are able to enlighten me then how can you not enlighten your own self?”

    “Love, my friend, love; my heart is devoid of light but the light of my love’s heart has always been there trying to evoke my soul, my sluggish attitude towards life has led me to darkness. She has always been unaccepting to what we faced, always trying to better our lives or at least tensed about it, and it is because of her I have been thinking about “change” even today until I met you. You are good at heart, you can still make a positive change in yourself, just keep living and don’t give up on life. Today when you sleep, be remorseful of what wrong you did in life and vow to do good deeds as the new day rises.”

    The driver was quite for a few moments as if he was thinking of “change” in life. While the old man was looking down, he stared at him thinking and then said, “Thank you for your kindness. I will never be able to repay you.”

    “It’s the least I could do for you,” the old man got up. “It’s late, I should leave now and…call me if you need anything…I am leaving the door open, Goodnight.”

    “Goodnight,” replied the driver.

    While the old man went to sleep, the driver sat thinking of what the old man had said. After a few moments he took out a piece of paper from his pocket and wrote this:

    “The bag is yours, it’s the least I could do for you, or it is the least good I can do at the moment.”

    It was 8 O’clock in the morning, the old man woke up and went to his bedroom. Entering the room, he was surprised to see no sign of the driver, he was long gone. All he could find was the note that the driver had left on the side table.

  • theweavers 2w

    The Pedestrian (Part One)

    “You think I don’t?! Really? Are you leaving again?!” His wife was crying at him as he rushed out of the house closing the door. Moving to the middle of the street he took a deep breath pushing his hands into the pockets of his long coat. The cold winter breeze ruffled his long greyish-brown hair as he gazed at the moonlit sky with his pale blue eyes. Looking towards his right with raised eyebrows he scratched his short beard and started walking slowly, tightening the muffler knot around his wrinkly neck. It was almost midnight, the street was quite as a grave and the sound of his footsteps echoed down the street. Now and then a dog barked or an owl hooted but the man was uncaring; he was too absorbed in himself.
    After walking for a few moments the old man started to whisper to himself, “Never do I say the merry goodbye leaving home and I then ask for a blessing so joyous, oh God! Forgive me but I am in a deception, I hope to see a better tomorrow but then I am left with nothing and I hope again and again, but what can a poor man do to bring a change in his life? Something…something could raise me up and show me a way that led to a change, something positive in my life. Living three scores of my life in an ordinary way was tough, but I do remember the few exceptional moments especially when I met my wife. She is an amazing woman, even when things are tough for us, she cares for me, she loses her nerve now and then but it’s not her fault. Ah! I guess she is just depressed; she will be fine, I know. I wish I was good enough to give us a life, a good one, a happy one, indeed. Employers say I should retire, productivity matters to them, they don’t care about my age, maybe if we had adopted a child, today he would shoulder us, but it’s fate; I can’t change it.” His eyes glistened with tears, “I wish I could change my fate, I wish I had a chance to make our life better!”

    The old man stopped under a street light to catch his breath. A small stick at his feet caught his eye, bending down slowly he picked it up and looked at it for a moment. Then closing his eyes, he swung it in the air like a magician and smiled, as if the magic had worked but opening his eyes he sighed, “Ah! I wish something would change, I wish I saw all that I have yearned to see in life, but I ask my fate to make magic for there is no better magician than it, it can twist your life in a moment. All I can do is hope, a hope that when I turn over to the next page of my life, I will see betterment, if not worldly then eternal, that’s enough magic for me.”

    Then suddenly the old man heard a screeching sound and he ran over to the side of the street. The car skidded, its headlights flashed and eventually, it smashed into a street light with a deafening sound that echoed down the street for a while.

    The old man’s hands were shaking, his eyes were closed and he had taken hold of the street wall. As his vision became clear, he could see a car, almost 20 feet away from where he stood, its headlights were flickering and smoke was rising from its misshapen bonnet, there was blood on the broken windshield. The old man gazing at the car in shock, walked towards the driver’s window. There was an unconscious old man in black suit whose forehead was resting on the steering wheel. Breath vapors were coming out of his mouth, and his shoulder was bleeding. The old man opened the door and quickly dragged the driver a few steps away from the car, then he undid his muffler knot and bandaged the driver’s wounded shoulder as best as he could and shouldering him he started to walk towards his house.

    “Stop…” the old man heard a murmuring voice. It was the driver. “You shouldn’t help me, leave me here and…and go home,” the driver removed his hands from the old man’s shoulders and tried to move away but the old man was holding him tightly.
    “Madness isn’t the solution to anything, you will die out here if you resist my help,” said the old man barely holding his breath.

    “I am better dead, leave…leave me!” The driver pulled himself away and fell on his wounded shoulder.

    “Don’t force death! You hear me? Stop being foolish!” Bending over the driver, the old man shook him. “You have got to live through life like a man, not die like a coward!”

    The driver was quiet for a moment, and then he said, “There is a bag on the back seat of my car.”
    The old man brought the bag from the car and shouldering the driver he started to walk again, he was unable to hold his breath but he struggled until they reached the old man’s house.

    At the door, the old man thought, what am I to tell her, ah! Let’s just go inside, and knocked at the door. He could hear the footsteps of his wife, the door opened, there was an old lady, she had grey eyes and wrinkly face but she looked beautiful. She wore a purple frock and a white apron, her hair was nicely combed and pinioned behind her head.

    You are back; I knew you would—Frank?! What happened? Who is this wounded man?” said his wife in shock.

    “I don’t know, he crashed his car into a street light.”

    “You must have called an ambulance.”

    “I don’t know, stop arguing with me, he is wounded badly.”

    “Take him to the kitchen, I will bring the medical kit,” said his wife as she headed to the storeroom.

    The old man took the driver to the kitchen and helped him lay on the table removing his shirt.
    “There is a bullet in my shoulder,” winced the driver.

    “You will be fine, don’t worry,” patted the old man.

    The wife came back carrying the medical kit and took out the bandage and forceps.

    “Just hold him tightly, it’s going to hurt…” said the wife as she was about to take out the bullet.
    The driver screamed, his body shivered.

    “I got it,” said the wife as she took the bullet out.
    The driver had fallen unconscious.

    “Check his pulse!” said the old man.

    “Don’t worry, he will be awake in a few minutes,” said the wife as she bandaged the drivers shoulder and forehead.

    “Let’s wait for him to wake up then,” said the old man sitting on the kitchen chair.

  • shenelle_seve_512 2w

    Just is the way towards development, and so equality is.
    #purpose #just

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    Just only comes when whole nation is ready to face the conditions, together.

  • shenelle_seve_512 2w

    Just read this, because I know, you all have dreams.
    #dream #purpose #determination

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    The most rapid advice for a dreamer is that no matter how much he's being down, should always keep a belief on what, he can do.

  • shenelle_seve_512 2w

    Simple is that, pushing a button of myself as a human imagination, this would take a time.
    #dream #purpose #determination

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    The more easier the way is, more hard rules would be.

  • shenelle_seve_512 2w

    Your life is with a purpose, you'll know the better.
    #dream #purpose

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    It's your choice to choose between the lose bridge and firm bridge.


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    Success indeed is her, my whole journey is for that, whole thing in caption too:I am a Traveler,
    Walking on a novel Road,
    In order to find her,
    I created my own course,
    By her Aroma,
    I tried to find her,
    But a great paradox awoke,
    He tried to scare me and alter my road,
    But loses thanks to my purpose,
    With her Over My Mind,
    I will accomplish my life.

    #novel #success #life #traveler #purpose #goal #road #journey #aroma #beauty

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    I am a Traveler,
    Walking on a novel Road,
    In order to find her,
    I created my own course,
    By her Aroma,
    I tried to find her,
    But a great paradox awoke,
    He tried to scare me and alter my road,
    But loses thanks to my purpose,
    With her Over My Mind,
    I will accomplish my life.