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  • secretexpresso 13w

    Kabhi socha hai Kya tumne,
    Ki Kya Saha hoga us ladki ne jiska hai tumne rape Kiya,
    Nahi na toh ab Zara us ladki ki jagah khudko maan kar dekho,
    Aur ab khudka jism kisi hewan se nuchwa Kar dekho.
    Kaisa lagta hoga use rape ke baad kisi se ankh Mila Kar,
    Toh ab khudki ankh kisi se Mila Kar dekho.
    Uske us dard ko Zara seh Kar dekho,
    Tumne toh rape Kar Diya,
    Ab Zara apni behn ke bare me tum aisa soch kar dekho.
    Kaisa lagega tumhe jab koi tumhari bhen ka rape karega,
    Ab ek bebas Bhai ke dard ke bare me soch kar dekho.
    Kabhi tum khud ye sab dard seh Kar dekho,
    Kabhi toh is bare me soch kar dekho.


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    Kabhi khud ye sochke dekho


  • trixiegrey 13w

    I died the day they touched me without my permission...
    I died the day everyone blamed me...
    I died the day i lost my innocence...

  • phebean_love 13w

    I moved to a different environment, with different people of a very different way of thinking. At first, the environment seem strange, like I was the only awkward person in there. I made friends(actually they made me their friend). These friends accepted me despite the rejection I gave my miserable life. They tried to Slim fit all resentment and negativity I had for myself, but guess what, I was so so attached to it. I lost my real self. Before I met those friends, I've always tried to tell people(most times in riddles) about the incident, so they would pity me and accept any flaws I put up, but the truth is "Never tell anyone you meet at random, about your dark past, they could taunt you with that".
    I had Issues too. I would sometimes or should I say most times be so sad and moody, too playful(that my kind of play and jokes were not accepted), and all other stuffs like that. Then I would lie that its a "Mood Swing". But its no mood swing at all, its my past that I have allowed to taunt me. That was how I lived six years of my life in the prison of my past. Many a time, good and refreshing feelings will come, but still that bad experience would give me a flash back that it would scatter any new feelings. It was like I would never do anything successful neither will I be a great person in life.
    I have expressed myself in the easiest words. I know you are reading this and probably asking yourself, "what can I do?, what is her resolution?"
    I'll tell you. No one knows you better than yourself. Of Course, youre down and its true that its so hard to look up when youre down. But this is it, only You can help You. You have to see everything good in that incident, everything good. Just as my story, the occurrence prevented me from any immature relationships, unwanted pregnancy and every immature things I would have involved myself in.
    Secondly, you have to let go of the bad event. *You cant get something when your hands are folded*. Just try to let go. You can write it down to relief you of thinking about it. If you are not good at writing, try to talk to someone. I spoke to someone(even when I did not trust a soul). There's always a little trust that comes when you see the right person, trust your instincts. If you cant, you can always speak to @phebean_love on IG, just DM her.
    Thirdly, this one is the most of all, CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT! Yes you have to change your environment, if the change is not coming to you, my dear, go to the change! When you change your environment your mindset begins to change, you'll see things differently.
    More so, ADAPT TO THE CHANGE!, Be a part of the change. Remember only you have the power to change yourself. I read all motivational books, watch motivational programs, listen to motivational speakers, but No! It wasn't working, until I decided within myself to ADAPT TO THE CHANGE. irrespective of prayers(though prayers are essential), only your Work can make your Prayers work.
    When am talking about change, I mean a Positive Change. Begin to love and adore yourself. Let your flaws be your greatest strengths. What I mean is accept your flaws and never exhibit them as your weakness. When you grow to love yourself the way you are, you forget about what anyone thinks about you. A quick one, "The way you love yourself, that's how people will love you".
    When you begin to love yourself, love the things you do. Loving yourself makes you wake up every morning and you tell yourself "I am beautiful, I am handsome, I am wonderful, I am great, I can, I will and I must succeed". This declaration becomes a driving force for you, continually repeat them when you wake up and when you're going to bed.
    TRY NEW THINGS. New things like participating in any good event, sporting, gymnastics, take yoga classes, outings and any activities that makes you happy. Yes, laughing is the priceless medicine that heals the soul faster than any prescribed medicine. Note that, This incident deals with your soul, so you need activities that can crack your ribs, make you relaxed and not tensed.
    APPRECIATE YOURSELF. Always call yourself my the name you love most, "Babe, you're good, you tried!", "Guy, you're the best!". Appreciating yourself sounds stupid, right? I know, but its the best. This makes you happy and make you want to do better. Even when you make a mistake, be happy with yourself.
    DO NOT STAY ALONE IN A LONE AREA. Being lonely makes you remember the occurrence vividly, its plays over and over again in your head and makes you misbehave to anyone you come across after your being lonely. Am not saying you cant have a personal time, but staying alone for about a Hour or two can cause you to remember everything, and this is not so good and also dangerous to your new development.
    Most of all, Love God, God is love. Invite Him to your heart and trust in His supernatural healing; by making yourself ready and available for the healing.

    In case you have any question of any sort, need an advice or any contribution(giving us story lines and the likes), you can DM me on IG @phebean_love. Thank you very much for reading, don't forget to repost, someone might need it. xoxo.

    #Voice. Of. A. Survivor.
    #There. Is. Hope.
    #I. Can. Rise. Again
    #Say. No. To. Rape.

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    _ *LOST (BUT FOUND)*

    Negativity, low self-esteem, hatred of self, Pain in the inside. Downcast and lost of Trust(even in myself).
    All that were for six years, those thoughts, that grieve burnt for six good years. No one knew the actual thing that was wrong with me. I held unto the incident and it continued to play in my head, all the time.
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  • harshii_ash 13w

    Her soul is pure
    Her heart is gold
    Her innocence is real
    Her love is true

    His eyes are evil
    His intentions make him a devil
    His love is lust
    His actions are not just

    Yet another innocent being was laid
    Her resistance made no gate
    Screams and tears
    Didn't melt his heart

    His cruelty was a devil's mark
    The pure soul was no longer alive
    Love was insulted
    And again heaven cried.

    Harshita Ashwani

  • meghana27 13w


    Too much of torture to bear for a little girl who doesn't even know what it is
    And the fear that they will harm her parents too eats her up from the inside

    Based on a true story of all the rapes happening out in the world on young girls ... Such a shame!!
    And the society makes the situation worse for them mouthing all nasty comments

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    Little girl

    Oh little girl!
    She still remembers that dreadful night
    She tried to escape with all of her might
    They tied her up
    And hands were moving all over her body
    She was attacked by a hungry group of wolves
    Poor little girl!
    Their desire was stronger than hers
    Her body was full of excruciating pain
    Her screams were ravaging all over the building
    She could hear the men saying
    You utter a word about this
    And your parents will be maimed for it
    Hands and men all around her
    None of them could attack her pristine soul
    But the society shattered her with their words so foul
    Oh little girl!
    How hard she tired not to fall into their trap
    The intentions of those men were nothing more than crap
    And the chocolate was too tasty to melt her down
    She didn't know what they were doing
    Nor did she understand what all the people were saying
    All she understood was that she let her parents down
    She saw her own smile fade into a forever frown
    Now her hopes were broken into pieces
    She couldn't tell anyone
    Nor could she bear keeping it all inside
    And the next day papers had the news
    "A little girl of age 6 killed herself"
    Oh little girl!
    Too young to die
    And the monsters killed all your hopes to live

  • hanisha_mardia 13w

    To all the men's out here
    Girls aren't toys to be played with,
    They have life's too.
    Eyes down men's! Girls will no more be your slaves
    And you will then realise she is actually brave.��

    #stoprape #hangtodeath #rape #victim #monsters #humanity #death #bad #kindness #innocent #girls #girl #beingagirl

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    She shed tears
    They only giggled.

    She screamed
    They kept threatening.

    Humanity was no longer alive
    As those monsters snatched her life.
    She wished if they died,
    But little did she know society will soon forget her cry.
    And then God will rue his own creation of life.


  • amami_coca 13w

    Shredded Roses

    Carefree caresses and mischievous smiles
    Blissful adventures last only awhile
    Darkened eyes and molded fists
    Beautiful nightmares begin to exist

    Prodding veins in building blind rage
    My drama king takes center stage
    With feathered kisses and Mayweather blows
    Our torturous foreplay starts the show

    Weak knees collapse in fear and pain
    Fragile body drenched in tearful rain
    Thunderous slaps kiss my pampered jaw
    Crimson red softly collides with the floor

    My mouth gagged, to muff my screams
    My mind repeats, "It's just a dream"
    The lash of the belt on skin, I feel
    Silences my mind saying, "This is real"

    On freezing marble tiles, unclad, I lie
    As darkness slowly clothes my eyes
    Your weight presses against my hind
    Lengthy shaft plunges from behind

    My body, I feel, struggle against you
    My hands shoot out aiming to maim you
    But my head, you smash onto the bare floor
    My insides, you ripe apart wanting more

    In me you spill, your sickening spasm
    A sinister smile precedes your hellish orgasm
    Death, I crave in a zillion dozes
    My body, stings from our shredded roses


  • krupa_kadir 13w

    Because, Shame

    What makes her pretend that she likes the uncle who insists that she sits on his lap while he tries to cup her delicate back surreptitiously? Why does she nod her head meekly when he says, “I’ll come home tomorrow!” and later curls herself into a protective ball, willing with all her heart to be invisible?

    What makes her cross the road in wild abandon- with her bowed down;
    Pretending deaf to the catcalls, wolf-whistles and the leery comments, that keeps ringing in her ears even after they’re long gone?

    What makes her walk that extra mile in a circuitous route pretending to friends that it is her only workout, all the while watching out for that faceless face she wanted to avoid, all the while skittering like a frightened rabbit.

    What makes her squeeze close to the ladies seat and stand even in a sparsely crowded bus, inching away discreetly to not show by her face or actions the acute violation that her body felt at being groped continuously and rubbed against.

    What makes her hide the brutal bite marks with a high back blouse, stifle her wince while she splashes cold water on her womanhood and defeated pride, begging them to forget the hurtful violation of her husband’s inflated ego and erection.

    What makes her delicately draw down the little gown of her infant girl, trying to protect the innocence and dignity; while her recurring nightmares strips her baby’s clothes, hope and dreams over and over;

    What silences her palpable anger, her raw pain?
    What suffocates her ability to breath freedom and break free? 

    What muffles her loud screams and her passionate dreams?
    Is it the pertinent question “What would people think?”
    Is it the thought that’s seeded in her mind – ” This would ruin your life!”?
    Is it that one feeling that’s fed over and over to her by the many generations and layers of a cruel society?
    Is it the manmade feeling call Shame?

    She never screams, fights, retaliates, hopes, dreams, or dares…
    Because, Shame!

  • mercurial 13w

    I heard his footsteps
    Before I saw his face
    I knew he was coming for me
    I knew what he was coming for

    I was afraid
    I wanted to run and hide
    A fruitless effort it was
    Cos my legs failed me

    Then his face appeared
    The face that I dread a lot
    The one that frightens me even in dreamland
    The one that gives me chills

    With the look on his face
    And his wicked smile
    I knew he was going to do it
    He was going to force me again

    He was going to stick it in between my thighs
    I could already feel the hurt
    I realized I couldn't bear it
    Not anymore

    It happened suddenly that I was dazed
    I felt the sticky liquid on my palms
    And he fell  down with a thud
    I am a murderer

    I have killed him
    I have snuffed the life out of the creature
    And that triumphant smile crossed my lips
    I ran away like a free bird


  • _king_ 13w

    I thought about women one time,
    and said to myself,
    "a woman will always be a woman"
    exposed or covered, she's gorgeous and a sensual appeal, it's for us men to build our minds to maturity,
    contentment and love to be single minded with choices, for a woman will always be a woman and she's primarily not the cause.

    #blame #rape #cheat #womanizer #lovers #loveandmoney #tagfortag #music #musiclovers #friends @writersnetwork @crazypen @readwriteunite @alchemic_faerie @angelicface @aquapond @roshinisandra @jayrin #writersnetwork @sabaridevi #readwriteunite #love #emotional #happilyeverafter #pure #trust #truthfulness #surrender

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    The sky is always blue,
    don't blame her body,
    for the lust that grew in you.


  • the_unloved 13w

    Oh Eve,
    Why did you have to eat that damned fruit?
    Look where we are now !!!


  • 2wardsthesilentsoul 14w

    Ab nahi SAHA jata hai
    Is NARAK mein nahi raha jata hai,
    Socha tha kitni sundar hogi ye HAYAT ,
    Magar iski to Alag he hai bat :-(


  • im_unstoppable 14w

    I may be not having a pure body now as you say...
    But my heart and soul is still pure...
    But your heart is filled with only hatred..ego and jealous..

    Cried a rape victim...

  • beingonpointe 14w

    Strip her down...

    All you enthusiastic, young and handsome lads out there, with a libido going through the roof and want to strip a girl when you see her, I have a message for you. Come strip me, I'd be more than happy to be completely naked for you. Show me that penis from which you think instead of your brain. Come be a man and strip me, strip me off my insecurities, strip me off my fears, strip me off my scars and look at the heart beyond my breasts. Strip me off my anxiety, strip me off my panic pangs, strip me off my tears and then, only then have the audacity to strip me off my clothes. Only then must you have the right to see me physically bare

  • everyonedeservelove 14w


    Dard is mitti k jism ka hota toh andekha bhi krdeti magar,
    Usne toh meri rooh tak noch daali!


  • r_m_o_s 14w

    We all have to protect society of such dark souls. #darkthoughts #abuse #rape #darkplaces

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    Dark nights dark thoughts.

    Would like to grab her
    To take her with me
    Just follow her down there
    So nobody will see...

  • arfan_bhopali 14w

    अब तो बच्चे बच्चीया भी महफूज़ नही है ।
    इंसानी हैवानों को अपनी भूख मिटाने के लिए ।।


  • ramblings_of_a_madman 14w


    Please save me. Someone please save me", she cried loudly as a man raped her on the road.

    Four different spectator videos of the rape went viral on the internet that night.


  • yugesh 15w

    बच्ची रोती है

    आँखें मूँद इंसानियत जाने कहाँ सोती है
    जीते जी मर जाता हूँ मैं जब मेरी बच्ची रोती है|
    क्या कुछ नहीं बीता नाज़ुक सी उस जान पर
    माँस के इस ढांचे में अब कहाँ वही बच्ची होती है।
    छलनी-छलनी हो जाता जिगर मेरा,जब जिगर के टुकड़े से
    कहाँ छुआ,कैसे हुआ ये तफ्तीश होती है।
    कमाल है समाज,मुझे सोच पर तरस आता है
    जुर्म करता है कोई और चेहरा मेरी बच्ची ढकती है।
    हुजूम सा आया है सड़कों पर खबर है मुझे
    अफ़सोस!ये सबकुछ हो जाने के बाद होती है।
    हाल किसी ने न जाना,बस कौम पूछते रह गए
    सियासत है जनाब,अफ़सोस ऐसी ही होती है।
    गुरुर अब भी उतना हीं है,मुझे अपनी बच्ची पर
    आदमी ही हूँ,कौम जिसकी बस एक पिता की होती है।

  • yxungpoet 15w


    Cheer up butter cup,
    Listen to everything I say,
    Don't you dare make a sound,
    Not even the slightest squeal,
    Stop crying,
    Grow up,
    Cheer up butter cup.