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  • sober_diaries 1d

    Natural and Rape.

    She was wounded,
    She was having it all,
    She misunderstood the person she loved, Now is gone,

    She trusted thought he'll never leave things were different after when they meet,

    She removed her clothes showed the best and worst that she could give,
    He teasted her, felt every skin of her body,
    He was hurting her, she kept quite, she was being Pushed, Pulled, Pressed at the same time,

    He did everything and hated her now,
    Questioning herself she Couldn't believe things turned good to bad, How?
    He beat her again and again untill she starts to bleed, She begged and plead to leave,
    She was in position where she doesn't know what she needs, Wishing she wouldn't have meet,
    Her eyes was red, skin was pale crying for help but couldn't find any way,
    She wished to die, Thinking about the bright future where she wants to fly,
    Slowly closing her eyes she laid on ground,
    Thinking everything was lost and things are drown,
    She felt sorry for what she believed was a lie,
    Now the man is happy and satisfied.

  • tanya_____ 3d

    That ni8

    The blood that flows in my veins is but the blood which is pumped by ur heart......
    That holy blood which u spilled out to save my life from those evil demons down the street........
    It was 12:06 am at night n according to the society the wrong was mine to move out in the dark midnight ......those monsters under human skin were ready to make me there prey ..they jumped upon me tied me with a rope .....all my screeches all my shouts went unheard but then to my surprise came the superhero of my life .....my dearest brother who heard the pain in my silence while i was crying .....but ...he lost his life to save mine
    That night i was saved from a rape but what about the internal cuts and wounds that are still sore n somewhat incurable n some have left scars ......the society still blames me for that night but no1 ever tried to search for the criminals down the street ........m still waiting fir that moment when i n my brother will get justice....


  • toastydusks 4d


    Your thirst remained unquenched, so You planned to approach me,
    Your hunger dangled unjustified, so you paid a feast on me,
    The dance of your eyes undressed me,
    The crevices of your face, imprisoned me,
    The bulky, muscular arms entangled me,
    Your incessant demands, lay short of my dishevelled body,
    After, you had your meal, you didn't left a tip, cause you knew this wasn't your last visit.

    And There I sit, enclosed in a secure atmosphere, under the surveillance of my parents, moist-eyed scanning through your horrendous crime, pondering "what If the next time, It's Me?".


  • devikamsethu 4d


    It was a game he told
    I trusted him and held his hand
    My toddler eyes didn't know his croocked smile..
    He held me tight,I couldn't breathe..
    He silenced me by threatening..
    My clothes were ripped and thrown away..
    I didn't know what was happening..
    When he left I realised, something changed
    Something is bleeding down there..
    I screamed from the darkest ally of my house..
    Years passed and he smiled again..
    Told his friends "she is my sister"


  • watermarks 5d

    7:00 PM

    (to her):
    There are monsters on the streets. So, be home before 7:00 PM. Okay?

    Who knew one was living in her home too.


  • kavishasaxena 5d

    She was restless,
    Unable to sleep.
    Surrounded by anxiety and
    panic attacks..

    That night terror when she was brutally raped etched on her mind,
    Which haunted her in every way it could do.


  • heeranshi_mishra 1w

    Bewitching smile of mine is mysterious enough to grave millions of painful touch and zillions of silent screams.

  • loosen_words 1w


    "It's actually ok to have such stuff". Is generally statement made by guys who sees a girl as a saviour from then horny mood.
    But they forgot to consider our wish, mood, consideration and choices. And even they forgot the laws.

    I termed it as a #Virtual #Rape because nothing is done physically apart from the damage to my confidence and my modesty.

    #girl #voiceraise #acallforchange #wonemwish #willnotbeacceptedanymore #changerequired

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    Virtual Rape

    It was late night, may be 12 am or so
    I got call, from a number known
    Voice was somewhat I can relate,
    But some-how, my brain was refusing to accept

    His voice was feble, and seems like crying
    I was tensed, is something i need to worry
    I pondered, who he might be, this time calling
    And with such voice, when he cried

    I asked, "Is all ok with you, someway can I help?"
    He said no, just make me listen to your voice
    You voice have the feel that rush through my veins
    And makes me alive, and erect

    But what goes in should need to be out,
    Please don't stop this voice, while I shout
    It's ok, that just pleasurable pain
    Till then I wonder, where my friendship, rode that train

    I was supposed to say no, because I was not feeling good
    That feel, of his virtual semen, as he shout
    I shouted too, though there was not physical pain
    But my modesty, was hurted again

    Yes I am a girl, not your toy,
    Lowered gaze for world, why not when they are not
    I hanged up the call by saying no,
    Seems like being femine, I don't have right for those

    He gave me another ring, to make me realise
    No matter what, I have to be always by his side
    Though I am not his wife
    Still have to be submissive, as it was his right

    But who gave, those to him
    Neither my "No" nor his "Granted yes"
    Nor the laws, on this country made
    Never our gender made this decision

    Still, he said those words one more that
    As he made that shout, virtually I got rapped
    And no one realised till now...

    -Richa bose

  • broken_pen__ 1w

    Cheap Dress

    By walking through the dark street at night,
    They called me, like they owned me in their sight..
    I avoided, 'cause I don't want to fight,
    Thought, "Now, it's alright!"..

    Next evening, I saw the same evil eyes,
    It made me colder than the ice..
    One started to follow me through my place,
    Tried to pull my skirt's lace..
    "Get off from my way", I said in a slight fear,
    He smiled, as he couldn't hear..
    "Only one time, baby!", he said in lust,
    I ran so fast after giving a slap and throwing on dust..

    I spoke to mother, in terror and fear,
    Nothing came out, but only a tear..
    She said, "Women are meant for it",
    I said, "No, mother, I don't get it!"
    She said, "A scarf on face and covered parts can only make females ride their own carts"
    "But, mother, I don't wear anything cheap! How can you blame dustbins, when people create heap?"

    Next evening, I put kurti on my body,
    Thought of not getting noticed by anybody..
    Same man came and pulled my scarf,
    Slapped me publicly and began to laugh..
    He said, "You bitch! How could you slap? You think this attire would make us clap?"
    "No, you dog, you proved my mother wrong!
    But I don't fear you, not any long..
    Few females came out with sticks in their hands,
    As I shouted, "Are there any braves on this land?"
    They got beated by prisoners,
    Still, this evil prevails and it's a curse..

    How people judge women on clothes and attire,
    When men just want to set their bad fire..
    Men, for bad eyes, will never get a blame,
    Women will be questioned, as they created the flame..
    Society won't support women for this case,
    Goddesses will never come from this phase..
    For having a well cultured girl, they'll all be in stress,
    And for all bad happenings, will blame her..

  • kushith_shetty 1w

    Every night she slept with despair.....
    With no tears to shed,
    With no sense of hope.....
    She let herself be used
    By those demons.......
    Screams of not pleasure but utter pain,
    Shattered her soul into pieces
    With a new scar on her body every night
    Her body had become a graveyard of scars
    She visited every night as her nightmares
    #family abuse #rape by blood relations #disgusting people

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    Every night she slept with despair.....
    With no tears to shed,
    With no sense of hope.....
    She let herself be used
    By those demons.....
    Screams of not pleasure but utter pain,
    Shattered her soul into pieces
    With a new scar on her body every night
    Her body had become a graveyard of scars
    She visited every night as her nightmares

  • rahem027 1w

    * - Stains not wounds


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    I would rather bear the deepest of scars in my heart than ur stains* on my body

  • jubilant 1w

    As the Rajasthan Assembly passed an amendment bill relating to molesting and rape just like Madhya Pradesh. I have an ardent itch that all the other 27 states should ordain a stringent law, for the person, it will bring pressure to think hundred times before committing such heinous misdemeanor 
    #Cold #rape #crime #stopit

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    It was a cold winter bewitching hour which intimidated the entire populace sending chills through their vertebraes.
    16th December 2012, you all must be in the know of that .
    That particular day, I first heard of the word "RAPE". And till now, have been paying attention to it frequently .
    Now, the question lies:
    When will the protests, the marches and the demonstrations end up?


  • heeranshi_mishra 2w

    You touched me,
    You left me with wild screams,
    You tore up my innocent petals,
    You burnt my courage to smile,
    You digged up my zeal to conquer wind.
    You gifted me bruises which bleeds death every single moment.

  • heeranshi_mishra 2w

    Can you see beyond darkness ?
    Yeah ! Some fabricated lies twinkling bright and sprinkling their fake tinted smiles over my scars and all I do is smirk back to dig a grave for the innocent child dying in me.
    'Cause when I look back at my past it really seems beyond darkness.


  • heeranshi_mishra 2w

    For me, living is an achievement in itself. - Heer
    #rape #harassment #women

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    My soul is burning alive while my bones are feeble now. I have adorned my eyes with permanent smudged kohl and lips became chapped and torned.

    I have been managing to create a mystery from the pain residing within, the mystery to exist till now with those sunken eyes, a broken heart and a shattered belief system is an achievement for me.

    So yeah,
    I wish myself today a HAPPY MYSERY DAY 'cause I have been suffering a mysery mysteriously from 9 years and this mysery will die with my ashes only.

  • hindikavi98 2w

    #happywomen'sday #rape #sad
    Give ur views on this topic in comment section

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    Happy women's day ???

    Har gali , har mohalle me hota nari pe attayachar hai
    Kisi ki bhrun hatya , to kisi ka hota
    balatkar hai
    Kya women's day manana sach me
    Sakaar hai ??
    Koi ladki dahej ki ,to koi domestic violence ki
    Shikaar hai
    Jo ye balatkari hai na , isme se kuch aam hai ,to Kuch sarkaari hai
    Koi Apne mama ke hathon , to koi Apne chacha ki hathon hui shikaar hai..
    Ye mera aap Sabse aaj sawal hai ki....
    women's day manana sach
    me sakaar hai??
    Hppy WMEN's Day.....

  • _unopened_letters_ 2w

    Mai Kisse Kahaaniyan Padhti Gayi
    Mai Dard Ki Kahaniyan Suntii Gayi
    Bas Wo Awazein Hi Nahi Gunjii Zehein Mei Mere
    Wo Ehsaas Bhi Mehsus Karti Gayi Mai
    kahaniyan Chor Police Jaisii Hi Mai Padhti Gayi
    Per Yeh Kisse Kahaaniyan Alag Si Thi Shabd-be-Shabd Samjhti Gayi Mai
    Insaniyat Se Paare Mai Sunti Gayii
    Kabhi 19 Saal Kabhi 8 Mahine Yeh Jism Ko Noch Fad - Khane Ki Dastan Sunke Sehem Si Gayi Mai
    Kabhi Toh 1Din Mei Khane Ki Kabhi Mahino Tak Silsila Chalne Ki Dard Ki Dastan Sunti Gayi Mai
    Mai Kaise Bachaungi Apani Pari Ko Yeh Hi Sochti Gayi Mai
    Kahin Dur Baithein Har Beti Ki Maa Bhi Dar Ke Kaptii Hogi Yh Hi Sochti Gayi Mai
    Mere Sawalo Ka Jawab Khudse Hi Din Raat Mangti Gayi Mai
    Yeh Dard Ki Dastan Jab Sunti Gayi Mai
    Meri Maa Ya Teri Maa
    Meri Behen Ya Teri Behen
    Meri Aulad Ya Teri Aulad
    Na Ho Agla Shikar Khuda Se Yeh Dua Karti Gayi Mai
    Ab Apne Hi Bhaiyon, Doston, Padosiyon Se Darti Gayi Mai
    Aisi Kahin Kahaaniyan Padhti - Sunti Gayi Mai
    Har Bar Koi Dusri Ladki Or Dusre Janwar Ki Ke Upar Sochti - Likhti Gayi Mai
    Yun Hi Kuch Or Kisse Kahaaniyan Sunti - Padhti Gayi Mai.

    - By Harshita Katiyar

  • shubhumehrotra23 2w

    Deafening Silence

    It was a beautiful midnight
    As she walks down in the alley something struck her like a bolt from the blue.
    She ran as fast as she could,the wind hit her face and from the back there came a hand on her waist.
    The pitched dark night made it harder for sight and it increased her plight.As his fingers intertwined in her tresses she screamed.Droplets of sweat dripped from her forehead and tears crawled down her eyes and when he forced himself on her she felt the chill of the blade against her throat.
    She coughed and spluttered,cried and weeped,begged and pleaded but it only made her hurt and bleed.
    Her blood boiled in every vein when his smell faded into her like disgrace.
    She saw the moon go down and the sun come up.

    “It was voyeurism for him and desiderata of emancipation for her.”

  • stark_the_mystery 3w


    They see my wounds,
    But pain is invisible
    They see my tears
    And the ache is unfathomable.
    My plight is something everybody talks about,
    But my thoughts are something, they know nothing about .

    And now when I am dead;
    My story is worth everybody's time
    Now when my pain is ignored like paper shreds
    I am still invisible under the microscope of crime !!!


  • purujit 8w


    फिर से निकले है लोग सड़कों पर,
    हाथों में मोमबत्तियां ज़लायें!
    सुना है, आज फिर एक 'आवाज'
    अंधेरे में गुम हो गयी है!

    निकली थी वो तो बस थोड़ा टहलने, इस बात से अनजान होकर
    कि मोड़ पर बैठें है कुछ 'दुशासन', हवस की आंधी पर सवार होकर!
    देख कर उसको अकेली, सोचा आज मौका मिल गया!
    खुश तो ऐसे हुए मानो अमृत मिल गया!

    खुद को समझ कर 'शेर', धर दबोचा उस नादान को,
    छटपटायी 'मृग' की तरह वो भी,
    मगर उन काफिरों ने छीन ही लिया उसके सम्मान को!

    खून से लतपथ पडी थी, थी बड़ी लाचार वो,
    सामने था, और एक बड़ा ड़र, क्या देगी जवाब वो 'संसार' को!
    कैसे करेगी सामना, जो ऊंगलिय़ाँ उस पर ही उठायेंगे,
    'समय' और 'वेश' की देके दुहाई, उसे ही कसूरवार ठहरायेंगे!

    कितनी अजीब है ये विडम्बना,
    होके सभ्य समाज से, हम असभ्य फिर भी बन रहे!
    उन काफिरों से लेने थे जवाब, मगर उसके चरित्र पर ही प्रश्न कर रहे!

    मानते हैं ज़िसको 'दुर्गा' ड़र रही वो आज है!
    ना जाने ही कितने 'दुशासन' से, बचा रही वो लाज़ है!

    जो सीख भी ना पायी थी अभी चलना ठीक से,
    वो भी अब तो हो रही शिकार है!
    कब रुकेगा 'पाप युध्द' ये,
    ए 'कृष्ण' अब तो तेरी ही दरकार है!