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    To You

    Who believes he is the one?
    To you who is our saviour,
    To you who is our messiah,
    For how long will you sleep,
    For how long will you snore and draw spittle,
    For how long will you play video games,
    For how long will you play street football,
    For how long will you watch TV,
    For how long do we need to wait,
    For how long should we stay awake,
    Doing nothing but waiting for you.
    For a day will come, You will be rejected.
    For a day will come, You will be relegated.
    For a day will come, Your talents will no longer be appreciated.
    For a day will come, We will forget you.
    For a day will come, Your footprints will be swept away.
    Let that day not come.
    Wake UP!

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    Sleeping away with music on,
    Trips to the coffee shop,
    Ever classical alcohol,
    Run in the park,
    Burn in the gym - when all my usual escape mechanisms fail me, Words come to the rescue.


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    Last part in this story - You'll never be called a WHORE.
    It's the longest one, but I hope you'll give it a patient reading.

    All the parts are clubbed here -> #never_a_whore

    Dedicated to the women who live their whole life on the edge of society, frowned upon and ignored.
    Thank you so much everyone for being an integral part of this story. I'm really grateful for every single feedback, suggestion, like and repost.

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    #whore #society #woman #love #mother #saviour #sacrifice

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    You'll never be called a WHORE-5

    ---------------------- The Sacrifice ---------------------

    Instead of answering, I rose from the bed, wiping my tears with the corner of my dupatta (a long scarf) and stood against the mirror. For a moment, my vision got dark before I answered him quietly.
    “No. I can't!”
    He looked at me, shocked and wondering why I was doing this.

    "I love you Tarank! I want you more than any man alive, but I can't marry you. Even if I do, and wear expensive saris (dresses) and sit in a car, people will still think I am a prostitute. I cannot change that. You, cannot change that."
    "I know, we prostitutes are disrespected, hated and often made fun of. When a woman is criticized for her rotten character, she is compared with a whore." I said deflecting all of my feelings boldly.

    A part of him felt my pain and the other part still wanted me to marry him. He was relentless. He thought it was all about him, but it wasn't and if he were honest, he would know what I was struggling with.
    He stood there without moving for a long time. “It doesn’t have to be like this, Mamta,” he said.

    "I am trapped in lifelong debt to owners and pimps of this brothel Tarank. But if you can give me, I would like to ask you something else."

    He was terrified when he realized that I am handling him my little girl. “Her . . . ,” I pleaded.
    His voice weak and shaking. “What are you asking me, Mamta?”
    "Holding her, everyday, tight close to me was the only thing that got me through my days Tarank. But I don’t need saving, my girl does."
    My heart sank but the bold and brash sense of motherly love acted like a coat of armor and I continued.

    "I wanted to become a nurse and take care of people. I remember girls from my neighborhood going to school; how badly I wanted to be one of them! I am begging you to help my daughter to escape her dismal fate.
    I can't see my daughter live in dingy rooms of this dilapidated brothel Tarank. I want to give her the important chances in life that I never had. Please take her away, put her in an orphanage so that she gets the education and lives her dream."

    He said nothing while I spoke. Nothing at all. I explained my reasons, my worries, in a hope that he would understand, yet he was blank, like drained. He asked no questions, and his eyes remained wide with shock, as if he’d just heard his own death sentence.
    No matter how much I reassured him, he remained paralyzed with fear, his eyes tearing me apart. More than once, I was stricken with the notion that I was killing him.

    His hands continued to tremble. “Okay,” he said in a barely audible voice holding the girl gently.
    "Does that mean I should never visit you again, Mamta..."? He asked falling into an almost trance like state.
    I could not answer it right away. I squeezed his hand tightly, conscious of the few minutes remaining before I had to make him go away before the Madam finds out about it.

    "Oh God! Look at me Tarank! Please...Driving with tears in eyes is difficult." I said leaning and kissing his lips and both cheeks over his tears. Then with my fingers I softly brushed the places I kissed.
    "I love you, Tarank! Even though you may not want to hear it now, I want you to know that you’ll always be a part of me. In our time together, you claimed biggest part of my heart, that no one can ever replace. The one I’ll carry with me forever."

    "But she is your daughter Mamta..." he interrupted.
    "That only is her doomed fate Tarank! Please do not tell her about me"
    "When she will grow up, she will understand that bringing her up in a brothel wasn’t an option for me. There’s a stigma attached to me and if she stays with me, she will be shunned by society, the society that sealed her fate at birth."

    "I will not see her again but I just hope one day she will find me somehow and look beyond the odium attached to my profession and reach out to me once more. I would love to be called 'Maa' once before I die."
    I cried while taking a good look at her for the last time.

    My heart was in my throat, stuck there with the strange mixture of torment and misery that made it hard for me to breathe.
    I pulled my hand from his, stood up and reached up to the door, I stopped once more and faced him holding the girl in tears. I knew then and there I shall never see him again. I opened the door, and despite the loud squeak, I knew that Leela wouldn’t react.
    Finally, reluctantly, he stood, wiped his face, and walked towards the door gently holding the cradle with baby sleeping, without saying a word.

    The sky flared red and yellow outside, the sun was already trying to peek in from the horizon. I could hear the sounds of crickets chirping and the steady call of a nightingale. The sounds seemed to give me strength as I closed the door behind him and rushed towards the window to see him off.

    He was there, looking at me, walking to his car slowly, without speaking. He closed his eyes and then looked at me once more. If he didn’t leave then, he never would.
    He patted his pocket, pulled out his keys, and turned to leave, holding the tears burning at the back of his eyes.

    He put the car in gear and eased the pedal down just a bit. As the car started to roll away, I heard the gravel crunching under the wheels. My heart skipped several beats and I felt my ribs crushing at the same time.
    He was leaving. This time, forever, taking my heart with him.

    I said looking at the car steadily moving away.
    〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ The End 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️


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    You'll never be called a WHORE-4

    ---------------------- The proposal ---------------------

    I started to figure out what I would say to him when he will be at the door. Or what he would say to me. Leela smiled and looked at me struggling with my thoughts.
    "Yeah, Yeah, I know! I was anyway going to sleep," she then stood, winked at me with her cheeky smile and left.

    A soft knock at the door followed, which got my heart racing. Within seconds, I opened the door and froze up right there. As he stood before me, all the words of reproach I’d been rehearsing drained away.

    For a long moment, neither of us moved. With his gaze locked on mine, I realized that he'd been as spellbound as I. Nothing came to my mind but I knew he would say something. All I could do was stare at him.

    “You look different,” he said observing me.
    I shrugged. “A lot of things have changed since I last saw you.”

    When at last I was convinced it wasn’t a dream, I embraced him until I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I could feel his arms around me, his body warm and welcoming like a home in winter. For a second it was as if nothing between us had changed at all.

    He then walked towards the cradle, glanced at my little girl with a look of tenderness on his face.
    His kind smile and that tender look weakened my knees as he sat on the bed with the thin mattresses covered in thick blue plastic material. I sat beside him and pulled up my knees, wrapped my arms around them and rested my chin.

    He did not say anything for few minutes and kept looking at the corrugated tin roof. There were bare lightbulbs, a ceiling fan, wooden coat hooks and a plastic bucket on the corner.
    "How did you end up here, Mamta?", he again asked me the same question he asked every time but I never answered.

    He then stiffened, pulled back and then slid his head into my lap, like a child.
    With the tips of my fingers I combed through the hair at his temple, leaned and kissed his forehead.
    "Would you tell me today Mamta"? he forced himself to question again as he always does with a smile.

    I tried to grin at him, but my smile failed as the muscles drew it out in little jerks.

    “I was 15, when my father got me married. My husband was an irregular earner, and even when he did, he spent most of it in his drinks.
    He used to beat me when I said anything about his drinking habits. Then I met a girl who promised to get me a job in the city. But she tricked me. She sold me to this dirtiest brothel and never showed up again."

    Tarank clutched his hands with mine and resolved to listen without a tear shedding.

    "I was forced to sleep naked so that I'd be too embarrassed to attempt escape. Still I tried once, but I was caught, locked in a dark room for a week and beaten with a thick wooden stick. They made sure not to hit on my face, chest, thigh and stomach as customers would not choose me..." my voice trembled and tears rolled down my cheeks and fell on his forehead.

    He turned in my lap and eyed me. In that fleeting moment, next drops of tears were already welled up in my eyes like some fireflies in summer skies.

    He got up and cupped my chin, in his hands forcing me to look at him. I finally faced him with teary eyes. After a long silence, he brushed the tears from my cheeks with his fingers, with a look of tenderness on his face and embraced me.

    His hands silent brushes against my face made me feel like a living being, like a human. Oh, for the first time in years, l felt more than just a helpless meat. Just this one little touch with a sensitive heart and a hand full of love could bring a change to my perspective about all the men in the world. He did not kiss me with his lips, but in that flickering moment, his eyes kissed me in million ways that I never knew of.

    But I could not say anything and just leaned my head over his shoulder.

    He grabbed my hand and after a minute, said “I want to take you away from this life Mamta. Despite your past or present, you're still a woman, and you still have virtues. Big flaws as well, yes, but there's always someone for everyone. And I believe you're for me"

    "Would you marry me?"

    I turned slowly to face him, nonchalant, with a thin smile. “What?” I asked.

    "I am certain you heard me. You’re better than this Mamta and I promise you that I'll try today, tomorrow and everyday after that to heal you bit by bit, ounce by ounce, even if it will take me forever."

    I felt so lucky, lucky that he offered me. For a moment, I felt sacred, seeing a man who thinks he can ‘save’ me from this dreadful lifestyle that I had chosen for myself. I did my best to keep a straight face but the smile didn't let me.

    But inside I was torn. I was waiting for him to realize the fact that he could find a woman better than me.
    His eyes adjured as he saw what my eyes were telling him.

    "Please Mamta, I don't care your past. You are the only one who gave a listening ear to me. You gave me the intimacy, touch, hugs, when I did not have any, for years.” he said in a convincing tone.

    I felt the reality of the situation but how could I say yes? I did not deserve him, he was too uncorrupted and decent for me. I was too polluted, unworthy of being someone's wife, let alone his.

    The last part has been posted already...


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    Christmas Wishes

    From the light in darkness
    Through the hymns in silence
    For the one in elan
    To all the love in vain
    Till the end of pain


  • irrationally_yours 7w


    Some days when I am down,
    Worried about the past,
    Thinking about the future,
    Disappointed in the present...

    Your embrace is the only thing that makes me smile.

    Your kisses are the only nectar that revive me,
    Your words give me the strength to never stop...

    You say, you feel safe in my arms but...
    You never realise, my dear
    That YOU are my saviour.


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    There was no hope left, she was drowning, slipping into the deep water, letting the massive ocean swallow her. Everything that she did to stay afloat, pushed her deeper. There was no soul nearby who saw her struggle, or so she thought. But then out of the blue, she saw a hand. Someone was trying to help her, to pull her out, so she held on to it and she was safe at last. Her best friend was her saviour. She had promised to never give up on her.

  • inexplicit 10w

    The walls you lean on;
    They're slowly, yet surely,
    Who would save you then-
    When you're busy saving them?

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    Silence is loud, 
    Silence is strong, 
    My heart breaks silently, 
    And I can't bear it, all along. 

    Silence is painful.. 
    I want you, silently, 
    I miss you, silently, 
    And this keeps hurting me.

    Silence is powerful.. 
    It's there when I falter, 
    And it isn't gone, 
    Even when I blabber. 

    Silence is terrifying, 
    For most of the time, 
    I'm its slave, 
    And it is the King. 

    Silence is oppressive,
    Silence is fear. 
    But it stays with me,
    When none else is there. 

    Silence holds my hands
    And it embraces me. 
    In its tight shackles,
    I feel so free. 

    Silence is my saviour, 
    My companion forever. 
    Silence doesn't expect
    It just sits with me, it's perfect. 

    Silence is true bliss, 
    It knows the art of love, 
    Am in love with its kiss. 
    Silence is peace. 


  • drishtidewan 12w

    He is a knight.
    The most delighted site, anger of the wild.
    Love of the rose.
    Gaze a million years old.
    A perfect healer of the rotten wounds, life to the dead souls.
    His touch, addiction to molly.
    His voice, the spiritual euphony.
    His vibrancy like the sky with only the moon.
    His laugh, first morning dew to the thirsty desert..

  • feelings_xx 12w


    Them city lights glow so bright,
    In the darkness of the nights.
    Lights up the city,
    Makes it look so pretty.

    I am the city,
    He was the light.


  • no_heartpoet 13w

    Hold my hand

    Hold my hand don't let go,hold on against the flow,Reach out to me grasp my hand,don't drift into lost lands,
    My hands extended to all who needs help,look me in my eyes don't yelp,
    stay looking don't turn away,hold my hand and know,I'm going to pull you out the oceans flow,take my hand and don't let go.

  • ghoulfrost 13w

    He wants world peace but craves eternal chaos
    He wants to be put in chains but desires freedom
    He wants to be loved but feeds off the hatred
    He wants to save them all but he is born a supervillain
    He wants to be a god but enjoys the comfort of the devil
    He wants to be safe but likes living on the edge
    He wants to find the truth but sees only the lies
    He wants to be humble but is proud of his wealthy lifestyle
    He wants friends but finds solace in the loneliness
    Contention created by opposing intentions

  • mlovestoscribble 16w


    Every time life put me in trouble,
    I waited for him to comfort me.
    The forehead kiss, and the tight hug,
    Could solve anything I thought.
    Irony laughed looking at the future,
    When he left me, crying and wailing,
    And I was still waiting for my saviour,
    For his crazy touch and love.

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    I thought I'd refill my ink for you in advance, but time and destiny heeded me it's warning.


  • damini6 18w

    cushion in need

    I'm so addicted to my cushion
    it hides and dries my tear rides ..

    it helps from being time nice for the toll I have to pay A price


  • __sa__ 19w

    In this cold heart, In this dark eyes,
    In this sad face, In these deep scars,
    In this faded smile, In this lone paths,
    In this pain, In this lost breath,
    I can see it, It is fierce, far,
    watching, waiting.
    It's "Death".
    But a guardian, fighting its soul out to protect.
    It's a wish. The unfulfilled.
    Raging a war, making me take the breath.
    A wish to make the dreams come true.
    A wish saving me from the dark worlds.
    A wish to gain my soul back.
    A wish to become something.
    A wish to be alive.

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    Be saviour of the hearts by putting a halt on your tongues.

    Humaira Hayat

  • namman 19w

    What a Friend
    We have in Christ Jesus!

  • silenus_words 38w

    When you are drowning, would you bother to find the right pair of hands?

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    Someone suggested you to go out on a date, saying: What's the worst that could happen?

    I am afraid I might actually like it.