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  • phebean_love 13w

    I moved to a different environment, with different people of a very different way of thinking. At first, the environment seem strange, like I was the only awkward person in there. I made friends(actually they made me their friend). These friends accepted me despite the rejection I gave my miserable life. They tried to Slim fit all resentment and negativity I had for myself, but guess what, I was so so attached to it. I lost my real self. Before I met those friends, I've always tried to tell people(most times in riddles) about the incident, so they would pity me and accept any flaws I put up, but the truth is "Never tell anyone you meet at random, about your dark past, they could taunt you with that".
    I had Issues too. I would sometimes or should I say most times be so sad and moody, too playful(that my kind of play and jokes were not accepted), and all other stuffs like that. Then I would lie that its a "Mood Swing". But its no mood swing at all, its my past that I have allowed to taunt me. That was how I lived six years of my life in the prison of my past. Many a time, good and refreshing feelings will come, but still that bad experience would give me a flash back that it would scatter any new feelings. It was like I would never do anything successful neither will I be a great person in life.
    I have expressed myself in the easiest words. I know you are reading this and probably asking yourself, "what can I do?, what is her resolution?"
    I'll tell you. No one knows you better than yourself. Of Course, youre down and its true that its so hard to look up when youre down. But this is it, only You can help You. You have to see everything good in that incident, everything good. Just as my story, the occurrence prevented me from any immature relationships, unwanted pregnancy and every immature things I would have involved myself in.
    Secondly, you have to let go of the bad event. *You cant get something when your hands are folded*. Just try to let go. You can write it down to relief you of thinking about it. If you are not good at writing, try to talk to someone. I spoke to someone(even when I did not trust a soul). There's always a little trust that comes when you see the right person, trust your instincts. If you cant, you can always speak to @phebean_love on IG, just DM her.
    Thirdly, this one is the most of all, CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT! Yes you have to change your environment, if the change is not coming to you, my dear, go to the change! When you change your environment your mindset begins to change, you'll see things differently.
    More so, ADAPT TO THE CHANGE!, Be a part of the change. Remember only you have the power to change yourself. I read all motivational books, watch motivational programs, listen to motivational speakers, but No! It wasn't working, until I decided within myself to ADAPT TO THE CHANGE. irrespective of prayers(though prayers are essential), only your Work can make your Prayers work.
    When am talking about change, I mean a Positive Change. Begin to love and adore yourself. Let your flaws be your greatest strengths. What I mean is accept your flaws and never exhibit them as your weakness. When you grow to love yourself the way you are, you forget about what anyone thinks about you. A quick one, "The way you love yourself, that's how people will love you".
    When you begin to love yourself, love the things you do. Loving yourself makes you wake up every morning and you tell yourself "I am beautiful, I am handsome, I am wonderful, I am great, I can, I will and I must succeed". This declaration becomes a driving force for you, continually repeat them when you wake up and when you're going to bed.
    TRY NEW THINGS. New things like participating in any good event, sporting, gymnastics, take yoga classes, outings and any activities that makes you happy. Yes, laughing is the priceless medicine that heals the soul faster than any prescribed medicine. Note that, This incident deals with your soul, so you need activities that can crack your ribs, make you relaxed and not tensed.
    APPRECIATE YOURSELF. Always call yourself my the name you love most, "Babe, you're good, you tried!", "Guy, you're the best!". Appreciating yourself sounds stupid, right? I know, but its the best. This makes you happy and make you want to do better. Even when you make a mistake, be happy with yourself.
    DO NOT STAY ALONE IN A LONE AREA. Being lonely makes you remember the occurrence vividly, its plays over and over again in your head and makes you misbehave to anyone you come across after your being lonely. Am not saying you cant have a personal time, but staying alone for about a Hour or two can cause you to remember everything, and this is not so good and also dangerous to your new development.
    Most of all, Love God, God is love. Invite Him to your heart and trust in His supernatural healing; by making yourself ready and available for the healing.

    In case you have any question of any sort, need an advice or any contribution(giving us story lines and the likes), you can DM me on IG @phebean_love. Thank you very much for reading, don't forget to repost, someone might need it. xoxo.

    #Voice. Of. A. Survivor.
    #There. Is. Hope.
    #I. Can. Rise. Again
    #Say. No. To. Rape.

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    _ *LOST (BUT FOUND)*

    Negativity, low self-esteem, hatred of self, Pain in the inside. Downcast and lost of Trust(even in myself).
    All that were for six years, those thoughts, that grieve burnt for six good years. No one knew the actual thing that was wrong with me. I held unto the incident and it continued to play in my head, all the time.
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  • knjesh 13w


    I say, let the eyes see, the instinct will spot it,
    I say, let em lips smile, they'll have us in a pot,
    I say, let the facials consume us, hope yoh tired of this gloom too,
    I say, let the contact stay intact, my focus is on you,
    I say, come, may I have a minute?
    I say, let the mouth do the talking, listen to our auditory sensation,
    I say, let me have a touch of that hand, you won't regret the exuberance in the extremity,
    I say, let you know my name, I wanna no yours too,
    I say, let us have a walk, let's talk and get know each other,
    I say, let the ecstatic feel be the glare, I want to bare this unusual flare,
    I say, do it like you have nothing to spare.
    I say, stop when you see a draw-in.
    And say all that you got to say.
    Pay no attention to what you say.

  • ortho123 13w


    - you love me, even if you actually don't
    - you won't leave me, even if you want
    - you love to watch me, even if it's partiality true
    - you want to live only for me, even if it's completely false
    - you've never felt this good before knowing me
    - you can't live without loving me
    .............say me something I wanna hear, even when I know it's not what you wanna swear, wispher something good in my ear..... no matter even when I know deep within my heart that you may not love me next year........you may think I'm crazy but at least I'll live in the moment and be happy in the virtual reality hoping my brain doesn't tell my heart what it actually knows.......say me something pleasant I wanna hear"

  • bright_as_the_stars 13w

    The Loudest Voice

    Perhaps the silence drew me in,
    Or maybe the flicker of light that dimmed.
    I wish my eyes had caught a look
    Before the disaster that overtook
    The smiles in your eyes.
    But what can I say?
    For a human first looks at the firework instead of the moon,
    The star instead of the darkness.
    The loudest voice in a chaos of screams,
    And the prettiest face in a world of dreams.

  • nivebhai 14w

    Fate decides everything...✌

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    I wanted to say lot of things
    I want to show my care
    But I don't know why
    There is a wall between us...

  • hpsrk_ 14w

    Free Time

    What you do in
    your free time !?!
    well i make some Arts
    to feel better!

  • hpsrk_ 14w

    Why are you so beautiful, that everyone is amazed
    That on Earth there resides a girl sweeter than the fairies
    Yes, tell me why are you so gorgeous Look at me, I
    'm also lost and intoxicated On me also there is a hold of craziness
    You're the one I worshipped, You're the one I wished to have
    You're the one I saw, You're the one
    I got acquainted to Whatever sense I had,
    it's gone away now
    The scent of your body, is awakening some magic
    My heart got out of control and lost itself.

  • hpsrk_ 14w

    Let me tell you...!

    You’re here, I’m here too, Come closer, then so I can tell You.
    When You looked at me, who knows what's happened.
    Who knows why I remain lost in thoughts.
    Neither awake nor asleep.
    Now there are desires in my heart,
    a storm in my breath,
    and in my eyes there's a moonlight of my dreams.

  • akshay_vasu 14w

    Your presence and my words

    #you #love #words #means #say #akshayvasu

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    I have a thousand things to say, but in your presence the words mean nothing.


  • nerolie_goode2000 15w


    I am the colour of rain on a stomy night,
    The colour of freedom and things that hold such might.

    I am the colour of love so passionate,
    The colour of the lost and the reckless,

    One might even say I hold all the colours of the world,
    Which slowly mix into a midnight black,
    While I continue living all these glorious colours...

  • kuhelika7 15w

    Right Time

    They meet, fall in love , stay and then separated.
    But they constantly stay in touch with each other.
    After separation both of them feel the fear of loosing of each other, feel the worth, importance of each other and feel that evrythings was changed but not their feelings of love.....

    Then till waiting for what ?????
    Go and again feel the world jelous through ur togetherness.

    Yes this is the constant love dear , which will not change at any cost or any situation. This is unconditional.


  • mirage_ 15w


    A girl always has a lot to say. But there should be somebody to listen to her madness..and still love her all the way around

  • umdamehnaz 16w

    Better To Say No
    Than To Make Someone Wait
    Better To Say Yes
    Than To Have Regrets

    -Umda Mehnaz

  • chenzy 16w

    She's so skinny!
    She's so chubby!
    He's so Tall!
    He's so short!
    She's too young to get married!
    She's too old not to get married!
    He isn't intelligent!
    He has failed every time.
    She smokes!
    He drinks!
    Blah blah!
    Why the hell does it matter ? Instead of judging someone you should improve your own life and try to help others! Don't demotivate. Everyone's got some problems.
    Everyone's going through something you never know. You're not going to get an award for judging someone but by listening to their problems and being with them during hardships will surely make you happy.
    Think before judging someone.
    Who knows the next one could be you if you don't stop so !

  • chandanag 16w

    Waiting is a sign of true love.
    Every one can say 'I Love You' but only some can truly wait until eternity.


  • gairick 16w

    Had her

    Ever had that feeling...?
    When you look at someone
    keep staring at them for 5 mins
    Then say to yourself,
    "I had her"
    Sucks. Ain't it?

  • miti_sengupta 16w

    She - "Do you still love me?"
    He - I wanted to say...yes, and as long as there are stars in the sky and water in the ocean, I always will...but...I just said.. "No, I don't".

  • gairick 17w


    If you are sorry,
    Don't say it to me
    Show it to me.

  • thermy 17w

    #say no to injustice #say no to discrimination #respect every lady you come across
    Help repost this because we all deserve to be treated
    @mirakee @ishansati @writersnetwork

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    Every lady deserves to be treated equally
    Every lady deserves equal education
    Every lady deserves an opportunity
    Every lady deserves her respect irrespective of age
    We ain't just anyone,
    We are the voice of the voiceless
    The hope of the hopeless
    The joy of the sad
    We bring forth fruits and our dignity should be respected

  • diaryofabeing 17w


    Never had I known
    the power of speaking,
    until I chose to speak
    and their hearts burned.