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    Just tried something new. Feel free to suggest and correct, in the comment section.

    Reduce your stress with a small curve on your face. SMILE. ��

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    Alone at home,
    Doing her chores,
    Humming the song which she's listening to,
    And dancing to the rhythm.

    All of a sudden,
    She felt some shadow passing.
    Her heart beat rises,
    Then, she says to herself,
    It's all her imagination,
    And focuses on her work.

    Again she felt like,
    Something passed behind the door,
    Heart beat rises,
    But she ignores.

    She hears some noise,
    Noise of a plastic wrapper,
    She mutes the song,
    Listens to it carefully,


    Chills down the spine...

    Nothing is heard now,
    She cuts it off with her imagination.

    Once again she hears some noise,
    This time, she follows it carefully,
    And reaches there,

    She sees...

    There's food all over,
    And torn plastic wrapper.
    Heart beat raises high,
    She gets scared.

    Nerve wrecked...

    This time she listens some rumbling sound,
    In the kitchen she goes,
    Finds nothing again,


    The vessels are fallen down,
    Heart beat raises to the peak,
    She's scared to the core.

    Shes shivering like hell,
    But, grabbing some courage,
    In a shrinking voice,
    She asks who's it?

    No reply...

    She hears some light sound,
    At the back door,
    She follows it,
    She sweats,
    Like she has took a shower just then.

    She walks towards the door...

    The sound increases,
    Her heart beat raises,
    Sound of the wrapper again,
    Loses her voice,
    To ask who's it again.

    Reached to the door...

    Heart beat's on peak,
    Wiping her sweaty forehead,
    She reaches the place,
    Where the noise came from,
    Opens the door,



    A big, green eyed, fluffy and white, covered with a lot of fur popped out,
    She screamed the hell out,
    Jumped back few steps and fell on the floor.

    Just to discover a CAT,
    Which entered the kitchen to grab some food.



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    I’m thinking of writing a thriller based on my life. Not sure if this is where to begin but a start is a start.

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    Base Line

    My heels click against the polished marble floor. The automated doors slide slowly shut behind me and I know that there is no going back. Sweat lines my forehead and rolls down the ridge of my back. Texas is always hot this time of year, but in my thick blazer and and full length pants I might as well be in a sauna. I glance up from the first day itinerary displayed across the cracked screen of my phone. Before me looms a massive row of it gleaming elevators, and plump pleasant looking security guard. Their speak steal frames lead to the innumerable floors above and hopefully, with some luck, my future.
    “First day, hun?” She asks, full well knowing that I look as nervous as I feel. There is a gentle calming in her eyes that puts me slightly more at ease.
    “Yes, I finally made it.” I say with a quick and beaming smile. Despite my exhaustion from trekking across the largest medical center in the world all day long, I still cannot contain my joy of having made it this far.
    The past four years at Baxwell had been hell. I majored in biology on a pre-medical track and my sophomore year, through in an English minor for kicks. I studied laboriously, surviving on red bull and monster like they were water. I had an end game though, a finish line; a goal in mind to one day become the doctor I had always dreamed of being. Of course, becoming a good doctor doesn’t mean jack if you don’t have the grades or experience to back it up. I knew that if I wanted to get into medical school then that I would need to land a top notch job after graduating.
    So four years later, here we are, gazing into the face of a security guard who represents the only obstacle left between me ascending to the 16th floor and becoming one step closer to reaching my dream. Scanning her eyes down a list of expected new hires, she finds my name and highlighting it in yellow says,
    “Found you! Go on up, hun. HR is ready to get you all set up.”
    Thanking her I move past the front desk and pressing the up button I wait until I hear a high pitched ding echoing along the resounding high marble walls. The doors slide open, and I suppose in that moment I was so naive. After all, how could I have known, that things would go so wrong? My eyes are already fixed the sky’s above, gripping tight to a figment that is already slipping away.

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    Mind racing
    Heart panting
    Face sweating
    Teeth gnashing
    What is this queer feeling
    Which is so cryptic
    It’s still a mystery to fathom.

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    The Psychopath's Pedagogy

    He sat under the eerie glow of the bulb,
    In the darkness of the room,
    perspired and numb,
    he looked at his silenced pistol,
    and over two photographs;

    One photograph depicted a happy version,
    when he was in the peak of his job career,
    and the other depicted a traumatized state,
    devastated personally and professionally,
    but before shooting himself down,
    he wanted to pen down his staircase to hell,
    so he started portraying his downfall,
    accompanied by periodic sips of whiskey;

    Demons came in the psychedelic mind state,
    cursing and giving rise to compulsions,
    "you have committed the seven deadly sins",
    was the phrase they used,
    "you have to release the people from oblivion,
    and portray your downfall to everyone,
    so that you enlighten everyone excluding you,
    about the seven deadly sins",
    after writing his journey on a paper,
    he heard some claps of thunder,
    and then read his writing,
    while keeping the pistol pointed towards him;

    "Two years back, I was a happy man,
    I had worked my way hard to success,
    and had a lovely wife,
    but soon, things gradually turned against me,
    I started getting overambitious in my work,
    and in order to satisfy my thirst,
    I took to internal politics in the work-space,
    I could see my friends getting better positions,
    and this jealousy set flames in my eyes,
    gradually I started being indifferent to them,
    the fire pushed me on wrong tracks,
    and I achieved that position and status,
    but with the wrong ways,
    the immense facilities which I received,
    made me arrogant and too proud of my state,
    I would look down upon my friends,
    and they soon started hating me,
    but I gave a rat's ass to all these,
    I kept enjoying my state and recognition,
    not realizing that it was dark recognition,
    I got used to the the aristocrat lifestyle,
    felt the ground was slipping off from me,
    I would often just relax and waste my time,
    underneath the blanket of luxury,
    soon, I stood in the whirlwind of ill thoughts,
    as we know,
    'an idle mind is the devil's workshop',
    I took to excessive drugs and lavish food,
    so much, that it deprived the needy ones,
    and gradually  obliterated my personal health,
    to wash off the tensions from this lethal state,
    I ultimately started visiting the whore houses,
    for physical pleasures,
    I destroyed family life and invited resentment,
    my career was eventually going down,
    and due to stress and monotonous lifestyle,
    hormonal imbalances took place in my brain,
    very soon I got triggered by small things,
    I started killing people,
    to let out my anger, jealousy and madness,
    and today,
    out of anger from all those tormenting events,
    I decide to expose myself to the world,
    and to end this invariant lifestyle,
    leading to a chain of sufferings,
    by smearing this paper with blood
     -Rio Tyroh a.k.a "the serial killer" ",

    He then kept the paper aside,
    and shot a bullet straight to his head;

    I emerged from the darkness now,
    stopped pointing my gun,
    towards the man's head from behind,
    looked at the blood smeared table,
    and the dead person sitting on the chair,
    closed my eyes and  consumed some tablets
    and went into a state of mind;

    The demons again popped in,
    but this time they gave a confused look,
    I could imagine myself smiling at the demons,
    and saying them,
    "Just as you instructed,
    I portrayed my downfall,
    and enlightened people with the knowledge,
    of the seven deadly sins through my jouney,
    which were,
    greed,envy,pride,sloth,gluttony,lust and wrath,
    in their respective order through my journey,
    so by now,
    all of you demons must fade away";

    "The only trick I pulled was that,
    I confessed my sins to the world,
    and portrayed my journey,
    through the body of Rio,
    who was just the manager of a whore house,
    having a hidden insignificant identity,
    so when the cops come in and investigate,
    they leave satisfied on grounds,
    that a serial killer just committed suicide,
    but in reality,
    he is free".


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    I might give you a fright,
    Lay I as a corpse;
    Rotten,frail and fragile;
    Fain I am;
    Forfend I, which awaits me.


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    Inverted pentagram haiku

    © Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

    Hellborn mind assails,
    Egomania's vengeance,
    No good left alive!

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    Chapter 2 : The Delusion

    The deadly silence on the endless road was so frightening that even the trees surrounding that path was standing immobile without moving a leaf. The birds were asleep in their nests as the darkness joined the deadly silence and they both rejoiced together laughing at the startled surrounding. The only sound that could be heard was the sharp and high-pitched chirping of the nocturnal Crickets. Many people mistakenly believe that the cricket’s signature chirp comes from their legs, but it is actually cricket’s wings that create their musical melodies. Darkness was aware of the fact that Cricket is the only thing which is brave enough to face him.
    Detective Thomson found himself on that scary road. It was not the first time that he was there, now he was totally aware of the fact that it is some kind of loop that keep him bringing back to that road. It was scary at the first but now he is used to it. He started walking down the road. He knew where he has to go. After walking a few steps he saw the White Coloured Cross sign on a building shaped like a cross. The Cross on the top of the building was pointing towards sky. According to religious people the cross points towards the heaven suggesting that every pure hearted person have a place reserved for himself over there. Thomson was a Catholic and very devoted to Christ since his childhood. Whenever he felt lost, depressed and discouraged he talks with a pope about the life. It help him to get rid of the loneliness but he knew that he had bought the loneliness along with his Job.
    He Reached in front of the church and he felt the presence of a person around him. He thought it must Christ. He believed the god is always with him and he had saved him from major Crisis. He was about to turn towards the church but he saw a small figure of a little girl in a pink dress standing across the road. Her blond hairs were dancing along with the cool breezes. Thomson’s body shivered as the girl smiled at him and he uttered, “Maisie!” and His cheeks started soaking in his own tears. He spread his hands on either side if his body and opened them for a long awaited hug but the girl turned back on him ignoring his wish to hug her and started walking on that endless road. Thomson started weeping heavily and cried in a heart shivering voice, “Please Stop.” He stretched his hand forward and started running behind the girl to catch her and hug her for once. She was walking down the road slowly without even looking back in the darkness. In spite of running with his all force Thomson realised distance between the girl and him is not Reducing instead it is increasing with his each step. He know he had ran this race his entire life. It has no end and she has gone away from him forever and there is no way he can reach her. He stopped looking at the girl walking slowly down the ceaseless road and she disappeared in the darkness as if it swallowed her. Thomson’s body was soaked with sweat. He sat on the ground and covered his face between his palms and started crying with grief. He uttered to himself inside his palms, “I am sorry Maisie. I know it was my fault.”
    Thomson woke up trembling to death, his body shivering in the fear of loss. His breath seemed to stutter in his lungs before he let it go, feeling the tension drain from his body. He tried to calm himself down. He looked all around the room and came back to the real world. He could feel his bed drenched in his sweat. He looked at the steady and peaceful image of the Christ. After some time his breathing returned to normal and realised the nature of reality. He dreamt it again. he looked at the phone lying on the table, picked it up and dialled a number. After few bells the person received the call and he heard the sweet sound of a girl, “Maisie Speaking.”
    Thomson collected all the courage he has inside and said, “How are you little one?” few moments of deadly silence passed and Maisie said furiously, “As if you really care! Why are you calling me?”
    “You are my daughter and yes every father care for his daughter.” Thomson tried to console her.
    “Oh that’s why a father is calling his daughter after six months. I am really not interested in talking with you dad.” Maisie used to live with her maternal grandparents since her mother died. She was ten years old when her mother died.
    “Aren’t you going to forgive me your entire life? I was there with her when she died and I tried to save her. Do you really think I wanted her to die. She is the only woman I loved my entire life.” Thomson’s wife Alexis died in a gunfire attack while they both were travelling to Albama. It was summer vacation and Maisie was enjoying it with her grandparents. Thomson and Alexis were traveling to Albama to join her. While traveling to Albama two bike riders fired bullets on the car from the rear view. Alexis get shot in the head but fortunately Thomson survived the attack. He get injured as a bullet hit in his shoulder. It was clear that the attack was meant for Thomson. He always knew that there wolves out there waiting to pounce on him but he was lucky enough to survive the attack, at last he was a Catholic. Since then Maisie hate her father and she thought he was responsible for the death of her mother. At that moment she decided that she is never going back to him and will live with her maternal parents. After investigating the attack it was found that the bike riders were two ex-marines but they got killed in a fight with the APD officers. The reason behind the attack never revealed but a girl lost her mother and a man lost his wife in it.
    “I don’t want to talk about it and yes I am fine. Thank you. Is there something wrong?” At last he was her father and she loved him deep down somewhere.
    “I dreamt it again.” Thomson said.
    “It is reality dad. Get used to it. You have lost your daughter along with your wife.” After a long pause she said, “By the way I am working on that case, the murder of a man in the car. I heard you are appointed to investigate it. He is from Albama and my producer want me to work on it. Take some photos for the channel.” Maisei was a Journalist, she works for a major network In Albama. She is a brave and determinant woman. And she always thank her father for those qualities as she knew that she inherited it from him. She is a well known Journalist now and she is famous for her courageous and brave footages of major issues happened in the country. She had done many award winning works and people love her for her courage along with her a flawless beauty.
    “That’s nice. I can help you with the case. And we can meet when you come to New York city.” Thomson was delighted with the feeling of meeting his daughter after almost Two years. The last time he met her was on the funeral of her Maternal Grandfather.
    “I don’t need your help. I already got the pass and permission for the scene. And I will like to meet if I get a free time from my busy schedule” Maisie was a proud girl and what she achieved in her life without a mother and without a father was astonishing.
    Thomson smiled. He was proud of his daughter and it is the only thing he loved the most after his job. “Okay, thank you!” he said and hung up the call. He was happy that he is going to meet his daughter after a long time. It was almost 9:00 a.m. in the morning and at that time he is supposed to be on the café having his favourite coffee. He threw the blankets away and walked inside the hall. The room was handsomely furnished with the English antiques and smelled the usual fragrance of the furniture. He looked at the Trophies and the badges he have earned in his entire life. He is known as a firefighter on call, always waiting for flames to erupt somewhere in the country. He loved his job and he was devoted to it as he was to Christ. He sighed as he realised that this is going to be a big day which is usual in his life. But he is going to meet his daughter which was like cherry on the top for him. He smiled and walked in bathroom thinking about commander March.


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    Chapter 1 : Man With a Cigar!

    It was a night, not a normal one, maybe darkest for a lady and a beautiful 6 year old girl standing at some distance from a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. The snow was covering the car as if it wanted to engulf the man sitting in the car immobile. The lady was crying like she had lost a part of her body which was keeping her alive, her soul. The girl was looking at her confused, holding her hand tightly. Her glittering eyes were moving from a broken car to her mother’s face. She knew it was her father’s car. And when she couldn’t control the load of questions coming into her innocent and pure mind, she asked her mother, “mother, why those people are taking pictures of papa’s car? Is father selling the car because it is broken?” her mother looked at innocent face of the girl who wasn’t aware about what death is and said, “yes honey! Your father will never be able to take us to cinema in that car anymore.” And she let her tears out. “Is that why you are crying?” girl asked. Lady kept weeping and a police officer walked towards her and stopped in front of the lady.
                    Lieutenant Morris said, “I am sorry for your loss Mrs. March. I have some questions that needed to be answered. We are not able to get a lead.”
                   “What do you mean by you are not getting a lead. They killed my husband right in the centre of the city and you are not able to get an eye witness?”
                   “Ma’am, we are trying our best to find out who did this. Maybe it is done by some mobsters who find happiness in killing people or maybe it is a planned and organized crime. Did your husband have any enemies?”
                    “He seemed a little disturbed from few days. I asked but he didn’t tell me anything.”
                     Morris looked at a black Austin Healey which slowed down right in front of the crime scene. And a muscular man stepped out of the car wearing a black coat and a hat on his head. He looked at the broken car. A young police officer ran towards him and said, “Mr. you can’t stop here. It is an crime scene.” He looked at the young officer, smiled and took a drag of the Cigar which he was holding between two fingers like a gentleman and said, “Well, my mother gave me birth in a hospital where some police officers were investigating a crime and from that day I am always present where there is a crime scene.” He looked at Morris who was walking towards him. They shook hands with each other. “I was expecting you ‘Detective Thomas’!” Morris said while looking at the new officer and pointed him towards the lady. He walked towards the lady like a good lad.
                               Thomson removed his coat and handed it to an Officer and started observing the Car with his eyes wide open. Morris was looking at the different shades that were changing on his Face. His dark eyes were showing that he has gone in the past and living the scene that has happened in there. Thomson walked towards the left side of the car, the door and the wing mirror was broken. He looked at the road coming from left side of the square. The car was definitely hit by a Car, intentionally. He noted down something on the diary he was carrying in his hand. He put a hand on the roof of the car for support and he felt something to his hand which has stuck into the roof of the car. He looked and it was a Bullet. An eye witness has told that he heard three shots fired. Thomson could see three on the roof of the car and one into the head of the man sitting in the car. Thomson looked up for finding the spot from where the shots has been fired and his eyes stopped on a window, which was open and appropriate for the angle that bullets has made with the roof. Thomson was done with the car now and he started walking towards the body of the man which was lying on stretcher.
                                 The young officer came back from the lady, who has gone back to her home with her little daughter. He whispered something in the ear of Morris. Morris looked at him surprisingly and then towards Thomson.
                                 “He is brother of Commander March. The lady just gave us this information and told us that commander March isn’t in the country right now. He is gone to UK for some work.” Morris said to Thomson.
                                Commander March was a friend of Thomson. They used to study together in school but then their ways separated due to their different careers.
                               “we should talk with commander March when he will be back. Keep me informing about new updates.” Thomson said while walking towards his car with Morris. They shook hands again. Thomson sat into car and disappeared from the vision of Morris in a little span of time. Morris could hear the fading sound of his Austin Healey.


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    Just by looking at my face you can't even
    Guess what kind of thriller things going on in
    My mind

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    I really wanted to share this...����
    So I have written a story of having more than 20k words. Kind of a big deal for me. ��

    PS - This is my 50th post. ✔️

    This story is based on relationship between a daughter (Amaya) and father (Eric Affleck).
    So, the father is the Megastar of Bollywood and at the moment he is like the only actor capable in all skill sets to win Oscar for India.
    He himself is obsessive with awards.
    One fine day, a girl (Amaya) claims to be his daughter to which he laughs off, because as per him he has never had been in a physical relationship with anyone.
    Certain series of events happen and she (Amaya) manages to prove she is his daughter.
    Amaya is physically 14 years old but she has a mind of a 4 year old.

    Now Eric is on a quest to find her mother.

    What he's gonna find, that is the question.
    Is she really his daughter ?
    If yes, then who's her mother ?


    All of this is a part of a big scam which no one can, have idea of. Does the 14 year old (Amaya) have tricked the famous Megastar and have left the whole of India stunned ?

    Genre - 1.Thriller
    2. Suspense
    3. Comedy
    4. Drama
    5. Mystery

    Languages Used in story - English, Hinglish.

    Pic borrowed from Google.

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    Book / Amaya


    (Read The Caption)

    I have written a book.


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    A Game Of Black And White

    Baghdad, Iraq

    Gareth was sitting in a restaurant smoking his cigarette while a Hispanic man came and sat with him. Gareth released a puff of smoke and said "under what name are you travelling this time?"
    "Alejandro jodorowsky. Now what do you want me to do."
    "Well we have a person over here who is important but currently he is underground so the first thing you need to do is cause some noise so peeks his head above the ground."
    Alejandro laughed and said "Then let's make some noise."
    "Good in an hour a truck is going to pass from here" Gareth took out a phone and opened the picture of a map and zoomed in on a road and continued "which will contain a shipment that the target is selling to a local mafia named Ahmed so you need to intercept the shipment and head east five buildings down there is a green colour two storey house, you are going to find your equipment there."
    "I hope it is the best." Alejandro then got up and took the phone and said "this will be fun" and left.

    An hour later. Baghdad, Iraq

    A truck with a black SUV in front of it and was approaching a turning. The road was filled with potholes and there were small building present on its either side. Two men were sitting in the front seat of the SUV and talking. The driver said in Arabic "you think that they will let us turn on the air conditioner" while the second man said "they make so much money but they never spend.." Before he could continue a loud noise came from the top of one of the buildings and the driver got shot in the head. The SUV lost control and went straight ahead and crashed in a wall. Two men got out from the truck. They had their weapons ready and were searching for a target. The first man said to the other "the noise came from above, oh no sniper" the man tried to run to cover with his partner but they were both shot in the back by Alejandro who was on one of the terrace with his sniper rifle. He then put the rifle back in the its bag and hung it over his shoulder and got down. He first went and checked the SUV where the man sitting on the passenger seat was nearly dead, he tried to say in his dying breath in English "please." But Alejandro shot him in the head before he could say anything else. He then went to the back of the truck and shot the padlock and opened the back of the truck. The inside was filled with large containers. He dragged one of the containers out and opened it, inside it was filled with assault rifles. He carried the container to the SUV and took out the dead bodies and placed the container in the back seat. He then messaged Gareth from his secure phone "get cleanup for shipment in my last known location" and sent the text. He then got in car and drove away.

    25 minutes later.

    Alejandro pulled over the black SUV which was half destroyed and got out of the car. In front of him were a dozen men aiming their guns at him and the man standing in the middle said in English "I didn't wake up this morning thinking that I would kill a Latino."
    Alejandro chuckled and said "you are Ahmed."
    "And let me guess you are, dead" said Ahmed
    "Hear me out Ahmed, I am from the CIA and right now there are two dozen men with their guns pointed at you so why don't you start by lowering yours."
    "And how will I know that you are CIA."
    "You don't so let's take a shot find out for yourselves but let me tell you that will die before you pull that trigger." Ahmed yelled in Arabic to his men to lower their weapons and then said to Alejandro "alright now what do you have to say."
    "You were going to buy guns from Hashim al Abidi but I am willing to give all of them to you just to know where Hashim is ."
    "All of them?" Asked Ahmed and Alejandro took out the container and placed it on the ground and took out one assault rifle and threw it towards Ahmed and said "take this container as a gift and think about it if you want to come again to this place at the same time." With that Alejandro got up back in the car and drove away. In the car he dialed Gareth's number and when he picked up his phone Alejandro said "did you clean up the bodies and take care of the truck?"
    "Yes" said Gareth.
    "And the is the tracking on the container working properly?"
    "Then the first part is done."

    (If you like it then next part coming soon)

  • danielsilva 11w

    A Game Of Black And White

    London, England

    "Are you seeing the headlines " British national killed in Cairo" so let me sum it up we lost an agent, failed a critical mission and to top it all of the targets location is unknown. " shouted an old man to the man sitting opposite to him.
    "Well sir the targets one of the trusted men Hashim al Abidi is currently in baghdad. We could get the targets location through him."
    "Well what are you waiting for? Why haven't you sent a team in already?"
    "This is what I wanted to ask you sir. This time I think it will be better if we use a foreign asset."
    "Yes do it." The other man got up to leave but then the old man said "Gareth no more mistakes." With that Gareth left and then took out his phone. He typed an encrypted message "activate asset 7976. Confirmation code 3728. Destination Baghdad." And sent it.

    Same time. Juarez, Mexico

    A car filled with dents all over it crashes into a wall. The man inside gets out and starts running. He runs for a couple hundred metres and then bangs on a closed door and after a lot of banging the door opens. The man out of breath says in Spanish "ready the men's, he is coming." And runs inside. Inside in a large room men check their guns for ammunition and get ready and one of them say to the out of breath person "don't worry boss you are safe we have 10 men with us." Then suddenly the lights turn off and the men start to panic and then gunshot is heard, single gunshots and the sound of bodies and gun falling. The man who was out of breath starts to yell and runs in a random direction but stumbles and falls. For a second everything seemed quiet to him but then in that silence he heard footsteps and the deep voice of a man speaking in Spanish "listen to this voice carefully because then you will know the voice of the man that killed you but not what he looked like." The man started to pray but then a bullet was fired to his head. There was complete silence all over again until a phone started to ring. The lights suddenly got turned on and the only man standing took off his night vision goggles. He was dressed in all black and only his face was visible. He was a relatively short man with a well built body. He had short hair and very small eyes. He was clean shaved and had a few drops of blood on his left cheek. He received the call and heard an automated voice say "activation code 3728. Destination Baghdad."
    (If you like it then next part coming soon)                         

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    The Night

    The cold silence of the night
    Is when she was most at peace
    The cold wind soothed her wounds
    The hair of her skin standing up
    To meet the soft cold air of the night
    The silence ,made her hear, the rustling
    Of the trees , and twinkling of the stars
    Yes she could hear them
    The light of the moon ,
    Like a beautiful soothing bronze glow
    Which didn't make her eyes squint
    She looked out the window
    As the last traveller had reached home
    And the roads went silent
    And the lights dimmed undisturbed
    Placing patches of light and dark
    Almost like magic
    In this silent night she could believe
    She owned the world
    The streams the mountains the trees
    She was the queen
    And no one could judge
    As they fell in a slumber
    Quiet bodies , wandering minds
    Running free, eloping, envisioning
    She wrote of night in her diaries
    Often, of the Crescent moon
    And white owls of glistening waters
    And zephyr,
    And she was also lost in the night
    Once , Never to be found again..


  • tamtam25x 11w

    I've started writing a story. Please tell me your opinions and please don't hesitate to correct any grammar or spelling mistakes!

    Yes, I know the main character isn't really introduced yet. Her name is Cora Faye Dawson.

    ~Red on her hands part one~
    Until that day, fear had been an idea, a concept. Now it was real: a feeling I would carry inside me for the rest of my life. The day began innocently enough, with my mother shaking me awake, always showing her sweet smile with white as snow teeth. Her hair is always up in a perfect ponytail in the morning. I get dressed as she leaves and then I head to the kitchen to eat breakfast with father, Amanda, my sister, and my dog, Rio. Waffles drenched in sweet maple syrup and a thin square of butter slowly melting on top. Once I finished, I headed out the door putting on my blue and grey running shoes and throwing my bag around my shoulder. The rays of the bright sun blinded my eyes but felt like a warm hug against my skin. The air smelled pure as the neighborhood children recently planted some fresh flowers at the nearby community garden.

    I begin walking east to Talia’s house, like I do everyday. The heat drains my energy slowly as I walk but I know Talia’s mom will offer me lemonade like she does every morning. I wipe the droplets of sweat from my forehead. I suddenly hear the whirring of police sirens creeping closer. I stop and look around as I become curious. A police car zooms past me creating a gush of wind. I savor the cool air as much as possible but it only lasts a good second. I’m almost to her house so I won’t have to continue suffer.

    Her house is the one with the one with white walls and a brown roof on the corner of the street. The walls have vines reaching to the roof and around the windows, we used to climb them all the time. Surrounding her house is a metal gate where we would tie ribbons to show every good memory we had. Thinking back to it makes me smile unconsciously.

    The sirens don’t seem to go away. I continue walking and I see the police have stopped in front of Talia’s home. They seem to have their guns pulled to their chest, fully aware. There are about six of them lingering around. The men’s expressions are serious as they carefully load their weapons. I hear a loud bang that vibrates the air. A shutter goes up my spine, I can feel my blood rushing to my brain. All of the cops are perfectly still and breathing carefully, none of them has pulled their trigger.

    It clicks in my head. My feet swiftly lift from the sidewalk and I rush towards the fenced gate. My hand pushes against the burning hot metal and the gate opens. Before I could run inside, a large hand grabs my arm. “Ma’am, you can’t go in there!” an officer stops me.

    “Let go of me! My best friend is in there!” I attempt to flail my arms and somehow I’m able to free my forearm from his fingers. I quickly push open the front door. Her front door leads to the stairway and my eyes gravitate to the wooden flooring as there is a deep red liquid dripping down slowly. The liquid drips from one step to the other all the way to the ground of the first floor. The Earth suddenly comes to a stop and my heart begins beating rapidly. There is only silence as I look up the stairs slowly and a figure stands at the very top.

    “Wait ma’am, it’s dangerous!” The police barge inside.

    It’s Talia, at the top step, with a black pistol in her dripping red hands.

    The police freeze as their eyes meet with hers. A smile slowly creeps onto her lips.

    “Arrest her!” one of the men shouts, and four of the officers begin running up the stairs. Her eyes look at mine and she waves her hand at me before running off to the left and out of my sight.
    A few minutes later I am sitting on the porch with a dusty green blanket around me. A cop is chatting with me but I can’t hear a word he’s saying. The sound of the gun shot still rings in my ears. The sight of the blood dripping from her hands linger in my memory.

    “She’s gone. We checked everywhere but she disappeared somehow,” A policeman exits the house out of breath. The men look at each other in confusion.

    This doesn’t make any sense, she was on the second floor. She couldn’t have escaped so quickly and easily. She couldn’t have commited a murder, could she?

    My best friend, a murderer?

    To be continued...

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @tamtam25x
    #murder #story #thriller #literature #mirakee

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    Red on her Hands


  • danielsilva 12w

    A Game Of Black And White

    Cairo, Egypt

    "Where do you want to go?" Asked the cab driver in heavily accented English but the man sitting in the back replied in perfect Arabic "drive straight and take your first right then go straight and second left and then keep going and I will tell you went to stop." The cab driver did as he was told and then finally when he could not control his curiosity asked the stranger "do you live here or are a tourist?"
    "Why do you ask?" the stranger replied.
    "You know your way around and can speak fluent Arabic so that's why."
    "I have a business here that's why. You can pull over to the right now." The man got out and gave the cab driver a 100$ note and said "keep the change its my lucky day." The baffled cab driver looked at the note and then wanted to say thank you but the stranger was already gone. He had a tall muscular body and blonde hair, he was wearing black sunglasses even though it was almost dark and he had a blue backpack with him. He turned and entered a small alley and took out a piece of cloth from the bag and tied it around his face concealing the lower part of his face after that he took out a small earpiece and inserted it in his ear and then took out a detonator. He then said in English with a British accent "alpha one in position."
    A male voice replied "stand by alpha one target approaching in 30 seconds, Acknowledge."
    "Acknowledged command."
    "Target in sight alpha one black sedan plate number 3578, acknowledge."
    "Acknowledged command, detonating in three, two, one" He pressed the button but nothing happened. The blonde man looked at the detonator and realized what had happened but it had been too late. He heard the voice of a man from behind saying in Arabic "may God have mercy on your soul." Before shooting him in the back of his head twice. He then pulled out his phone dialed a number and said "Job done. The Commander is safe." With that he threw away the phone and walked away.

    (If you like it then next part coming soon)

  • siddhant_rajput 13w

    #reflection #writersnetwork #thriller #moon #mirror #murder #lady #night #etheree



    PS- The lady had murdured her husband that night. She sees her own reflection in the mirror.

    @laughing_soul @mrunaalgawhande @sagarika_writes @be_nighi @varandeep1125 @aditi_sharma @vaishalikushwah_ @writersnetwork @divokost @mindprober_jerry

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    The Poem For The Night!

    That night was affluent with twilight beam, yet very forlorn.
    Staring every reflected beam lucidly from her spangly companion,
    She, the lady, stood infront of mirror alone.
    Blood from her knife tip, dripping fervidly,
    And, kissing the wooden floor, lavishly.
    She, in that reflection, saw
    Her twilight lined figure-
    The figure who
    Murdured her


  • britney_sparks 13w


    "why did u do it? "
    "I didn't fucking do anything ", he yelled to the middle aged oversized man sitting across from him. He has this poker dot expression that makes it freaking difficult to differ his reactions. I raked my already messy hair and thought again, 'how did I get into this hell hole? '.
    "all evidence points at you"
    "evidence? I wasn't in that fucking warehouse. I was supposed to be there but I arrived 15minutes late. What the fuck is wrong with you people?"
    Someone else got there before me and did them all. Such a messy gruesome sight, I'd have done them without painting the entire warehouse in their blood. They fucking deserved it. Damn them.
    "look, I've done a lot of peeps but this one wasn't me, I'm being framed "
    "who would go to such great lengths to see you locked away? "
    "I don't know. Hell! They're lots of enemies in this damn world", I said. The man sitting here, across from me wore no expression and felt no pity towards me. No one does. I ruffled my hair and pinched the brim of my nose nervously. Who would want to hit me so bad?
    Allison? Of course. My sweet sweet Allison. She's grown so much now. I took everything away from her and gave her more. I should have done her two years ago. 'I'll find you' was all she said to me in my lab. That baby wouldn't have survived in this cruel world anyway.
    'I'll find you and I'll haunt your life', she said.

  • thataviguy 15w

    It was my first day in the hostel. The hostel building was huge, there were lot of students. I came inside my room. My new room mate was sitting on his bed, busy on his phone. We greeted each other, shook hands, and introduced ourselves. His name was 'Michaelangelo' but I used to call him Mike. As I roamed around inspecting the building, I bumped into an old man. I apologized. The old man looked at me. He smiled, but didn't say anything. That smile was creepy. His eyes were red, and he had a few teeth missing. I just didn't like the way this guy was looking at me, so I just walked away. Through my peripheral vision, I looked at him. He was still staring me, with that same creepy expression.
    Later I found out from other students that he was the janitor, but weirdly enough, no one knew his name, and neither did he wear a badge. We nicknamed him CJ, (Creepy Janitor)
    The next day, I and Mike came back to our room. We found CJ inside our room. He was searching something in my bag. Mike shouted, "What are you doing?" CJ stood up, and said in his deep voice, "I was cleaning your room." Mike suddenly grabbed his collar, and pulled out my wallet from CJ's pocket. We were shocked to see that he had no expression of guilt. We reported him to the authorities. And he was suspended.
    One day, I had gone to the nearby store. When I came back, I found a few boys in the corridor along with Mike. The all had metal rods in there hands.
    I asked them what was happening. They told me that CJ laid his hands on one of the boys' girlfriend and they were going to teach him a lesson. I told them to report the incident to the police instead of beating that old man. They didn't listen.
    Later that night, I received a message on my phone. It was a picture...... Of CJ's......... Dead body, with a dagger stabbed in his chest.
    A chill ran through my spine. I immediately called Mike and yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?"
    He said, "Don't panic, we just buried that bastard's corpse. We are heading back to the hostel. With each passing moment, I was losing my shit. I heard the horn of a car. It was Mike's car. I went down to the parking. All of the boys told me to keep my mouth shut, and delete the picture. I did. I wasn't feeling good, and I just wanted to go back home.
    Two days later, I packed my stuff, and moved back to home with my family. I decided to leave the building at night, when there won't be much people around. Mike and other boys of my floor to see me off at the ground floor. They had no guilt of what they had done, that made me a little uncomfortable too. Before leaving, I took one last glance at my room window. I felt weak in my knees. My mouth dried up. I was terrified. He was standing at my room window, with that same creepy smile. There he was, the creepy janitor.....................

    #stories #horror #creepy #shortstories #wattpad #mirakee #writers #writer #writing #murder #mystery #suspense #thriller #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writersofmirakee #words #wordsmith #writerslife

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    The Janitor.

    I got admission in a college in my hometown of New Jersey. My family wanted me to stay with them, but I wanted to go to the hostel.......
    (Read Caption)


  • backstreet_bond 15w


    The goddess,
    Of hissing serpents,
    Sat on the black waters,
    Of the deep grounded pyramids.
    Calling my name,
    'You! My child'
    I walked towards the darkness.
    Her yellow beady eyes,
    Gloomed and beamed and cried.
    Her canines glistening,
    Profound for me.
    Her true son,
    'The Naja'.
    Emerged from behind.
    Cut through my spine,
    And left me to flow.
    My elements breaking to elements,
    Of heaven.
    I couldn't wait,
    Just see them,
    Craving the pain,
    And satiating their need.
    My eyes slept,
    But my conscience didn't,
    Last morale,
    It taught me then,
    For my reincarnation,
    "To Never Be Tricked Again"
    "To never Be Fooled Again".


  • her_silent_words 15w

    She got to know about her pregnancy,
    Happily she opened the door,
    She left shocked to see her husband kissing some other girl,
    He got caught red handed,
    He tried his level best to hide his dirty lusty deeds from her,
    She was fuming with rage,
    Her mind got numb and she called the police,
    To keep his reputation intact in society,
    He took a turn and without thinking he thought of killing her,
    He stabbed her with a sharp knife in her belly,
    He took every second to get her close to death,
    Once he got successful,
    He stood up and was about to run,
    His mind diverted to the paper she was holding in her hand which now is lying on the floor,
    He hurriedly opened the envelope and after reading her positive pregnancy report.
    He stumbled across the carpet,
    He slowly took the knife again in his hand and stabbed himself numerous time until death took him away.