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  • raqeebat_25 1d

    #Abuse # Domestic Violence

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    Follow your heart

    Follow your heart, they said and I did
    And my heart led me to you
    Bruised boned, stone cold,
    Panting for air in despair,
    Beaten by the ice cold rain,
    But I went on again.

    Follow your heart, they said and I did
    Like a magnet driven by an unbreakable force,
    I emptied my mentation without remorse
    You broke me with your words,
    But I took it that was how you showed love.

    Follow your heart, they said and I did
    And My heart led me to you.
    Reopened scars and broken glass.
    Flying fists and stitched wrists,
    Foundation on black eyes
    But I stayed like frozen ice.

    Follow your heart, they said and I did
    Like a doll to the strings of a puppeteer,
    I moved to the rhythm of your fingers,
    Operating my every thought
    As you shredded my self worth and left me distraught

    Follow your heart, they said, I agreed
    As I unearthed the truth on who you truly are
    I saw you morph from a treasure to an Ogre
    I cleared the dust from my eyes
    As you told your pretty little lies

    Follow your heart, they said, I agreed
    But my bleeding heart had taken enough,
    I broke your hold on me to realize
    Love doesn't leave you with bruised eyes
    But you taught me a great lesson,
    I learnt to follow my heart, with reason.

    ©Raqeebah Buhari

  • bigbeardedbard 3d


    The power to ruthlessly weild,
    Or amass wealth in greed,
    Which of your abusive excess,
    Have you confused as your,
    Right to success!!?


  • gayathribalan 4d

    Unsafe Haven

    Scary Toys + False Friends = Lifelong Scars


  • abhishek995 1w

    Little did she know that she would be raped and killed ... ! @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #pod #zainab #rape #sexual #abuse #harassment

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    Justice for Zainab

    A girl whose hands were as tiny as a Barbie doll,
    A girl whose hair was as shiny and beautiful as a rainfall,
    A girl with lips which always craved for chocolate,
    A girl with legs which were always ready to run and hide in a closet.
    A girl with eyes which always craved for sleep and toys,
    A girl who was just eight years old and was left with no choice.
    Leaving her home,
    That girl would have been thinking of how to escape from her aunt for she had finished all the sweets,
    Little did she know that she was being led away by a monster in disguise as a man
    On streets.


  • eklafz 1w


    again.. a damini
    A lil girl..

    fight for justice..
    for a month!




    becomes history!!

    no rape case ended with justice rather than a story!

    the shameless people continue their cheap works!


  • mariesanes 1w

    Don't You?

    You want me to break, and crumble under your touch don't you?
    You want me to go through pain just so you can be happy don't you?

    Well, you already saw me shatter, and break under your dark glare. What more do you want? I can't take this anymore, no more.

    Don't you want to know what I'm gonna do? Don't you?

  • havitatoe 1w

    Even the tiniest rock
    can cause a fracture


  • havitatoe 1w

    He Touches Me

    He touches me in ways, 
    that make me scream his name

    He touches me in ways,
    that make me cry all day

    He touches me in ways,
    that make me crawl away

    He touches me in ways, 
    that make me so afraid

    He touches me in ways,
    that make me go insane

    He touches me in ways, 
    that make me cut away

    He touched me in a way,
    that took my life one day

    He touches me no more,
    for I'm at Limbo's door


  • yugibird 2w

    Cruel or Naive (Social Issue) 1

    As a matter of study observations, I came across few of my friends especially in girls who had quite a soft upbringing (referring to behavioral treatment). When I look back in time at my childhood, I realize how strong I use to be (Reaction wise) as I never knew what was happening to me. I used to feel sad about the situation at various scenes like school, home, among friends (who were strongly maneuvred by their parents' influence when mine weren't concerned, not even being highly educated teachers coz they might be busy tackling their own beasts of life). That sadness was a direct outcome of abuse and today I'm bringing these words to life as deep down I know that this is rudimentary to masses who give a thought on a mature level. Cont......

  • professorphilosoherjoyjitghosh 2w

    If you witness a child abuse but fail to protest, you loose your right to call yourself a human being.

  • ticcitobytophats 2w


    I cant quite place
    Why she's that way.
    But you wouldn't understand,
    So listen to what I have to say. 

    She started with drugs,
    Just here and there.
    But it came back to get her,
    Fair and square.

    When her husband left
    On a business trip,
    She messed around
    And earned a tip.

    Months later,
    Came her firstborn kid.
    But nobody adopted 
    Or put in a bid.

    That kid grew up
    Wishing it never did.
    She punished it,
    That poor, poor kid.

    Then came her son,
    Her pride and joy.
    She never hit him,
    Not her baby boy.

    She tortured the firstborn,
    Told it to die.
    That's why,
    At night it cries.

    She abused it,
    But favored her son.
    Her firstborn child,
    She seemed to love none.

    "You are a worthless
    Son of a bitch."
    The firstborn never argued
    Against that pitch.

    "I wish you'd die."
    She used to scream.
    Again came tears
    Nobody was on the firstborn's team.

    Then came a new baby.
    A daughter, oh so cute.
    The firstborn, however,
    Became very mute.

    "Hold your tongue."
    Its' therapist said.
    It cried every night,
    Alone in its' bed.

    "Fuck off."
    "Why aren't you gone yet?"
    The firstborn didn't understand,
    Was this the future it had set?

    The firstborn,
    Surprisingly still here,
    Wanted to die.
    That was very clear.

    Still hurt,
    Every single day.
    Happiness evades it,
    It doesn't want to stay.

    Only one person
    Supports the firstborn. 
    Its' happiness,
    Something to mourn.

    And what a surprise,
    I have to say.
    The firstborn is me,
    Still alive today.

    Slowly but surely,
    I'm getting better.
    Every time 
    I write a new letter.

    Ignored by most,
    Mother included. 
    I still see her hate,
    However diluted.

  • _shmerrr_ 2w


    I prefer to stand by what I've said;
    I'll lend you a hand and a shovel when you need them,
    I'll help you plant your feet firmly in your grave.
    Abuse isn't reality;
    It's naught but your sob story,
    I see no shatterd ribs or cracked skulls or attesting evidence of any kind.
    Just bruises, and violence that didn't leave marks.
    Broken souls aren't real;
    They dont dig into your flesh and sap you of strength,
    It's tough love.
    And that is what it shall remain,
    Till I've coerced you into manacles,
    I assure you are of your own make and kind;
    Till I've helped fill your grave,
    And buried you alive.

  • itzalpacas 2w


    You look in the mirror. You see something you are not. You see a mean, cruel, ugly girl who knows nothing. You see someone who hates themselves. You see a girl who has been though so much yet hasn't changed. You see someone who is nobody important. Someone that nobody likes. That is insignificant. Irrelevant. But look through my eyes. I see a brave girl. Someone who is not afraid to admit they are not perfect. Someone who is still in this world even after the struggles they've gone through. A girl who is strong enough to say. I see a beautiful girl, under all of the scars. Somebody that I love. Somebody that is important to me and many others. I see a girl who is proud of herself. A girl that shouldn't care what people say, because she knows they're wrong. I see someone I love. Someone I care about. Yet you cannot see that yet. Look closer, and you'll realize how wonderful YOU are.

  • alifzedd 2w

    hmm.... shhhhh! nahi !
    thoughts wondered in his mind
    he couldn't stop
    he wanted to
    he couldn't ask help
    he needed to
    masturbation was hurting his existence ��
    #TeeNation #masturbation #abuse #body #vulgar #pervert #sad #teenage
    @whitewings @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee @fahidhameed @in_shaa @basra_irshad @unsaid @aneezthameema @sharikeitoo @wordsfriendlymishree

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    grey body and vibes dreary
    rebuked! at last to the internet fairy
    hauls to refuge..... home
    performing crafty maneveurs hands roam

    searing with feelings lewd
    the curtains are drawn, it'll begin
    on the stage a canvas nude
    smeared with colours, only to sin

    the organs blazing are fondled
    as digital barbie swings
    pleasure is delicately handled
    now the climax rings

    never again ! the emotions tilt
    down in a pool of guilt
    drowns a body disgraced
    helpless as the eroticism aced

    ©alifzedd ��

  • hernes88 2w


    He blinked back tears as he whispered, "forgive me," bringing back his hand yet again.
    Soon it became a rhythmic chant in time with the sound of hand meeting flesh.
    "Forgive me."
    "Forgive me."


  • 1jennywenny7669 2w

    #Restraining orders are a piece of paper #abuse #must stop

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    Officer, what proof
    Do you need?
    It won't be long
    Before I will bleed.

    Can't you see the
    Proof on my neck?
    The tears in my eyes?
    The way that he sweats?

    Officer, I must
    Get away now.
    Please help me...
    Please tell me how!

    A restraining order.
    That's what you need.
    A piece of paper
    Says he must leave...

    The following week
    He captured me
    Gun to my head
    My life I plead...

    © Jennifer Powell

  • zaan74 2w

    I didn't have to smoke
    To know the taste of cigarettes,
    They lingered on the lips of bad lovers,
    Their forced kisses.

    Farah Naaz

  • aj_says 2w

    Abuse in English is raw and educative, Abuse In mothertoung is vulgar and illiterate.


  • ramblingfofa 3w

    #ponder �� #ramble #actions #sabr #abuse #sorrow #silence #reality #respect
    Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah wabarakatuhu.

    My rambling for the day :) Forgive me

    God’s creative style is diversity. There is diversity even among angels. Some are bearers of revelation, others carriers of His throne, and others are scribes.

    Respect human diversity. Respect God’s style.

    This year, let’s actively end racism and bigotry.

    May Allah forgive us all
    May Allah bless us all

    Nur ala Nur

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    Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah wabarakatuhu

    My rambling for the day Forgive me

    God’s creative style is diversity. There is diversity even among angels. Some are bearers of revelation, others carriers of His throne, and others are scribes.

    Respect human diversity. Respect God’s style.

    This year, let’s actively end racism and bigotry.

    May Allah forgive us all
    May Allah bless us all

    Nur ala Nur