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  • ari_speaks_truth 6h

    From Home to Broken

    A place where one stays permanently
    I use to consider you my home & I yours
    Brings to mind a place/person that makes you feel safe, loved, & protected
    That's what I convinced myself I felt with you
    An emotion experienced in anticipation of pain
    I use to deny that I feared you
    But in reality it was obvious
    An emotion I shouldn't of experienced with the man that claimed to love me
    But I did
    Because I was the outlet for your anger whether justified or not
    An unknown place
    We had gone through so much
    I convinced myself that your abuse would go away
    That you were still the man I fell in love with
    I was so sure I could help you
    That you just needed someone to stay no matter what
    But no matter what turned deadly when my life was at stake
    The act of separating into pieces usually by force
    I never thought you would attempt to break me
    Especially not physically
    I was so determined things would never get that bad
    I should have opened my eyes to the signs
    And my ears to the concerned loved ones
    But though you broke my face
    I will never let you break me as a person
    I will always get back up


  • niccolelynne 7h

    Being a victim yourself, it's expected that you would know the pain that comes hand in hand with that kind of experience. Despite how you felt about me or my father, you should of said something. If you held no respect for me as your daughter, you could of at least viewed me as an innocent, helpless human being. You could of looked past everything, put your ego aside, and said something.

    You didn't.

    I shouldn't hate you. You are my family, after all.
    But, I do. Everything about you.

    #fuckedupfamily #abuse #CSA

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    In the moment
    I needed you most,

    Your eyes looked
    For anything but me.

    As if you knew that you
    Should have said something,

    Yet the anger you held
    For me clouded your vision.

    Had you of spoken up, I
    Wouldn't be where I am today.

    And I will never
    Forgive you for that.


  • niccolelynne 2d

    I cannot help but wonder
    Who I would have become

    If nothing had happened
    When I was a child

    Had I experienced
    Love instead of pain,

    Comforted rather
    Than set aside;

    Perhaps I would be a
    Better person than I am now.

    Or maybe I would
    Be even worse off.


  • zaan74 3d

    Blood stained lips
    Are better,
    I guess.
    I won't take
    A part of you,
    Not more than I need.

    I let you breathe,
    You let me leave.

    Farah Naaz

  • niccolelynne 5d

    And I hate you for it. You've tortured me enough as is, leave me be.

    #stuckinthepast #help #abuse

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    Your face
    Haunts me more now than ever before.

    Each time I shut my eyes,
    There you are;

    Sitting on a throne of self righteousness.


  • firstdraftpoet 1w

    The bruises he left,
    She turned into tattoos
    Of obscure corners of the universe.
    She drew purple and blue nebulae
    Over the handprints that ached
    And made constellations
    Out of the cigarette-burn dots.


  • the_introvert_writer 1w


    I used to wait for the darkening sky to see you in my dreams...
    You were the most sweetest man on earth...
    But now I am scared to see you in the night on bed with me...


  • the_secret_scribbler 1w


    Thoughts of you haunt me everyday
    Memories linger over my head from sunrise till dusk,like dust i inhale their essence,an essence saturated with pain and torture.

    Your presence has become a source of terror.
    I could postulate how the beating would be by the hands of the clock,time became my enemy for it always scuttled to see you off from work so you could come home and thump me.

    Why me i always asked myself,love is deemed a gift yet for me love brings agonies i can never forget,the scars imprinted on my face will always bleed of bitter memories.


  • mood365 1w

    #abuse # sexual harassment#violating boundaries# narcissistic abuse # bullying # healing

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    Takes just one to accuse
    Two to prove me a virgin
    One full hand to slap me
    One mouth to apologize
    Though I have no heart
    to forgive.

  • adarshnaini 1w


    Life reeked of dead meat,
    Crawling down the corner to cry indiscreet.
    Lost in the crowd that's just conceit,
    All could I do was walk into their deceit.
    Couldn't see what's beyond the debris' treat.
    And yet picked myself, never credited defeat.
    Dead meat or heart beat,
    Life's just a lot of rain with a shower of sleet.


  • niveditha13 2w

    Her world closed in on her;
    Fussing over bills, counting belongings,
    Choking her needs
    In the hospital, nobody knew she was
    drowning to death


  • magic_in_words 2w

    The idea of a 'family' is quite intriguing, for there are some 'lucky ones' that have the privilege of a warm loving bond, while the reality of it all shows so many so many sad broken lives bound by crooked cruel connections called 'family', so much so that it might make a woman who strings words together shed some tears as well.

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    Waking Up To Reality

    She loved him.
    Despite every hour she stood in useless wait.
    Or every night of endless talking replaced by the pillow stained with tears and her sorrow.

    She loved him,
    Despite how he treated her.
    With disgust in public
    To him a spectacle to humiliate
    To him a woman to use
    To exploit.

    She loved him
    She chanted this over and over
    To bind herself
    To bind him.

    Her friends assumed
    That the bars of marriage prevented her from spreading her wings to fly
    Her friends thought
    She was ridiculous, staying with such a man.
    She started to think that too,
    When the bruises started to show.

    She expected the man
    That brought her flowers
    That showered her with sweet nothings
    That made love to her
    Not the brutal torture called sex that he introduced now.
    To be real

    She was in love with that reality
    Not the brutality she witnesses now.
    She found herself alone even in his company
    And insanity seemed to break though to her
    For knife she sort
    Sometimes to slice her throat in escape
    Or to cut him up for freedom.
    She was almost there really
    When it happened.
    When she got her wake up call.
    When at nights,
    As if to duet
    As if an attempt to companionship
    She started to hear sobs through the paper thin walls.
    A symphony of tears
    Formed by two strangers

    And as time passed bond was born here at night.
    Stronger than the bruises she saw in the mirror.

    But intrigued she was
    So sort out her neighbour she did.
    A forever drunk she found.
    And sobs she heard.
    Not from the sour smelling man, but from beyond.

    That is when she saw.
    Her wake up call,
    The little boy
    Covered in bruises similar to hers and worse.
    A child of 6 or 7 maybe.
    But with dead eyes of a war solider he had.
    It melted her.
    This boy's sad empty eyes.

    That night
    One abusive husband,
    Received divorce papers
    One drunken man
    Forgot his missing 'son'
    In a train heading faraway from hell
    A boy and a woman
    Patches all over
    Smiles all over
    With delight over melting ice-creams
    Enjoyed the view together
    Holding hands.


  • demariah 2w

    It hurt when she yelled at me.
    Every raised voice sliced through my soul.
    It hurt when she locked me in.
    Every pleaded demand lured me back.
    It hurt when she grabbed at me.
    Every handwritten apology tore me up.
    It hurt when she aimed at me.
    Every broken item an inventory of guilt.
    And throughout it all, I forgot that
    Smashed plates don't compare
    To the sound of a breaking heart.


  • aninditapaul 2w

    To the world it seemed that you were holding me with care
    But only I knew that this care was just a veil
    to hide those scars
    To the world it seemed that you were lovingly wiping sorrow from my cheeks
    But only I knew the pain behind those tears
    To the world it seemed that you were kissing me with your sweet mouth
    But only I could taste the poison behind those lips
    To the world you seemed to be the perfect person to share a home with
    But only I knew what happened behind those doors


  • fireblast_ 2w

    Its very sad truth, we should raise our voice on it,go give it a read if you care...
    It is not the bruises on the body that hurts,it is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind.

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    Sitting alone under the night sky so black,
    Nobody knows what she's holding back,
    Pulling her sleeves past the black and blue,
    Once these bruises fade they'll come back anew.

    Looking up at the stars so high,
    Sometimes she wishes she could melt into the sky,
    Out of her eye drops a single tear,
    As she realizes she has to face her worst fear.

    At the thought of home she shutters,
    And a prayer for help she mutters,
    Her angry father's face shakes in her head,
    And her broken heart fills with dread.

    The front door creaks as she steps inside,
    Jumping over beer bottles she runs to hide,
    Sliding under her bed she tries not to make a sound,
    Too late: the floor creaks as she touches the ground.

    She tries to hold back the tears,
    he hits her harder when she cries,
    But they slip out as the heavy steps get closer, she's terrified,
    The door slams open, the pain is about to come,
    Her dad's clothes smell like smoke and rum.

    He lifts her up by a chunk of her hair,
    Taking the first punch he begins to swear,
    She cries for help, but it's to late,
    He won't stop till he's got out all the hate.

    A daily routine, but tonight it's not the same,
    Tonight the end of the beating never came,
    A few hours later the ambulance arrives,
    Her life is over at the age of 5.

  • beautiful_deathx 2w

    You say you love me
    These bruises say something else.

    You say you love me
    I love myself all too well.

    Goodbye to you
    I hope it's warm in hell.


  • alissandrasmith 2w

    Love Abuse

    When a man hits a woman he is using his strengths as a weapon to power over her.
    When a woman uses her intelligence to manipulate a man she is also using her strengths as a weapon to have control over him.
    Lovers are partners with mutual power in decision-making throughout difficult life choices.
    If you're in a relationship that's physically or mentally abusive you're not in love, you're in a fucking warzone.


  • dasanisha 3w


    Brown is just the tone of my skin
    Unappealing, unloved but not a sin
    Fairness creams and yellow paste is not what i need
    Showing love like a fair heart is the real deed

    Mocked by everyone or
    I will fairly survive
    The place where equality for all is one
    My expectations would thrust and thrive

    All those mean comments and tweets
    Are like bitter garlic over the sweets
    My courage and conviction now can't be pulled down

  • ramanonymous 8w

    Draped in emotions,
    Wearing a faint smile,
    Bruises on her skin,
    Faking a silly grin,
    Was a shatterred soul
    With an imminent role.
    Dressed and ready,
    Just figure it out.

    - Ramanonymous