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    “Even the smallest daily actions can have a profound effect that you may not even think was possible.”


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    2-The wave of killer ducks strikes!(Part 2)

    At the hearing of this explanation, everybody seemed shocked. General Animatronix pe however he was called didn't seem to be lying.

    "And...how can we know if we truly have magic blood?" asked the blondie next to me, furrowing her eyebrows.

    "That's the point where I wanted to get. At each five days, we have a fight in the Gladyus Arena. All kinds of magic or fight are admitted. Nobody dies, because when they reach their breakpoint and they just can't fight anymore, the recruits are frozen until the end of the game. Oh, speaking of Gladyus! You, beginners, are lucky! You got here in the gay of a fight! Follow me! And suddenly, his face lit up and he became so cheery as if the fights were some sort of parties.

    He lead us to the back wall of the huge training hall. Next to the wall were some glass tubes, like the one we slided on to get there in the first place. They were really big, large enough that one person could easily stand inside one of the tubes. Next to each of the tubes was a small metallic panel, covered in lots of smaller and bigger button.

    "Get in the capsules! They will get you straight to the top, in the Arena!"

    I shared a worried glance with the blondie, gulped and turned to the glass tubes. I walked to them, alongside with the other new recruits. Right before we went in, The General stopped the younger messy haired boy.

    "Oh no, you're not going there. You're way too young to enter the Gladyus Arena. You have to be more prepared."

    "But...But... Please, I want to go kick asses too, begged the little boy. And I honestly couldn't understand his peculiar wish at all. Hasn't he seen the other recruits? If one ass is going to be kicked, that would be ours. Oh, how I wished to be a few years younger!

    "No buts" interrupted the General rudely." You will go with Grook, the elf, to the kiddos of your age."

    The little guy gave up and followed the dwarf (who actually proved himself to be an elf), and I kept watching them until they got lost in the sea of warriors(that sounded better in Romanian). The General pointed to the capsules, and we hesitantly boarded them.

    The capsule was around two meters tall, and as I stepped on the glass, I almost felt as if I was floating. It was a strange feeling, I knew I was standing on something, yet nothing was visible underneath me. It filled me with insecurities. What if the glass breaks under my weight and I fall? What if it takes me in the wrong place? Well, you won't find out unless you try!

    The last thing I saw was the General pressing a button on the panel, before the capsule unexpectedly sprung high up the tube.

    I had again the feeling I had when I entered Iridyum, that my brain is harshly plucked out of my head by the fast air hitting me from all sides, while the capsules went higher and higher. The next second, I found myself stumbling in a huge, round arena surrounded by thick rock walls, that seemed to reach the clouds. Everywhere in the Arena were spread dozens of young warriors, wearing determined expressions. And the other new recruits couldn't be found, their capsules probably landed them in another corner of the Gladyus Arena.

    The General's capsule landed in the middle, and when the man stepped out of it, the transparent glass oval disappeared. When he started speaking, I turned to hi, wondering how could I hear his voice so clearly, because there was a considerable distance between me and him.

    "Don't forget these rules, my warriors! No major injures, you can use any tipe magic, but don't forget the weapons! A good weapon can make the difference between wining and losing a fight. You have many weapons at choice. Use them wisely," he finished, before turning and pushing forward a table full of knifes, swords, bows and arrows, spears and axes.

    And then... Chaos! All the warriors ran to the table, almost stepping over me, pushing each other and yelling and grabbed a weapon, while I just stood there, thinking hopelessly that I'll be the first stunned recruit.

    After everybody chose their weapons, I headed shyly to the table. The only thing left was a broken, rusty sword, that hardly seemed to be useful in killing mosquitoes. I was about to drop it when I firstly grabbed it, being so heavy and unfitting for me.

    After that, Amiminorfis( I still don't remember his name) blew in a horn, and, as the sound echoed off the walls, the warriors started attacking.

    The fight was of a ferocity I've never seen before. I figured out it won't last to much, considering that in the first few minutes half of the warriors were already stunned. Most of these fighters have never had more than a few minutes in the Arena, before they froze and lost any chance. But these few minutes were of pure adrenaline. You cold feel the blood running through your veins, the energy exploding inside, like fireworks, filling you with this strange dizzy feeling, making your feet tremble and your muscles hesitate, and euphoria, turning your blood to burning gold and making you feel alive. Your senses, sharp as blades. You're not human anymore, but a beast, guided only by the thirst of survival, of winning. Not only defeating the others, but yourself too. Defeating your fears, your hesitations, everything that could make you weaker. This is, probably, the best way to simulate a real fight.

    I was absolutely shocked by the magical powers of the ones around me. Some of them had impressive forces, like invoking knifes,throwing fire balls and even turning into animals. But not all powers seemed useful. I noticed a girl that could invoke Adidas's and a boy that could make flowers grow. Not too useful in a life-and-death situation.

    The fighters were becoming less and less. Around ten of them were still standing, unstunned, trying to defeat each other, attacking mercilessly, apparently not realising that a new-comer with no idea how to hold a sword and no magical talent was standing right in front of them, mouth gaping.

    After a few minutes, they finally noticed me. They turned to me... And I wished I hadn't woken up from my bed this morning.

    They were getting menacingly closer to me, weapons shining dangerously in their hands.

    I begged in my mind:" Please, please, if I have a magical talent, show it to me!" I had no idea who was I begging for helped, but I could de nothing but hope it worked.

    A tall, red-headed girl rose her sword, ready to attack. I shut my eyes tightly, preparing to feel the impact.

    Suddenly, in the Arena rung the oldest quack I've ever heard. I opened my eyes, afraid of what I might see, to notice something big forming behind the warrior. It was pretty far from me, so I couldn't see what exactly it was . But the object, seeming to be a yellow wave, was getting closer and closer, bigger and bigger. And when it stopped above the fighters, I realised it was made of... Ducks!

    "Attaaaack!". I looked around trying to find out where was the shout coming from, but all the warriors were mute in amazement. So I can only guess it came from the ducks.

    The wave of ducks fell over the Arena.

    Gladyus was a sea of ducks. Everybody was at the ground, under a layer of yellow, moody, quacking animals. Surprisingly, I was standing on the only duckless place in the whole Arena. I straightened my back, brushing the dust off my already too dirty pants. And then the horn was heard again. The General had declared the game over. All the stunned ones could move again and the ducks melted into nowhere.

    Still not able to believe what just happened, the General announced:

    "And it looks like today's winner is the new-comer Onyx Prior, that defeated all the fighters by invoking a killer wave of ducks! Now let's give her a loud clap!"

    I guess it's needless to say that nobody clapped. They were all too busy rousing and glaring at me.

    "Wait... I did that?"I asked, confused.

    "It looks like you did,"answered the General promptly. "Now, everybody, turn back to Iridyum, for lunch!"

    A capsule appeared next to each fighter, ready for the short trip. Maybe the others were used to it, but all this high-tech stuff could easily awe me. The General was just boarding his capsule, when I stopped him, earning a glare. Immune to his obvious annoyance, I asked:

    "General Animornachos?"

    "Animorphegus," he corrected me, his glare intensifying.

    "Whatever. Look, this morning you said that I can stay here if I discover a magical talent. I did. So, can I stay?"

    "I guess so. Now, go down and don't even think of disturbing me again."

    I freed a breath I didn't even know I was holding in. I think, for some reason I even wished to stay here, I wished to be the one boarding this adventure, and not my sister. Even though my life became way more complicated and strange since I discovered I could invoke waves of ducks whenever I pleased.

    Without any further addition, I headed to my capsule, the only one left in the otherwise deserted Arena.

    Konichiwa everyone! Thanks for reading this! I really hope you liked it. Some feedback would be really useful. I know this may not be the greatest translation ever, but I stayed really late to finish it, so please unterstand.

    Thanks, I'm waiting for your comments!:)

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    Spoiler spoilery spoiler! Here's a part of the second part of "The wave of killing ducks strikes!". I'll finish it soon. Anyways, hope you like it! Please, tell me what you think in comments!

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    Most of these warriors have never had more than a few minutes in the Arena, until they froze and lost any chance. But these few minutes were of pure adrenaline. You could feel the blood running through your veins, the energy exploding inside, like fireworks, filling you with this strange dizzy feeling, making your feet tremble and your muscles hesitate, and euphoria, turning your blood to burning gold and making you feel alive. Your senses, sharp as blades. You're not human anymore, but a beast, guided only by the thirst of survival, of winning. Not only defeating the others, but yourself too. Defeating your fears, your hesitations, everything that could make you weaker. This is, probably, the best way to simulate a real fight.

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    Atlast it's just about two types of people. One who say 'I love you' and the other who do. Period.


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    Hey hey hey! New chappie badum badam! This is all I have til' tomorrow, I didn't translate the rest of it. Hope you like it and please, please, oh, hugest please ever, give me some reviews! Thanks for reading!:)

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    2-The wave of killer ducks strikes! (Part 1)

    Our steps echoed in the huge underground halls. They were enormous, lit by the silvery flames burning in some dark wood torches. They nearly seemed stolen out of a storybook.

    "What the mother of potatoes is this place?" I whispered, amazed. My head was spinnning as I was trying to memorate every detail, even if it was impossible.

    "If I were you, I wouldn't mention the Mother of Potatoes."said the dwarf, rolling his eyes.

    " There actually is someone called "Mother of Potatoes"?" I asked.

    "Of course. And she doesn't really like me, huffed the little man beside me.

    A heavy silence fell above us as we went through the forest gallery. In the middle of the second hall, another weird character was waiting impatiently for us.

    He was a tall, bald man, with muscled arms and tanned skin. His face read a severe expression, glaring as if he just saw something utterly disgusting. His eyes were analysing us, and when he looked straight into my eyes I could see coldness and determination, as he started heading straight to us . When I got closer, I noticed a detail that couldn't be seen from farther away. There seemed to be a flame in his eyes. His pupil was red, an odd glint being noticeable.

    I already knew I wasn't going to get along with this guy. Just by the hardness of his stare and the way he tapped his foot on the floor I could realise he got annoyed very quickly. And getting on other's nerves has always been a special talent of mine.

    "Miss Lissandra Prior?"

    "I'm not..." I started, but I was interrupted by the dwarf, placing a chubby hand over my mouth.

    "He is the General Animorphegus. His power is shapeshifting into any kind of animal. He hates talkative new-comers. And you clearly are one of them."

      I laughed quietly at the hearing of his name, but stopped when General Ani-I don't know turned and glared coldly at me. I decided shutting up was the best thing to do.

      And now we get to the magical power part, the one I won't believe 'til I see it happening! Sure, I was kidnapped by a dwarf and pulled in an underground hall, but it's still a long way to go until they get me to believe such a fantasy... Very long way, buddy!

    "Follow me, miss!"said the General. Yet somehow his hard, cold voice made it sound like an order.

       After passing through a few underground corridors, I gathered all my guts and decided to break the ice.

    "I am not Lissandra Prior. I have no idea why did you bring me here. And I don't even know any of you people. I have never seen you before. Who are you, actually? I bursted. I had so many questions, I just couldn't hold it in anymore. And how am I even supposed to, I was brought here by force!

    The General abruptly stopped walking and turned on his heels, facing me. He didn't seem too happy. He asked, glaring fiercely towards me :

    " Then who are you?"

    "Onyx Prior. Lissandra's twin sister. But we're nothing alike." I don't know why did I feel the need to add that. Probably to let them know that if they wanted to kidnap an arrogant, annoying girl, they got the wrong person.

    The General's eye started twitching. His face became red all of a sudden, he was fuming. He turned robotically to the dwarf.

    "You absolute idiot! You brought me someone else! In my hole carreer, I've never seen someone make such a big, stupid mistake!"

       Geez, thanks! Really feeling the love here.

    "But... but... I checked her fingerprint! It was fitting. Their fingerprints are so much alike, that the device confounded them!

    "Lissandra had a place reserved for her here ever since she was born!

    Well, I agree to that. If they were so keen on kidnapping someone, Lissandra is just the right person!

    "Please, sir, give her a chance!" insisted the dwarf. "Being her twin sister, Miss Prior is supposed to be a lot like her!"

    The General huffed. He moved his gaze from the dwarf, to me and back to the dwarf.

    "Oh, fine! Two days. If in two days she gives no sign of magical powers, the girl is going home and you're losing your job!" he thundered, and then walked away.

      I hardly unterstood something anymore, but I followed him, not having anything else to do. Magic? What kind of magic? Magic doesn't exist. Everybody knows that. The dwarf was coming, with his head dunked down shamefully. He didn't dare to look up, clearly terrified by the General.

    "Come meet the other new recruits", I heard the General in front of me saying.

    When I entered the next underground gallery, my mouth practically fell open.

       I couldn't believe my eyes! A huge hall full of children of my age and teenagers, fighting each other with axes , spears, bows and arrows! And that's not even the most shocking part! If You throw a closer look, you can see some of them making objects levitate or appear, invoking shields, weapons and even animals. Taller or shorter, they were all fighting, one against another, one with another. Some of them even seemed to have different nationalities, because I'm pretty sure I saw some young ladies with Asian looks and even a boy that seemed African, with afro hair and everything. They were all looking tired, sweaty, but I couldn't see one of them whining about it.

      I hardly unglued my eyes of the young fighters to analyze the hall. The walls were covered in battle signs, such as shields, mighty, but broken swords, some silvery shields, resembling the ones in the welcoming hall, even a few helmets and other pieces of armors I couldn't name. Right above the entrance and above our heads was hanging an enormous flag, at least twenty meters long, with a huge, round, burnt hole in the middle. A few parts of a complicated black pattern were still visible, on the scarlet background.

    "This is incredible..." I said, my voice not above a whisper.

    I had no more time to wonder, because the dwarf pulled my arm and I was obliged to follow him, right behind the General. While we made our way through the fighting teens, I took the chance to observe them more. I noticed an athletic teenage girl, her straight black hair pulled in a ponytail, freeing a furious battle shout and attacking a well-built redhead, that easily managed to defeat all her attempts at winning. I stared, contemplating the skills a boy and a girl, a few years older than me, proved to have,  crossing swords with another duo.  I was amazed I reached the opposite corner of the hall in one piece, where other three recruits were enjoying the show, on a wooden bench.

    Two boys and a girl. The boys seemed to be brothers, because they were so much alike! Both of them had brown, messy hair and hazel eyes, but the younger one wasn't sitting next to the other two, he was bouncing around, nervous and energic. Andreea the girl had long, blonde hair that resembled the color of caramel and eyes as blue at the summer sky. She was surprisingly calm, considering that her life probably just turned upside down.

    I sat next to her, and the General positioned himself in front of us, the tiny kidnapper following him closely, like a shadow.

    "Hello , new recruits, and welcome to Iridyum. I am General Animorphegus, Shapeshifter, code 673349," he announced.

    I leaned to the blonde girl on my right.

    "Do you know what is this place?" I whispered to her.

    "I haven't got even the smallest idea" she said , shrugging.

    "To paraphrase Miss Prior's excellent question, this place is a recruiting center. And not just any recruiting center. One for young people with magic powers. We are here to turn you into warriors."

    Boom. That's what my brain did, when it processed the information. I just couldn't believe this. I've had a perfectly normal life, until this very day. Why would I, out of all people, have magic powers? But then, I realised what the answer was to all of my questions: I didn't have any magical talent. My sister did. And I was only sent there by mistake.

    Animimanus or whatever his name was continued:

    "You've all been chosen for this since your birth, when we took a sample of your blood, to try to detect the magic in your DNA. And you've been recruited because of the magical talent you have. Or, at least, most of you..."as he said those words, he fixed me with an icy glare, that made me shudder involuntarily. As if it was my fault that I've been ripped out of my banal, normal routine and brought here by the delivery dwarf.

    "What exactly are we recruited for?" asked the older one out of the brothers.

    "Our researchers have found out that the Armageddon is coming."

    The others showed confused faces, the younger kid seemed immune to the tension around him and sticked his toe up his nose, while I uncontrollably bursted out laughing.

    "Pfft... Armageddon... That's practically the most stupid name I've ever heard!"

    "Don't laugh! the General said. "The Armageddon is the Latin name for 'End of the world'!"


    "Anyway, let's continue. Our predictions tell that it's going to happen over a few years, or even more. Then, The Serpent of Darkness will silther around the Earth and start holding it tighter, and tighter, until our planet will be destroyed, smashed. Here, the recruits with magical powers are trained to stop the Serpent from completing the journey around the Earth he will soon start, when he will manage to free himself from the prison he is, now, held captive into."

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    1- A dwarf delivers me to nowhere (part 2

    He might have been small, but the little man was strong and could easily pull me through the town, despite my protests. I think we were a pretty interesting view, a tiny postman leading and pulling around a strange girl trying hopelessly to kick him. The Mexican walkers must have been pretty dumb, or maybe deaf. Weren't they hearing my desperate yells? Weren't they realising there was a kidnap going on right under their noses and they didn't even do anything about it?

          I think there's no need to tell you that I was on the edge of having a crisis. While the little man was pulling me with him, I was shouting for help and trying to stop him, kicking right and left, imploring, yelling, even trying to tickle him( wich by the way, didn't work.) . It was really revolting! The dwarf was going to kidnap me!

          We had our share of breaks, because the dwarf was easily getting tired. I didn't stand against them, because I honestly wasn't really having the best physical condition ever. While he was resting, I tried to interrogate him, but the only answer I received was silence and an occasional threat. In one of the breaks, the postman even tried to fit me in a box (thing that logically didn't work). It works have categorically been one of the weirdest experiences I have ever lived, but it was no match for what was going to happen.

          One time, it became insupportable. One second the dwarf was resting on a wood bench, in front of a maroon house, the next one he was hanging upside down, right above a smelly trash bin. Thing what, even though it doesn't seem like it, needs a lot of physical force. The dwarf was way heavier than I imagined..

          "Listen up, old man, if you don't tell me where we're going, my hand might slip, and you'll be making an unplanned dive in the trash bin . So, spill out, tell me everything! You want to kidnap me, aye? Take my insides out and sell them, aye?"

           I stopped accusing him when I realised I was almost shouting, and the walkers were throwing me confused looks. I blushed at the sudden burst of attention I received.

           "Put me down, kid! Or else, you'll be having bigger problems than a trash bin"yelled the little man, his face red from the blood coming to his head.

         The people kind of started staring( as if they weren't already staring) so I left him down and continued walking, following an angrier than ever postman dwarf .

          The hairy man kept rambling strange phrases:

           "Messenger Elf, boss Raggentoff told me, messenger Elf he said. If that's what a messenger Elf gets, why didn't I become a waiter Elf?"

          The small Mexican town we lived in was noisy, bustling and crowded, full of houses and blocks . It was circled by forests, so you realise it wasn't my father's first choice seeing the place we will live.
    If my mom wouldn't have wanted to live close to the forest, by now we would have probably been in Cancun. It's a strange thing this one, with my mother and the forests. She has always had a soft spot for nature, flowers and forests. That's why, when we were younger , mom used to take me and Lissandra in the forest for a walk, every Sunday afternoon. I remember how I used to ambitionate myself  to climb the highest trees, and almost every time fall, being caught by my mother. This is how I've gotten to know almost by heart all the paths in the forest a few streets behind my house.

           Soon, the dwarf pulled me to a little forest I have never explores before.

         "Why are you taking me to the forest?" I asked slowly.

             I've started to question myself about the reason why I decided to follow the tiny postman. Maybe because I had absolutely nothing better to do. Or maybe I just wanted to get out of this ignorant family. I don't know, but, after all, what does the dwarf want from me? To kidnap me? That one was clear. To turn me into his slave? Maybe. To... eat me? I didn't even want to think about that possibility.

         But the dwarf didn't answer to my question (neither did he to the other dozen of questions I've asked him), he just kept leading me through the forest, wich was getting deeper and deeper. He seemed to be following an invisible path, that he followed thousands of other times.

            Only when we reached a huge pine tree, thick and old, the hairy man let my hand go. My hand was bruised from his hand, holding me like a handcuff.

             And then, a bizarre thing happened. The stranger opened his other hand, the one that I recall he has always held in a fist, and there was a symbol encrusted on the palm of his hand: a star. He pressed the symbol on the wood trunk of the pine tree and, with a sound very much alike a thunder, a part of the tree retracted!

            And take a wild guess what was behind it: nothing! A big, fat and dark nothing!

          The hairy man pushed me lightly to the tree.

          "Well, you're the first!"he said.

             I looked down, fear flooding through my veins. This, this whole thing, is crazy! I am not going to throw myself in a void just because a postman gone bonkers is asking me to!

         "You will be perfectly safe"he continued, as if he would have read my thoughts.

         "Is it like a slide?"I asked.

         "Just like that! C'mon, stop being such a scaredy cat!"he said, motioning me to get closer to the tree.

           I glared at him, and liked again to the round dark hole in the tree. I took a deep breath and stepped closer to the tree. It looked so... abrupt .

          I bit my lip, holding a breath and I jumped. For a second, I felt as if I was free falling, and all the winds in the world were shouting in my ears, then I felt something solid against me, probably the wall of the slide. The speedy free fall lasted only a few more seconds left,  and Boom! I landed on something soft. It was a mattress.

           I looked around, catching my breath and processing what just happened. I have landed on an underground mattress, in an underground room, through an underground toboggan. And it was... fun! I might even want to do it again!

          And now I was in a huge underground gallery, an enormous hall lit up by some torches. The fire in the torches had a silvery glint, wich seemed to resemble the colour of the moon. In a corner of the room was a huge door, probably leading to another one. The hall was incredibly mighty, and on the walls were hanging battle shields, round with metallic borders. They were having different decorations, emblems and even messages in a language I didn't know. Some of them had pictures that represented a dragon stabbed with a silver sword, or a hippogriff with a dagger in one of his wings. Others were strained with blood on the borders, what made them look even scarier than a barbaric painting.

          I had no more time to wonder, because the dwarf fell on me, on the mattress .

         "Ow, take your foot off my face!" I shouted.

        Both of us stood up, and the dwarf said, with a strange glint in his eyes, as if this place was bringing him bad memories:

       "Welcome to Iridyum!"

    Yeah, I'm still sad that I couldn't post the whole chappie once. But, that's life! I'll keep posting, as soon as I finish translating the next chapter. Thanks for reading and please, write me some useful reviews:)

    (by the way, if you're wondering what is #foofooproductions, it's something like, my signature. I'll add that to every single thing I write)

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    1- A dwarf delivers me to nowhere (part 1)

    I'm baaaaack! Missed me? If you we're going to, you didn't even have time to! I posted fast, but don't get used to it, it's not gonna happen too often! I didn't finish translating the next chapter, that's why (yeah, shame on me).

    I was catching my breath, after a marathon to the great prison also known as school  . The heavy school bag was hanging in my back, while I was running. I will be late again to school, because, again, I lost the bus. And the first class was chemistry. Ever since I burned a lab table, I wasn't really in good terms with my teacher.

          South Merryweather school was just an ordinary school, like any other. The same unbearable uproar on the halls in the breaks, the same boring teachers and the same peace of grave while an exam.

          My classmates were laughing and running on the halls, but the person that drew my attention was a blonde girl, circled by other seven kids, listening her story with amazement. The girl was smiling and talking, showing her perfect teeth and making large gestures with her hand. I immediately recognized my twin sister , Lissandra, with her shining green eyes and blonde hair braided.

          She was probably telling them about the balloon trip our  parents took her on our birthday , wich, by the way, was yesterday. The fifth of July, so close to the end of the school year, and all the kids were growing impatient. And when I think that, usually, on our birthday I only get a book and a clothing articles voucher, that I anyway never use.

          I felt a hand pressed on my shoulder, I startled and turned on my heels, only to face my friend.

          "Oh, Lyra, it was you!" I exclaimed, smiling friendly to her.

         Lyra Black is the most warm and encouraging person I've ever known. She is kind to everyone, and forgiving, and that's probably why many people didn't see her for who she really was. They were taking her kindness as a sign of weakness, thing that wasn't true at all. It was bravery, she was so brave that in a mean world, she was still kind, good, different. And for that one she's won my eternal respect. Because she is herself despite a lot of negative opinions. I think I should probably follow that tip too.

           Lyra had her brown hair  pouring down like a waterfall above her shoulders and her big brown eyes were warm and unterstanding, seeming to be able to look straight through your soul.

         "Onyx, have you heard your sister's tales? A journey with a balloon! Isn't it incredible? To see the sky, to watch the clouds floating like dragons! She said she traveled over the mountains, and saw the sunset on the way back! How amazing it would be for me to see the sunset in a balloon!"

       And now we're getting to Lyra's quirks, because there is no such thing as perfection. She reads... way too many fantasy stories, so whenever she hears about something more special, she starts fantasizing. And even more... She believes everything she's told. It's so easy to lie to her. I'm sure that, if you told her that tomorrow we will be invaded by the mutant cucumbers from planet Mars, Lyra would get lots of food and shut herself in the basement of her house, believing every single word. Because my dear friend doesn't understand one thing: no matter how good you are, the people won't always treat you with the same kindness. Even if they're just some seventh grade kids that like making fun of everything and everyone.

          The classes from Merryweather school are always the same. Writing , explanations and then writing the explanations. And as I'm not going to write about all those things, let's just skip the school part .

          On the way back home, a terrible summer storm started. The thunders were howling, the lighting slashed the sky like an ice knife, and the wind was bowing down even the strongest trees. I didn't hurry to go home, because in a strange way I liked storms.

         I was soaking wet when I reached home, only to see Lissandra reading to our parents the impeccable English test she has gotten a ten plus on. I rolled my eyes, hurriedly passing the living room to reach my dormitory. This annoyed me the most about Lissandra. She didn't just like being in the center of attention, but she was bragging about every small thing she did.

           My parents greeted and went back to Lissandra's paperwork as if I had never existed. I have gotten used to some of my classmates acting that way, but my own parents... I tried to ignore the string of pain and sadness.

          After I finished my ton of homeworks, I threw myself in my bed, and I immediately fell in a peaceful sleep.

    * * *

            You probably believe that, being the daughter of two rich parents, I am kindly woken up in my big pink, fluffy bed, that I am given the breakfast in my bed , a golden plate full of biscuits with Belgian Choco belgiană and a delicates cup with milk and honey. Oh well, you won't see such thing! I usually have to cook my own breakfast, so I only get a small slimey egg and a piece of toast. I'm not a big fan of cooking, and I don't really have pleasant memories of this occupation. Our parents have tried once to the me and Lissandra how to cook . She wasn't too great, and I remember that I celebrated finding something she wasn't good at. But I was even worse. I could have done pretty well if I wasn't so clumsy. I have put too much milk and forgot to put away the egg shell, so my cake was too liquid and had pieces of egg shell here and there. It really wasn't bad for my first try, or at least that's what my parents told me. It anyway doesn't matter anymore, because I tripped when I was walking out of the kitchen, my cake spreading on the floor and me getting a new bruise on my knee.


            After I finished eating, I started pulling the clothes on me. I've never been a big fan of the school uniform, from the beginning against the dark green school vest, of a shade resembling the skin of a frog. And when I saw the skirt... Terrible thing , that one! Ever since first grade I completely refused to wear that thing and I'm one of the not many girls coming at school in pants. But my  "revolt" has also inspired other students, some of them refusing the vest, others "forgetting" their ties at home, and more girls giving up on the skirt of the uniform.

          I was snatched out of my thoughts by the sound of the doorbell.

        "Onyx, go open the door!"shouted dad lazily from another room.

           I rose heavily off the chiar and, while doing so, I hit my small toe in the table .

             I jumped in one foot to the door, while putting on my shoes and insulting the table in my mind.

          I opened the door and woke up face to face with the strangest character I've ever encountered: a man that was so small, that he could hardly reach my ankle, with a long, tangled and curly brown beard and sharp ears. He was wearing a postman uniform and holding a document.

          "Are you miss Lissandra Prior?"he asked, throwing a pointed look towards me.

        "Um...No...But... I stuttered, wondering why would the postman want to talk to my sister.

           He interrupted me, taking my hand and pulling a small device out of his pocket. I eyed the metal device confused, wondering what is its purpose.  Then, the postman took my small finger and pressed it against the device's screen. The screen vibrated and became green.

          The hairy dwarf nodded his head, stuffed the little device back in the pocket of his pants, grabbed my hand tight and then we were gone on the streets of the small Mexican town I lived in, leaving my parent's house behind.

            When I reached the corner of the first street, I turned my head, yanking my hand from the dwarf's. I threw a last look at my house. I saw my father looking on the window, his blue deep eyes searching for me, and when he noticed me, grow bigger, in fear. Our eyes met, and I could read in his eyes pure sadness and desperation.

           "I'll be fine, dad!" I whisper. I knew that he can't hear me, but I really wanted him to know that I'll be fine. Even if he wasn't the most unterstanding father, I knew that deep inside he cared about me just as much as I cared about him. That is, a lot.

            His lips moved, signaling that he said something, but I couldn't hear, I was too far away. But I like to believe it was my name.

        My father abandoned his post at the window, probably going to the door, and I couldn't do anything but hope that he will come and take me back home, so the both of us will forget these peculiar events. That was the last thing I saw before the postman grabbed my wrist and pulled me after him, leaving behind the house and street I grew up on.

                         *      *     *

            Aloha everyone! Weeee, changed the profile pic! And yes, if you're wondering, I'm a Star Wars nerd.

          Guess what? Original chapter was too long. So, I split it in two.

            Please tell me what you think, a bit of feedback would be really useful! So, what do you think about the chapter?

  • crescentmoon 2w


    Tananaaaaa! The prologue of The mistake of the Chosen One (a.k.a Onyx Prior). Okay, here we go!

    Having a twin sister may not be the way you imagine it. You may think it means happiness, games and wonderful adventures, but that's not me and Lissandra.

        You know, most twins are identical. The way they act, voice, looks... But not us. Lissandra has always been the intelligent and perfect one in everything she was doing, while I , no matter how much I tried, was not even half as good as her.

          Ever since she stepped in the kindergarten, Lissandra has been declared a genius-child, because at three years old she could easily calculate with numbers smaller than twenty. And I was, well, nobody. At the school all the teachers know her and often stop her on the corridors just to congratulate her, and all I ever got was an occasional detention because, with my clumsiness, I have (yet again) blew up half of the chemistry lab, combining acid with carbon or however those were called.

          This has never been a problem, because no matter how many classes would me and my destructive personality blow up, my parents would still have money to pay them. I don't like calling my family rich, because it doesn't represent me. All the money and fortune they have, it's never represented me and it never will. Ever since I was small, it has only been good to pay the things I broke and a reason for the others to make fun of me . Because that's what people do when they get jealous. They forget any morals and try to make you feel bad in your own skin. They are jealous on something I wish I never had. I'd give all those money and even more for my parents to be a bit more unterstanding and loving. To get rid once in forever of that terrible string my heart feels when I see my parents praising Lissandra.

         I unterstand jealousy so well because I felt it myself, I felt it hard! When I was younger I used to question myself what was that great pang, like a rock on my chest, wich made me sad whenever I was ignored. When I found out what jealousy was and how people are starting to act veacuse of it, cowardly and mean, I swore to myself I would never become like that, no matter how jealous I would get on Lissandra. She's my sister, and no matter what happens, I still love her and I would never hurt her.

                   *           *           *

         In English classes, she was also a walking dictionary. She knew what every word meant, she learnt every lesson a day before the class, and sometimes she even knew more than the teacher. Me and a few friends that unterstood how I felt have made up a theory that she would have swallowed a whole pocked dictionary when she was a baby. I had the feeling I was not too far away from the truth.

         As our parents have always been more preoccupied by her, I liked spending most of my time outside, or hanging out with the few friends I still had. You have probably already realised that yapping all day on the phone ,painting my nails and other things twelve -thirteen years old girls liked doing where not in my daily programme. I hate hiding my real face under make-up and I will never do that.

          In sixth grade, all kids were making fun of me because I was not like my sister at all, that it was ashaming to be the sister of such a brilliant person and not even rise til' her knee.
    But most of the time they were laughing about the way I looked. While Lissandra had blonde, silky and wavy curls of hair, my black hair grew very long and tangled, because apparently taking care of me wasn't in my parent's programme. So, one night, I cut my dark hair, now short, reaching only until my shouders.

          I don't consider myself an attention searcher. Actually, I really hate getting attention in public. But I can't deny that I wished, at least once, that I could be the star of the family. That I could be the Sun all the others are orbiting around.

         Ever since you enter in our house, you can easily notice who's the favourite child. In the living room, alongside with five photos of a smiling Lissandra, holding the medals of the international maths Olympics she won , there was also a small picture of both of us, with our parents, on the night of the New Year's Eve. That's how much I meant for my family. A small background piece of a tiny photo.

         I just hope these things will change sometime...


      Yo yo yo, dudes and dudettes! Made it til' the end? If you did, I'm so glad! So, firstly, I'm gonna Apollogise (see what I did there?) for my probably rubbish English, but I'm Romanian, and I'm twelve, so...

    I've literally been on this app for five minutes, and posted this immediately. I wrote this also on Wattpad, but as my account was almost totally in Romanian, nobody was looking at my very first English book. So I came here, hoping for some advice.

    And now... Please, huge please, give me some feedback and critiques in the comments. Yes, I'm one of those annoying writers who keep asking for feedback, but I really really want to get better. So, any thoughts about this prologue? First chapter coming soon.

  • crescentmoon 2w

    The mistake of the Chosen One

    Description of the book:

    After living twelve years as the shadow of her incredibly smart and talented twin sister and ignored nu her parents, Onyx gets chosen for a recruiting center for teens with magical powers... More or less.

    In the Gladyus Arena she will discover her first magical talent(and a very peculiar one I'd say), and she will become more and more ready for her great quest.

    Onyx will be recruited in the Army of Chaos, an army created especially for slowing down or even stopping the Armageddon, also known as the end of the world, when the Snake of Darkness will cover the Earth and swallow it. She will find her destiny in the center that makes the bond between the Three Dimensions, the Three Worlds.

    And over all of this, rules the danger of an unknown and undiscovered Fourth World, full of bloodthirsty, deadly creatures , preparing to attack when you're not expecting...

  • ashreigns 2w


    Everyone wants to win. But to truly succeed - whether it is at a sport or at your job or in life - you have to be willing to do the hard work, overcome the challenges, and make the sacrifices it takes to be the best at what you do.

  • blacktalker 2w

    Welcome to the New Year and a great poetic year.

    As I journey through the year I pray that the gods of Poetry smile on me.

    That the my ink continues to flow and my sword fall heavily on writer's block.


    .#lights #camera #action #2018 #start @writersnetwork

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  • agropoet 3w

    Lessons from 2017... Please check my feed for previous posts.

    #agropoet #lessonsfrom2017 #words #mind #reflection #love #action #chibuogwu #word #mirakee #writersnetwork #write

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    44. Cherish the people around you. Believe me, it is a cold world. It is no fun alone.

    45. Never beg people to stay. Never beg people to cherish you the same way you cherish them. Let them decide to stay with you, let them decide to want you or not.

    46. Music is a gift to mankind. It is food to the soul. It is more than a therapy, music is life.

    47. Write more. It is easier. It is the easiest way to vent without hurting anyone else, okay, the paper might hurt but it's okay. Write your heart out, express yourself, the exact way you feel. It relieves you of the stress and emotional pain.

    48. Cry if you have to. Crying does not make you weak or vulnerable. Crying makes you human. It is okay to cry. Wet those damn pillows, shed every tear. Even Jesus wept at some point in time.


  • amplifyr 3w


    Never make an action more important than its purpose.

    This goes especially for communication.


  • agropoet 3w

    Lessons from 2017... Please check my feed for previous posts.

    #agropoet #lessonsfrom2017 #words #mind #reflection #love #action #chibuogwu #word #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    33. Love... It is sacrificial. Love is going out of your way to put smiles on the faces of people. Love is staying up past your bedtime to catch a tear from flowing from someone's eyes. love is giving your time and energy to those who would never be able to repay. Love is a difficult thing to do, yet is the easiest thing we can ever do.

    34. Love more. Not in words but in deeds and actions. Show people you love them.

    35. Never say things if you do not mean them. Never give a compliment except you mean it. Be sincere with your words.

    36. It takes one word to ruin an entire 24hours. Be mindful of what you say.

    37. Your mind is a reflection of your life. Guard and guide it.

  • alone_beauty 5w

    For Thomas Carlyle#action#suppress#

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    Talk that does not end in any kind of action is better suppressed altogether.

  • practicallytheoretical 5w


    Love,an irony,
    A feeling to be felt,
    But the only thing we believe,
    When proved in action!

  • practicallytheoretical 5w


    No need to give a reality check to the actions when the words seem to leave you puzzled!

  • ashwin_anup 5w

    Once an old man was walking down the lane.
    He was confronted by a man on gun point.
    The old man asked what he wanted.
    And he Replied:
    "the money you don't deserve".


  • muserofhearts 5w

    Words over Actions

    It's said that actions speak louder than words. It's rather true, in most cases. But I am an exception to this statement. I am not the same as everyone.

    I have always poured my pain into words rather than tears. Often my journal bleeds with the pain filled words, the strokes of the pen like slashes on a wrist, the ink bleeding on the blank page like blood dripping on the white floor.

    Pushed all my anger out in a journal entry. The shaky handwriting a proof of the volume of the shaky angry voice i would have shouted in if I was not too busy pretending. The stabs in the paper showed my willingness to hurt but helplessness to do so. The smeared ink showing how hasty and harsh my thoughts were.

    Wrote about my favorite memory. The neat strokes of writing showed how vividly I remembered and cherished those times. The cut out lines showed the excited babbling I made when I was happy. The smiley I made at the end of the paper was more understandable than the teary eyes I had, drowning on nostalgia.

  • rawat_sn 6w

    With the mist of love and foolishness all over my head to heart for you, I took you as my Soul-Mate, and When the mist got clearer and clearer with every lie, every unkept word, every forsaken action of yours, I saw the real you, sucking every bit of peace out of me, emotionally, spiritually draining me and feeding on my soul, you in actuality were a Soul-Leech!