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    The butterfly effect

    Invisible strings tie all of us together. Believe me or not, we are all so connected that one action of yours in one corner of the world has a huge impact on the another corner.

  • vijay_fafat 4h

    "Take Hold"

    Let not fate tarry on you.

    Seize it before it carries you.

    - Vijay Fafat, "The Ninth Pawn of White"

  • rarain 12h

    With your actions, simple words become vital.

  • ketan_ambekar 1d

    An Act of Courage

    I was on my bike riding at a speed of 50Kmph on streets of Ajni, Nagpur when I saw a family on another bike.

    The Gentleman was driving the bike.

    Behind him was his wife.

    And in between them a small baby.

    So when they came near my sight, I saw that the stole of the lady was touching the road and also was going in between the tier of the rear wheel of the bike.

    I realized it was important to inform the family about the lady’s stole.

    But I don’t know why?

    When I went near them I was unable to utter a single word, and without saying anything I overtake them.

    But something was killing me inside about this act of ignoring.

    Then after few seconds,

    I gathered some courage and decreased the acceleration of my bike. In no time the family came near me.

    I told the lady about her stole, she without wasting a microsecond reacted.

    Took her stole in her hands.


    The day was saved….
    I was dancing inside me after doing all this…


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    I don't trust in words but the action of the person...Trusting in the words can deceive you but not the action...


  • betrayal_world 2d

    When action starts speaking
    We start losing...

  • jlo_ng 2d

    The distance really isn't a thing,
    For our differences.
    But the people we rely on
    And encourage their actions
    To create misunderstanding
    Between US.

  • papasiddhi 4d

    Lead the Grid...

    Be a leader - take action, become an example,
    influence the world.


  • danielsilva 5d

    The Beginning Part Six

    Three days had passed since tom and Ivan's last meeting and now Mikhail, his right hand Ulrich kohl, his most trusted bodyguard Vladimir and Ivan were sitting in a room. Ulrich was talking and discussing about their plan "now we will say Mikhail got ill, doctor comes to see him and advises him bed rest so he goes to an isolated place say his farmhouse and has very little security and Ivan passes all this to the guy. He comes to take the bait and we kill him. Job d…". It was then that Mikhail interrupted him and said "I will kill him no one else."
    Ulrich thought for a second and said "Alright we will lure him into the house you we take him from there to another isolated location a warehouse and you do it."
    "We we will need some outside men I mean why should we sacrifice our own men." said Vladimir "we should hire some outside security men from a security company position them outside the house the assassin comes kills them thinks it isn't a trap and then we get him."
    "Nice arrange all this" said Mikhail and then turned his head toward Ivan and said "Ulrich will get you a file that would contain all the info so go and set up a meeting with your friend." With that he got up and so did everybody. Then Ivan left and got in his car and started saying "tom listen carefully my dad is sick and will go to his farmhouse. Very little security just me a couple of his trusted men and a few security guards. I will drop a manila folder in the dustbin outside my house two days from now at 4 pm so collect it." Ivan turned on his engine and was about to leave when someone opened the passenger side door and got in. Ivan looked at him and it was tom. He said in his heavy and terrifying voice "I got your message pal, got it loud and clear. Come on drive by the way I got some for news you."
    (If you like it then next part coming soon)


  • _shaurya 1w

    When memory is a burden...

    Memory acts as a burden...It prevents us to meet life "as it is". For the past is ever contaminating the present due to recursive action of our remembrances. It takes a certain amount of unwavering watchfulness to stop watering the old sown seeds of our conscience.

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    LITTLE BIRD Chapter Eleven



    Roses mind was racing with thoughts.  She was thinking about everything he had said.  When he was speaking to her about their new life, it was as if he set it up for her alone.  He said two identities.

        She ran to the SUV and opened the glove compartment.  She opened the yellow envelope. She saw two passports like he said and sighed in relief.  But, he told her to have the baby here. There would need to be three identities maybe. She opened one passport and saw her photo.  She then opened the second and saw a picture of a new born baby. She looked at the name and it said Little Bird. She felt all the air taken out of her lungs.  She was on the ground and trying to calm her heartbeat down when she noticed two pieces of papers sticking out of both passports.

           She opened hers first.  She looked at his writing and touched it and felt the imprints from the pressure of his very touch.  She looked at him below Sam as he was removing the bullet from his abdomen. She read the words.

    “Rose,  I am the wealthiest man in the world.  Today I have been driving you for five months.  I realized I have been traveling on the journey to meet you one day.  At the start it said DESTINATION: Sixteen Inches. But it took me my whole life.”  She looked at the next paragraph.

    “Rose, I never thought how wealthy a man could ever be!  I have endless amount of wealth and that wealth has even created a passenger for me during the Sixteen Inches of my journey.  As I stand here at the destination; my heart, I'm reminded by the love we have and how it produced another live to bring into this world.  It will be born in a world to a mother that will once day tell the child at bedtime before turning off the lights, that you once took a car ride to complete your journey.  You can tell the love we produced that it is the result of both the parents destination. You can share the stories told to you. But, you must before shutting off the lamp, say goodnight little bird.   I love you Rose. I'm finally at peace and happy. This is the only way they will stop looking for my family. Maybe one day you can have me buried there. There's a tree that grew oranges that my father would always pick from.  I always wanted to rest under there forever. Also, don't open our child's note until the exact moment the baby is born. Soon as the baby is born. Our love doesn't stop here. I believe love is eternal, there's too much energy for it to be contained to just this life.  I'll see you again, for this I know from my mind to my heart; sixteen inches.” A tear fell on it.

         She got up and put the passports in her coat pocket.  She walked over to Gio. She saw Sam working hard to save Gio.  She broke down and fell to his side.

    “Please baby, wake up!  We're here. We made it.  We've both reached the destination!  Sixteen inches. You're my heart Gio!”

    “Rose?  I know all about you.  His pulse is shallow. I removed the bullet but it resulted in a lot of internal damage.  He doesn't have that much longer.”

    “Isn't there something?  Anything you can do?”

    “Pray.  He told me what he planned.  He's the best soldier cop, and agent I've worked with.  He's saved my life. My ex wife loved him to pieces, what he saw in that….anyway, this is what he wanted.”

    “To die?  To leave me a widowed mother to our child?  How can he do this?” Sam knew what she was asking was right and he also agreed, but he gave his word to his best friend.

    “You won't be alone.  His family's last name is responsible for building Naples. All the people love his family.  You'll have any support you need. He also did this so Totorio will be charged with capital punishment and could be charged with at least the death penalty.  He just killed a federal officer.” Gio made a noise.

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    LITTLE BIRD Chapter 8 & 9

    “No. You're missing my point completely!  So, my father said to the younger Don, “Salvatore. What do you want, I'm with my son?”  The Don patted my head. My father then pulled me back. The Don, with at least ten of his armed men said, “Dario, please, just a word.  I would like to talk about the diamonds and doing business. I've been very interested. We all know who you were. You built this place for us!” My father then picked me up and walked past him and continued on. I didn't realize how much disrespect he was showing him, or how much respect the Don had for my father. I didn't realize a lot in that conversation, but I remember it well.”

    “Why are you stopping?”  Rose said intrigued by the story.

    “I didn't.  I was just thinking about it all.  Your the only woman I ever loved. In my life, that's the biggest success to have in life.”

    “What, love?”

    “Yes, I was learned from my father that success isn't measured by wealth ir fame, but by happiness.  Love! Because of how much I share love with you, I consider myself the most successful person! Im happy.  I was told something one night in another language and I wondered why. It was similar to a movie I watched, but I couldn't understand the words until one day I did.  Just like one day what was told to me I finally understood and realized the answer to. I know it sounds so pedestrian, but it's like hitting the lottery. No one talks about the odds of falling in love with someone you're meant to be with.  The odds are incredible. Each footprint, each choice, is closer to the person I was meant to be with. To fall in love with. Every step I took was towards you!”

    “That was a beautiful story!”

    What?  That's not the story!  No. Anyway, one morning at breakfast, my father gave my mother jewels that he told me she would love.  I knew what was going to happen. I've seen it so many times already. I was amazed that my father never gave up hope.  He told me while picking oranges that he wouldn't give up because he once made her smile and it changed his life. He chased that first smile like an addict chasing their first high.  So, he gave her the gems. But then the most unexpected thing occurred. She was so happy. She suddenly said how happy they made her. I remember seeing him smile in the kitchen that morning after giving my mother the gems.  He was so elated, it looked like he could conquer anything in the world. His feet were not touching the ground. It was also the first time I had seen my mother smile at my father. But then I saw something I wish I hadn't seen.  My mother turned around from him and put her cigarette out in her freshly squeezed orange juice.
    So, naturally he kept stealing more beautiful rare gems to give to my mother to make her happy.  He was convinced it had made her love him again. In turn, he became the Italy's best thief. Still, she would speak down to him in front of me during meals at the table, and he would look at me and make funny faces to make me laugh.  But even still, she accepted the diamonds. Then one morning I heard my mom on the phone talking to someone. It sounded like she was talking about how much she didn't like what my father did for her and said the world stolen.”


    “I went outside and interrupted my dad when he was squeezing the oranges. I'll never forget the look on his face. He paused what he was doing for what seemed like forever. I looked, and it no longer seemed like he was squeezing the oranges for the juice, but all the life and juice had been crushed out of those oranges. I looked at him and it looked like he was solving an equation in his head.  He then promised me he'd be back, and then told me to tell the Don to be waiting at the house that night for him to come home.”

    “So, your father just left?  Just like that?”

    “Yes.  He stopped what he was doing and by the time I was found, I didn't see him even leave.  My mother soon after asked where he was and went, but I shrugged. The cops came asking for him too. Then the Don interrupted and told them to leave.  I saw him make his men wait outside and he shut the front door to my house behind him, while he was inside with my mother yelling at her. When he came outside I told him what my father said. He bent down and looked at me. He said, “Sure kid, I'll be here.”   He then asked me if I wanted ice cream, but I said no. I remembered what my father always said

    about talking with those men. My father was very serious about not getting in business with them, yet I saw him talking to the Don that night when he came home outside our house.  He had just got home. It was long after the sun had set and the stars were bright in the dark sky that led to a dark blue. They walked forward and sat down at the picnic table in front of our house. I watched them sitting at the wooden table the neighbors all played dominos on. I watched them intently as they moved their lips talking so seriously, and then…. they shook hands.”

    “Wait that's it? What about your mother?  The Don going in the house! And I thought your Dad never worked with them? That can't be the end!” Rose said, not keeping her eyes on the road.

    “He didn't.  Just one thing, one deal he made.  That night my father told me something important.  He said it all in English. I wondered why for a long time he said it in English.  Until I learned the words to the movie he first took my mother to and fell in love, and what an apt title it had.  What he said, being I didn't know the language, meant even more because he told it to me without subtitles. He told me something that he's tried his whole life to achieve. He said it can take decades, a lifetime even, yet it was only sixteen inches in distance.  At the end I saw a tear….” Gio paused and started coughing. He took a napkin out and kept coughing. “That tear fell from his face for the first and last time. He kissed me and said...goodnight my….little bird. That was the last time I ever saw him again. The last...two words"  He coughed again. “I'm sorry my throat.” Gio said.

    “What do you mean?  What happen to him?”  Rose asked anxiously. He never told anyone this before.

    “He was found killed.  My mother ordered his death.  I didn't know then, I found out before leaving and coming over here.  The Don took me in and took care of me and eventually told me everything when I was old enough and he became sick. I hated him but I had grown to love him the whole time since my father died.  
    The Don said my mother fell in love with him.  The Don meant to sleep with her to get my father to work for him, so my father would want the Don to leave his family alone.  Only, my mother fell in love with the Don. The Don didn't anticipate that happening. She started accepting the jewels and giving them to the Don. The Don was using her.  But the whole time my father thought my mother changed and finally respected him and fell in love with him. She was just using my father all along. My father came home after spending the day marinating in the whole deceit and lies after I told him she had made a phone call, and the Don said my father knew she had called the police to get him out of her life. It broke my father, just crushed him like those oranges and all the juice squeezed out of them, and he lost his true purpose in life.

    He then come home that final night and met the Don as planned. They talked where I watched them. My father told the Don he knew what he had done. My father then told the Don, come morning he would find him and kill him.  The Don then told him he understood and respected him, always had. He apologized to my father for having to go so far. My father then made the Don promise him to look after me and protect me. And they shook on it. So, when I was told this and learned how much love my father had for my mother and what he told me in bed that night I knew what he was talking about.”  

    Gio turned to her. “He told me that night everything he's tried to achieve in life took him decades, a lifetime even, yet it was the distance of just 16 inches. He hoped for me to finally arrive where he never made it. The sixteen inches were from his mind to his heart. And a tear fell. That's when he said the last words in this life to me. Goodnight.... little bird”  Rose saw the napkin Gio had been coughing in and saw the blood on it. She then thought of the pennies and realized that weird taste she had from kissing him. He tasted like copper from the blood!

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    LITTLE BIRD Chapter Seven


           After they kissed, Rose tasted something odd.

    “You taste weird!  Sorry, that's not the response I meant.  I was going to same something similar till you interrupted me.  But, it means the same thing in the end. Our love produced the truest form of love together.”

    “All right, start driving we can't stop anymore.  It's been awhile since we passed Saratoga. You're not far from the destination.”  She looked at the GPS.

    “Do you forgive me?  The last six months while you've been pregnant, all the conditions he made you live under.  I should have known earlier. It shouldn't have taken me for him to tell me that story! I blame myself for the last six months.  I've seen the bruises and I feel them twice as much, believe me. Listen, I want you to know, I set up a new life. Two identities.  To start all over! I have tons of money saved up. And also, something to give you. You wont need to work again in your life and be able to take care of the baby.  I set our futures up."

    "You really planned this well, huh?"

    "Yes, I've been planning it to make sure these two identities start a new life and a happy lives together!  I didn't tell my team because I didn't want any leaks. They will find out about it eventually, but never about where we're going.  Now, there's plenty of time to leave. The house if not only for your protection, but for where you can give birth.” Gio said.

    "How did you do all this?"  Rose asked.

    “I've lived everyday with you in my life and I've loved you each moment.  Easy, love.”

    “But, you could have been killed back there!  You were by yourself and outnumbered!”

    “I anticipated each one of them and knew at worst i'd have to go to the hospital.  I happen to be good at what I do.”

    “I don't know anything about what you really do!”

    “Right.  Well, I promise you will soon find out and be impressed.  Now, let me show you the thing I'm giving you. I can't wait till we get there.  I'm too excited it means so much to me. You must promise me you will never tell anyone about where these came from.  Also, if the agency I work for ever finds you, which they won't, never tell them about these.” He opened the glove compartment and moved a bunch of wraps and napkins and removed the purse from earlier.  He opened it up.

    “Try to keep your eyes on the road.”

    “Would you just show me.”  He opened the purse up and beautiful diamonds appeared on a silk cloth.  They were flawless. There were at least twenty of them. Then he took He reached into the purse and retrieved half a dozen gems.  They were gorgeous and impossibly beautiful. They took her breath away. He was looking at them lost in memories.

    “These mean a lot to me.  Not because of their worth, but because of their value for another reason.  There for you!” She put her hand to her face to cover her crazy expression.

    “Jesus Christ!  I can't take something like this!  Oh...fuck me!”


    “Goi?  I'm not a woman that deserves these flawless items.  I would be doing a great injustice by wearing them, or even having them.  They belong on a woman who looks like she should be wearing them.”

    “What if I told you they were meant for a women out of love?  Would you wear them then?”

    “Oh my god yes.  Without a doubt. I would wear them to represent our love all the time.  Is that what you meant by them being value in another way?”

    “Kind of.  But, these were meant for a women that a man loved more than anything in this world.”   She started tearing. She tried to roll down her window but remembered it was broken and cardboard was in place. She felt hot all of a sudden.

    “I don't know what to say.  I can't believe you….I understand now. I love you.  More importantly, I would feel so lucky to wear these to represent our love.”   He finally smiled. He turned and looked out the window then.

    “Hey, what's wrong?  What are you thinking about?”

    “Time and life.  How time always catches up to life.  It's an endless battle that you only learn you can defeat once it's too late.  Also, I was thanking someone.” She was wondering who he was talking about then he turned to her.  “Do you have water? I'm thirsty.” They looked at the plastic water bottle that had a bullet hole through it in the cup holder.  They looked at each other and she realized how lucky they were.

    “At least it only went through at the top and there's still water in it.  So, like I explained the two passports with new identities will be in this envelope.  I'll keep it in the glove compartment till we reach the house.”

    "Hey? Are you going to get in trouble from your bosses?  You know, from comprising this operation and leaving?” He smiled.

    “No, absolutely not.  In fact they'll be happy.  I left a written document in a folder with tons of evidence to put Totorio away for a long time.  I also stated that I was retiring and leaving. As for this safe house, only one other agent that I trust with my life knows about it.  His name is Sam. I trust him with my life. We served together overseas. I took a bullet for him. Let's just say he owes me one. I made sure no one would interrupt your pregnancy.  Once you have the baby while living at the lake house, and recover with the baby ready, it'll be time to leave. So, this house will be the perfect house to live in for four to five months.  As long as you need. Then the tickets will be bought and the home will be waiting in the country that will be home. The country were going to and your new home, they'll treat you like a Queen when they learn your last name.  Well, if you take my last name.”

    “What makes you think I'll like where we're going to live?”  Rose said smiling.

    “I promise, it will mean just as much to you as it does to me.  As for the agency I work for, the FBI. No, they'll understand and wont need you.  I provided great evidence to ensure you be left alone. But, my good friend that I told you about is also a witness in the case.  He knows that Totoiro committed a capital offense and will be tried for capital punishment. Don't worry it will be all explained to you when we arrive.  Hey, the first place I want us to go to is the balcony. It's where I always wrote my stories.”

    “I thought it's where you see the sun set and rise there.  And you said the night sky looks like you can see all the world's and planets moons.”  He looked down.

    “Yeah, that too.”  She looked at him and he was looking out the window.

    “Was I worth you leaving your job behind at at young age?  I'm assuming you loved what you did.”

    “What, what did you say?”

    “Was I worth It?  Leaving your job and all?”

    "It's crazy because two years ago I would never have imagined this now.  I was, let's say an anarchist against the thought of love. I've seen what it can do first hand.  But, then I realized no one has control over choosing who they loved. Love picked me. The first time I saw you everything in my world, it just...like an axis shifted.  I lost control of my senses. I made impulsive decisions because I had a purpose all of a sudden. I never knew till I met you that I had a void inside of me, and how big it was.  You filled it and made me complete. Full, do you understand? I then reached a point where I knew what it felt to be whole and knew at that moment that I could never go back to feeling half again.  To live half the man I was without you, it wasn't possible. It's like being told the secret to life and then being told your mind is going to be erased. Because of you, I was allowed to escape such a stressful traumatic job at times, and not be where my feet were, but my mind a world away.  But finally, this operation let me learn what my father once told me one night. I now after sixteen inches all this time, know what it all means now."

    "You said your Dad was one of the biggest thief.  Let me guess, that was a lie too?"

    "No, that was true.  I told you Rose, I never told you one lie.  I just held a lot back for your safety until today." Gio said proudly.

    "I like when you smile like that. What are you thinking about right now?  Wait, until today??”

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    LITTLE BIRD Chapter Five


    Gio looked at her.  This is the part they never train a UC for.  Undercover cops and agents are trained to for the best in the worst people and build a relationship with them.  But never taught when they compromise the whole assignment for falling in love with the targets wife

    "Does it matter who I work for?  Im who you think I am. I'm a man that has loved you since the first time i grabbed you and kissed you.  Before that even. When I saw you at the New Year Eve party drinking, but not really drinking, but drinking shirley temples and explaining to me how much of a tragedy it is that places don't serve umbrellas with Shirley temples anymore.”

    “The next week you picked me up to take me to the waterfront.  I loved sitting there on that bench with the whole Hudson river in front of me and the skyline to New York City.  And you walked up to me and gave me something. It looked like a special toothpick, but then you told me to open it.  I did and it was an umbrella! The very ones they serve in Shirley temples and a ring fell out of it. In that moment that you wondered why I took so long, I paused and thought about the first time you had taken me there and told me to remember this place.  You said this will be the most important landmark in my life. And when I down at your face I learned what you meant.”

    “I was watching your face with what seemed like an eternity. I thought was it the umbrella?  Now whenever it rains she's going to think of those depressing rainy days and relate it to my proposal.  But, you looked in me, not at me, and you said yes.”

    “Your smile matched exactly how I felt inside.  Our love has always been about just us and nothing around us mattering.  That's the second best kiss, the moment you took me in your arms and kissed me with every ounce of your love.  I'm sorr--" Gio kissed her while putting her engagement ring back on and removing the fake wedding band that Totorio made her wear.  

         In that moment they were just two people in love with each other pulled over on the side of the highway kissing each other like it was their first and last kiss.  It was like each other's kiss replenished their thirst and hunger. Recharged their souls energy.

    “Let's not talk about my job right now. That's all I've been doing for the past two years. This is the first time since that I can remember that I had some peace.  I'm...happy. Let me just...happy." He closed his eyes. She poked him.

    "Peace? You gotta be joking me. Look at all the bullet holes this SUV was shot up with?  That would have been the best drive away in a movie by two newly weds with a sign saying--”

    “Just married!  I can't believe you just said that!”  He smiled wide at her.

    “We're so lucky!”



    “Thank you, I was going to ask you if you can start driving, but nevermind.”

    She looked at him noticing his impossibly long eyelashes that protected his incredible light green eyes and looked at him with a struck by a spell.  Taking in his soft and gentle looks with his hard and dangerous spirit and could never get enough of him. No amount of his presence or making love to him was enough.  It just entangled her more into the knot of love.

         Then she was struck with realization of the moment. She heard a car honk and she swerved back into the right lane.


    "I know, watch the road."  She said mocking him. He smiled.

    "You were the only thing that made sense in that wicked man's life!  In my life that I was subjected to all those same things, I saw so many things in his life that didn't belong and weren't right. But, the biggest thing that didn't belong is you. I accepted this job to stop a man thats involved in shipping importation and exportation. I know you didn't know this, but the man that you shared a bed with, also participated in illegal illicit activities like sex trafficking, which were mainly young boys! I have a nephew, It was personal to me, but then I saw you, and worse, it became dangerous as I began to know you. I just compromised the whole operation for a reason that we started and is bigger than us now."

    “I didn't!”  Rose said.

    “I know you didn't know.”

    “No, I mean I didn't share a bed with him.  He would leave me locked in a room from certain times to the mornings.  Sometimes, and often, he'd set up a huge breakfast for me and he would sit there just drinking coffee watching me eat and smile at the satisfaction of my hunger, thinking I needed him.  I knew those were the times he was happy with whatever he had done.”

    “Don't, we don't have to talk about it.”

    “You said children? Young boys? Sex trafficking! Well, now I feel so guilty for wearing those expensive dresses he made me wear when he took me out as his arm candy some occasions.  Now I know the money was even worse than I could have ever imagined. He told me he was a highly regarded gaming bookie with exclusive card games that he held at expensive hotel suites, and has some properties he owns. I didn't have a clue."

    "I know. That was the only thing he did that was decent; keep you shut out from the truth.  All the monstrous acts he was committing! But, I have to tell you something that you may not forgive me for.”  She looked right at Gio. He wasn't capable of hurting her. She felt safe.

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    LITTLE BIRD Chapter Four


     They reached the highway and heard the plastic that covered the rear window snapping and flapping in the breath of the gusts of wind swirling against the plastic trying to punch through the thin plastic.  There were tiny holes with duct tape at each corner of the plastic. The wind was relentless. The drivers window had a piece of cardboard over it.

    "I don't think I can drive all the way to the safe house like this." She said.

    “I need you to drive.  Please, you can do it.”

    “To the safe house?”

    “To the safe house.”  He said.

    “But, I can't breath.  I can still smell...sulfur? The gunmatch, I can still smell it.  I can't drive to the safe house!”

    “It wasn't a gun match!  And now you know why your husband sent us to that apartment, but it worked out for the best!”

    “I still can't believe what almost just happen to you.  I can't drive!”

    "Listen to me, breath. Calm down and relax." He said.

    "Relax? Relax, right! They were just shooting at you, at my driver, who happens to be sitting next to me all zen right now.  And picked that moment and decided to take me away from the monster, that is my husband and will stop at nothing to make my life a living hell! Remind me why I have to drive when your the driver?"

    "Because I have been driving you for two years.  I want you to drive now. You decide on reaching the destination without anyone deciding for you.  Also, I finally get to rest--"

    "Rest?  You get to rest?"  She said repeating him with, oh the audacity you have!

    “I know.”

    “I'm the one who is tattooed with the man and  forever from the last seven years he put me through.  I haven't rested in so long. Hey, why did it happen like this?  You told me you would pick a ordinary time and no one would get hurt!”

    “Because I was trying to protect you!  I let my emotions get the better of me when I was told something last week.  This whole week I haven't slept knowing and living with the thoughts of the conditions he had you under.”

    “How is this last week different from the two years you've been working for him?”

    “You mean nineteen months since I've fallen in love with you and I've never worked for him!”

    “Well it's been exactly two years for me!  I told you I fell in love with you the first week you took my hand and looked me in the eyes and helped me up and get in this tall thing.  The first week you started driving me around.”

    “I remember everything you've told me.  That was the problem with this job, you were more important to me.  The psychotic things he was doing I wasn't fully engaged with. At first I was, but then a few months in, I told you this.”

    “Yeah, you said I was like hearing Shake it Off by Taylor Swift!”

    “That's not a insult.  Fuck, now you got it in my head, see!”

    “Also, since when does my husband's driver carry a gun in the side of the door?”

    "I knew what we were walking into. The handsome man working for your husband and responsible for driving his wife happen to just kidnapped her too.  I had to be prepared for any outcomes. Did you want him to bring a slingshot? And again, I told you I don't work for your husband!”

    "I can't believe you chose that moment to take me away.  You could have been killed, Gio!”

    "Rose, it's just us two, stop.  You know that wasn't just a moment.  That was the chance for our lives together.  Any time you're let outside that prison of a home, is an opportunity, so I planned the next time I was to pick you up, but then learned he sidelined me after what he told me last week until tonight.  He asked me something I never did for him and to pick you up. I knew it was a trap. Besides, all you do is cry and tell ask me to take you and leave. So, tell me I was wrong Rose?" Rose looked at him. She realized she was in the front with him now. She never sat in the front with him.

    “The only time I was ever free with you was in the beginning when you took me places.  I related you to freedom. Then I started to imagine not coming back ever again and staying with you.   I've been waiting for this moment for so long!”

    “I'm sorry it took me so long!”  Gio said.

    "Tell me this place is safe?" Rose asked but wanted to be convinced.

    "Any place between my arms is safe with you!  Of course this place is safe. I would never choose it otherwise. That's why I told you it's a safe house, and I thought that's why you repeated it so many times to convince yourself.”

    “It's called almost having a panic attack!  I saw almost eight men try to kill the man I love!”

    “Look?  I'm fine I'm with you!  Now, It's in Lake George, far from Brooklyn. It's a house on a lake.  Sand will be between your toes this time tomorrow. Some of my best days were waking up and stepping outside on the balcony of my room and looking at the sun rise from the lake and above the trees.  But, when the sun falls from the sky and dips into the lake before being swallowed up, it's divine the way the colors reflect onto the water. The pink skies. And at night, the sky is so clear because there no city lights and it's like you can see all of the worlds and every star with each moon to the planet's. The colors, though.  I don't know the names for them. There unlike anything I've seen before! This place... its magical."

    "Wow, it actually sounds like an amazing place.  Your shivering. I told you that plastic bag back there wouldn't work. Here." She put the heat higher. "I've never seen so many..."

    "What, shooting stars?”

    “No!  Out the window...those big things eating the grass.”  He opened his eyes and looked.

    “They're deer. That's because in Brooklyn there’s rats the same size, but upstate here, there's so many deer."

    "But, there's so many dead animals on the side of the road. Hey, you were my driver for two years, right?”

    “Yes. That's how I got into the Armando family.  Totorio needed a driver that with an impressive background.  So, I've been working for the Armando family for two years. I had one assignment, but I fucked it all up."

    "You fucked it all up?  You don't mean tonight though do you?”

    “No, sorry.  I shouldn't have said anything.”

    “It's too late.  You meant when you fell in love with me.  Wait...I just heard you. Sometimes I hear people, but don't listen to them until something tells me to rewind it.  You said you don't work for my husband! Why? Why does love make one so blind?”


    "Twice. You said you didn't work for him and now you just said you fucked the whole job up... Gio?  Shit, thats not even your name is it? Look at me, you haven't told me the whole truth this whole time have you?  But you said last week--God!"

    "You?  I have never lied to you once.  Not you, but your husband yes, and the rest of the family." Rose slammed her hand on the steering wheel.

    "Figures! It was so perfect, of course.  But, it doesn't matter. It would have ended like this either way!  But Of course, It had to be an undercover….what?” She looked over at him.  “What are you? What a cop? No, your a fed aren't you?"

    “Can you keep your eyes on the road please?  What are you doing?” She pulled over and stopped the car.

    “I'm not going anywhere!”

  • bravetraveler 1w

    LITTLE BIRD Chapter Three


    He reloaded one of his gun as he was ducked down on the right side of the SUV.  The four men began getting out of the Audi and setting up a perimeter. He then stood up and saw a man two feet from the front of the SUV and squeezed the trigger making his head snap back so fast that the whip lash alone probably killed him if the bullet wouldn't have.

            He lost sight of the fourth man from the original group and knew he was vulnerable for the four other men that were closing up a wall of defense.  He opened the passenger door and quickly spun around as the door took a several hits. The glass window from the drivers door shattered behind him and he turned around ready to fire.  He saw the original fourth man.


         The man had his gun trained on the woman with half of his finger pressure applied to the trigger. She was laying down with a bottle of water in her hands above her head.  The driver cocked his gun to get the man's attention just as the man was about to fire and he just missed her. Then the driver intentionally put a bullet in the man's throat for what he was about to do, and make him drown in his blood thinking about it.

    “Get up now!  Come on! Drive!”  He told her and he realized what she had just experienced.  She seemed shell shocked.

    “What??  Are you out of your mind?”

    ‘Yes!  We established that.  Do you trust me? There's three men that will overpower me.  I don't have enough ammo. Now, please, drive?” He stood up again and shot at the men as they were spread out in a good defence and offense.

    “Five, four!”  He said.

          He got in the car and they pulled away.  Bullets riddled the back of the SUV. He tried protecting her.

    “Are you hit?  Do you feel anything wrong with you?  You may not know because of all the adrenaline and shock.”  He said.

    “Stop worrying about me.  I can't believe you just did that!  You couldn't have just kissed me and said I love you again?”  He smiled and told her to drive for ten miles and to stop to cover the window.

  • bravetraveler 1w

    LITTLE BIRD Chapter Two


      He got in the SUV and drove downtown to the bar and card game spot.  He picked up the drop off. RULE NUMBER ONE: Never look in the envelope.  He then got in the SUV and made a stop at a store really quick. He knew this moment would come it was only natural.  It was human instinct. The veterinarians phone did not ring though. He stood firm as he was at peace with his decision.  

           He arrived at Totorios place and got out and walked up to the door.  He rang the bell and waited for the doorman to answer. He felt the camera on him and knew how closely he was being monitored, possibly in mens scopes and line of fire.

          He saw Totorios wife exit and he grabbed her hand to guide her through the dark path to the SUV despite the expensive walkway lights.  He opened the back passenger door and helped her in. He then got in and started driving towards the apartment. He didn't put the music on, so they didn't speak.  

        He was two minutes away from the apartment building.  She looked at the driver take out a cell phone. He began talking cryptic.

        Sam answered on the fourth ring as he was turning on the road about to make a right into the parking lot.  


    “How many?”

    “It's impossible turn around.  I'm told nine to ten.”

    “Thank you for taking the wheel from this point on.  Hey, Sam. Really, thanks.”

          In the back Mrs. Totorio was looking at her driver and wondering why he just made a cryptic phone call and why he was driving her to an apartment building.  He also crushed the phone and threw it out the window. She saw him chugging a water bottle.

         He then took out his gun of choice and checked the magazine and loaded it.  He put it in the inside of his left breast jacket.

    “What the hell are you doing?”  Mrs. Totorio said.

    “Just listen to everything I have to say and I promise you'll be alright.”  He said.

    “So, I see you preparing for a shoot out and I'm supposed to react normally?  Is that it?”

    “Yes.  Exactly.”  He said calmly.  

    “Stop the car!”  She was gathering her things and bag.

    “It's too late we're here!”  He said.

    “Stop the car now!”

    “Do as I say please!” He ignored her.

           He then pulled in and saw a group of four men standing outside in the parking lot.  He looked around canvassing the scene and every inch to the best of his ability. There was another four in the next two cars to the right from the four men.  The original four men led by Otto, were standing in an empty parking space. He pulled in halfway, then reversed and parked in the space on the opposite side facing them.

    “Remember, listen to everything I say!  I mean it! I can easily kill eight men by myself, but having to worry about another person at the same time, makes it difficult.”

    “Excuse me, who are you?  What happened to my driver I've had for the last two years?  And makes it difficult? So, we're about to enter a gun match with you, a driver, against eight of my husband's men?  Are you fucking nuts?”

    “No to it being a gun match, and yes to me being nuts.  This, this is hardly a match.” He turned around and looked at her.  “But only if you listen to me carefully! Stay inside till I tell you to get out.  Now sit behind the driver's seat now!”

          He got out of the car and had a thick envelope with him.

    “Franco?  What took you so long?”  One of the four men named Otto said louder than necessary, while leaning on a car with his hands in his pockets.

    “I had to make an unexpected stop.  But, I got everything like the boss wants.  Why does this seem odd?”

    “Odd?  What's so odd about this?”  Otto asked.

        He then lifted the thick, fat envelope and opened it and let it's contents blow in the wind.  

        He then opened her back door while watching them.  Otto walked forward towards a piece of the content that was stuck on the windshield wiper of the car he was leaning on.  He looked at it and then looked at the driver. The driver glared back a look of damnation. Otto let the piece of newspaper fly away in the breeze.

    The driver led Mrs. Totorio forward and looked at the red car with four sets of eyes staring at him.  The man in the driver's seat realized he saw them. He then pushed her in the SUV so fast and pulled a gun from the slot in the driver's door while kicking the door behind him shut and yelling for her to lie down.

          He saw Otto about to fire and lifted the gun so fiercely and relied on pure instincts in this moment.  By the time his gun was shoulder level he fired two bullets at Otto and then a few more. He then started firing at the four men and then took his gun of choice out of the left side of his jacket and started firing towards the red Audi.  The men in the car were trapped inside as they received a hail of bullets. The other four men were dispersing at the sight of Otto as the bullets hit him first, making him dance with each bullet that ripped through his body.

        He was controlling the situation as he walked in front of the vehicle towards the passenger door.  As he was counting their bullets and taking into effect the type of gun each man had and how many rounds it held, he also was counting the bullets he had fired and had left in each of the two guns.  A bullet than bounced off the hood and an object hit his cheek. He paused and then men started firing overwhelming towards his position.


  • unlimiter 1w

    Leno's Ambiguous Tale

    Somewhere in the world, lives a special 16 years old boy, Leno. His dream is to find the chosen girl. Someday, at his return from school, he noticed that his crush, Selena, stayed near the school's door for a long time, so he stayed to investigate... Hours passed and the school closed, she didn't moved from her place, "Something's strange about her." sayed Leno. Surprisingly, two big boys came to Selena. Leno went to hide behind a wall. They were talking to her too hard and sometimes push her. "These guys, I saw them previously!" Sayed Leno, at that time he remembered who they are: "I saw them previously talking to her but laughing and looked happy with her, but now they are aggressive towards her". Shockingly one of those guys punched Selena at her face. Cause of much freak, Leno showed himself and shouted: "Selena! Hey you animals!". One of these guys held Selena to not run away and the other approached to Leno, hanged Leno up and sayed: "What are you doing here? Does someone sent you? Hey Fuzzy, what do you want me to do with this coward?", then Selena shouted: "No, please let him go!". Leno got surprised and asked Selena a question: "... W, why do you care?". "Because I, just, um..." sayed Selena, "Shut up you useless people!" shouted one of those guys. The boy hanging Leno returned his arm back slowly, at the moment he wants to punch Leno, Selena shouted very loudly: "BECAUSE I'M INTERESTED IN YOU!". When Leno heard that, his heart began to beat quickly, the boy punched Leno at the face, broke his glasses and so Leno felt on the ground. Selena got shocked and shouted: "Leno! Leno! ...please know that when I saw you in the first time, I really liked you, but I didn't talked to you because I am very shy towards boys! Leno, I really like you and want to know more about you!". Leno's adrenaline level got really high. Leno started crying and saying "Selena". He got up and somehow with his anger, the earth starts quaking and Leno's eyes turned into a very bright red colored ones. Selena got scared, but the bad boys more, kept starring at Leno at that state. "A coward, punched Selena and I, being so awful, you must pay the price. And EXPENSIVE!" sayed Leno with a brave and energetic look at these guys and ran into the boy that punched him. His hand began to glow in red, so he punched the big boy very hard with his glowing hand. He was sended very far away from Leno. Leno looked at the other boy. He freaked out and ran away, but Leno ran quickly and punched him too, so he was sended far away too. Turned his head towards Selena and asked her if she is ok. His eye and hand became normal. Selena was opened her mouth from the surprising action from Leno. He helped her to stand up. Without any action or talking, Selena hugged Leno and didn't want to leave him. However, he was so happy with that state and so with his life. And like every happy ending, Leno achieved his dream and found the girl that he want.


  • bravetraveler 1w

    Scar Tissue Chapter Six


        After finally falling asleep for two hours holding his wife, Ford heard a knock on his door.  He grabbed his gun and cocked it so quick and approached the door before it disturbed his wifes rest.  The peep hole was covered. He opened the door a few inches pointing his gun.

            Laura, his next door neighbor, dropped a DVD, she was holding in her hand, on the ground and her breathing seized.  

    “I knew it!”  She then ran down the hallway and slammed her door behind her, and Ford listened to her locking all her locks with the dogs barking.  

         He picked the DVD up and saw it was the movie TINKER, TAILOR, SPY.  He sighed and looked at the peep hole and saw blood all over it. He shut the door behind him.

         His phone then went off.  He picked it up. It was the vet.  The vet told him it was the perfect time to do what they talked about earlier.  He thought to himself, that really wasn't a dream!

    “What did we talk about?”  He asked.

    “The body.  I need your help.  This time of the morning and in the daylight, we'll be hardly suspicious.  So, you going to meet me at the address I just gave you?”

           He told him he would and to repeat the address one more time.  He hung up and realized by the time he came back earlier at dawn with his wife, giving what he and his wife went through, he was too tired to call Mercury and tell him everything.

           He looked at the directions he had written down and decided to call Mercury.  As the phone rang he looked at his arm at what Totorio wrote on it. The words: SCAR TISSUE.
    He snapped his cell phone shut. He knew this was the bullet that was fired that night in his past catching up to him.  He was sad that the very thing that he loved was the biggest lead to everything that connected it to. He would see where this would take him.


             He showed up at a restaurant owned by Albanians.  He double checked the address but it was the correct one. Ford received a text from him telling him to walk to the back in the restaurant.  There was a strange man sitting at a table with a meat cutting board that was being used for them signing papers. On the floor next to the table and their stools, was a bowling bag that was opened revealing stacks of money. The man looked odd.  He had light brown curly hair under a fedora that he was wearing along with terrible skin. His face looked like he had the chickenpox at a young age leaving some scars. Ford saw blood dripping from his mouth. He watched him talk with a bright red tongue.   

    “Hey, wake the fuck up!  Does this look like the fucking pisser to you, huh?”  The man said that was drinking a highly concentrated fruit punch.  He was playing with a toothpick in his mouth and then he took the large cup that said COLA on it and spit a wad of blood in it.  Ford saw that it wasn't a toothpick, but a pin in his hand that he was slicing and digging into his gums and between his teeth.

    “Sorry, I seem to be lost.”  Ford said.

    “No, your found.  But you need to get lost now!”  Ford got shivers down his back looking at the man who was dressed in a silver suit with a gold dress shirt underneath.  He couldn't help looking at him stabbing at his gums and spitting into the glass that now looked like Hawaiian Punch. The other man sitting across from him then gave him a portrait of a man's face.  Ford's eyes widened at the site of the man's face! Ford instinctively drew his gun on them.


  • zoeboumans 1w

    You're waiting for the right time to just come to you. But then the right time will never be there. Undertake the actions to make the right time happen now.