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  • nibha_pathak 13w


    Can you see death?
    Pretty well you can.
    The fumbling of lips of the grandfather,
    And the one to see was his grandson.
    While people howled with grief of death,
    The grandson saw his beloveds life moving from earthly presence to heavenly peace.

  • shashank7861 13w

    ये सारे मंज़र एक दिन फिर दोहराये जाएंगे, तब क्या जवाब दोगे ?

  • froste_bite 13w

    His face reflected in her eyes as she took her last breath and smiled at the thought of meeting him again in the afterlife.


  • anaswara_j_s 14w


    നിനക്കു മരണം ഇല്ല.
    നിന്റെ വാക്‌ബീജങ്ങൾ അമരന്മാർ ആയിരിക്കും.
    നിന്നെ അടയാളപ്പെടുത്താൻ മറന്ന ചരിത്രത്താളുകളിൽ അവരുടെ പോരാട്ടങ്ങൾ ചോര വീഴ്ത്തും .
    മഷിയുണങ്ങിയിട്ടില്ലാത്ത നിന്റെ തൂലിക ഞാനെടുക്കട്ടെ.
    നീ പറയാൻ ബാക്കിവച്ചത് ഓരോന്നായി എഴുതി തീർക്കട്ടെ.
    കൈകോർത്തു പിടിച്ചു നടന്ന വഴികളിലെ നിന്റെ കാൽപ്പാടുകൾ പിന്തുടരുമ്പോൾ
    ജഗദ്ശക്തി നിന്നാത്‌മാവിനെ എന്നിലേക്കാവാഹിക്കുകയാകും.
    ഞാൻ നീയായി ജീവിച്ചുകൊള്ളാം.


  • septemberfall 15w

    The man in the window

    I worked to be a different men then what I was before, changing my way of thoughts. Having a different view in life, and acting upon good deeds. I moved away from my dark room closing the door behind me. I turned the switch off and walked out of there. Just the other day I passed by to revisit my lanes, as I did I saw that place I left behind. I saw a dark shadow just standing by the window I was able to see it in my peripheral vision. I ignored it as I walked with chills running down my spine. I stopped for some odd reason and looked down as I did I heard screeching on the window like a dog climbing a wall over and over and as I was about to walk I heard a dark high pitch squeal a horrible terrifying squeal. I looked over and I started to tear up it was me with my face melted off begging for help for some help any as I was suffering in the pits of darkness I stared intensely as someone or something pulled him back to the dark. I look back forward and walked straight not looking back as I cold cold breeze hugged my whole body I moved along and never bother to search that side of my thoughts again.

  • queershubh 15w

    Afterlife Love

    Against the luring and equally romantic backdrop of a setting sun radiating out colours of devine fire, they both were at the Kumar Mamgalam park, hand in hand.

    Time was moving fast, yet they were firm like two very close, sunkissed mountain peaks.

    People were all around and everything could be clearly seen and that's when they made the bold move, they kissed, kissed against the values of their religion, kissed against the law of nature.

    They feared none and went along with their passionate ways, making out in the open, against ethics.

    It might have been impossible for them to even think of being so bold and shamelessly ignorant defying every so called perceptions of normalism. But that night, that bloody night changed everything. They killed themselves, dedicated their souls to each other, ditched their bodies. Now their souls live together forever and free from the bounds of ethics, religion and normalism, their bodies converted into ashes.


  • ryanwritesfiction 16w

    In My Casket

    I lay there awake but completely lifeless
    as people stand over me crying their eyes out.

    I cannot speak but I can hear.
    I'm paralyzed by death, but I can still feel fear.

    They say their goodbyes, but I plead "Don't go". As they lower me down to my grave below.


  • dachaoticmind 16w

    Love Is

    Love is a powerful force
    Emanating the Universe
    Resounding in every star

    Defying gravity as it sails
    On an intergalactic path
    To find its match

    Love is omnipotent
    In its strength

    The breadth of God
    Exhaled upon man
    In infinite compassion

    Love is believing

    That we never die


  • innocentlytransparent 17w

    Paradise is burning

    When the land of milk and honey runs sour come and visit me in my blood castle. Hell itself may have flooded with fire and hatred but I have built a barricade from hopeless souls and shattered bones; inside which can never be tainted with mercy or darkness but rather thrives on warped words and thievery. Come and sell your soul to the damned.

  • dachaoticmind 17w

    Love is believing that we never die.


  • 0_zero 17w


    At a young age she saw 'the light'

    She knew it was time to cross the 'great divide'

    She was all ready to go to her last resting place

    Now she was free from every worldly brace

    She felt like an angel flying home finally

    Little did she know that something sinister was coming her way

    She tried to dodge and sway

    But despite of that it caught her halfway

    She fought the unholy with all her might

    Every move went in vain due to her fright

    All her power drained and she was draged down into the depths of inferno

    It was then that she realised that the only feeling she would feel was sorrow

    And the only ones she would see around were the hell's hallows

  • pixiewings8 17w

    This is my favourite #poem I have wrote. I wrote it not long after my partner passed away from cancer aged 25. In some ways it is based on what I believe was a near death experience after an overdose I had a number of years back. Would really love to hear your comments about what meaning you take from reading it. #poetry #death #reincarnation #afterlife #mantra #eulogy #NDE

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    Butterfly Skies

    Why am I unable, to reach the glorious stars?
    Since I was a child, out my window, they've simply been so far.
    Indifference and ignorance, pertain our very existence.
    Yet to live this life of unreality, requires immense persistence.

    Are we destined yo an abyss we dream so timelessly?
    As time itself being nonexistent, we wander blindlessly.
    Faith in abundance for you my Lord, for that I will never deny,
    For the beauty of the violet butterfly, need not cross your lavender sky.

    The mind so overly focussed, on our own mortality.
    Why so? You miss the point my dear, there is no reasoned mentality.
    What must be known by the farthest depths is beyond our very control.
    Peace and unity is dependent in the realisation that we each are a celestial soul.

    The door will never close my friend, as one day you will observe.
    That diamond shines, a heart of gold, one only you can preserve.
    The necessity these assets will play you simply cannot conceive.
    But when the time which non-exists, awe and wonder you will receive.

    As before, and after 'existence', one goes back from where they came,
    Eternal joy and love you will feel, until you come back again.
    However, when you master, the level above our self-pertained realm,
    What you see now, and you see then, I promise you it will overwhelm.

    A speck of evert colour to be known, on the tip of a butterfly's wing,
    Stars sparkling bright as bright can be, and every angel will sing.
    You've reached the joy and beauty, for which we cannot even imagine.
    Your final destination being completely ubiquitous, only then can you fathom.


  • paulwrites 18w

    #ghostboyblues #ghosts #fiction #paranormal #serialnovel #highschool #YA #sliceoflife #youngadult #afterlife

    Ghost Boy Blues

    Ep. 43

    No one likes being evicted. Not even me. Charles Bruner thinks he’s being strong willed forcing me out of his body. In his defense, he probably isn’t aware there is a spiritual entity inside of him. Perhaps he sees me as just random thoughts that don’t belong in his well ordered head. When I was alive I’d felt that way myself on occasion. You know, when you get these off the wall, out of character thoughts and you go, “Where the hell did that come from?” Well, now you know…

    It’s no doubt Bruner is a big fan of education, so he’s going to be my means of it. He will be the vessel in which I test my limits and abilities. He’s of a strong mind. The perfect test subject. If I can control him, I can control anyone. I don’t know why I’d want to be in control of anybody, but hey, I’m bored now. My crush, Anne, has left the building for today. What else am I supposed to do? Go to the study hall and throw ghost paper planes out the window?

    So the eviction notice is ignored. I’m staying. This irritates Bruner at first. He tries to force me out of his mind. But I hold my ground. It is not easy. His will is like a moving wall crushing in on me. It makes me feel like Luke Skywalker stuck in the trash compactor while trying to rescue Princess Leia. And yes, Charles Bruner is a little short to be a stormtrooper. With that thought, his mind goes flying off into a whole myriad of Star Wars quotes and memorized scenes. Lucky for me, he is such a sci-fi nerd. Now his guard is down, his mind is free, and it’s all mine. I’m moving into the vacant apartment. I’m behind the wheel now, so to speak. He still has control of his motor abilities and most of his mind, but I’m like the Student Driving Instructor. If I need to take over to avoid a crash, I feel like I can.

    Bruner closes his locker and heads for his next class. The last one of the day. He sighs, lamenting in his head that he feels woozy and doesn’t know why. I’m not sure which class he has. I’m letting him steer and now he guides us directly into the path of Mrs. Meliora, the most evil teacher in the whole school.

    To say she is evil is probably unfair, but the consensus amongst most students is she is downright unfriendly and mean. When we run into her, I pull myself, or I should say Bruner, up short. She always had it out for me I’m thinking, but then I realize she isn’t seeing me but one of the best students in the whole school.

    Instead of a scowl, she smiles, and it has to be the most alien thing I ever saw in my life. “Charles,” she says, “you better hurry. The bell is about to ring. You know my expectations with being in time.”

    If I’d been in my own body instead of this one, she wouldn’t have said it as pleasantly, but she appears to like her student Charles. In fact, it appears she likes him more than a teacher is supposed to. I say this because she puts her big paws on our back and rubs it gently. Gently, as in sensual. This can’t be. Is she trying to hit on Charles? Hey, I don’t care what school you are in, teacher student relations are pretty much frowned on. To be honest, her touch serves to do nothing except make me feel uncomfortable. And that soon turns to anger as she continues to rub Bruner’s back. When she turns away I go to grab my crotch in every boy’s favorite show of defiance. The problem is there isn’t a crotch there. Or at least the kind I am accustomed to. That’s because, surprise surprise, let’s make school life interesting, Charles Bruner is a girl…

    To Be Continued...

    “Ghost Boy Blues” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Ghost Boy Blues 43

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  • sudheerkumarbandla 18w

    The biggest tragedy would be achieving our childhood dreams and then dreaming of the childhood for the rest of the afterlife.


  • tazmanian_angel 19w

    The great abyss...
    Dark gentle kiss
    The great divide...
    Eternal tide

  • regulus_azazel 19w

    #creative #symbolism #dreams #fire #purify #afterlife #campfire #betrayal #burn

    I seldom have vivid dreams, but rarely remember them. This is long, but i have already found three intepretations to this.
    So, I'm not sure what this is exactly.
    Maybe a taste of failure?
    I'm obsessed with fireflies and shiny things.
    Fire too.(not a pyromaniac)
    Diapason: full of rich outpouring of melodious sound
    Quasar: most distant, most luminous objects in the universe
    Empyrean: region of pure light, highest heaven of elemental fire
    Euripus: a strait with violent flow of water
    Serotinal: pertaining to late summer
    Psithurism: whisper of trees in breeze
    Without further ado, here it is...

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    Bathing in a Campfire

    A layer of dust creeps up my legs,
    Perspiration wets my forehead.
    My fingertips check my chest,
    Hearts still beating, they come back wet.
    I am dirty. I need a bath.
    What? O where?
    Where shall I find water in woods?
    "No! water isn't clean enough,
    Polluted Purity", she scoffed.
    "Come with me, I'll give you a bath"
    And so I followed her, naked as a jaybird,
    Deep in the sun-baked woods,
    To a scalene structure of serotinal fossils.
    She rubbed my body with kerosene.
    Oh, the perfume seeping through skin
    The essence flowing through veins,
    Deoxygenated and choked, it won't light.
    Don't you love that smell? I do.
    "We have to draw a line", she said.
    But drew a circle instead. Trapped.
    "Ready the fire", I rubbed my palms.
    Stones clashed, the wood left a frittle.
    A spark? Hurrah!
    The Heat frisked my body,
    Searching for explosives, to detonate.
    It concentrates at a point and
    begins to simmer.
    Perspiration evaporates,
    taking away liquid sins.
    The firewood crackles and crumbles into ash.
    Ash and Cinder in a cryptic tattersall.
    As I bend to inspect the pattern,
    Flesh sizzles and now I see
    Fleeing fireflies erupting from me.
    They are calling the stars out to play.
    City stars are shy, they never come out.
    But not here in the wild. I get to see
    Them frolick around in euripus galaxies
    Splashing cosmic water onto
    their playful cousins.
    The Moon is indecisive,
    She doesn't, but wants to see.
    So, she watches through a pirate's stance,
    Wearing an eyepatch.
    A gentle breeze is concerned about me,
    But she strays too close and changes
    from concerned to consumed.
    The smell of burning, the smell of burnt.
    The taste of ash in my fingernails.
    Choking smoke fills up my lungs,
    Ripping away my eyeballs.
    The wood creatures scream for me.
    My eyes burn, but I open to see
    Oh dear, what is happening to me?
    Psithurism brings rumours of rainfall,
    As the campfire ingurgitates smoky entrails.
    Worry Not! I'm still here!
    Look up at that Quasar, it's me!
    Stare long enough and you will hear me sing.
    Diapason of my Empyrean Purity.

  • samiism 19w

    Should the time come to leave this life,
    let me sleep in your loving embrace.
    So when we both wake up in the next,
    the first thing I'll see is your face.


  • labyrinthinemind 20w

    Not a Dead End.

    Some wish for their own death.
    Thinking it will be the end of agony.
    The end of a painful life.
    Peace, finally!
    But what if, it's not the end.
    What if there's more!
    Wouldn't you be fearful of the unknown?


  • sangeet_aggarwal 20w

    Perhaps we'll meet again in the afterlife
    to complete our unfulfilled dreams.


  • samiism 20w

    I'll find you again in the next life
    over and over
    because we are of the same stardust
    and you are whom
    my soul calls home