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    Silver droplets

    When its time to sleep
    And child begins to dream

    Mother tuck her child under blanket
    As god tuck the world under silver droplets


  • amandadsuza 2d


    You said i look pretty in every colour
    But your favourite was crimson
    You said you want be my lover
    Then you left me lonesome

    I forget everything drop and dead
    But i can't forget your favourite colour red

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    but I'm not sure if I can already love you


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    There's a reason

    There's a reason behind every smile; frown; laugh; behind every expression we make; behind every feelings we feel, there's a reason behind it - find the reason behind your expressions and feelings --- and be true to yourself...(for the question I'm about to ask you)...



    Have you ever been so heartbroken over not having another season/epsoide for your anime/any drama/movies?

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    The Alpha in the Omega - The Alpha Interrupts

    Levi was angry and sad over the loss of his friends and the cold behaviour of Erwin, but there was something, that made him stay with the survey corps. What exactly it was he wasn't too sure about, but he knows he has to avenge his friends and his alpha wants to dominate this seemingly strong alpha. Before he could do anything and walk right into Erwins office to yell at him in his still blind rage he needed a shower. The blood and stench of the day was still lingering on him. The hot water soothes his pain and calms his mind down. The words the blonde male said to him as he blocked his blade play in his head over and over again. There was something with this alpha, but he couldn't put his finger on it.
    He was annoyed as he stomps to the office of the blue eyed male. The wood flings open and reveals the view to an empty room. Levi pokes his head in and clicks his tongue annoyed. Not even the smell of the alpha was there and he paces through the hallway not knowing what he should do. The only thing he knew right now was, that he doesn't want to linger in their room. The memory of those two and their smell was still there and he couldn't bear to be reminded of them now. Frustration builds up in him as the vision of their bloody messed up bodies keep finding their way into his mind and he starts to quietly growl whenever that happens. Soldiers that are passing by scramble away as quickly as they can afraid of this alpha, that showed so much strength in battle. Levi had earned their respect now and just a few stubborn alphas would still think that he is just a rat from the underground.

    Subconsciously he follows a faint sweet scent and before he realizes it he walks straight to the private chambers of Erwin. Hanji spots the raven haired man right away and nonchalantly tries to lure him away.
    "Ah Levi what are you doing here? Aren't you tired from today? Come come you shouldn't wander around." She chimes his name loud enough to alert Mike inside, that they got an intruder. Erwin was emitting way too much of his omega scent for them to cover it up if Levi would enter the room and what should they say about the nest and chamber anyway? They can't have that, not after they discovered that Levi got a killing intent regarding Erwin.
    Levi doesn't seem to want to move at all. He suddenly wanted to tell Erwin how much he hates him and that he blames him for the death of his friends. His rage was now on Erwin and so he shoves Hanji aside, smashing her without even wanting it against the wall and bashing through the door into an empty room?
    "Erwin! Are you hiding?" He speaks out louder looking for a sight of him.

    Mike had woken Erwin up as he heard Hanji almost announcing Levi's intrusion. Luckily it gave Erwin enough time to gather himself and he peels himself out of his many blankets.
    "What are you doing Erwin?" Mike's voice was hushed as he raises an eyebrow at his friend. Erwin didn't answer him and just opened the door of the little room just wide enough to peak his head out to meet Levi's eyes. The overwhelming sweet smell of an omega fills the blondes room now and Levi finds himself sniffing the air. His almost silver eyes narrow as he eyes the door and Erwin peeking out of it. He was sure Erwin hides an omega in there and suddenly he feels flustered to be intruding in a seemingly intimate situation.
    "Levi? Can I do something for you?" Erwin struggles hard to keep his stern face and his voice calm. He does not allow one tiny look into the chamber, so that Levi wouldn't discover Mike. If he would he would question them for sure and Erwins cover would be blown away. He couldn't let that happen and Mike either. So he keeps quiet inside of the warm chamber trying to give enough of the alpha smell radiating to let it seem as if Erwin was the one in charge.
    "No... I didn't meant to interrupt anything." Levi averts his eyes and was almost about to leave this room again, but he decides to do otherwise.
    "How awful can you be? Do you know how many people died following your orders? Ans here you are busying yourself with your omega. Or maybe it isn't yours to begin with and just one that lost their alpha and now you are soothing their pain? You are an asshole!" With that said he leaves the room. He is not aware, that his outburst wasn't a try to hurt the man, but that he was jealous that this man was intimate with someone else. His alpha wanted to mark those chambers as his own for some reason, but being sure that Erwin was an alpha he mistook his emotions.
    With this incident and Erwins perfect act of impersonating an alpha, he had a few quiet years and not even Levi doubted him. The smaller alpha even started to build up trust towards the big blonde. The more missions they went on together and the more he sees him fight and act and present his ideas, the deeper his trust goes and before he knows it, he had no urge to kill that man anymore.

    "Erwin I really feel challenged with the way you act so perfectly. Your ideas bring a whole new level to our expeditions, your team is excellent and even Levi proved himself and besides all see you as an Alpha. I really do play with the thought of making you my successor when the time comes, but I need to know something first. Will you as an omega be able to handle the emotional stress that comes with my position?" Commander Shadis had summoned Erwin one day after he came back from the capital and they are now in his office, that may one day become Erwins. Erwin stands in front of his desk upright and with strength in his eyes.
    "Commander Shadis I feel very honored, that you consider me of all the splendid soldiers under you service to success you and I am very grateful for your trust. I can assure you, that I am capable of handling the emotional pressure as well as the physical one besides my nature as an omega." There was no insecurity in his voice and he holds the gaze of the commander much longer than the commander himself can do. He nods his head and turns to look out of his window.
    "Good. I will let you know what my decision will be. You are dismissed for now Erwin."
    With that Erwin leaves the commanders office to go and see Mike. He and Mike are very close friends, so he was his first decision to tell. He wouldn't tell more people than the very very few he really trust and whom he calls friends. As he strides down the corridor he comes across Levi, who unconsciously sniffs the air. Erwin hadn't noticed, but he emits a slight stronger omega smell than usual, because of his excitement. Levi's eyes slit as he musters Erwin up and down admiring his strong stature and the oh so bright blue eyes, he had come to really like. It was stupid of course, but he wasn't able to help himself whenever he sees them smile or shine with that one distinctive silly hope that man had in him.
    "Had fun. You reek of your omega." The shorter man was still to a hundred percent sure, that Erwin had a mate, even though Levi had never seen them and no one else knew about it apparently. Well Levi isn't an alpha to talk much with other he was more a lone wolf, but he warms up with Hanji at least. She was a pushy one and was even with him when he didn't wanted her, but she was cheerful, mostly, and brought a bit of fun into his life after Farlan and Isabel died.
    "Hm? Oh no. I haven't seen my omega today. Seems like the scent stayed." Erwin tries to not talk himself into a trap and quickly changes the subject. "I have some news you might want to hear as well. Come with me Levi."
    Both of them hurry to Mike's room talking about nothing much. Levi had trained and watched a few other. Erwin had a small smile playing on his lips as he listens to Levi complain again how others aren't able to keep their shoes clean or even just be able to clean the table once they finished eating.
    "Talking about food Levi how do you like the tea?"
    "The one you brought?"
    "Hmm. "
    "It's delicious. I have never tasted tea like that, but that isn't even difficult to do. Where did you got that from?"
    "The capital. I discovered a small shop in an alley a bit away from the main street. Maybe I can take you there one day. They really got great flavors and I am not as keen to it as you are."
    "No thanks. I don't want to step into those pig filled streets. I bet any street in the underground is better than those." Levi scrunches his nose at the thought of passing by all those nobleman and woman wasting their money on silly things no one needs. Erwin sighs, because he really liked that placed an immediately thought about Levi when he entered it.
    Mike, Hanji, Levi and Erwin had a He was celebration night about the maybe promotion of Erwin. They were all excited, especially with all the possibilities they will have if Erwin can make it. Hanji deems it hilarious that an omega might command the survey corps, the one regiment that got the most fiery alphas in their ranks and it takes them quite some time to calm her down again.
    As cheerful as they are the way to become a commander is long and hard and being an omega makes it even harder especially when the suppressants get changed without their notice.


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    The Alpha in the Omega - The Omega Alpha

    Erwin Smith, squad leader within the survey corps, was raised amongst strong alphas and their behaviour was drilled into him ever since he was little. He had shown very early in his life what qualities he got and was taken in by a family of an excellent breed, who raised the top best alphas amongst the walls. However Erwin needed suppressants, because despite his behaviour and brilliant mind, he was an omega.
    The family raising him had very efficient medicaments to suppress his omega. They changed his scent, they muted his heat and every other little thing an omega would want to do or would feel when he was around an alpha. This combined with the splendid acting quality Erwin possesses was enough to let him seem like an alpha. He was strong, he was intimidating and he was big, good looking and full of himself. He managed very quickly to become a squad leader and even dominate all the other alphas in the survey corps. Only very few knew about him being an omega and those were Mike, Hanji and of course commander shadis.

    Erwin had a fairly big stock of suppressants, but they will run out at some point and the ones the survey corps get, if they even get them, are not as strong as his, but he needs them to go on with his play. During the time of his trainee years, he discovered already, that Hanji was very delighted with everything that got to do with science and so he opened up to her about his state and she immediately agreed to work in secret on a medicament to replace his existing, that is just as strong. For sure they had to test hers and ever so often they left Erwin in a very delicate state and if it wouldn't have been for Mike, he wouldn't be where he is now.
    Mike was a friend for Erwin from the very start and right from the beginning he knew there was something odd about Erwin and he soon found out, because of his splendid nose. Mike was of a special breed and one of the strongest, soon the strongest, alphas back in their training days. Erwin himself only just slightly noticed when is heat would normally be, but for Mike's nose it was pretty clear. Erwin scent wasn't strong at all it was more like a little change in it, that others didn't noticed, but for Mike it was there. Not so present that he would want to breed with him, but enough to confront him about it. From that day on Mike had an extra eye out to keep Erwin safe from others and as soon as the testings started he was there to help out.
    Their goal was to create one strong enough to totally erase Erwins scent with the help of Mike's nose. Unfortunately it occurs during those trials that Hanji had to literally beat Mike out of Erwins room. It seems that when Erwin would fall into heat his scent was strong or it was maybe just because of Mike having such a refined nose. However the three changed locations for these tests to prevent other alphas to smell him. They had a small cabin a bit outside in the land, where no others from the survey corps would go to.
    Erwin never bonded with anyone and he doesn't have any intent to do so at all. He has seen strong alphas turning totally around and he knows, that if he would take a mate he wouldn't be the same either. He can't risk that not at this point. He had a goal he wants to achieve and doesn't need any omega signs to appear.

    Erwin was doing well in his years in the survey corps. He had a strong bond with Hanji and Mike and the commander trusted him. He never lost his cool in front of anyone once and no one had any suspicion that he might be an omega. One day he and Mike had buisness in the underground district and there he was. The blonde male was able to tell right away that he dark haired male, that was flying around and crossing his vision, was an alpha. He didn't needed to smell him to tell right away and it was the first one to have an impact on him so strong that Mike had to pull him away and back to the overground.
    "Shit Erwin what was that just now?" Erwin blinks at Mike not knowing what he was implying with his question. Mike looks around to make sure that no one hears them. The cobber streets are empty in this dark alleyway and all windows in the houses left and right to them are shut tight as well.
    "Erwin your scent pitched up and that military police guy was about to smell it as well. For him it was faint, but Erwin what have you seen, that made you lose your control?"
    "Mike I didn't löst any control or such. Maybe it had to do with that one being. I have seen a small group of people with the maneuver gear."
    "And you got excited about that?"
    "Their leader seemed very capable. They are just a group of thugs, but we need every man and woman that can handle the gear like this." Ike shakes has head knowing already what Erwin wants.
    "Fine, but keep your scent to yourself."

    Erwin pulled up a grand show with getting his hands on the group of thugs, that was so talented with the gear. He played a perfect alpha and left Mike with putting the force up and emitting the needed alpha scent. It took a lot of strength for Erwin to not listen to the omega, that suddenly screamed inside of him to submit himself to this one, but the years of training to be an alpha despite his nature really paid off and he was able to get Levi.
    "I hate this guy. He waves his alpha self around too much. I hate those guys." Levi growls out from between his teeth. He can feel that something is strange. He can't put his finger on it, but so far he doesn't bother to dig any deeper. He had his goal to make sure he and his two friends don't have to go back in the underground. Their plan stands for both of them. The alphas plan to kill Erwin is slowly forming and the omegas plan to establish a new formation and to consolidate his position as alpha. With Erwins behaviour no one doubts, that he is an alpha just like them. Only Mike gets nervous, when he sees or better said smells Erwin, whenever he is around Levi.
    Erwin had this strange behaviour to emit more of his omega scent when Levi was close, but so far it wasn't too alarming. It was just Mike who could smell it out and when he was besides erwin he would conceal this scent with his alpha scent, so no one would wonder about it and Erwin was a good liar when enyone asks and pretends that he has been together with an omega for too long and their scent rubbed off on him. For long his act works perfectly fine even around Levi. It only crumbles after the expedition.

    Despite the success they had as long as the weather was clear, but Erwin hasn't thought this through and wasn't prepared for the sudden rain. It was awful, not only for Levi and his comrades, but it was for him as well. Despite his urge to curl up and nestle into a pile of blankets and pillows, he puts up a front to at least keep Levi. Oh he oozed of alpha and Erwin was frightened and almost about to submit to him, but his mind was strong and he was able once again to dominate him.
    However as soon as they are back inside the walls, Erwin ignores everyone and everything and goes straight to his quarters. He didn't even took the time to shower off the dirt and sorrow and went straight into a small room, that could have been a closet, but for Erwin it was his little hideout filled with pillows and blankets. It was his nest to find warmth and shelter and feel protected. A place where he can be the omega he needs to be at times like these. He deeply reproaches himself for the outcome and the loss everyone suffered from. It was the first time the responsibility was in his hands, the hands of an omega, alone and he was nervous right from the start. Mike had sensed it, even if the suppressants did a wonderful job to conceal him this time, but only for so long. They couldn't suppress the overpowering feeling to nestle right now. His whole body is covered with piles of blankets and pillows white, green, yellow all colors are piled up around him. The big male needs a lot to feel safe and a lot to conceal his huge body, that is shaking and sweating like crazy. He needed more, but can't bring himself to move one single muscle until his door opens with a creak. He doesn't care who it is at the moment and as the door to his hideout opens he can smell the strong alpha scent. It was the old familiar scent of him, that soothed him many times before. Mike huffs at the strong odour Erwin emits. He mumbles something to someone else and joins shortly after Erwin in his closet.
    Hanji who went with Mike as concerned as she was, closed the door behind them and made sure no one would disturb Erwin until he was back to his pretended alpha. For now both of them let Erwin be the omega he actually is. Huddled up against Mike's chest and sniffing his calming alpha scent. Luckily not much of Erwins scent goes out into the hallway and only one tries to disturb the peace the male needs right now.


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    #anime ��

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    Love me. I wanna say it loud but I know you're too lost to love me. I hear it in the way that you say how you're thinking of me. You're living in your head, ain't you trying to get out and be free.
    Sad boy, why do you look so sad, boy? Used to be so glade, boy, why do you feel so bad?


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    There's a
    fire, in my soul!
    And I'm a Soul Searcher.
    I don't search for
    messages, calls, dates!.
    Btw A


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    That day I came with an umbrella to you! Unknowingly, you already went with someone else sharing Umbrella! And guess what ! Then I reached home, being wet! Love Costs Many thing! — As I had bad Cold! °°°= Anime Pic Caption Story!!!

    #51stpost #sele #anime #manga #mirakee #writersnetwork #time #umbrellastory @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld

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    A Wish!

    If !!!!!!!!!!
    you were
    with me.
    I would have
    shared all my pain,
    grief, worries, cries,
    and all troubles
    with you.
    But, I wish if
    there was no, “if” in
    my previous sentence.

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    You do not DIE for your friends,
    You Live for them


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    Distance ⭐

    Long Distance//
    is when,
    I'm blushing
    and you.....
    just dying to!
    see me.....!!!

    And when
    we met!
    Both with,
    teary eyes|||


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    I Love You.

    I Don't Love You Anymore.

    |•I found Myself•|


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    Not our daily chats///
    Btw, that break,

    Two chats.....!!!
    Made me fell for you!


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    I've got a migraine
    and my pain will range from up down and sideways
    thank God it's Friday
    cause Fridays will always be better than Sundays
    cause Sunday's are my suicide days

    #7 #migraine #twentyonepilotes #song #lyrics #quote #music #suicide #alive #mind #anime #vocaloid #mad #crazy

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    'Cause sometimes
    you stay alive
    you gotta kill your mind.

    ©twentyone pilotes

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    I'm looking for someone to hold
    Someone to care
    Someone who's there
    I'm trying to find someone who's me
    And knows how I'll be
    Cause take it from me

    I don't wanna be lonely

    #6 #anime #japan #song #kodokushi #lonely #death #lyrics #love #quote #song #mihka #theend #futurebass #techno

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    (lonely death)

    ©Mihka! feat. The End

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    Welcome to Happyland
    #4 #anime #Happy #happyland #månszelmerlöw #song #techno #music #quote

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    Now we all wanna be happy
    No matter what now don't we
    We all wanna be happy
    In happyland

    ©Måns Zelmerlöw

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    Far beyond the known no fallen angel can atone
    A paradise you used to call your own
    Stolen then turned against us all and low
    Until correction who will I believe?
    When all I hear is lies
    They have to know I won't comply
    How can we remain so blind?
    Falling faster 'til we fly
    And cease to resist from Thy
    Then our enemies will die
    We are, ready for the deception.

    #2 #anime #song #techno #music #lyrics #thegreatdeception #psognar #game #quote #fly #fall #wings

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    falling faster, untill we fly

    the great deception

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    A volte

    A volte
    Ma soprattutto quando ti guardo
    Penso che le nostre anime
    Siano destinate
    L'una all'altra
    Da sempre
    Che si conoscano dalla notte dei tempi
    E che entrino in corpi materiali
    I nostri due in questo caso
    E che vivano
    L'una grazie all'esistenza dell'altra
    Che diano il loro massimo
    Soltanto insieme
    Che si inseguano
    Nel corso di millenni
    E si ritrovino sempre
    Perché l'una senza l'altra non sa stare

    Altre volte
    Ma soprattutto quando ti ascolto
    Penso che io e te
    Siamo così diversi
    Eppure così uguali
    Eppure così
    Le nostre anime
    L'una all'altra
    Petto contro petto
    Come a darsi la fonte vitale
    Per andare avanti
    Le nostre anime
    Che si conoscono da sempre
    E non si lasciano mai
    Si ritrovano
    Ogni volta
    In due corpi qualsiasi
    Ma siamo sempre noi
    Ma identici
    Le anime sole
    Non possono stare
    E si ritrovano sempre

    In un modo o nell'altro

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    Not mine. This dialogue is by Ciel Phantomhive from the anime Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler)

    #chess #pawn #king #queen #rules #knights #checkmate #anime #CielPhantomhive #Kuroshitsuji #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #mirakee #MirakeeWorld

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    Rules had no meaning in the real world. There will inevitably be knights who break the rules, and pawns who disobey orders. If you let your guard down for even an instant, you'll be in checkmate.