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    Vampire Boys Of Summer

    84: While I Was Out

    I dropped the letter opener and reached for my neck. I was hoping with the death of Colin that the place where he’d bitten me would be miraculously gone. But it wasn’t. It was still there. His mark. Did this mean after all I’d been through I was queen anyway? Was I going to become a vampire now? Or had he been a beta like Haru, and my wound would end up killing me the way Haru had accidentally killed his first love hundreds of years ago?

    I looked at Haru with pain and horror in my eyes. My legs gave out and he caught me. I began to cry. Wouldn’t it be the cruelty of fate to defeat the one who had caused us so much pain, and then be defeated myself because of a bloody hickey?

    He smiled. As always, my thoughts must have slipped into his because he said, “Hickey. That’s funny.” He kissed me softly on the lips, preventing me from asking what was so funny about it. In the end it didn’t matter. Before I passed out, I remembered thinking at least I’m here. At least I have this moment. I have my Haru.

    When I came to, there was motion. At first I thought I was reliving the memory of Ryo carrying me down the street, then I thought I was in a boat bobbing serenely on the lake’s surface. The reality was I was in Haru’s car, bouncing down the dirt road with Chi behind the wheel. Well, Chi and Luhan actually, because when I managed to sit up from where my head lay in Haru’s lap in the backseat, I saw Luhan sitting on Chi’s lap behind the wheel. He was steering the car and she was working the petals. I realized he wasn’t tall enough to drive it by himself, but it made me wonder about the nature of their relationship. In the caverns when he had come to her rescue, she had called him ‘Master.’ Yet he had called her ‘sister.’ Did this mean he saw her as an equal, or had they been siblings in the ages before they became vampires? I looked over at Haru for answers. He just smiled and shrugged.

    I returned my gaze to Chi. The wound in her throat was still there, but it now looked cauterized, as if someone had taken a hot flame to the skin and burned it shut. As beautiful as she was, I knew the imperfection would be a glaring reminder of her sacrifice for me. Someone was always paying the price because of Nora Williams, and this saddened me.

    Haru reached over and grasped my hand, giving it a little squeeze, as if to tell me everything was going to be alright. I’m not sure I believed him. I looked next to us. Ryo and Angela also occupied the backseat. My bestie was sleeping or passed out, I couldn’t quite tell. Her head lay over on Ryo’s shoulder, and he had an arm around her protectively. His eyes were also closed, but from the rise and fall of his chest I could tell he was okay. I smiled, wondering what this would mean for them. I feared Angela wouldn’t be the same girl after her ordeal, and that we would never have our playfully snappy, yet Intelligent conversations again.

    Ryo opened his eyes. Perhaps my thoughts had been too loud. He kissed Angela’s forehead and ran his fingers through her silver shorn hair. I couldn’t help but smile. But my happiness faded when I turned towards Haru. He also bore lasting scars of having to help me all the time. There was an angry red ring around his neck from where it had been in a noose for so long as he hung from the cavern’s ceiling at Colin’s sick whim. Colin. It pained me that I had to kill him. He had been okay and innocent once. A nerdy kid who didn’t do anything but aggravate the snot out of you, following you around like a lost puppy. But he had changed. Became something sadistic and evil. I had no choice. He had been responsible for my dad’s death. Or at least partly responsible. He may have been under orders, but he was still complicit in the deed. He had tortured Angela to the point of death, tried to kill all of us at one point or another. Hell, he’d even bit me in an effort to turn me into…

    I reached up to my neck. I could feel the teeth marks he’d left in my skin. The gaping congealed wound. Mine hadn’t been cauterized like Chi’s. Perhaps they would get Ryo to heal mine, as he did once before when I was injured at the hands of the Trumps. So why not heal Chi’s too?

    “Shhh, “ whispered Haru beside me. “You are thinking too much.” Then he smiled and took my face in both his hands. His kiss was warm and enticing and I couldn’t help thinking how I wanted to be with him now this very instant. “I know, “ he confessed. “Me too.”

    I smiled and lay my head back down on his lap as we continued down the road. Chi reached over and turned on the radio. It was tuned to a rock station that began to play “If you want blood, you got it,” by AC-DC. “Nope, I don’t think so,” she said, and changed the station.

    As we arrived back in town it was already mid day. I assumed we’d been in the cavern and labyrinth all night. I had been unconscious when Haru had put me in one of the boats and sailed us out through the hidden channel the vampire army had used to bring their captives in. When I began to wonder about the humans down there, Luhan informed me that because of my actions twenty-seven had made it out. I was pleased with this, but I wished there had been more. Twenty-seven meant there were still some down in the caverns with the remains of the vampire army. When I started to protest this, Ryo cut me off.

    “We need to regroup and be more prepared next time,” he said.

    “Next time?”

    “My father will not take this so easily,” Haru answered. “…the damage we inflicted on his army. Unless all this has been a distraction for bigger things.”

    “He will want retribution for the death of his lieutenant,” Ryo added.

    “So it’s not over?” I asked, tears welling up in my eyes.

    Haru hung his head. “No. We barely escaped.”

    “We did accomplish what we set out to do,” Ryo chimed. It was odd that he’d be the one trying to bring in a ray of hope. “We rescued Angela.” He looked down at her as she slept peacefully against him.

    “And your father’s death is avenged,” Chi threw out there. “We put a real hurting on the army that was being built. He’s going to need more recruits before he tries anything again.”

    “What about the people we saved? Where are they now?”

    “If I did my job right,” Luhan said, “they are confused as hell.”

    “You wiped their memory?”

    “Not all the way. But enough to keep them wondering if they just had a vivid dream. Of course, those still down in the caverns, I couldn’t do anything about them. I hate to say it, but they are either dead or vampires by now.”

    I shook my head. Chelsea Valley would never be the same again. Despite this, the streets didn’t look any different. Shops were open. Kids were outside playing. Life went on oblivious to what happened the night before. There were an unusual number of people missing, yes, but no one seemed overly concerned. It was as if someone, Luhan maybe, had brought a fog over the whole town and it’s citizens. That made me wonder about mom. Had she been okay through this ordeal? How was she coping with the loss of dad? I knew she had been left in Tomoko’s care, and I trusted him with her life. He was a good man. I still hadn’t forgotten how he and the jigsaw man had saved my life when we….

    “His name is Kaito,” Haru said.

    “Haru! You need to stay out of my head.”

    He gave me a teasing look. “Why? Is there something you don’t want me to know?”

    I purposely sent a thought his way.


    I smiled. “Really.”

    “Well then…good thing we are almost home.”

    We both laughed at our secret little thoughts. Of course, when you are riding in a car with vampires, nothing is secret anyway. Ryo grinned. Chi smirked. Luhan giggled. And Angela slept on….

    To Be Continued…

    “Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Vampire Boys of Summer 84
    While I Was Out...


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    Vampire Boys Of Summer

    83: If You Want Blood, You Got It

    Haru yelled, “No!”

    Before he could even step forward to snatch me back, Colin’s teeth sunk into my neck. There was this sudden rush and I felt as if something was surging through me. Something electric. Something ecstatic. Yet I was feeling Colin, not myself. It was his exhilaration that made my eyes roll up in my head and unconsciousness swim around me like sharks. He lifted his head from my neck and I felt my own blood dripping from his fangs onto my skin.

    “Finally,” he yelled in triumph. “I get the girl!”

    “You already had a girl, asshole,” someone said and through my glossed over eyes I saw Chi’s fist connect to the side of Colin’s face. His head reeled to one side and he went down, dragging me with. We hit the ground with a resounding thud, and then there was screaming as the humans we were leading to freedom realized vampires were in our midst. And it wasn’t just Chi, Colin, and Haru. No, I could hear bad vamps snarling, coming up the corridor in an attempt to catch up to us.

    Chi brought her boot down on Colin’s ankle. I heard a crack and he screamed, releasing me. I rolled off and away from him, scrambling to escape. Haru snatched me up and pulled me as far from Colin as he could get. Chi leaned down into Colin’s face. “You could have had it all,” she said. “All you had to do was wait.”

    “You left me in the woods,” he snarled. “You said you’d come back and you didn’t. I waited..and waited..and then the master showed up and promised me everything. All you promised me was one night…”

    For a moment it seemed Chi’s face fell. A look of deep regret was in her eyes. “I’m…I’m sorry, Colin…I came back for you, but you were gone…I am truly sorry..I never should have…”

    “You’re right, you shouldn’t have,” he replied in a soft voice, reaching his hand up towards her face. I caught a glimpse of something in his hand. A glint of silver. His fingers were wrapped around it so I couldn’t see what it was. Before I could say anything, he jabbed it into Chi’s throat. With a stifled cry of alarm, she reached for it, stumbling back from Colin. It was then I saw what it was. An ornate letter opener of the brightest silver. He must have been carrying it with him the whole time.

    Chi was making a gurgling sound in her throat. It looked like smoke was coming out from where he’d stabbed her, and I wondered how this was possible. I didn’t think Anti-vampire weapons of the west worked on my Asian friends. I’d been told garlic, crosses, holy water, and even sunlight to some extent, had no effect. So why silver?

    “No!” Something whipped past Haru and I. It was Luhan, running down the tunnel to aid the fallen Chi. He reached her as she fell to her knees, struggling to pull the letter opener out. For some reason she couldn’t hold on to it for more than a few seconds. She was trying to speak, but couldn’t. Whatever warning she wished to convey was lost.

    Luhan wrapped his fingers around the hilt of the opener. There was a horrid sizzling sound like that of flesh burning. I could smell the smoldering skin of his hands as they tried to catch fire, but he did not let go. Even as I wondered what kind of weapon this was, and Haru frantically tried to staunch my bleeding neck, Luhan was determined. He pulled on the weapon again and again despite the pain until it began to withdraw from Chi’s neck. She screamed as it came all the way out, and I saw what appeared to be green Japanese writing etched on the blade part of the letter opener. No, not green, I thought. Jade. And then it occurred to me. It wasn’t the silver that was causing such damage to my friends. It was Jade. A thing of beauty used in art and other creative ways to us in the west, but to the Asian vampire, it was burning death.

    Luhan dropped the offending weapon and laid his palm against Chi’s throat wound. She was no longer gurgling from within, and the blistering of her flesh and Luhan’s had slowed down to a quiet sizzle. After a few attempts she found her voice and said, “master.” Luhan removed his hand from her throat. For the most part it appeared to be healing, though the wound was stained with blood and scarred by the charred flesh. “Sister,” Luhan said, unaware that Colin was not just standing idly by. In fact, Colin was coming right for him.

    I jerked away from Haru. He had been applying pressure to my neck wound, but all that could wait. The way I saw it, Ryo had let Colin go and he ended up attacking Chi. Chi felt mercy for him and he had tried to kill her. I wasn’t about to let him go unchecked a second longer. I grabbed up the jade letter opener and intercepted him before he could reach Luhan. “If you want blood!” I yelled. “You got it!” I jabbed the silver into his own throat. At first he was surprised, then came shock, and eventually laughter.

    He pulled the letter opener out of his throat, and blood poured from the wound. It seemed not to faze him and he handed the weapon back to me. “Try again, Nora,” he laughed. “Only real silver works on vampires. This one is fake.” He threw his head back. “So go ahead take your best shot.” I jabbed it at him again, and he stumbled back in mock fear. “Whoa, you can do better than that.”

    I didn’t know what to do. There’s no way I could beat him like this with a piece of fake silver. I wished I still had some holy water. His face bore the mark of where it had burned him earlier. At least one of the common vampire fighting weapons worked on him. And then I realized I was going about this all wrong. It wasn’t about the silver, fake or real.

    Colin was prancing around me like a leprechaun who was sure no one could find his pot of gold. He bared his chest to me, puffing it out as if he were invincible. He wasn’t. I swiped the letter opener across his chest. It may have been fake, but it had been sharpened enough to cut through his skin, making a horizontal cut across his chest. A near perfect line of blood trickled down his flesh. He chuckled. “It’s no use, little girl,” he said. “I can lose blood all day.” He made a gesture toward his neck, indicating that I was still bleeding and probably wouldn’t hold up much longer. He spun around in a circle, finishing it up with a silly ballet type flourish. “You might be good, but you can’t match me.”

    I smiled. “Yes I can,” I replied, spinning around in a circle that was near identical to his, except for one difference. At the end of my silly ballet spin, I brought the letter opener across his chest again, this time in a vertical line that cut deep. He retreated again, spreading his arms in feigned surrender. Upon his face, a wicked smile that said he was enjoying this too much. And then he stopped. His smile was gone, replaced by a disbelieving look. He looked down at his chest and now it was my turn to smile. “It may not be real silver,” I said. “But it is a cross.” Across his chest, the two swipes I’d made glistened red in the form of a crucifix.

    “You…you bitch,” he mumbled, before his chest burst into flames. He screamed in misspent rage and threw his arms in the air. The fire spread out from his chest and the flames engulfed him, surging up his raised arms, down his legs, burning as red as the blood the proud vampire had craved. He collapsed and hit the ground as the fire swarmed over his head, muffling his screams forevermore. And that, thank heavens, was the end of Colin Deeds. Once a nuisance, then an enemy, now nothing but ash.

    To Be Continued…..

    “Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Vampire Boys of Summer 83
    If You Want Blood, You Got It


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    fiveofive by 9TAILS.
    I found the background picture on the Internet. I don't own it nor the lyrics of the song. Just sharing.
    #fiveofive #9TAILS #song #lyrics #songquote #lyricsquote #romantic #sad #sadness #depressed #anime

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    While you sit on my waist
    As you stare into space
    While I stare at your face
    You will never be replaced

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    Vampire Boys Of Summer

    82: Flight From The Cavern

    The revolt of the humans had opened a window of opportunity for us. With the dwindling vampire army distracted, we climbed down off the stage and made our way to Chinatsu who was still fighting a small pocket of attackers. When they saw us coming, they hissed and ran away, fleeing into the melee between vampires and humans. I guess they thought their chances were better in the crowd.

    Chi led us across the cavern floor and we rejoined Luhan, busy freeing the last of the mind controlled humans. A young girl went to run past Chi, and she grabbed her. “How were you brought here?”

    The girl, confused and frightened, tried to pull away from her. “Let me go,” she pleaded, her eyes looking on us in abject fear. Perhaps she could see the fangs of my companions and she assumed they were part of the bad vampire clan.

    “We’re not going to hurt you,” I said, trying to calm her down. Haru set me down and I touched the girl’s arm in what I hoped was a reassuring gesture. “We just want to know how you got here. How did everyone get in the cavern?”

    I was taking Chi’s cue, because like her, I had figured it would have been near impossible to get all these people down the shaft we used. It would have taken forever for each person to be carried down the hole. I’m not even sure the new vampires could have made the jump into darkness successfully.

    “By..by boat,” the girl stammered, nervously running her fingers through her long ginger hair. She was thin, almost to the point of Anorexia, and I wondered if perhaps vampires had used her as a vessel in the same manner as Angela. “I…I think…From the lake. A tunnel.”

    “Where is it,” I asked.

    “I can’t remember….i don’t know…please, please let me go.”

    And then she pulled away and ran. I didn’t know where she thought she was running to, but she followed the wall around to the back of the stage and was gone.

    Ryo watched her with a suspicious eye. “For someone who doesn’t know, it looks like she has a destination in mind.”

    “She’s afraid of us. She thinks we are with her captors.”

    “And now that she is free…” Chi pondered.

    Luhan didn’t hesitate to finish the sentence. “…she is going back the way she came. Come on!”

    We took off after the ginger girl, all six of us relatively intact. I was still limping from my bum ankle and Angela had to be carried by Ryo. She wasn’t talking much, aside from mumbling Ryo’s name. Luhan and Chi seemed in the best shape and they took up the charge ahead of us. We were just starting to go behind the stage when I stopped. We couldn’t just run away. Not like this. We couldn’t leave all the humans behind to be vampire food or hopelessly lost in this cavern. Once we took the boat or boats that the girl spoke of there would be no means of escape except straight up through a shaft that had no ladder or hand holds. I pulled away from Haru. “We’ve got to go back!”

    Haru tried to grab my hand. “What? Wait, Nora…”

    “No! We can’t just leave them! They are victims. They haven’t done anything. We chose to come down here. They didn’t.”

    I waited for Haru to protest, to tell me we had this tiny opportunity of escape, and that if we didn’t find the boats we’d be down here forever, but he didn’t say a word. He just looked at the backs of our friends as they disappeared around the corner. Then he looked back at me and took my hand. “You’re right,” he said. “We’ll get as many as we can to come with and just hope…”

    His voice dropped off and let the unfinished statement hang in the air. But I knew what he wanted to add. His hope that there would be enough boats to carry us all out.

    It wasn’t easy convincing the awakened humans to follow us. Some of them believed us, while others thought Haru was among those who had lured them from their homes with the most pleasant of dreams and brought them here. It took some convincing on my part, including an embarrassing show of my teeth, before they would join us in our flight out of the cavern. First it was just a few, but then they managed to convince others, who in turn persuaded even more, until we had a number of about thirty or so refugees. I tried my best to get them to line up against the wall again, this time to head out for freedom. There were some who thought this was a trick, but what else could I do? I was just trying to save them and it brought me close to tears to see some of them rejecting a helping hand. On and on this went, we’d gain some, then lose a few, until finally I came to the realization I’d done all I could do. Maybe if they saw us leaving, they would follow us better that way.

    Haru put a reassuring hand on my shoulder. “Nora, we have to go.”

    “I know. I just hate to…”

    “I know, baby,” he replied. “But we have to get to the boats or we are going to get left behind.”

    As if to convince me further, Chi returned with the news they had found the boats, but there wasn’t an unlimited supply. “There were a few people on guard, but Luhan freed them. Ryo has taken those across.”

    “Where’s Angela?”

    She smiled at the worry in my voice. “She’s with Ryo. He wouldn’t leave her behind.”

    And with that, I couldn’t leave the humans behind either. Following Chi, Haru and I led the thirty or so who would follow us. Along the wall we went, only leaving it to disappear behind the stage and follow the candle lit tunnel on our way to the boats. We walked a little ways in a hurried pace. I tried to encourage and usher our followers, and as they became further awake to their plight, they seemed more agreeable to the idea. Soon we were all running down the corridor, me limping along and noticing the candles in the tunnel wall were thinning out. We rounded a corner and straight into pitch darkness. No candles. There wasn’t a single sliver of light. I grabbed someone’s hand and urged everyone else to do the same. Lucky for us, vampires can see clearly in the dark. They aren’t hindered by human eyes any longer. Someone grabbed my other hand, and I could tell it was Haru by touch alone. I had held his hand so many times I knew the exact paths of his lifelines. He squeezed my hand and whispered my name, tugging me gently through the dark corridor.

    As we eased our way through the pitch black, Haru periodically squeezed my hand for comfort, and I in turn squeezed the hand of the person behind me. I couldn’t see their face, but I hoped that it gave them some small measure of reassurance that things were going to be alright. They squeezed my hand back and I smiled to myself. It felt good to be leading others to safety.

    Soon there was a small shaft of light ahead. I sighed in relief. I wasn’t too afraid in the dark with my hand in Haru’s, but I was still happy to see we were coming to journey’s end. “It’s going to be okay,” I whispered to the person behind, hoping they would pass the message down the line. Instead, they whispered back, “I know.”

    I don’t know if I found their response strange, or perhaps it was the confident tone in their voice, but I turned to look at them. The shaft of light ahead had grown larger now, and for a brief moment it illuminated their face, just long enough for me to recognize them. My breath caught in my throat, and cold chills shot through my body. Before I could say a word, they had jerked me away from Haru’s grip, pulling me into their grasp. In an instant, they had pulled my head back and were going for my neck. I could feel their breath on my skin. “I told you you’d be my queen,” Colin hissed.

    To Be Continued…

    “Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Vampire Boys of Summer 82
    Flight From The Cavern

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    Child, I give you permission to enjoy things you really like doing, to be honest with yourself and with the people around you about what you like and not.

    I give you permission to enjoy them without feeling guilty and lonely if at times, because I know walking in wonder might take us to places that only ourselves would ever want to be in. Never be bothered if they don't understand. Some things only the heart can get.

    I give you permission not to be embarrassed with your childlikeness. Never hide the fact that you love anime or manga or any inclinations you resonate most. Someday, you will find yourself loving fairy tales and hearing old tales like you never have before. I give you freedom to enjoy them while being respectful of other people's art. Don't rush to call something heresay. Learn and find truth in them.

    I give you permission not to know and find peace with it. Don't buy the idea that you need to grow up fast and figure things out right away. Be patient with everything unresolved and unraveled. Process, I've learned is letting life happen.

    I give you permission because I know how it felt to be restricted, to put appearances first in return of losing one's self. To be accepted by being completely different from one wants to become. Don't be fooled with that.

    There are moments, a lot of them where you will lose yourself and find them once again. Moment where it seems you've forgotten who you are and how you made it this far. But I give you permission to writhe, agonize, struggle and mourn because you're human. And you have all the right to feel that way because what you're looking for is something genuine.

    I give you permission to live.


    #writing #writeups #thoughts #life #wisdom #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #wordoftheday #pod #moment @mirakee @writersnetwork @pen_and_paper @readwriteunite #anime

    Follow me @laongwritings for more works

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    Things I will tell to my younger self:

    "There are moments, a lot of them where you will lose yourself and find them once again. Moment where it seems you've forgotten who you are and how you made it this far. But I give you permission to writhe, agonize, struggle and mourn because you're human. And you have all the right to feel that way because what you're looking for is something genuine. "


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    Fir se dil lagana chhod dete hai kyu kisi ke dil dukhane ke baad..?

    Hum Chalna to nahi chhodte purani jakhm bhar jane ke baad..

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    @surreal @ritika_ @zitra_forev @icyblack @beautifulsoul_devilmind @keeplookingforward @squealingwords #vampireboysofsummer #vampires #serial #serialnovel #paranormal #YA #horror #action #adventure #romance #besties #anime #manga #younglove #badboys

    Vampire Boys Of Summer

    81: Revolt Of The Humans

    I’ve heard it said before that true happiness, like true love, is short lived. I don’t believe that assumption. But I do know this. Neither can be achieved without hard work. Nothing comes easy. Nothing is handed to you. With that said, our idyllic moment had to be interrupted. It came in the form of a scratching sound. Like claws on wood. Separating myself from Haru, I saw what it was. The vampires, having grown tired of tearing into each other, had realized there was human blood still in the cavern. While most of that blood was in the dazed, would-be victims lining the walls awaiting their turn, there were two bodies much closer to them: myself and Angela.

    The remnants of the vampire army clambered onto the stage, some of them pulling themselves up by their ragged fingernails. Haru put me behind him. “Ryo, we got company.”

    Ryo lifted his head from where he lay his cheek against Angela’s, trying to bring a little more warmth back to her. Just moments ago, we believed her to be dead, but somehow Ryo called her back. It had been a beautiful moment just to hear her say his name and to see him answer her with a kiss. But now, there were other kisses we needed to avoid. Haru and Ryo didn’t need to worry about it, but my bestie and I were vulnerable without their protection. To guarantee her safety, Ryo also put himself between Ang and the cavern vampires. We waited for the first ones to reach us. I was hoping this would not be our last stand. Regardless, I was both proud and honored to stand with my vampire boys.

    The first attacker came at us head on. Haru put him down, unconscious but without lasting injury. Another came in the same fashion at Ryo, thinking he would fare better than the first. Wrong assumption. Ryo was still angry. He put his attacker down in the same fashion that Haru had, though this one would probably suffer from some lasting effects when he awoke. Ryo wasn’t as good at holding back as Haru.

    But now as my two vampire boys had been tested, multiple attackers came forth. They had gotten smart and instead of one on one, they came in groups of four towards us. This wasn’t good. With these kind of angry groupings they would eventually overwhelm us. Ryo looked over at Haru guarding me. He had a grim, but determined look. Something in his eyes told me he would fight to the death to protect us all. He took a step forward to meet the army head on with his head held high.

    And then something came through the crowd. It began at one side, parting the hungry vampires as if they were paper dolls. I saw a swirl of long black hair. Vampires thrown, kicked, beaten down. Chi was making a path for us. Haru grabbed my hand and looked to Ryo. They both nodded, and then Haru swung me up on his back. The next thing I knew we were running to the edge of the stage heading for Chi and her frenzied attack on the army. I looked back to see Ryo pick up Angela in his arms and say something to her. I didn’t hear what it was but she responded with a weak smile.

    We were getting ready to jump off the stage and into the open way Chi had made for us. In her hands she wielded what must have been a broom handle once, spinning it and twirling it around her head and body, striking everyone she could in order to hold the path open. But Haru hesitated making the jump. He was scanning the room as if looking for something or someone.

    I spoke into his ear, as if I too was a mind reader. “Where’s your dad?”

    “He won’t face us,” he replied.


    “Because he can’t beat us when we’re all together like this.” He turned his head to look at me. “That’s why he has tried to take out Ryo…Me…and Luhan…Wait a minute…” His head shot back around to focus on Luhan. The Asian clan leader was trying to defend the hypnotized humans that lined the cave wall. They had been placed there by Colin to await their turn at becoming vampires. Dazed out of their heads, they were just standing there as if in the midst of a deep sleep and dreaming. Luhan suddenly stopped what he was doing and looked to the stage at Haru. Whatever thought had interrupted Haru from explaining his dad to me must have occurred to Luhan as well. They shared this look and then Luhan nodded and raised his arms over his head. He closed his eyes and stretched out his fingers as if trying to touch filaments in the air. I could see his mouth moving, but I was too far away to hear what he was saying. Still I could follow the rhythm of his lips and tell he was chanting out a cadence or something. I thought to myself, this is a hell of a time to meditate.

    I looked over at Ryo and Angela. They had also stopped, hesitating to jump into the crowd. Ryo was smiling as if someone had just told him the most wonderful secret. But for me, I was confused as hell. “What’s going on? What’s Luhan doing?”

    Haru didn’t reply. One look at the humans along the wall provided the answer. Some were shaking their heads, others were rapidly blinking their eyes as one does sometimes when waking. Confused looks and furrowed brows. Their dazed, addled minds were becoming their own again and they looked out on the multitude of vampires with terror. But then something else crossed their faces and they paused to listen as if new commands were coming through. The human servants who were fighting alongside the enemy vamps also began to have an awakening, and turned away from their supernatural companions to run back to where the labyrinth stood. They attacked the wooden structure, tearing off boards, watching them splinter into useable weapons, and then charged back into the crowd.

    “Did he just….” I started to ask. “How the hell is Luhan freeing them?”

    Haru smiled back at me. “Because…he is the master of their master. My father was once part of our group, but he left because his vision of our role in the world was different than ours. And though he took off and started a clan of his own here…well, you just can’t escape your master. Luhan may not be able to control him, but he has power over some of the things he has done.”

    “So the people your father took under his power..?”

    “Luhan can free them.”

    “What of the vampires he created?”

    “That he can’t undo. Just as he can’t bring anyone back from death.”

    I looked out on the vampire army. They were so crazed and delirious in their blood hunger that they couldn’t regroup as a cohesive fighting unit. The human spirit however wasn’t chained to such desires. Once awakened, most of them instantly realized their need for survival. While some screamed and ran away, others chose to fight the vile army with their makeshift stakes ripped from the labyrinth’s construction. A few didn’t even bother with splintering the wood into stakes. They just grabbed up entire boards, waded into the crowd, and began to pummel the vampires with them.

    The revolt of the humans was giving us a chance for another day.

    To Be Continued…

    “Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Vampire Boys of Summer 81
    Revolt Of The Humans


  • shancurtyignacio 13w

    Under the Rain

    The cold wind that hustled through me,
    Gave me enough chills all over my body.
    It was nighttime.
    With all my matches gone,
    I wander my way towards home.
    Here in the city,
    In which there was nobody.

    It started pouring rain.
    Darn, I forgot to bring my umbrella!
    Getting soaked in cold icy water,
    I took off my blazer.
    Just to pass time,
    I let myself soak and shower
    Under the cold rain.

    Enjoying my time,
    I saw a young lady.
    Tall, fair, slim.
    With her hair as brown as hazelnut.
    Dancing slowly and gracefully
    Under the rain.
    Like I'm doing just now.

    Gazing at her, I realized that,
    She was so beautiful.
    So, so beautiful.
    Smiling to myself,
    I approached her slowly and carefully.
    As a response,
    She leaned closer to mine,
    Faces an inch away from each other.
    Then a soft tender voice said:

    "My name is Chihiro. Chihiro Ogino."

    Love all around us,
    I moved my head closer to hers even more.
    Feeling the electric tension that filled in our breaths.

    "Mine is Akira. Akira Touya."

    Soon, we caught ourselves up,
    And we kissed.
    Passionately, lungs screaming for air.

    After a minute,
    We stopped.
    Then came waltzing around the streets,


    Together alone,

    Under the Rain.

    -Akira Touya from Hikaru No Go and Spirited Away's one-shot fanfiction, "I Love You Infinitely Forevermore".


  • shancurtyignacio 13w

    Strangers Again

    I'm in that same train station,
    Heading home at last.
    When all of a sudden,
    I saw him.
    His face straight,
    Staring far from the distance.

    His eyes were lifeless and teary,
    His body still.
    His lips never said a word,
    He was all so silent.

    We never looked at each other,
    Nor smile to one another.
    The past still haunts me.
    Oh, that heavy feeling in my heart!

    As our eyes met for a brief second,
    I pretend to be dumb.
    I ignored him,
    When the train stopped.
    The doors opened,
    And I went out.
    I felt him close to me,
    So I pretend to be dumb.
    We acted strangers.

    Our relationship was lasting,
    Our love so intense.
    The past so beautiful,
    I so love him.
    Though after that one mistake,
    I knew that we'll be strangers again.

    -Chihiro Ogino/Chrissy O'Brien from my romance fiction book, "Maybe This Promise"


  • shancurtyignacio 13w

    My Special Star

    Never knew you're the one.
    Cause by being with you,
    Everything in you seemed to be so true.

    You're the sun of my mornings,
    And the moon of my nights,
    But when all is what left is me being with you alone,
    Stars appear above us.
    It makes me think twice,
    that we both are in the farthest of galaxies.

    When you look at me,
    Your eyes shone like stars in the night.
    Your beautiful face reminds me of true love.
    Which makes myself being up high from above.

    -Akira Touya


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    Kimi No Namae Wa? ❤ (If you haven't watched this Japanese masterpiece of a movie, please do :) )

    #love #bonds #anime #writersnetwork @writerstolli @poetrydelivery @we_support #mirakee

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    Some bonds are superficial...

    They exist merely to provide us lessons.
    And then there are bonds which travel across space and time to make us understand what it means to truly live life.

    That kind of bond...
    That is what I truly crave for....


  • paulwrites 13w

    @surreal_ice @icyblack @ritika_ @beautifulsoul_devilmind @zitra_forev @keeplookingforward @squealingwords #vampireboysofsummer #vampires #serial #serialnovel #paranormal #YA #horror #action #adventure #romance #besties #anime #manga #younglove #badboys #twist

    Vampire Boys Of Summer

    80: Ryo & Angela

    “Let’s get Angela,” Haru said. He led me by the hand towards my bestie as Ryo continued to hold Colin immobile against the stage floor. As we passed them, Ryo glanced up at me, nodded, and then leaned down close to his captive.

    “You are the real Icarus here,” he told him. “You play too close to vampires and you suffer the same fate as most of us do.” He hauled him up enough so that Colin was on his knees. “I have had 800 years to grow accustomed to sunlight. You have been a vampire a few days. It should be interesting to see what happens when you have to look into the light of day. I doubt very seriously that the sun will kiss you as a lover.”

    “No, Please. Wait, no…”Colin pleaded. “None of this was me. I was under orders of the master. I…”

    “The beauty of humanity is free will. You chose to be a vampire. You welcomed it, reveled in it, took its power and used it against your friends and others. What you have done here is unacceptable. But especially to Angela. You professed to have liked her at one time and yet you chose to use her to feed this army of yours.”

    Colin began to cry. “I’m sorry….So sorry….I was nobody, and then I was somebody….”

    I almost felt sorry for him. After all, he was like most of us. He wanted people to look up to him. He wanted to be a part of something special. He didn’t want to be afraid of bullies. He wanted them to be afraid of him. He longed for popularity and leadership. The vampire life offered all of that. But I couldn’t bring myself to forgive him for what he’d put us all through, and especially Angela. I didn’t know if she’d ever be the same.

    A stark reminder of this brought our attention to bear on her. From her throat was coming a horrible retching sound, as if she were throwing up but there was nothing on her stomach to be rid of. Her arms were still bleeding from where the vampire girls had been drinking from her.

    Haru pulled his shirt off and began to tear it in strips. He handed me a strip, and we both began to bandage her tightly, trying to stop the blood flow. She coughed and began to gag. Then came worse convulsions as her body spasmed and twitched on the stage floor. Haru yelled for Ryo.

    The once bad boy turned his head. When he saw what was going on, he pushed Colin away. “Run along to your master,” he snarled. “He’ll know what to do with you.”

    To an outside observer, this may have seemed like a stupid thing to do, but I suppose Ryo no longer saw him as a serious threat. And well, I’d like to think he saw Angela as far more important. Either way, he left Colin and was at our side within seconds.

    We had managed to cut off the bleeding, but Angela was still choking. Haru was attempting the Heimlich maneuver on her, trying to clear whatever it was that was making her lose her breath. His efforts didn’t seem to be working.

    Ryo slid to his knees at her side and Haru let her go. Ryo got behind her, taking her up in his arms so her back was against his chest. He held her for a beat as if that’s what he was trying to feel or listen for. He put his open palm against her left breast. “It’s her heart,” he declared. “She’s having a heart attack.”

    Angela was clearly in shock over her ordeal and her body was reacting violently. Her heart convulsed hard against Ryo’s hand as if it recognized it was him who was holding her. Then it stopped completely.

    Seeing her slump over in Ryo’s arms, I cried out, “Oh no, no, no! Angela!”

    Ryo spun her around so she was facing him. “Oh no you don’t,” he said. “You’re not leaving me. Not when I haven’t even kissed you yet.” He carefully laid her on her back on the floor. He pulled her shirt open, revealing bare skin and a black lace bra. He put both his hands flat on her and began to try and force her to breathe. He counted it out each time he pressed down. “One, one thousand. Two, two thousand. Three, three thousand….” He pulled her jaws open and put his mouth over hers, giving his own breath to her in five second intervals. “Don’t you dare do this to me. Act like you like me and then leave the building. I need you to chase me, damn it!” He pushed on her chest again, trying to get the heart moving, but it didn’t seem like it wanted to cooperate.

    I was in tears, and Haru was trying his best to keep me calm, telling me it was going to be alright, but I was having trouble believing him. That’s what everyone said in hopeless situations.

    To Ryo’s credit he really tried, but it wasn’t happening. Angela was gone. He laid his head on her chest and cried. “Come back,” he sobbed. “I dream of you, too. I dream of you, too.” After a moment, he pulled her over into his lap. He lay her cheek against his chest. “Listen to me. Hear that. It’s my heart beating. You make it come alive, now you come alive for me, ok?”

    I buried my own face in Haru’s chest. I couldn’t take this. First I lost my father. Now Angela.

    “I know you can hear me. Now listen to my heart. Let it lead you back. It’s the same as yours. It wants the same things. Hear it. Follow the sound back to me.”

    Ryo lifted his head to the top of the cavern and screamed in anguish. Then he look back down into Angela’s face. “I have waited nearly 800 years to love again. Don’t wake my heart and then put it back to sleep! I love you, you silly boy-crazy girl…”

    Angela convulsed in his arms and coughed out a breath.

    Both Haru and I let out a cry of joy. Ryo sat Angela up and patted her on her back a few times to help her clear her lungs and throat. She coughed up a mixture of phlegm and blood, but he didn’t seem too worried. “That’s it,” he said. “There you go. It’s okay. Get it out of there.”

    Angela’s eyes were still dazed and haunted. She was pale and sickly looking. Her badly cut, short cropped hair, turned silver by her ordeal, made her look much older than seventeen. But Ryo touched her hair as if it were the most wonderful thing ever. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered. “Please be you again. Be you for me.”

    She looked up as if hearing his voice for the first time. Her eyes tried to focus on his face in the same way one tries to remember a fuzzy, fading dream. “Ryo?”

    His mouth trembled and his lips answered her, pressed softly against her own.

    I was so happy I kissed my own lover’s beautiful face. Haru took me in his arms, and for a moment, for this brief respite, we forgot all the madness going on around us.

    To Be Continued….

    “Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Vampire Boys of Summer 80
    Ryo & Angela


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    @surreal @icyblack @ritika_ @zitra_forev @squealingwords @beautifulsoul_devilmind @keeplookingforward #vampireboysofsummer #vampires #serial #serialnovel #paranormal #YA #horror #action #adventure #romance #besties #anime #manga #younglove #badboys

    (Author's Note: Been a little sick yesterday. Feeling better but still not up to my usual self. Still, here's the next episode. I'll get another ready as soon as i can. Until then, hope you enjoy the action!)

    Vampire Boys Of Summer

    79: The Pitiful Fate of Miss Thomas

    Colin Deeds couldn’t stop laughing. The nerd boy turned vampire lieutenant was getting into the role a little too much. “You kill me,” he said. “I was told what a bad ass you were. Some of them were saying you were a vampire, others a demon. And the whole time you really are just another sap who got his head turned by some stupid, silly girl. How in the world you survived 800 years is beyond me!”

    Ryo was not amused. “Nine…” he said, resuming his fifteen second countdown. “Eight….”

    “You can’t take all of us! Are you willing to die for her?!”

    “If necessary. Seven….”

    Colin didn’t look worried at all. That was starting to bother me, and made me ponder the question, where was their vampire master? If he was Haru’s dad, then where was he? In the crowd somewhere? I began to scan the crowd, trying to pick him out hidden within the vampire army. I’d never seen him before, but assumed he’d have a hard time blending in.


    “Don’t worry, Ang,” Colin said with a sneer. “They are all going to die today, but hey! I’m like that old Don Henley song.” He began to sing in a cracked, maniacal tone. “….My love for you will still be strong, long after the Vampire Boys Of Summer have gone….”

    “Five…,” Ryo said, glancing at Chi and Luhan. He then fixed his eyes on Haru, and I began to wonder if they were vampire text messaging in each other’s head.

    Colin was clearly pleased with his own jokes, but then his face fell, as if a text message had come through to his head as well. “Oh to hell with it,” he declared. “Wipe them off the face of the earth!!”

    The vampire army reformed. No longer a protective barrier, not quite a wall, but a wave of rage and bloodlust that shot out from the stage in an effort to bury my friends.

    I heard Ryo say, “one,” clearly ignoring four, three, and two. When he moved next, I didn’t see it, and I don’t think anyone else did either. One minute he was there beside Chi and Luhan, and then he wasn’t. In the blink of an eye he was atop the cavern where the hangman noose was attached. With a sweep of his long talon-like nails, he severed the rope and Haru fell free. Hitting the ground, my boyfriend rolled and sprang to his feet. He crossed the stage to me just as fast as Ryo had leapt from the crowd to the ceiling. In two swift motions Miss Thomas was disarmed and I was swept off my feet into my lover’s arms. In a desperate scramble, she launched herself at us, clawing at Haru like a cat trying to scratch a dog’s eyes out. With me in his arms, he spun and delivered a heel to her knee. There was a crack and she went down. We didn’t wait to see if she’d get back up. We ran.

    Colin, caught by surprise, tried to give chase but he was too late. We were already at the other side of the stage, unhampered by he or any of his so called soldiers. Clenching his fists in a rage he turned to dispense his anger elsewhere. His eyes locked on Angela, barely struggling against the vampire girls charged with holding her up. Both girls, sensing the fun and games were over, were attempting to drain her of her lifeblood through her arms. Before Colin could reach her and gain hold of the situation, Ryo was there, flinging the girls away so hard they both made a sickening sound as they crumbled against the wall. Then he turned on Colin.

    The vampire lieutenant may had been a harmless nerd boy once, but now he cast a fearsome visage. His face, burned in places from the holy water I’d doused him with, was a mask of rage and hatred. Looking about for a weapon, there was none to be had, so he launched himself at Ryo in a crazed moment of desperation. Standing in front of Angela to protect her, Ryo stopped Colin with one hand around his throat. He lifted him in the air, his fingernails digging into the flesh. Blood began to run down Colin’s neck.

    “You killed Miss Lazenby,” Ryo snarled between clenched teeth.

    “No, No,” Colin said with choked breath. “Wasn’t me. She did it.” He nodded towards Miss Thomas who was trying to get to her feet despite her dislocated knee. She half dragged herself up and began to shuffle away towards the front of the stage, so she could disappear into the fighting crowd and escape. She looked back in fear, knowing Ryo’s vengeance would be terrible over what she’d done. She threw herself into the throng, hoping to get away. But in their crazed “new vampires need a drink badly” state, they believed she was attacking them. Several of them turned on her. One grabbed her by the neck and bit down on her shoulder. Another, drawn by the actions of the first, sank their teeth into the opposite shoulder, making a loud sucking sound as they drew the blood to the surface and into their hungry maw. Others soon followed suit and latched themselves onto her. One had a leg. Another had an arm. Finally, a boy vampire of about seventeen, who had probably been in Miss Thomas’ office many times before, got the gist of what they were supposed to do. He sank his long fangs into her neck right at the jugular. The smell of her blood attracted all that were close enough to catch it and soon she was swallowed up in a sea of vampires.

    Luhan and Chi were shocked. Though they fought on, and were more than capable of holding their own, the sight of the feeding frenzy was enough to make them think of plans for escape. They began to fight their way through the crowd on an obvious path towards the hapless, dazed human captives lined against the wall. At first I wondered what they were doing, but then it occurred to me. Not everyone came down the shaft we did. It would have been near impossible to bring them all down that way. There had to be an easier way in and out.

    Haru still held me in his arms, but I could tell he was a little unsteady from having hung from Colin’s noose for so long. This made me angry and I wanted to confront Colin myself over what he’d done to my man. I told Haru to set me down and he did. But when I went to leave his side and go to where Ryo still held Colin suspended in mid-air, Haru grabbed my forearm.

    “Don’t,” he said, and I stopped. I understood. This was Ryo’s moment. They’d killed Miss Lazenby, the woman he’d saved once with his vampirism. They’d attempted to kill him. They’d bled Angela so much she was like a dazed zombie. Colin would have to answer for that as lieutenant of the vampire army.

    But Ryo, in a rare show of mercy, released him and he dropped to the ground. Colin scrambled to his feet and prepared to run. Ryo pounced on his back like a big cat and drove him face down on the stage. I guess Ryo didn’t have that much mercy in him after all.

    To Be Continued…

    “Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Vampire Boys Of Summer 79
    The Pitiful Fate Of Miss Thomas

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    @surreal @icyblack @ritika_ @zitra_forev @beautifulsoul_devilmind @squealingwords @keeplookingforward @poetrydelivery
    #vampireboysofsummer #vampires #serial #serialnovel #paranormal #YA #horror #action #adventure #romance #besties #anime #manga

    Vampire Boys Of Summer

    78: Into The Fray

    Ryo stood, dark and terrible. He looked down at his nakedness, then at a new vampire who lay injured and moaning at his feet. He reached down and grabbed the man, hauling him to his feet, lifting him by one hand so he was level to his eyes.

    “Next time you wish to sink a man to the bottom of a lake, make sure he cannot chew through the chain.”

    He dropped the man back down, and took a step forward. There were still some pockets of fighting through the cavern. Ryo’s arrival hadn’t disrupted everything. Chi was being held down by a group that were finding it hard to keep a hold on her. So they began breaking her fingers one by one. Luhan was having a hard time keeping his attackers at bay himself, and at least one of them had a stake in his hand. Ryo looked to the stage where Haru was swinging back and forth on his noose trying to break free of his bonds. Then his eyes lit on mine, and for a moment I thought something passed between Ryo and I. Call it an understanding, if you will. An understanding that said I would be Haru’s queen and none other. As if sharing that look with us, Colin resumed his mad screaming. “Kill them all!”

    This was all the army needed to hear. Four of them grabbed the naked Ryo, pulling him as fast as they could into the shadows, snapping their hungry jaws at him. There was the sound of rending flesh and screams of terror from the darkness and then silence. When Ryo emerged from the shadows, he was wearing one of their pants and licking blood off his fingers.

    He was surveying the room as six more came at him, three on either side. If they thought their numbers would overwhelm him, they were mistaken. Using one body as a shield, he worked his way through them one by one until the remaining five lay in the floor. Not one of them had a cut. He had simply rendered them immobile and unconscious. He discarded his vampire shield into the fray and headed to where Luhan was under siege.

    While I was standing there watching, someone grabbed my arm. Members of the army had mounted the stage and now one of them had me in his grip. I grabbed him and spun, pushing him in Haru’s direction. Haru, in mid swing from his hangman’s rope, wrapped his legs around the man’s neck and twisted. There was a loud snap and the attacker went down. Another reached for me. I ducked under his arms and punched him as hard as I could in the ribs. I’ve never been a fighter, but desperate times are cause for unladylike behavior.

    The air escaped my attacker, and I spun behind him, shoving him in Haru’s direction as well. Snap! He put another down with a twist of his legs. If I could keep shoving guys Haru’s way maybe we could hold them off awhile.

    When the next attack came it was unexpected. A board left behind by the labyrinth builders hit me in the side of my head. It wasn’t me who spun this time, but the world. Darkness threatened to overcome me as I collapsed to the stage. Colin stood over me, that mad grin searing into my brain.

    “Sometimes the Queen needs to know her place,” he cackled. Dancing around my prone form like Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, he tossed his head back, singing at the top of his voice, “Ding Dong, you’re all going to die! All going to die! Going to die! To die!…ack!”

    He had gotten too close to Haru. My lover’s legs wrapped around his neck and hauled him into the air. He couldn’t quite choke him as he’d done the others, but he held him place long enough for me to get to my feet. I picked up the board Colin had hit me with and moved towards them.

    I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Ryo had made it to Luhan and was dispatching his attackers as fast they came. I shouldn’t have allowed myself to be distracted, and it cost me the fight. Three girls grabbed me and pinned me to the ground, liberating me of my weapon. They didn’t attack me any further but just held me there so I couldn’t help anyone.

    “Get off of me,” I screamed, as I saw two vampire boys run across the stage and pull Colin out of Haru’s clutches. Our fight was over. More and more of the vamp army were mounting the stage and forming a protective barrier. From my spot on the ground, I saw why. Luhan and Ryo had decimated all their attackers. They lay in heaps around them, as if the two were Samurai warriors of old who had just defended a village from a marauding band of bandits. Ryo, wearing the blood of others, bowed on one knee before Luhan. And though I couldn’t hear it said from that far away, I read his lips as they uttered solemnly, “Master.”

    More and more of the vampire army abandoned their positions and took up new ones in front of the stage, creating a wall of bloodlust and hunger. I was yanked to my feet just in time to see Ryo and Luhan rescue Chi from those that had been torturing her. She looked like a mess and I noticed her fingers were all twisted at odd angles as if each one had been broken. Most of her attackers had fled the fury and onslaught of Luhan and Ryo, but a few brave ones decided to get some more action in. Chi shook her hands as if she were trying to fling dust off or shake them awake. She held her hands up so they could see. Her fingers now looked normal, unbroken. She balled her hands into fists and launched herself at them. They didn’t have a chance. Within seconds, and in a flurry of almost poetic movement, the ones who had opted to stay were now meeting the ground close and personal.

    The three of them, Chi, Luhan, and Ryo, turned their attention to the stage and the regrouped army that protected it. This line of defense was larger than it seemed when it was spread out in the cavern. Now it looked to be fifty or more. Not all of them were vampires. Some were servants who were still human, but under mental control of either Colin or his as yet unseen master, I wasn’t sure.

    Haru had stopped swinging on the end of his noose. No longer gagging from the tight rope around his neck, his body had now gotten used to the discomfort, but he still hung there helpless. No one got close to him. They knew better.

    The girls who had pinned me to the ground had been relieved of that duty and were now posted at Colin’s side for added protection. But I didn’t stand alone. I was guarded and held at knifepoint by Miss Thomas, who wasn’t very pleased that her dogs had not returned from the labyrinth.

    And Angela, poor Angela, was still under the watchful eyes of the two vampire girls who supported her between them. One of them had even begun to drink blood out of my friend’s arm. Angela showed no reaction. She was gone, lost somewhere in her own head.

    Luhan, standing in front of the vampire wall, cleared his throat to be heard. “Let our friends go, “ he demanded, then looked to either side of the hall. “Let them go, too.” I had forgotten, but when we arrived from the labyrinth, there had been two lines of humans, apparently ready for turning, and awaiting their place along the wall.

    Colin looked at our leader, an incredulous look on his face. “That’s a tall order for one so short.” He let out a laugh and his vampire minions joined in as if on cue.

    “One shouldn’t laugh at their own jokes, young man,” Luhan replied.

    Colin grew serious. “Okay, well how about this? No.” He took a tentative step forward. “You and your clan have lost. I have this fool of a vampire, Haru. I have his helpless yet achingly beautiful lover, Nora. I have this sweet tasty blood vessel called Angela. I have…”

    “You have fifteen seconds to release her,” Ryo interrupted.

    “Excuse me? I don’t think anyone was…”


    “You have to be kidding me. Angela? You want her? Oh man, this is rich!”


    “I mean, I understand you and Haru are rivals, and Nora doesn’t like you much, but to choose this pitiful, pitiful excuse for a teenager…”


    “Wait, wait,” Colin laughed, holding up his hands in mock surrender. “She’s ours now. Nobody wanted her. So we took her. I took her. She’s mine.”

    Ryo quit counting. “Wrong. She’s mine.”

    Colin looked at Angela, leaning in close as if inspecting her, and shook his head. “Nope, she’s not marked. There’s no claim on her. If you wanted her so bad, you certainly didn’t mark her so.”

    “She marked me. In her secret thoughts, she lay claim to me.”

    I looked over at Angela. For a moment, I thought saw something on her face. A teardrop joined by another. A trace of emotion in her eyes. Ryo had noticed her after all. She wasn’t a bothersome lovesick girl chasing a boy who would never want her. All this time, despite his previous actions and words, he had wanted her, too.

    To Be Continued…

    “Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved

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    Vampire Boys of Summer 78
    Into The Fray

    The bad boy is back, but what does he want?

  • pkanchoo 14w


    It may sound so but letting go and moving on aren't a piece of cake.
    The decision you take makes n breaks you..
    The turns you took can cause an irreversible damage to your integrity..
    It will be over with time but a lot of time.. may be a lifetime..
    A mentally and morally hampered human being would be the end product..
    And your choice will leave you without any choice..

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    To steal you away from you

    And make you mine


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    Manusia adalah makhluk
    yang hidup dengan
    menyakiti dan disakiti.
    Tapi manusia bukan
    makhluk yang mudah
    membenci orang lain

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    Kyu abhi lafz dastaan sunate nahi?
    Khayal jehen se hokar jaate nahi..

    Kuch befikra ho gya hai aalam-e-dil,
    Kyu jo azeez the wo ab dil dhadkate nahi..

    Be-asar ho gye gham ke waar saare
    Wo bhule afsaane ab rulate nahi..

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    Haiku (Fate)

    No one can fathom 
    The full and true design of 
    Their own destiny.


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    Vampire Boys Of Summer

    72: The Labyrinth

    We came out of the corridor and into an immense cavern. Once it may have been a big open space, but now a large enclosed maze had been built within it. Using old timbers from the mine, the vampire army and their mindless human servants had been busy. But what was the point of it all? What was the goal of this creaky wooden labyrinth?

    We were ushered up to the entrance, where they commanded we stop. They tried to be menacing about it, showing their teeth and growling as if the sound would intimidate us. It worked with me, but I could tell my companions were unimpressed. Maybe their numbers caused Haru and the others to hold back, or perhaps they were just waiting for the right time, but either way it goaded the wall of enemy vampires on. It made them confident, which wasn’t a good thing.

    As we stood there at the head of the labyrinth, they snapped their teeth, the sound of it echoing into the chamber. Soon there was another sound, almost in response, coming from within the maze. According to Greek mythology, the labyrinth was originally constructed to house the Minotaur, a fearsome beast. But this wasn’t the noise of a monster. It was the quiet echo of hard heel shoes tapping across cavern rock. Click, clack, click, clack, it repeated as it drew closer to the entrance.

    I wasn’t scared, though the footsteps were slow, methodical, and designed to creep us out. One could imagine the sound as being that of sharpened talons dragging across the floor. But I knew better. I had heard the sound many times over before. In the hallway at school, the principal’s office, walking up and down the aisle at school assemblies, quietly observing the students. And suddenly it dawned on me. This was the very same sound Miss Lazenby must have heard when she was led down the steps to the boiler room to meet her horrible death. And then into view it came. The visage of evil once hidden, now brought to the fore by her vampire master. Flanked on either side by two large dogs, she stepped out of the labyrinth and smiled maliciously.

    “Hello Nora,” Miss Thomas spoke. “It looks like summer school might not be an option for you after all.”

    I didn’t know what to say. Out of all the school staff I could imagine as vampires, Miss Thomas wasn’t one of them. She was always so prim and formal. And though the late Miss Lazenby had been much the same way before Ryo turned her, Miss Thomas had a new look and manner that were disastrous. Unlike Lazenby, who seemed to blossom and discover her late sexuality under Ryo’s power, Miss Thomas had gone mad. Hair disheveled, clothes in disarray as if she had been chewing on them, dirt and blood dotting her face like crimson freckles, she looked like a lockdown patient from the psychiatric hospital my dad had been in. The strangest thing was, despite her apparent insane look, she thought she was ravishing. She primped her hair, which seemed to had fallen out in places. She had attempted to apply makeup with the results of a three year old. And when she looked at Haru next to me, she seemed to think she was the most attractive woman in town.

    “We haven’t met,” she said, “But I’m charmed to say the least. If you’d like we could…”

    “Shut up,” I said. I’d never been much of a jealous person, but no girl, woman, fleabag, whatever, was going to touch my Haru. I’d knock all the teeth out of her head for just thinking so.

    “What do you want?” Haru added, putting a hand over my balled fist.

    Thomas sighed, as if she were disappointed. “Very well, have it your way, young man.” She looked behind her at the entrance of the constructed labyrinth. “Through this maze and out the other side, you will find your floozy friend.” She looked at me, as if she were going to add something rude, but Haru cleared his throat and it brought her attention back. “But in order to make it through,” she giggled, “There will be puzzles to solve. I do wish you luck. Really.”

    “Why are you doing this?” I asked. “This isn’t you. This is..”

    “It’s me now,” she declared. “And soon the whole town will be remade and I’ll be mayor.” She lowered her voice a little. “He promised.”

    “Who promised?” Luhan asked. One of the dogs growled at him. He growled back, perfectly mimicking the beast. Chi stood in front of the other dog, ready to put up a defense should it lunge towards us.

    “The Master,” she cackled in a loud voice. “The Master has made promises to all who follow him.”

    “So do presidents, but you don’t ever get what you want. This is going to end badly for you.”

    “Such big words for a little girl. You won’t say that when you go through the labyrinth.” She smiled and stepped to the side. “So go…”

    “No,” Haru commanded. “You’ll take us to the master.”

    It wasn’t a request. Haru’s voice was commanding, and I knew he was using vampire powers of persuasion. She almost obeyed. For a moment, she gritted her teeth and scraped her high heels on the floor, as if fighting her own will. But then something else came over her.

    “Nice try. But my mind is under his protection.”

    “More like it’s in his pocket,” Chi answered.

    “Oh, Miss pretty something something, was have a task for you too, don’t you worry.” She looked at Luhan with pure malice in her gaze. “And as for you…”

    There was a rustling sound behind him and we all turned. A young vampire had broken away from the wall and was charging at him low. In his hands, a sharpened stake. There was a desperate look in the youth’s eye as if he felt taking Luhan out would change the game in their favor. Luhan met him and easily disarmed the would be attacker. He shoved him back towards the wall, but then there were other stakes in other hands. The new vampires had all been given the weapons, and from the maddened look in their hollow eyes the instructions were clear. Kill us all if we did not comply.

    Chi jumped in front of Luhan, prepared to defend him. She glanced around the cavern trying to discern a means of escape. The stake wielding vamps didn’t know the meaning of strategy. They charged forward, stabbing the air as if they didn’t even know where we were. Chi met them head on with a flurry of moves, disarming them as she made contact, and in some cases knocking the assailants out with blows similar to the one she’d given Amanda Trump the first day I’d met her.

    Luhan was like a whirling dervish, moving into the crowd fast and low. Sweeping their legs out from under them, many went down, but the sheer numbers were almost impossible to deal with. A stake grazed his arm, another got him in the leg. He pulled it out and stuck it in his assailants leg instead. Then Chi was snatching him up, pulling him out of harm’s way. She swung him over onto her back and looked to the labyrinth. There was only one avenue of escape.

    “Go, “ she urged Haru, who had taken a defensive stance in front of me should the marauding vamps get past our friends. “Into the tunnel!”

    Miss Thomas howled in delight. “Yes! Yes! Into the tunnel!”

    Haru didn’t want to, and neither did I for that matter, but there was no other choice. He grabbed my hand and we ran through the entrance into the near darkness. I looked back to see Chi with Luhan on her back jump onto the top of the labyrinth in an effort to escape. Some of the vamps attempted to follow them, but being new vampires they didn’t quite make the jump.

    Miss Thomas screamed, “Safe Journeys!” And then stopped as if remembering something she was supposed to do. “Oh, I almost forgot.” She released the dogs from their chain.

    To Be Continued…

    “Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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