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  • intergalacticat_ 6h


    When I catch a glimpse of you
    A glance of that cheeky smile
    My heart stops
    And the world suddenly feels safe again.

  • chloesinspiration 12h

    My anxiety makes me feel
    Like I can’t breathe

  • samhudson 12h

    Shutting Down

    Please forgive me for I'm in a lull.
    Nothing wants to flow and everything is dull.
    My mind is so preoccupied with the things I can't control,
    and I've kept it all buried so long,
    I think I'm about to blow.
    I'm really tired of this.
    Looking through the mirror
    at the guy I really miss.
    I know that I am not lost,
    I just don't remember who I was.
    This world is collapsing around me, blackness filling the void.
    I can't begin to move,
    I can't stand all this noise.
    Maybe I will crash into the ground,
    but for now I'm shutting down.

  • clxara 15h


    I'm counting these flawed and cadaveric sheep at night.
    Difficult to find sleep when your head is messed up. Thoughts are coming fast, as flawed as the little sheep in my head.
    The bed feels empty.
    My mind is blank this day. The sheep died on the road I think, they're not there anymore. Who will help me when I want to sleep now if they're gone?
    My mind is only a cemetery for sheep and thoughts. More ill and sad thoughts come over. It is a vicious circle, it never ends. Then anxiety settles in and kisses me on the lips in the morning, only to reminds me of the corpse, zombie I'll be today.

  • melalice 17h

    Sick of the Anxiety

    stupid little things
    catastrophised and blown up
    bigger than they are


  • iamanisha_ 1d

    I close my eyes shut as I clench my fists tight in anger,
    Am I ever going to be okay? I wonder.
    Blazing hot tears run down my cold cheeks,
    Dark circles under my eyes, I haven't slept in weeks.
    Why am I feeling this way? I guess I'll never know,
    Everything is not fine, but I'll never let it show.
    Everything in me feels like a mistake,
    Because all I want to do, is just break.

  • the_spilledemotions 2d

    Aren' these days people are more sad and unhappy?? ....... like depression and anxiety are more common than viral or cold .

  • theea1 2d


    Trapped, inside four walls of my own mind. Writtings on the wall, beautiful calligraphy, that spell doubt and fear. Michael Scofield blueprints cover my body, in dark blue ink, that have me looking like a character from avatar.
       Darkness, i barely see my stretched hand. I tap the sides of the wall to maneuver through the maze, and sometimes morph into a bat, and let my cracked voice, echo, and guide me.
       Bright light flickering from a distance, a symbol of hope. I get on all fours, and crawl towards it. My knees bleeding as i make my way through the thorny floor. "Endure the pain" on my mind, for freedom is near. But the light gets dimmer and dimmer, as i get closer. Its just a figment of my imagination, a mirage of my own creation.
         I'm right where i started, a prisoner of my own mind, solitary confinement. Lullabies of failed escapes tuck me gently on suprisingly comfy sheets, that feel like theyve been marinating in downy. I'll be stuck here forever.

    15th. September.2019


  • nightboy 2d

    bubble boy, o bubble boy

    don't break
    this bubble o mine

    this happiness has been
    long overdue

    *like those library books*

    no no don't break this bubble
    gonna have a bubble bath

    *they'll see your sin, exposed exposed*

    no no don't break my bubble
    hoard the good words now

    *youre draining them, what about those secrets of yours?*

    oh no, don't break my bubble
    dark hands, don't break my bubble

    but there are two
    one bubble for the outside
    one bubble
    for trapping away
    the dark hands inside this mind o mine

    i can't watch them both
    tugging, pushing, pulling, pressing

    *what if they knew?*

    please please don't break my bubble


  • just_another_messed_up_soul 2d

    Don't do extraordinary things for people who wouldn't even do ordinary things for you!


  • the_silent_shewolf 3d

    I'm at a very stressful point in my life. I feel like I'm just existing, walking and breathing bag of meat for my loved ones.
    #depression #anxiety #stressed #wtfislife #existing #why #youdontunderstand

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    Existing, Not Living.

    That one thought always gets me.
    Slips through the cracks in my mind;
    Making it's way front and center.
    Raising hand to be called upon.

    Wouldn't it be easier?
    Just cease to exist?
    That's all I'm doing,
    Existing. Day to day.

  • melalice 3d

    Anxiety is Winning

    Consumed by my thoughts
    Stuck in an endless cycle
    Trying to be calm


  • nikita1904 4d


    The other side of this word is,
    the victim isn't a victim because of his own thoughts or comparing self with others.
    It's the surrounding, who slowly removed his block of happiness, self confidence, self belief.
    Making his core foundation weak.

    Resulting, he too started to put himself in self doubt.

    Look around, we all are happy soul.
    Look around, who removed your block from your happy wall.

  • tanyanadeem 4d


    I lost my breathing
    Broke into a cold sweat
    Couldn't remember my name
    Didn't know what time it was
    The world stopped moving
    I was stuck in a never ending loop
    There was this tension built up in my entire body that I couldn't explain
    Neither had the energy to
    Tried moving but was glued to the bed
    My hands started shivering and my whole body follwed
    My eyes didn't move, they were too scared to, as if they would see something that would make it worse
    I could hear my heartbeat loud and clear, and all the other noise in the house- my mom talking to my dad, someone washing utensils faded in the background
    It was hard having anxiety

    Harder explaining it

  • nightboy 4d

    inside out

    this rot in my chest
    it boils

    trying trying trying
    to escape, so close
    im always
    on guard

    hold it in, lock and key
    not so simple
    burning my throat, forcing it off my tongue
    losing losing losing

    im gonna go
    mad mad mad

    they're so oblivious
    don't tell them
    about prevention day
    you almost failed
    tell them tell them
    you're losing losing

    rotting rotting
    my chest is a grave
    this rot is my death
    this mind is my grave

    they can't smell the stink
    put on that cologne
    im sick, so sick, ive been poisoned

    i am the sickness,
    don't spread
    the black plague
    in my chest

    im dying
    from the inside out

    i will die from
    the inside
    i won't spread it


  • avika_amby 4d


    What do do when you do all that you can do, yet you feel there is more to do.
    How does your heart get calmer when your mind brews up imaginary storms and you feel you are going under the waves although you are standing on a firm ground?
    How do you believe that the sky above you is blue and fresh, while your mind keeps painting grey around you?
    What can you do, when things come easy, but the struggle to believe in their existence makes life difficult?
    What do you say when the watchers from across the glass feel there is nothing amiss in your dancing exhibit, but you know you are standing statuesquely still , with your knees bound and fixed in concrete,dried and static.
    How do you tell your heart,to believe the goodness around you, to accept the happiness about you?
    How do you breathe a long breath when after every millisecond your mind and heart battle it out to confuse your state of emotions?
    How? How do you unfix yourself from this transfixed state of fixation?

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  • nightboy 5d

    the emerson effect

    i used to be gifted
    now teachers don't know what to do with me

    i can read and analyse a room,
    eyes flying and mind racing
    careful pick of words
    to manage their moods
    i know where
    the breaking point is
    in the order of words
    shift of movements

    i shouldn't.

    flashes of adrenaline
    flashbacks and a halting heart
    tear soaked hair and a bloodied soul

    "the emerson effect," i say
    out of need to name it
    but no one asked

    and the other

    fractured self
    unwilling shifts

    "you need to get over it."

    i smile when im nervous
    she wanted to see a pretty face

    the heat drains
    from my hands and feet
    cold cold
    its always too fucking cold

    the walls melted away
    and before i could think
    i was back there
    there was no before or after
    just this
    its always been this

    if hell is my destination,
    ive already been there


  • janewho 1w

    Needless to say
    I made it go away
    This feeling for you
    That I should have for myself


  • upsilon400 1w

    #rhyme #poetry #poem #life #mistake #stress #anxiety #school
    (Yeah it's been a while so what. 2 days is nothing)

    Author's note: I originally intended this to be a rap.

    An Unspoken Origin

    There was once a little boy,
    all play, no work, his life a mere toy
    and when he went to school
    he thought he was a fool
    such a dumb little boy
    who broke his little toys
    so this little boy went to elementary
    and all those little eyes brought along anxiety
    This little boy, 'what a fool' he often thought
    always dreaming and thinkig something he's not
    and pity they did for him, quiet and prudent
    so pity they had for this disciplined student.
    Oh for goodness sake
    they've made a mistake
    by ignoring the problem in his psyche
    they've kept him in this shell of anxiety
    with invisible chains and a door left open
    he won't escape with his heart disheartened.
    They taught him East, Southeast, and Western language
    but of all these tongues he learned only English
    'oh what a waste' how his parents forgot
    what a fool, what a fool he'd often thought,
    all those years of teaching taught to this little boy
    they laughed, they shrugged, they thought he played coy,
    believing his act prolonged to be fake
    oh what mistake, what many mistakes.
    So this little boy now at junior high
    is sulky and stubborn and won't comply
    but then the weeks saw the months counting years
    and he saw by then and outgrew his fears
    and they had noticed his stony face
    began to peel from introverted ways
    What a surprise, they thought him an android robot
    until the day he laughed and spoke, a fool once thought.
    Now this little boy finds himself at senior high
    those mistakes of his and theirs he cannot deny
    and so he awaits for what bitter days
    and those happy ones, this world he embraced.

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    An Unspoken Origin

    by ignoring the problem in his psyche
    they've kept him in this shell of anxiety
    with invisible chains and a door left open
    he won't escape with his heart disheartened.