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    While in line at a store yesterday, I watched a young man count change in his hands. His friend walks in the store and hands him some more coins. Small talk we had had beforehand. The line was 5 people deep. Nice guy, hippy surfer guy. As he is counting, I ask what he needed. He said they had brought a friend cross town and were now making sure they had gas to get home. He was in front of me, so I ask if I could go ahead of him and I'd see what change I had left. He was extremely grateful. I gave him what I had left and said get home safe. What shocked me was other people were shocked of this kindness. Why? Why he shocked more of kindness then all that's going on in this world. True givers want nothing in return. No expectations, just because. Love is not a one way street, it is a voyage.


  • veesawant 1d

    Someone else's pain is as meaningful as your own.
    Always have empathy for others.

  • sowndaryahk 1d

    She might not be pretty
    She might not be smart
    She might not be perfect
    But she is a woman so kind
    Willing to experience the magic
    In living beneath her own skin.

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    But she is a woman so kind
    Willing to experience the magic
    In living beneath her own skin.


  • tejaswi86 4d

    The world needs more of it
    One small deed of kindness in a day
    Will change the world around you
    Go on, do it for them, for you,
    For happiness, for the Peace within
    Your soul will shine through

  • demongoddess 1w

    Goddesses and gods

    Know your worth
    Feel the love
    But don't take bullshit

    Sometimes you become so dependent on the people you around to feel pretty and worth gold
    But honey you are worth planets
    Your smile could part the sea and your gaze can make mountains crumble

    Theres someone out there who has to try hard to not fall on there knees because you are beautiful you are Handsome you are magnificent and they can see all of that they can feel all of it and if they can't see that then let them go let the sun shine down on you and embrace that you are gold you are a god you are a goddess you can make a cosmos

    So honey let them birds chirp let them cats purr let them bees buzz they day will go on and you can get pass this you can get pass anything it may take awhile but you can get there I believe in you and if no one is there to say I love you I'll say I do

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    Advice to my 11 year old self and every other 11 year old

    Dear Cara (and every other 11 year old),

    Here’s my advice: don’t stop loving things you love in order to appear cooler. Don’t like the things everyone else likes, just for the sake of liking it.

    Hormones are a bitch right now. Everyone’s got crazy hormone syndrome and will until Freshman year.

    Bullying of any kind is wrong. Cyber or in person bullying. Stand up to bullies, even if you don’t know the kid being bullied.

    Don’t grow up too fast. You don’t have to stop playing with Polly Pockets and Barbies or GI Joe’s just because you’re in middle school, no matter what people say. Keep watching Disney movies if you want to. Many adults love them just as much as when they were your age.

    Don’t let puberty make you feel uncomfortable. It happens to everyone. It’s okay to talk about your period. It shouldn’t be a taboo subject. Half of the population has one.

    Write a bucket list now. Explore. Travel. You’re at an age where you’ll remember your adventures for a life time.

    Save money. It’s never too early to start. Adulthood is expensive AF. It seems cool now, but not really.

    Study hard. Find what you’re passionate about and go to college/university for it. Trade schools are not bad. In fact, often times, intro level jobs are paid more from a trade school than a regular college or university. Don’t stress about college yet. You’ve got plenty of time still.

    Pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t stare at your phone in public too long. If you take the bus, keep a lookout for older folks and pregnant women and give up your seat. You would be surprised at how many adults don’t! If you see someone struggling with too many shopping bags or with a door, help them.

    Be kind to everyone, no matter where they are from, their skin color, their religion or disability. Kindness is becoming a lost art.
    Speaking of lost arts, so is chivalry and common sense.

    It’s okay to do household chores. No, you are not Cinderella and your parents aren’t evil for making you turn off Sims and take out the garbage or clean the bathroom.

    Last but not least, learn to be the best person you can be. Your quirks and flaws are not bad things. They help make you, you. Embrace yourself. Love yourself. Don’t read fashion magazines. 99% of the people in them are photoshopped anyway.


  • estella770 2w

    CVS Trip

    A few weeks ago I took a trip to the local CVS.

    My makeup stock needed some replenishing, and though I craved a purge of Sephora's shelves, my budget didn't allow for such an idea.

    I walked in and spent over 20 minutes comparing brands and brushes and styles and labels, delighting in the variety available.

    Cosmetics are my weakness. Always has been, ever since I got my makeup done for my eighth grade yearbook.

    I remember looking in the mirror and feeling this wonderful thrill that I had been given a chance at beauty.

    And I'm still enamored by makeup's magic when it smooths out and enhances even my face.

    Which is why I keep coming back.

    Finally, after making excruciatingly difficult decisions of what to take with me and what to leave behind, I took my finds to the counter.

    And then I met him.

    The cashier, that is.

    And he told me something that still sticks with me now, weeks later.

    "Makeup? Why you buying makeup?"

    I shrugged helplessly. It's a girl thing, isn't it?
    But he looked me in the eye and said,

    "You don't need no makeup. You look great without it."

    I was, in fact, extremely self conscious of the fact that my face was bare from any enhancement. And this random, kind person is telling me the world found me acceptable.

    "All these girls just got to go natural. You look good natural. Every girl is beautiful."

    Every girl is beautiful. Soothing salve for a girl who struggles with day to day body image issues. Every girl is beautiful.

    Weeks later I still remember him. His incredulity at my purchases. His gentle smile. His sweet words spoken earnestly.

    I left the store feeling strangely elated. And he will never know the difference he made in my day and days to come when I look in the mirror and learn to like what I see there.

    Be kind. Your words can uplift and stay with a person for a long time.

    Thank you, nameless CVS cashier.


  • wordsofshanu 2w

    Be kind

    How could you be kind to others when you aren't kind to thyself?
    Be kind to yourself first.

  • inheartbeat 2w

    we blame life and blunder things by ourselves... as the saying goes, 'tit for tat' maybe that's what happeneing... maybe it's you who started it all, trusting blindly and let your heart wander everywhere... and expecting too much from everyone... Be a little bit nicer and kind to each other... let's be human... to good to have good... #beselfish

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    You feel life is fucking you hard...
    Are you sure that you didn't messed enough to seduce life to fuck you...

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  • erudite_soul 3w

    Does that count?

    Shouldn't you be getting a reward for not doing that you could have done without thinking rationally,

    Shouldn't you be getting a reward for not hurting that one, who you could have when you were upset,

    Shouldn't you be getting a reward for not being angry when there were situations that blasted your mind,

    Shouldn't you be getting a reward for not taking something from someone who deserved it better than you,

    You should,
    It come in a form of
    good night sleep
    Inner peace
    Smiling face
    Empathetic behaviour


  • ashley12anabell 4w

    Your words are arrows
    You can shoot anyone with them


  • theexpressionist 4w


    I tend to believe in someone's kindness immediately but I actually do not trust anybody.


  • themindhunterwrites 4w

    Heart is an amazing place.

    Only few people make it there.

    You never know,

    you might be the one.


  • im_strange 4w

    Time is the emperor

    Kisi ki Zindagi koi khilvaad nai Hoti
    Kisi Ka Dil koi khilona nai hota
    Kisi k jazbaat koi mazaak nai hote

    Zara pyar se paish aya kariye Shaheeb iss duniya mai
    Kyoki ye samay Kisi Ka gulam nai hota

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    Hate is too strong of a word
    To be used
    In a world
    Where everyone is
    Constantly searching for love.

  • ispeakthroughwords 5w

    Make an exception today.
    From all the blaming you do to yourself.
    If you couldn't achieve your goals,
    Or maybe you had some complications in your relationships,
    Just take a break,
    This isn't an excuse, or running away.
    Take it as a phase to understand,
    Because it is the kind souls who are flawed,
    Since they always try not to hurt anyone.
    And their flaws is what makes them more humane.
    So, make yourself an exception.

  • pooja_olety 5w

    Be Unstoppable!!

    Keep doing your work , they'll ignore you once, they'll condemn you twice, put you down thrice and so on.... And finally the 100th time, when they adore you, try to seek attention......That's the right time when 'Your silence should speak more than anything else!' You would have reached a echelon, a status, where nobody can shun you! Keep moving, because you're the creator of your perception! Be absolutely Unstoppable!

  • the_liberated_soul 6w


    Karma simply getting what you gave to the world. It's like facing a mirror, might be after a long time...
    Karma comes back when you make someone smile..
    It comes back when you make someone cry..
    It will come back when you share a helping hand!
    It will also come back when you intentionally miss that opportunity of helping someone..
    It will come back when you donate,
    It will also come back when you steal!
    It will come back when you let others be comfortable first,
    It will also come back when you see your interests first!
    It will come back when give immense love and get none in return,
    It will also come back when you love, but for your selfish reasons!
    It will come back when you feed a person so famished,
    It will also come back when you eat what is kept for the hungry.
    Serpentine yet simple are the ways of Karma...
    You receive what you give,
    But you don't know when and how will you receive it.
    Complex is what karma is, be kind, be soft, be sensitive...

  • sunshinespectrum 7w

    #bekind #savehumanity #wds #wds_pc5 @writedilse
    You could have been there too, what would you want others to do then? Do that, follow your inner voice, don't just hide or avoid.Be strong.Be you. And most of all, be Human. A good one.
    Don't think that a single you won't change the world, you aren't responsible, cause no! You are. Each single being together forms a world. Feel what it would be like in other's shoes and then move ahead. Feel yourself lucky for where you are, and do what you would have wished to receive when you were the one there. Try atleast. That would be enough. If each one of us will try a bit more of our good deeds, the world would be a better place, those shattering souls would be healed. Cure yourself and others as much you can. We all will die one day, won't you like to be a meaningful one? Give meaning to your life and earn your life,you owe this much to the life you got! Be human. A good one.
    Stand for the right cause and do what at the end will matter ����

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    Don't just stand there,
    watch them shatter,
    Don't just let your
    HUMANITY this way scatter.