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    Walking together past those judging eyes, they showed them that they don't control their life.

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    All we do is keep spreading this madness and laugh quietly because no one knows.
    #bestfriends #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    There was a madness in me.
    You came along, and you had your own kinda madness.
    Mine reciprocated to yours and from that day on we never looked back.
    And they call us best friends.


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    Yaa it's true, my bestie @suhanee1910 you are the person I am always thankful to be their with me with every single situation like ever...And i swear to moon and stars, my love is their for you forever....❤ #lovelife #bestfriends

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    May not biological sisters,
    but their souls got connected forever,
    what else do you want my dear??
    coz she is my bestie, love & soul sister,
    and she belongs to me forever...
    I swear to moon and stars ,
    my love is their for you forever......

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    Six things I've learned about people -

    1) People are mean. They don't deserve you.
    2) You don't owe anybody anything. Stop being nice.
    3) They'll talk good on your face and bad behind your back. Even your closest ones. *smiley?*
    4) Your opinions don't matter to them. It's their life. Let them deal with it, and mind your own business.
    5) Don't let them make believe you that you can't do it. They are scared of you because they can't do what you can.
    6) Normal people are small minded. Extraordinary people aren't. Be extraordinary.

    Pro Tip: Practice saying "fuck off!" in front of a mirror seven times a day. You can try that on seven different people too. It helps.


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    HER problems.
    HIS solutions.
    Lovers ?
    No Bestfriends !


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    It's not about that gang laughs with you on those bright good mood days;

    It finally comes down that one who puts up with all your nonsense, patiently listens to all your whimpers, stays there even if you shut the door on their face, and finally says,
    "I'm hungry,Let's eat something. "


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    "Don't you two run out of conversations?"

    Me: That's why we are best friends.

    - Ayan Dutta

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    Wattpad || Itatama ba o Tama na?

    My friends are true blessings and every single one of them deserves the world! Couldn't be happier with the people in my life right now.

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    A Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Life

    Pick One

    Written By. Loui V

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    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite
    #wordparadise #bestfriends
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    Why a girl and a boy can never be friends ? Why can't they be best friends ? Why can't they talk for hours on call ? Why can't they sit alone in a café ? Why is it necessary to say that something is going on between them ? Why do a girl and a boy have to be lovers only ? What is the problem if they understand each other better than their other friends and like each other's company ? Why can't our society accept them like the two girls sitting or may be two boys ?

    Because our society is more of accepting them as "Lovers" than "The Best Friends"

    ©Dhwani Karia

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    Midnight Insecurities

    Some incidents just don't let you sleep. Whether it's the pleasant memory of a haunting past or the haunting fear of a pleasant future - they make you insecure. It will be midnight and you'd still be awake, tossing and turning in your bed, trying to fall asleep. But no matter how hard you try, that evil grasp of insecurities over your mind will not even let you close your eyes in peace. You see, these memories can vary in range. They can be broken relationships, bad parenting, a fight between you and your bestie, or even you missing your pet. Hell, I've had all those. Sometimes that too in a single night. But I've always stood tall. Victorious over my all fears. How? It's simple. I let it out. I never kept it contained. Whenever I felt down - I wrote. I told my diary how bad my day was, how bad my crush treated me, how my best friend should've understood me better, how my father should've tried to ask what's wrong with my life. Though they didn't ask, you still should tell somebody. In my case it was my diary, it could be anybody in yours. All you've to do is to find the one person who'd listen. They don't need to console you or anything but only listen. Listening to one's problems is the best way to make them feel good.
    It's your life. you don't want to spend half of it worrying about situations that have already passed or will never come instead? Get over your fears. Live your life to the final dare. You won't get a chance to be yourselves again. Chill and peace out.

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    Think twice
    before sharing
    everything with
    your friends..
    Dont forget
    your friends
    have friends too


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    Unchained love
    Chapter 1:lily Evans

    Full book at ......https://my.w.tt/IdQRv8QhyO.....do check it out!

    She wears strength and darkness both equally...well that girl has always been half goddess and half hell.


    The rays of the bright sunshine were falling from the large window and past the curtains on a girl fast asleep on her bed.

    the bright sunshine welcoming a new beautiful day and start.

    The girl was peacefully sleeping when the sun rays fell on her face illuminating her beautiful white skin.

    She groaned and woke up" what it's morning already.... whatever" she said and rolled her eyes to herself.

    She saw the time...5 in the morning. Just the time when the morning arrives.

    She opened the gate leading to a small garden in her balcony and went in the garden.

    The birds were singing as if welcoming her....the cold wind kissed her face and the trees swayed themselves as if just wanting to show that how nature was welcoming the beautiful girl... Lily Jane Evans.

    She has astonishing green eyes with a twinge of blue...it turned a bit hazel when she was angry.

    She had very long chestnut brown hair. Her long , brown , straight hair almost reached her knees. The ended mid thigh. Her soft ,silky ,brown hair attracted a lot of eyes as they were simply gorgeous on her.

    She had a pointed nose and a sharp jawline with pointed eyes like the Greek goddess.

    She was Lily Evans.

    She yawned and stretched welcoming the morning. Though lily was not at all a morning person...she couldn't resist the nature's beauty and the nature her beauty.

    " Okay...let's get on today!" Said lily determined.

    She went to the bathroom and brushed , showered and came out and decided to wear tight black pants and a black top. She had a meeting with the investors today so it would be appropriate.

    Lily never dressed in formals or overdressed. She like simplicity and dressed simply and still looked radiant. She only wore dresses on very special occasions otherwise jeans were her life saver.

    " Ughhh...do I have to put makeup for a stupid investor meeting!" She groaned.

    Lily hated make up. She was not against light makeup but simply hated people who faked their beauty with makeup. Her life was done with fake people so she had a reason for disliking makeup.

    " Alright I'll just put some powder and mascara just because this investor meeting is important" lily mumbled.

    She didn't need lipstick as her lips were naturally pink and eye makeup took too much time..also she doesn't know how to do that. She has her bestfriends for that.

    Lily looked in the mirror for a second considering what to do with her hair. She quickly combed her very long hair and braided her bangs on both the side and left the rest open as she needed to look beautiful for the meeting...she will tie them later.

    She quickly finished dressing and put on black boots to finish her outfit.

    " Wow! How much I love black" Lily's favourite colour was black.

    Lily was the founder and CEO of the Evans corporation which was in New York. She was very rich and was a self made billionaire but lived humbly because of the lessons life taught her.

    She worked very hard to reach the peak of success. Though she was only 25 she had seen the difficulty and hardships of life from her past...well let's leave it here only.

    She had a very big problem with love...she shuddered at the thought of it...due to different reasons.

    She only loved one person in her life...that person who was the reason she was alive living and successful. The person who gave her strength in the worst time.

    That person was no one other than Lily's little brother Ace Brandon Evans. The little 4 year old meant everything to lily. He was the ray of hope and sunshine in her life. She loved him dearlhe went out of the room to another and laid herself on the bed next to her brother. He was so small that people used to mistake him for her son.

    She looked at the adorable child for sometime. He looked a bit like her with dark brown hair. He had blue eyes and the same nose and lips like hers.

    Oh! How much she loved Ace. The boy was barely 4 but loved her very much and was very smart and intelligent just like any third grade

    Sometimes his actions surprised lily also. The way he tried to act mature and the way he solved situations. But still he was a child .

    Lily looked at his innocent face. She removed the book that she was reading the night before and placed it on the bedside. She used to sleep with ace at night but he was growing so she put him to sleep and go to her room and return in the morning but sometimes used to sleep with him when she was too tired to go.

    But if ace woke up and not found lily..he would start crying which lily hated.

    " Baby goodmorning!...time to wake up Ace." She called and ruffled his long soft hair.

    " Hmm...sisi is it morning already? " Ace asked.

    " Yes darling look the sun is out" lily said.

    " Then tell it to go back to sleep sisi please" ace requested and lily laughed.

    " Ok then I'll eat the new fresh chocolate cookies that I made ..ok ace?" Lily said.

    " No sisi !!! No., I'm up." He said and sat bolt upright in a second.

    " Ok.." lily laughed" good morning honey." Lily said.

    " Good morning sisi" ace said and put his small arms around her and hugged her.

    Lily picked Ace in her lap and scooped him to go to the bathroom and make him ready for the day.


    Guys please vote ,share, comment. Don't be a silent reader pls share your views!

    Any future prediction? Drama fluff?

    What do you think about Lily's past?

    Pls vote and share

    Lots of love


    For the full book

    Do check it out!

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    It hurts !

    It hurts when they say we don't have time for them anymore.
    It hurts when they say that we don't have any concern for them anymore.
    It hurts when they say we don't remember them anymore.
    It truly hurts !


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    *My love won over her friendship, but i loss everything*
    #lovevsfriend #friendzone #lovers #bestfriends #everything #nothing

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    She do...

    "She do."
    "She do love me, even more than I love her."

    "But not the way I do."

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    ❤❤ Best Friends ❤❤

    Becoming friends was not a CRIME
    Bunking together during school TIME
    I knew we would stand together while teacher was SCREAMING
    Because of our habit of DAYDREAMING
    Sections SEPARATED us but,
    Friendship brought us BACK
    Our group used to be the talk for DAYS
    Teasing each other with different NAMES
    And abusing with fake CLAIMS.....
    We made memories which were the BEST
    And for sometime.... tention was at BEDREST

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    Soul mate.

    You and me are like two peas in a pod,
    We always stand by each other against all odds.
    They say that true friendship is rare,
    An adage that I believe to be true.
    Genuine friendship is something that I cherish.
    I am so lucky to have met you.
    We've been through so much together.
    In so little time we've shared ,
    I will never forget all the moments
    That you've shown me how much you cared.
    Best friends are like flowers, like a rose
    Or like a ghost whose spirit never dies
    You are always behind me whenever times are tough.
    You are like a ray of sunshine
    Always present with me whenever the world as dark
    You have guided me through bad times
    Wiped away my tears
    My best friend, my soul mate.

  • girlwithablackrose 1w

    The dark nights which
    seems to scared me once
    are now my best friends.

    ~Prab Kaur❤

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    Love is like a feeling when u first met someone or like your family or best friends..