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    I know you'll be #better #withoutme

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    I don't understand why.
    Inside I cry. I wanted you to
    be happy but with me. Maybe
    it was something I didn't see.
    I don't understand, but I think
    you'd be better free. Free from


  • aryaajith 1d


    she was sitting on the grass lost in thought.suddenly she heard a whimper.when she searched the source she saw a cute little baby girl staring at her.she slowly walk towards the baby with conscious steps.On seeing her near , the baby broke into sobs.the lady cooes at the baby and engulfs her into a hug.the baby though initially uncomfortable later gives into the hug and hides her face into crook of the woman's neck.
    The woman asks" what's your name?how old are you? how did you die?"then as if remembering something she slaps her head and says"I'm sorry I was a bit distracted.I know you can't talk , you seems to be about six months old,and since you are here you must have been raped and murdered.". the baby has a questioning gaze,to which the woman smiles and replies"everyone here are victims of rape or molestation and died or killed. What is this place is unknown to us, some called it afterlife. Whatever it is this is heaven to us since we won't feel pain here. well;I forgot to introduce myself ,I am sunitha and I will call you pari.from your looks I think you too is from India.even if you are not from there let me tell you india is an amazing country who is very considerate to woman.if you are an Indian and is assaulted you will loose your identity." pari made a confusing face and sunitha pinches her cheek and continues"when we are born we will be give a name.your name, community, sex,age all those things only matters during elections.afterall it should be ensured that there is no fraud else the political dynamics will be changed.but once you are raped or molested the government being considerate doesn't allow our name to be published . From then on you will be called as the woman or victim and become another fish in the common pool of all those were assaulted till date. Not only this way they retains the reputation of the victims family in the society , but also it relieves the officials ,the media and the people of the nation from the hassle of remembering the name and other details of the so called victim. after all it's not a single person one day but many from different part of the nation who is raped daily.the only difference is the time .so pari since you are a baby ,I'll tell you about what it is like to be a woman in india through my life.I was the third born of my parents and their second daughter.by the time i was born my elder sister was married off to another village.I was allowed to go to school till I reached the age of ten.After that I was taught by my ma and the other elder ladies in the village on how to be a good wife, how to take care of the household,how to please my in-laws. I was made to sit in house and learn cooking when my brother went to school and later to play.oh ! how I yearned to be in his place.when I was twelve years my parents found me a husband who was 20 years of age.Before I could comprehend anything,I was married of to a stranger,and was returning to his village wearing a saree for the first time.Later after my gruhapravesh ceremony I started feeling immense pain in my abdomen and there were drops of blood where I stood.immediately the air in the house changed .my mother in law forced me out of the house with another woman to a hut outside the village.I didn't know what was happening ,I cried and plead the woman with me to take me back.but she left me with little cereals to cook and left me to fend for myself. this was how I came to know about menstruation;, through pain,helplessness, fear and exhaustion. by the fifth day my husband came and took me home.At night he asked me to lay on the bed and what happened next was a nightmare.I cried in pain and fear,while my husband found his pleasure in my cries.once he found his release, he slept leaving a vulnerable and broken me.this was how I was welcomed into being a woman from a girl.Now pari ,you may doubt that wasn't this what happened to us and called rape.but that is the beauty of our nation.there is no such thing as a marital rape.the husband have full right over his wife's body with or without her consent. woman is made to please them when they feel the urge and her mental or physical condition is irrelevant.if you deny your husband you will be subjected to harsh words from other woman.I think these conditions are different in big cities of India but in villages you don't have option.I gave birth to two baby boys when I was thirteen and sixteen year old and went through three abortions even without my knowledge.my mother in law gave the abortifacient in my food.she called me a a bad omen for carrying a girl child.Afterall dowry should be given to a man for taking our daughters from us as his slave; killing their dreams ,innocence and hope.After three years I came across my husband coming out from the widow's house who is a prostitute made by the society after the demise of her husband. I went to her house and questioned my husband ;for which I was publically humiliated and assaulted . Later the chief of the village came there and banished me from the village as I spoke to the widow which apparently woman from good culture should not have done.when my mother in law came to know about this,she insulted me and Said that it was my fault as I shouldn't have questioned him.men who daily eats khichdi from home is entitled to have a different thing once a while.woman is the greatest enemy of another woman.I still don't understand what is the mistake of that woman when she is made a prostitute by the society and made as an untouchable thing when the men who go to her are right.me and my sons moved out of my village and settled outside the boundary.my husband went in search of job in city leaving me and my kids.after few months ,we were sleeping at night; four to five people broke in to my home which is a collapsing sedans took me out after beating my kids.the threw me into a ditchand raped me.No one heard my cries .I was brutally raped by all those men and once I was close to death they left me.With great difficulty I reached my home covering my bloodied self in the remaining pieces of cloth that was left.My children were beaten blue and black .I collected my nearly collapsing body and dragged myself to the village.Before I could understand what was happening I was carried to the temple pond by my rapists and was burned alive.Later when I reached here and was looking to what was happening in india, I saw some people telling that woman are raped due to wearing provocative dresses.But what I couldn't understand was how wearing a saree even covering my face be provocative,since saree is worn by majority of Indian?.How come whatever happens around it is always woman's fault.?why the rate of rapes and molestations higher in India when ours is the biggest democracy in the world.? you know what pari I'm afraid of my sons,about how they will grow and turn out to. will they respect woman and be a true man or will they be the reason for a woman's tears? "she stopped and looked into the innocent eyes of pari who is digging herself more into the crook of her neck.
    sunitha said" pari if you are again send to earth, ask God or whoever is doing the process to send you as a boy and not a girl.this world is hostile for woman.human are moving backwards in evolution scale.man came from apes a and is going back to a dog,who breed with any female even if his mother.but lack all the other qualities of dog like compassion , love and care.or pari ask to be send to rich parents where you will have the opportunity to be what you want.my advice to you is to not trust anyone other than yourself. try to make it a better place for me if I am to be reborn as a girl....

  • unimaginative_world 2d


    The burden of books is much better
    than the encumbrance of life..


  • xtylishboymega 2d


    Positive anything is better than a negative nothing..!

  • ashwin_anup 3d


    Shake the tree and Create chaos
    All the way you go.
    Don't get emotional,
    you don't always have to be good.

    Don't wait till you get your turn
    Just go do your thing,
    The world belongs to those who do
    And not for the ones who wait.

    After you finish chasing the
    clouds and your dreams, i know
    I'll see you in a better place
    Far from your troubles


  • soiwrite 4d

    Funeral #2

    Hope returns and Time heals
    Rest in peace for a while,please
    To much felt and I agree
    To never let u again for free
    Forgive me to not see it sooner
    For it could've made this so much better
    Love returns and Writing heals
    but till then
    Rest in peace for a while,please

  • shine_jey 5d

    Nothing is better than understanding
    But when it goes wrong
    Nothing is worse than that.

  • grisham_sharma 5d

    Sit calm,

    It's Better To Sit Calm Than To Argue With Those People Who Are Committed To Misunderstand You

  • lilmisswriter 5d

    Some goodbyes aren't just an ending...
    That's the first step to a new beginning...
    Sometimes you have to let go of something that is dear to you so that something better can get hold of you...

  • nicolefan22 5d

    Be Better

    "Don't listen to their word."
    "Don't copy their actions."
    "Cause you'll grow up to be better...
    "If you do everything yourself."


  • hrituraj_krishna 1w

    autumn arrives
    take away all leaves
    for a promise to
    gift better ones

  • regretman 4d


    I have changed. I have painted my wings white and now I carry the black inside my heart.
    Tell me... have i changed for better or for worse..?

  • sheba_mat 1w

    Everytime I went back to him,
    I thought I was letting go off my pride,
    Little did I know that dignity had followed.


  • realthings____ 1w


    to work on being
    a better person.

  • shapthamimanokar 1w

    #better #choices #life #writersnetwork #lifeseries #shapthamimanokar #mirakee #rwu #yourquote #quotesgram #quoteoftheday

    Make choices you want and work hard, put in all your efforts for those choices to have wonderful fruits called better life.
    Keep spreading love and kindness.

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    Make better choices to have a better life.


  • themiserablewriter 2w

    Best or Better?

    In school, I was taught best is the superlative of better but he left me teaching better is always the superlative of best because he once said 'I'm the best' and abandoned me for someone better.

  • _sayma_ 2w

    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #new #old #you #better #love follow me if like my posts ��������

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    New You

    Old you was
    Better than
    New you

  • shalemjf 2w

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    #morningthoughts #writersnetwork #better #motivate

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    You should try better than yesterday if you want a better tomorrow. The same efforts will only get you the same results.

  • the_incomplete_sentence 2w

    I may be alone
    I have stopped running after those people
    Who don't "DESERVE ME"
    As the old saying goes
    " better alone than in a bad company"
    I am better alone being myself, discovering myself and loving myself!!!!!!

  • shavehofficial 2w

    Life isn't really a menu card, because the menu card is just a small part of your life.
    You get menu cards when you go to a restaurant. You go to a restaurant when you feel hungry. When you feel hungry, you eat food. You eat food because your stomach requires it. You can stay without it for a while. But you cannot deny it. Because if you do, you'll die eventually.
    The stomach in this context is your life, and the food is the people and the things you love.
    For instance, say you're allergic to chocolate. But you're really tempted by the looks of it, and so you eat it. You enjoy the taste of it at first. But it's going to harm you later on. And you still eat it, knowing that it's not good for you. You're definitely going to suffer the consequences. It's going to last for a while, or perhaps a long time. But it will have to go away eventually. You will be better again. The chocolate here can be compared to the fake people or false friends as you may say. You know you're going to get hurt, but you still stay friends with that person. You are bound to have an amazing experience with that person, but only till it lasts. Because the experience after that is horrifying. You'll be devastated. But you're definitely going to get out of it. Because you're going to find something sweeter and better to eat. And on the bright side, you're not even going to be allergic to it. So eat your food daily and shove the chocolate up that bloody person's ass. Because what's in store for you is something unimaginably wonderful, and most of all, much better than any chocolate you could ever have.