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    Need help...
    Read #beycl i.e. Beyond Cliche,
    And please please please give your remarks.

    I really need your help, for this is the book I'm working on.


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    So guys here I'm back again with a new peace and new yet common and confusing thought! Hope you'll gonna' love it. I really need your thoughts on this part! ����������!
    Your discretion is requested. ����

    You are a human ����

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    Who Am I?
    Page 2 #beycl

    Page 2
    I don't know why but tears rolled down my eyes. First time in my this much small life, I have put mascara on my eyes, which got rubbed off. My cheeks had gone black with my tears.

    “I’m a Muslim.
    I really never felt like one.
    My heart beats for my people, my country.
    My friends and classmates never made me realise that,
    I am outcast. May be.
    My aunt is also of different cast!
    My family never read and screamed to each person they interact with,
    Mohammad and Ali!
    My parents were social workers!
    But still, I’m a Muslim!
    I’m an outcast...? I’m a Muslim...”

    “Sama!” A known voice called me.
    “I’m sorry Sama, if I hurt you.” And he was gone.
    I know it was Mr. Jitender. Even he felt bad.

    Someone stopped Neil as he tried to utter something.
    “You did wrong small boy.” It was my brother. "Leave now." He said trying to control himself.

    I could hear the steps of my brother coming to calm me down.

    “Shona. Get up dear.” Bhai spoke in a soft, empathetic voice. Neil left the scene.
    “C’mon. Don’t worry. Mr. Jittu is not that bad. See, he is just doing his job. Don’t feel it too much dear. Come on now. Cleanse your face now. See, how gorgeous my Shona looks.”

    “Hmm.” I replied, wiping my tears with my palms.
    “Bhaiya, is it bad to be born in a Muslim family? Is it our mistake that we are born in an Ali family?” I sobered.

    “No dear!” My brother said entwining his brows. He was concerned.
    “It’s just the rule book, the structures. Have you ever seen me or papa creating difference on the basis of someone’s castes or colour or tradition or surnames?” He asked.

    “No.” I replied

    “Then? No Muhammad, Khuda, Bhagwaan, or Rab or Jesus said themselves to us, to pray them. It’s just Humanity which you must focus on." I listened him keenly.
    "See, Faith is hope. Human being needs faith for himself, his own good. No human is made for some religion or faith. Religion is made for a human being. Remember that always.” He replied with the sweetest of smiles.

    “Hmm." I comprehended.
    "No religion tells I’m an outcast. I’m a human being. I have read Bhagvat Bhaiya. It’s beautiful and Krishna never discriminated between me and Shane.” I replied.

    “Yes.” He smiled. “Now come on. Get ready. Shane is about to come as well. We are already too late.”

    “Shane?" I stood up, baffled. "Here? Why?” I asked, confused.

    “Oh! I think you both study in same school and same class and live in the same area. So...”

    “But bhai” I interrupted, “I... This outlook, no no no!! ” I said in anxiety.

    “What? The dress? You look mesmerizing Shona. And how can it really bother my Shona that what people think about her?” He said sniggering.

    “But bhai...”
    “No bhai.” He said walking outside the study room.

    “Come on. Be fast.” He gestured and his voice faded away, as he walked outside.

    “Hello the dark boy!”

    Oh no! Shane is here!

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    So guys here I'm back again with a new peace and new yet common and confusing thought! Hope you'll gonna' love it. I really need your thoughts on this part! ����������!
    Your discretion is requested. ����

    You are a human ����

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    (Do read the earlier parts friends. ����)

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    Who Am I?
    Page 1 #beycl

    Page 1
    Kids were there in the most gorgeous clothes. Facebook was filled with the pictures of beautiful young ladies and gentlemen and I was here dressed in the most uncomfortable of western dresses, which was not actually the dress code of the day. As soon as I looked up in the mirror there was he standing, peering at me.

    “Shane?” I shouted in fear.

    “No my dear, it is yours forever Neil” Neil said in a nasty voice.

    “Neil? Here? What do you want?” I said completely annoyed.

    “Hey, what are you doing here little boy?” Suddenly bhai entered the scene.

    “Oh! Are you his boyfriend?” Neil again spoke with an unpleasant smile on his face.

    “Does that really matter little boy? Get out of my house right now. How dare you enter it without my permission?” Bhai got real aggressive, and his aggression is bad for health.

    “Hey boy. Look here.” Neil smirked as a heavy voice entered our ears. All of a sudden big black beast appeared. I meant the bodyguard of the park.

    “Arre, Mr. Jittu, come, come.” Bhai welcomed him, getting a bit conscious.

    “I don’t need your respects Ali sahib. Let’s get to the point” He spoke abruptly.

    “Neil has complained against your little sister and one more boy, near your colony. They have come near that small building at the end of the park.” He seems to be angry and red.

    “Oh! First sit down Jitender ji.” My brother presumptuously forwarded his hand and soon as everyone stared at our small room... The black beast rolled his eyes, to which my brother laughed stupidly. "Hehe"
    We sold our only sofa to someone. So, actually now we didn’t have anything but just our mattresses to sit on.

    After two minutes of this weird embarrassment, bhai continued,
    “Jittu ji, listen to me. These are small innocent children. Please forgive them. And have you yourself seen them there? Don’t you know this Neil...?” He glared at Neil angrily. Neil took away his eyes in fear.

    “Mr. Ali,” black beast interrupted immediately, “I have seen you and known you from the time you were a little kid! No doubt she is the same b-l-o-o-d! I very well know how naughty you and your sister were and you both are and all these other kids...What they all call me at my back." He became a bit sad.
    "See, it’s my duty to stop you all. It’s not like I am your past birth’s enemy or something. You both are courageous and good people that is why I have always ignored your mistakes. But now she is a big girl. Leaving a young girl with a young boy these days, at such a dark, lonely, quiet place is against our society Ali sahib. And above all you are a Musalman. I’m also a half Muslim. So, I can completely understand your situation and how tough it is to live in the community like ours. But please...I don’t need to explain this much. Please, understand my point.” He got sympathetic and distressed in his tone.

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    So guys here I'm back again with a new peace and new yet common and confusing thought! Hope you'll gonna' love it. I really need your thoughts on this part! ����������!
    Your discretion is requested. ����

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    (Do read the earlier parts friends. ����)

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    Peace 15

    "No human is made for some religion or faith. Religion is made for a human being. Remember that always.”

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    Beauty and The Beast
    Page 4

    I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, entwined my eyebrows, licked my lips, and just exclaimed,
    "I, I'm not beautiful." My heart beat grew a bit faster. There was an incomprehensible kind of heaviness I was feeling in that moment. I gobbled, quickly dropping my head. My hands held the bench's edge firmly and I was rubbing my shoes, crossed and diagonally folded, neath the bench.
    "Haanmmm." I heard him sigh deeply.
    "Hmm." I muttered.

    After few seconds, I stood up and said,
    "Let's go home now. It's already too late."
    After I zipped my bag and was about to step ahead, I heard,

    As I moved my neck sidewards, I recognised, Shane's neck was dropped down, his spine was bent forwards and his elbows were resting on his knees.

    "Everyone is beautiful." He continued.
    "You are philosopher and an exceptional one I ever met, so, I will not explain you much.
    But, nature only showers beauty. Lamb understood the importance of weeds. He grew weeds separately, for he knows, what's beauty. Nature had made everyone everything beautiful. It's the man who had defined and manipulated its true definition. It's not something like 'unwanted plants'. That's what they define it as. For nature, everything is it's part and it remains gorgeous, as you are, as me is." I was amused by his thought. But still I was just listening him, in a certain ignorance and also being attentive, at the same time.

    "Do you know what, why you are different?" He stood up, right in front of me. I became still. "Because you know what's true beauty. Because they can't accept a girl, who breaks their definitions... of, of what a girl must be like. Or even a boy must be like."

    I was noticing, he was in standing in close friends zone.

    "You, are you! Do whatever your heart says like Samaa, as probably, you must have always done. You will look great anyway, if you are accepting yourself. You know it well. And and, hey, come on, fuck all. You are philosopher! Enjoy it girl! Let them feel jealous of you. Who fucking cares what they'll think. Come on. Life is about change. It's about surprising yourself! Right ma'am?"
    He asked me with a silly naughtiness​ on his face.
    "Yeahh..." I'm no less silly, probably. He laughed crazily, seeing my expressions. I was confused.
    "What happened to you Shane?" I whispered on my own.

    "Cool." He said resisting to laugh.
    "Come on. Let's go. It's 3." He picked up his bag and we left the green bench alone, walking back home.
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    Beauty and The Beast
    Page 3

    After prolonged quietness, Shane gazed at me and asked with certain spark in his eyes, fumbling,
    "Wha, wha, what are you, like, uh.. I mean are you coming, will you will be attending the farewell, day after tomorrow?"

    "Uh. " I gasped, while moving my eyeballs towards his blurred appearance, diagonally.

    Then I dived.
    "Oh! Yeah. Yeah.
    I wish to attend. I wish to attend,
    the final adieu,
    To watch all of you,
    my mates,
    Some from past four years
    And most from fourteen.
    I wish to see you all, all, like, like
    Last year. Our seniors, oh!
    Pretty girls, handsom guys.
    Big. Grown ups.
    So different they all looked!
    I, I too have certain kind of excitement!
    But, but how? How will I...?
    I'm, I'm not like them, those,
    Like Alin' or Ema or any, any of them!
    I'm...I'm Samaa.
    Samaa. The boring, ugly, the average,
    Always good Samaa. At times funny,
    The untamed, hiding, visible,
    The messed up, dizzy, unknown Samaa.
    I can't, I just can't tell, who I am?
    How will I face, face them.
    Them, I Know,
    I need not to be thinking soo much.
    I know. I know.
    I have remained, the most precious,
    But the most ignored, the most rude.
    The most uniform. The one,
    Who no one ever try to notice even.
    Or they do. They do look for philosopher.
    I'm not like, girlish,
    I'm, even not, gorgeous.
    All what they see are these blemishes,
    These scars. I just can't hide.
    I even don't wish to.
    They'll just sympathise.
    I know, they care, they care a lot,
    They tell all the healing tips, all the time,
    But.... It ends up all ruined even more.
    They'll make me insecure!?
    I'm... I'm...
    I wear confidence each day,
    To explain all,
    What's the true beauty.
    But certainly, what, like..
    I need time. Time to face those,
    Who have never seen me as a girl.
    For, this day, is forever. I'm alone.
    I have got no one at all, I know.
    On such occasions, literally no one.
    But I wish bhaiya would have..."

    "Philosopher" Shane knotted himself, to take a look at my conundrum occupied face.
    "What's wrong?" He said gently. I tried not to look at him.
    "Samaa..." He called again.
    I just clasped my lids extremely tight.
    "Nothing. Nothing just. Haan." I swallowed and digested.
    "Ahaan. Like I cannot see you." His brow went up, and he gave a grasping, sophisticated look.
    I loosed myself a bit and giggled foolishly.
    "...literally, nothing!" I proclaimed.
    "Hmm." He got straight. "Okay. Don't say. I will also never going to tell you anything then." He said annoyed.
    "Haha." I chuckled.
    After few moments, he said mystified,
    "Uhaha." I looked at him, hangdog.

    I remained silent. I didn't know what to utter, when I'm not clear inside my own head, when I'm feeling guilty for what I'm thinking even. Probably those are just establishments of my own brain. Probably, it's not even worth a concern, or wasting one's time upon. I was feeling like, I'm making Shane worry about me for no reason at all. Or probably, it's also what I'm thinking. Might be, he will not even give it a second thought, after this scene ends. Who knows?

    "Samaa." He again voiced. "Will you speak to me instead of disputing inside your own head?" This time, Shane seemed to be too soft and concerned. Like a wisely person. He reminded me of bhaiya, this morning, who was pushing me to wear that western gown. I got more disturbed. Shane kept on glaring at me.
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    Beauty and the Beast
    Page 2

    "See. I know the story. I have read the chapter." Shane started to recite that story which was too close to my heart, that is, "On the Face Of It".

    I still remember how in the class, when Ms. D was explaining this story to us, the way she touched the essence, the jest of those perfectly expressed dialogues, I literally, felt it. Felt it too deeply.

    "Philosopher! " Shane shook me hard.
    "Ahh." I reacted, then suddenly taking my eyes away from him.
    He giggled a bit but then got serious,
    "I'm asking you something. Where are you lost? I hope you heard my understanding."
    His forehead had a way too deeper vertical line this time. It seemed like he was too annoyed of me this time.
    "I'm sorryy. I did hear you." I said in a typical girlish tone.
    "Hmm." His left eyebrow went up, which made me feel like I goofed.
    Shane jerked away the scene, shaking his head.

    "You didn't stop or correct me anywhere, well. Then, I think, I have a perfect idea of the story." He said, contemplating.
    "Yes!" I assured him. I was hearing, of course.
    "Hmm. Soo...mm" He nodded his head, sucking his lower lip, rounding his eyeballs, in hope for probably me to speak something.
    "Hmm. Soo..." He relaxed and sat focused, as I was thinking too deeply on how to put my words.
    "Soo..First, it's an open ended story, right. Any possible ending could be there."
    Shane nodded in yes.
    "Second, uhm... what you think of Derek? Like, what made him change? Why did he listen to Mr. Lamb?" I asked, staring at him, with my eyes contracted.

    "Uhm.. It's tough to face the world with such a face, and in the society like ours, where 'make up' becomes more attractive than bare and appreciating talents. "
    "Aha! Nice one." My eyes widened.
    "Derry’s half burnt face, just made people laugh at him, call him monstrous or they just sympathise with him. Damn! Even his own parents justified it more, instead of instilling in him courage and love and hope. Oh, 'no one loves a beast', that line, touched me. Oh! Derry."
    I was wondering what happened to Shane today? He looked different.

    "Yeah. Yeah. But Mr. Lamb, did show pitied or not? And why? " I continued.
    "Yes...oh! No! No no. The Lamey Lamb, is such a cool one. At one point I felt, he too feels bad about his lameness, his loneliness, but it not made him disable or restrict him from doing anything or socialising. Derry but, after seeing that, that Mr. Lamb is not afraid of him, not talking about his face to him, instead welcoming him to his garden, he... Oh! How good he must have felt, being treated as a human and just not like any outcast or monster! Such a kind hearted human Mr. Lamb is. "
    "No doubt, that's the reason, Derry soon started to respect him. He found some ray of love, life and hope talking to Lamb."
    "Yeahhh.. A little bit of boosting can make so much difference! Disability is in our brains, right? Lamb's experience is somewhat to be marked here. "
    "Hmm. You are right. His white hair, did meant a world for Derry somehow." I said in a low pitch.
    "Yes." He said jumping a bit.

    "So..." I chocked,
    "What's, what's beauty, like to you, uhm..? Like if you have to define beauty. How would you?"
    "Beauty, I think, is innate and not outer, the flesh! Everyone have scars. Lameness of Lamb, as you see, didn't scare the children or even us! We are just too inspired by him. No one is that perfect, like you see in those magazines or like those actresses. That's all fake. That ain't true beauty. No cosmetic can make you beautiful! Nothing, but you yourself, your heart, your words, your thoughts, your actions makes you gorgeous. The most beautiful." Shane looked at me, after speaking those words with soo much passion. I was amused. He looked jovial today. A completely different mess I was stuck in.

    But he, don't know that it's easy to say, that beauty is not about face or dermis.
    "Uhm.. consider if a girl falls for you, but she is the world's ugliest lady. But she is also someone, her temperament is such like say, the one you like. Will you be able to propose or love her, the way probably everyone desires for. "
    Shane gazed at me for like a minute, with his brows collapsed.

    "What happened to you? What's going inside your head?" He questioned impromptu.
    I started rolling my eyes.
    "Nothing. Just... Randomly.." I uttered.
    "Let's, let's talk about next chapter. Let's decide when to meet, tomorrow."
    Shane's eyes kept googling, as I started to pack up slowly.
    "Hey, listen." He said in a soft but firm voice.
    Suddenly, I dropped down the geometry, as my hands shivered. I sighed, picking up the stuff. He helped too.

    After two minutes of silence, he spearheaded with his cocky voice,
    "Now, will you tell what happened?"
    I was not able to swallow that someone was spelling something, which usually I spill. When I got so weak? I voiced inside.

    Who was asking me this? I pondered. The darkest one of our class, the mysterious Shane!
    Yeah. The "Mysterious" one, indeed. He understands everything. His thoughts and personality is so good. Then why he shows to be low, dark, trying to be bad always? My head was thinking and thinking and thinking like anything this time. For, this was something unexpected that came from him today.

    "Samaa!" He screamed, which chilled my spine for a second.
    "Damn! Shane. You scared me." I glared at him, with deep anxiety.
    "Haha. What can I do? You are too lost today. Why but? "
    ~by Ritika

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    Aaahhh... Finally finally finally!
    I stepped forward. ��
    I apologize again for such a long break! ��
    I hope this peace, as I say it... Makes sense. �� ��
    Completed the first page. Sooonn gonna' update.
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    Beauty and The Beast
    Page 1 #beycl

    "But you will look gorgeous in it! You know your sister ate my brain completely for this! Damn! She is a total maniac I must say! " My brother was trying hard this time, to convince me.

    "Bhai you know me right?" I glanced at him obliquely.

    He glanced back, with a completely disgusted expression, which made me burst into laughter, after 40 seconds of constant gazing at each other.

    "Whaat?" He got dumbfounded.

    "Haha.. Nothing nothing" I was laughing and laughing crazily, when a jarred voice reached my tympanic membrane and I suddenly held back my cackles a bit.

    "Hey dark boy!" Bhai responded moving his neck backwards.

    Shane paced up, walking towards our bench.

    Yet another amusing site, we had found. Actually, we came two hours early for this. We decided to move the old green bench and place it under the only banyan tree of this grand garden.

    I didn't want to come today. I didn't wish to face Shane. I didn't wish to discuss, "On the Face of It". But bhai was really excited to come to garden along with me. He wanted a good break and it's been quite a long, he had not just sat and relaxed and listened those winds and chirps. Thence, I was not able to utter a word.

    "Shona", Bhai's voice waked me , "Shane is here. Where are you lost?"
    Before I could say anything, Shane spilled,
    "Hey Shona." He said that in such a casual tone.
    My left brow stretched upwards, as Shane eyes rolled and he gestured,
    "uh... What?" with his both brows up.

    "Bro, I call her Shona." Bhaiya stood up, clinging his shoulder.
    "I think I got one point up on that." He chortled.
    I gave his kind of disgusted look to him.

    "Haha! Ok ok. " Shane tee-heed, "Hi Samaa.."
    Bhai, looked at me smirking and as my eyes contracted and glared at them, they both bursted into laughter.
    My head nodded and dropped down.
    "What-everrr.." I sighed.
    They cracked into even more "ha-ha's".
    I was not able to contain myself, after few seconds, and started laughing too. As it is said, "Laughter is infectious."
    ~by Ritika

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    Aaahhh... Finally finally finally!
    I stepped forward. ��
    I apologize again for such a long break! ��
    I hope this peace, as I say it... Makes sense. �� ��
    Completed the first page. Sooonn gonna' update.
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    (Do read the earlier parts friends. ����)

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    Peace 14

    As it is said, "Laughter is infectious."

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    Pyrophorus Noctiluca

    "The scars of the frame,
    The perpetual spells of darkness,
    What the hell I'm desiring?
    I feel oh! wearing this light,
    I'm alright. I don't care.
    Each day, even more deeper.
    But the beauty I never see...
    I respect so oh! Those dull yet in glay,
    But oh! I feel, I still wear it...
    Not really believe the blemishes of moon
    And it's beauty...
    Ugly is ugly. I'll accept it rather,
    Rather.. consoling and wearing
    Beauty is inner and heart,...
    No. Weed is weed,
    The beauty it is.
    It is also the nature's part.
    It's enchanting and beatific in itself.
    That's how I see it to be..."


    I quickly kept down my pen and ran towards the door. Bhai was back home.
    He quickly ran towards washroom. I laughed. In the mean time, I immediately closed my diary and hided it in my drawer. Then, I moved towards our tiny kitchen. Haha.

    Brother changed his clothes, and was in his old shorts and T. Then, he said me to clean the plates, while he lit the stove to heat the pasta.

    "So, how was your day? When he left?"
    He asked, in his as usual, cacophony yet too polite voice.
    "Uhmm.. around two hours before. My day was good. " I said pondering.
    "Uhu... So, what you both did? Hmm.." he said smirking. I gave him an annoying look.
    "Ok ok." He chortled. "Tell know..." He kept giggling.
    "Huh. Nothing. We just completed few poems today." I said, in a disgusting and justifying tone.
    "Oh! Great. I'm glad, you both really studied. Poetry. Yeah..."
    We both sat down on the mattress.
    "Remember Shona, how we used to catch those fireflies and collect them in the mom's old glass bottle?" He said, reminiscing and with his fork playing with the white pasta pieces.
    "Yeah. You used to explain me those constellations and the stars. Though, things are blurred, but I very clearly remember those words, that warmth and carefree fun and everything else. I remember mom's bells and dad's hug. " I said, taking one piece of pasta near my mouth. My eyebrows intertwined and my eyes visualising my mother and father with us.
    Suddenly, I heard a sniffle.
    I saw my brother. He was finishing up his dinner.

    "Uhh..When your dark boy is coming now?" He asked me in a serious tone.
    "Uhm.. We have decided to meet tomorrow at 9 am." I responded.

    "You are not that strong. No.
    Too weak. Quietly shrinking.
    Oh! Brother,
    You are my everything.
    My mother. My father. My guardian.
    My god.
    Oh! My brother. How?
    How can you be so strong?
    Why? Why not you cry?
    Why you snatched away oh! God,
    His life, his youth, his teenage days,
    From him?
    Why can't you see he is alone!
    Why don't you leave me?
    I'm just a burden. Probably...
    I will never let you down! Believe.
    I will earn. Earn a lot.
    I'll give and give and fulfill your each dream!
    Those dreams you sacrificed for me!
    My brother. You are not too strong.
    But together fighting, these harsh winters,
    Like wonderful cherry blossoms,
    We'll fight and we'll bloom!
    As harsher the winters,
    The beautiful the springs,
    As our grand father had always said.
    We both will never shrink..."

    I kept on rhyming these words till I crawled inside my blanket. After few minutes,
    "Good night Shona. " He said in a caring voice, as he closed that book trying not to make any noise and touched my forehead, like dad used to do.
    ~by Ritika

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    "...Like wonderful cherry blossoms,
    We'll fight and we'll bloom!
    As harsher the winters,
    The beautiful the springs..."
    Finally I'm able to get inspiration. ��
    I apologize for such a long break! ��
    I hope this peace, as I say it... Makes some sense. �� I hope it is moving forward correctly... ��
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    Peace 13

    "...Like wonderful cherry blossoms,
    We'll fight and we'll bloom!
    As harsher the winters,
    The beautiful the springs..."

  • err1585 90w

    I hope you'll like it. ��
    Nervous. ��
    The beauty of story drops when it's just written for sake of completing. I don't really want that to happen. This novel means a lot! A lot. ��������
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    @amit_vashist ����
    #beycl Enjoy The Rain. ������

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    A Thing Of Beauty
    Page 2

    "Thank you." He smiled. I was amazed that he heard those words, though I said them very very softly.

    "Your eyes tell something deeper.
    Why don't you say it?
    I'm here, harking.
    What are friends for? Tell me.
    Aren't they just like mirror.
    They reflect us in themselves.
    They are like those precious jewels,
    Beyond normal.
    Laughing at you,
    Slapping you,
    Listening you,
    Telling you,
    Making you grow,
    While, growing themselves,
    Into better individuals.
    They'll be your everything!
    I feel this is true love.
    This is why,
    Friendship is what makes one's world,
    So Beautiful..."

    I was rhyming inside my head, as Shane kept his neck down, rubbing his hands.

    "Uhm.." he started, in very whispery voice.

    "Actually, I didn't want to come really, but..." His brows, knitted.

    "But? Speak Shane. You will feel better."
    I also got serious and more attentive.

    "Uhh, They said me to stay away from you and Ms. Lin. I don't know, who told them about all of what has happened till now but... I didn't have any option left. I can't. I don't know. I had seen Neil in my street yesterday. I'm quite sure, he must have stalked us. I'm... They are thinking... they are taking things differently yaar.
    I didn't know, what to do? So, after dad left, I just took my favourite things and these books and searched through these streets, asked one aunti, and she guided me to your house. It ... I didn't know what to do really? I just followed my inner crazy voice." He said it all, with all the breaks and mumblings, in one go. My eyes were googling his gestures and facial expressions.

    "Something, so deeper you have,
    You never explain.
    Oh! How I wish,
    I could have been better at
    Making good friends..."

    "Samaa!! " Shane, shook me, while turning the gas stove off.
    "Where are you lost girl??" He said, annoyed.

    Damn! Where I got lost so suddenly, I thought, jiggling my head. I kept my left hand on my forehead, while right one handling utensils.

    "Nothing...just. Sorry. You sit. I'll pour it. " I said to him, in a low pitch. I tried not to face his eyes, while he kept staring at me.
    "I'll make it! Go." I said, making him believe I can handle it. 'Don't worry.'

    We sat down, with coffee mugs in our hands and biscuits. Their was some confusing absurd silence.

    "Uhmm, Don't worry Shane. Things will be alright. " I tried and broke the strangeness.

    "I'm stupid! I must not have came like this. I feel bad." He immediately responded.

    "Oh! Really?? So, I was right. I must not invite my friends to my house. You didn't like it. My home, my brother and ..."

    "Oh! No! .." Shane interrupted. "I didn't mean that dear. I meant, ...I feel like I disturbed you or something. " He said with his eyes gleaming, right hand on his hairs and face completely puzzled.

    "Haha. Not at all yaar. Don't think so. In fact it hurts more, when you say that. Friends are meant to be disturbed. That's why friendship is the most treasured relation in this world. " I said, laughing. My hands wrapped my knees, handling the coffee. Yeah! I know I'm a bit weird.

    Shane kept gazing at me for a minute.
    "What?" I said, chuckled.
    He jittered his head.
    "Nothing. Uhm. Yeahh... Nothing." A broad smile ran on his sweet lips.

    "Haha." I laughed. "So, next..?" I asked.

    "Uhm. I think I really need help in 'On the Face Of it.' " He said, retrospectively.

    My smile shrunk a bit.
    "Uh, haa. Yeah. Ok." I said trying not to face his gaze again, although he was not looking at me, any directly.
    -by ©err1585
    I really await for your remarks. Do point mistakes. #beycl #beyclbox

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    I'm really confused... Whether you all will like it or not...����
    The beauty of story drops when it's just written for sake of completing. I don't really want that to happen. This novel means a lot! A lot. ��������
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    ...A Thing Of Beauty...
    Page 1

    "A thing of beauty is a joy forever,
    It's loveliness increases, it will never pass into nothingness..."

    Shane read it by himself, as I was searching for my favourite blue pen in the room. As he was about to read the next line, I shouted,
    "When you really need it it's no where! Oh..." I got totally dizzy!

    Shane's left eyebrow had gone up, as he was sitting like a studios boy on that old office chair.
    "What 'are' you doing?" He said with great emphasis on 'are' and his deep oceanic eyes getting rolled at me.

    Well, he will laugh, if I would tell him, I'm so obsessed for my Flair Czee-click. Blue one! Mind it.

    "Girl! It's 9 already. And this poem is so confusing!.." He said holding the book in his hands, as I sat down next to him, with my eyes still searching on the back right corner, inside grey library cupboard of my mother.

    "Samaaaaa...!!!" He shook me hard this time. "What's the matter girl?? What are you looking for?" He said with his knotted brows and tensed head.

    "Uh...a thing of beauty." I said with my eyes rolling and searching.
    "Eh..What?" Shane's jaw dropped and his eyes wide open, glared at me with all the conundrum.
    I rolled my 'balls and looked at him sheepishly,
    "Haha.. Nothing."
    Shane jiggled his head.
    "Cool. So I read about John Keats. He was a Romantic poet. This poem is quite interesting. Just I'm confused with few words but that I'll do..."

    I was amused to see how this guy, who was, like too far away from studies, a procrastinator and so 'dark' as I say, he was talking to me like a topper! And that too about someone like John Keats! Damn! I was so lost in amazement that, I totally forgot about my favourite pen.

    "...yeah. So. What makes the human beings love life in spite of troubles and sufferings? Uhm...Samaa!" He snapped his fingers in front of my eyes.

    "Uh. Haan.." I hit my head.
    "Oh. Yes. Yeah..so, the vision of Keats is of or about...uh! is of Cynthia, the Moon Goddess, but basically, it's not about something physical or outer appearance but about that thing, which gives you joy. Which gives you a reason to live. This beauty can be anything and anyone and it is good, till it helps you survive your life struggles and dark moments! "

    And so, I explained him all the important lines.

    After around 2 hours, we decided to take a coffee break.
    "You! Seriously! " Shane asked in astonished tone. "Woahh...!" He growled.
    "Oh! Please Shane! It's just a 'Co-ffee!'"
    He laughed crazily.

    After he got back to normal and he sat on the bed and I started to prepare the coffee, I finally asked him,
    "So, I told you to meet me at the park. Uh.." I thought he will understand and he did of course.
    After keeping the milk on the stove, I turned around. His head dropped down.
    "Uhm." He sighed.

    "A thing of beauty, is a joy forever.
    Underneath six feet the ground.
    No one can touch, or even hear,
    I was no where around.
    Then, this kind of 'shady boon'
    To a lost 'sheep'...
    What a thing of beauty I had found."

    "This was something amazing Shane." I said in a very soft pitch, after silence of 5-7 seconds probably. My two leaves were round in amazement, again.
    Do comment mistakes. Give remarks.

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    I'm really confused... Whether you all will like it or not...����
    The beauty of story drops when it's just written for sake of completing. I don't really want that to happen. This novel means a lot! A lot. ��������
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    Peace 12

    "...it's not about something
    physical or outer appearance
    but about that thing,
    which gives you joy.
    Which gives you a reason to live."

  • err1585 91w

    Sorry... Had to divide.
    I know I'm taking so much time to update and then this suspense... ��
    But i hope you'll understand..�� Stuck up inside busy schedules and inspirations...����
    Let me know silly mistakes.
    Waiting for feedbacks and suggestions. ������
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    At Home
    Page 2

    I was thinking about all this and what Shane must be thinking right now, that,

    "Hello." Shane's fingers danced, as he gave that suppressed smile and then weird chuckles.
    I dropped down my neck with my hood and jittered. 'Crazy', I hit my head.
    Shane just laughed, with his hands inside his blue jeans.

    "Come on! Let's go."
    We walked a bit, from the threshold to our old Mr.Bean like sofa. Bhai, gave him water.

    Then, we had some breakfast. He made pasta today. Bhai asked few questions to Shane, about his family and how me and he became friends, to which he kept smirking, glaring at me. Till, I said,
    "Bhai, it's 8:25. Don't you have to reach the office on time today?"

    "Haha. Don't worry. Alright. I'm leaving."

    "Uh.. So, I must leave as well, I think... " Shane said, with a whispery voice. I think, he must had thought that, it's not at all safe or right, to stay alone with me at home.

    "Oh! As you wish brother! Don't worry. I'm relaxed because Samaa is a smart girl. She knows how to handle things, if something goes wrong!" Then he got near his ear and said something, which was not at all audible to me. Then, he patted his shoulder, with a wide grin. It felt like, Shane was 'trying' to smile, as he nodded his head, looking at my brother.

    Well, he left. I was a bit fearful and concerned, so I kept the door open. Bhai, understood it, so he gestured that I'll inform the aunti, next to our house.

    Shane was sitting at the sofa, as I turned around.
    "So," I said. He looked at me, turning his head, then again towards the floor,
    "So..." He stared his hands.
    "Let's start..uh..I mean, with the next chapter, right?"

    "Hmm. Alright." I replied, sitting on the bed.

    "Uhm, I think, we must go inside. It's better there. Books and stuff... What say?" My eyes shrink, and my left hand was on my chin.

    "Cool. Whatever. As you say. " He waved his hand.

    "Oka. Let's go."

    We both moved inside my study room. It was quite a courageous act on my side, probably which may sound stupid as well, for many, being a girl and that too from India!

  • err1585 91w

    I know I'm taking so much time to update and then this suspense... ��
    But i hope you'll understand..�� Stuck up inside busy schedules and inspirations...����
    Let me know silly mistakes.
    Waiting for feedbacks and suggestions. ������
    @abhishek_writes @monicalanier @jusastranger @vaidant @mprateek2001 @megha_1905 @shagun @tmdisarro @aadityaa_rao
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    At Home
    Page 1

    "Shaneee!!! and that too heree!!?
    Is he out of his mind!?" I was baffled.

    "What is he doing here? It's just, 7:30 am, right now! We decided to meet at 9, right? Oh no no no! What will bhai think? Oh! Damn! Should I stop him from letting him in. "


    "Oh no! He had already opened the door! Darn! All the best girl." I covered my eyes with my right hand, amused and completely perplexed with what will happen now?

    I walked outside, only to find my brother and Shane laughing and shaking hands with each other. On his back, his black bag hung. I was gaping at them from head to toe. What are they both doing? Does bhai know Shane? What is going on!!?

    "Oh! Dear. You are awake! Take your friend in. Be quick. I'll bring some lukewarm water for him. It's too cold outside, right? Come on! Show some excitement. Quick, quick. " Bhai, said to me, with that much big smile on his face, as I kept standing there, with a addled look and one brow up. My arms wrapped, and I was in my pajamas and thin royal blue hood, standing on the threshold, with my white winter socks, too dirty and old. Can't even justify its "whiteness".

    Though, I was confused but I felt good for, at least my brother is not like others,  and of course, he was so so happy to see that his sister have someone called 'friend'! But still, I was totally confused, with whatever drama was being played in here. I never invite any of my classmates home. It's so embarrassing!

    We live in such a small room like house, with not much furniture or any luxuries at all. We don't have any bed but two old and yes, quite comfortable mattresses, which we sit or sleep on. There is only one little sofa, kept in front of TV and a small kitchen, attached next to front wall. And attached to left wall, is our little "treasure" room, our study room. The wall behind television is filled with cracks. Well, all the walls are damped, so.

  • err1585 91w

    Peace 11

    "It was quite a courageous act
    on my side, probably
    which may sound stupid as well,
    for many, being a girl and that too from India!"

  • err1585 93w

    Smithering Dreads
    Page 1

    "The darkness of tonight,
    Is going to horrify.
    That yank, those noises,
    Is going to horrify.
    I would need some more days,
    To be out. I'll be good. It's okay.
    For ghosts are ain't real I know,
    But thriller and chills of today,
    Were indeed an impel
    To my fears.
    Just hope this don't metamorphose
    To phobias."
    I babbled, futilely.

    "Haha. What are you whispering? And you thought I was a ghost...?" Shane guffawed.

    "Please yaar. I have this fear of certain ghosts chasing me. It was no less than a nightmare, seriously!" I said in complete anxiety and then, explained him story of my fears.

    "Oh. So, I see...uhm. Your proximity with your sibling." He said placidly.
    My lips and eyes, just twinkled.

    After few moments of quietude, and hushed wind, I uttered,
    "So, know about William Douglas and his fear of water?"

    "Uhm. Yeah. 'The Deep Water' right?"

    "Yeah! Correct! " I replied, jumping a bit.

    "Haha. Yeah. I know the story. " He said jubilantly.

    "So, what's the difference between fear and phobia?" I asked, with my legs, wrapped with my arms and eyebrows intertwined, gazing at him.

    "Uhm. Both are same I think."

    "Oh! Not at all. A thin line of distinction is there. Fear is feeling  of getting afraid, when you face something, like dangerous or harmful..."

    "Yeah, yeah, because of which one can hurt someone badly." Shane giggled, gazing at me with his right eyebrow up.

    "Haha. Yes. May be." I chortled and continued, "Han, so. Fear is that and phobia is kind of 'extreme fear' from anything." Shane listened keenly.
    " It's the one, which can make you sweat just with its one look and it can give you shivers to an extent, that you will scream. "

    "Hmm." His hand on his chin.
    "So, that's what happened to our friend, Douglas. After so many bad encounters with lady water, where at one point, he felt, he almost died, his fear of water, changed into phobia. I see, its easy to breakthrough fear but quite a harsh struggle to confront phobia. "

    I was amazed. My face was in weird kind of surprise, with my eyes gone wide round and eyebrows up. I jiggered my head and said, "Yeah, yeah, precisely." I gestured with my hand 'Perfect!'

    "Haha." He laughed.

    "Indeed one of the most effulgent chapters. A treacherous journey, with an edifying end. Shoving oneself to a scope that it breaks you! " I spoke in amusement.

    "True! 'All we have to fear is fear itself.' Mind it philosopher. " He said squinting at me.

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    Try to point on these while reading #beycl :
    1) the metaphors or simile, if any.
    2) Any grammatical mistake.
    3) Reading in between lines.
    4) The nature of characters and do you know someone alike them?
    5) Your Favourite parts.
    @abhishek_writes @monicalanier @jusastranger @vaidant @mprateek2001 @megha_1905 @shagun @tmdisarro @aadityaa_rao
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    Page 2

    It was Shane. Yeah. Mysterious, cloddish and inky Shane. I was quite angry. I thought why? Why Alina? There are so many crazily stupid girls out there who are dieing to look cool by dating him. But he!? What so magical he had said to Alina that she had changed? Or may be she is a hypocrite. Uh? Why this thought came in my mind? Alina the 'hypocrite'. Really?
    Whatever. I just didn't reacted.

    "Hmm." I murmured.

    "Mam is calling you."

    "Which one?"

    "English one, Ms. D."

    "But why?"

    "Ask her. I don't know."

    Miss Lin is a nice teacher. She knew me from past 13 years; from the time I first stepped into my Kindergarten.

    Well, I again started to think and think more till I reached the classroom.
    Why she wants to meet me? Did I made some mistake? Does she needs my help?

    "May we come in Miss."

    Finally we reached the darkest room of the school, where usually no light reached. It generally remains cool and far away from the principal's room. That's our classroom.

    "Miss may we come in?" I again asked. A bit louder this time.

    "Oh. Yes yes dear. Come in come in."
    Ms. Lin finally heard my voice.

    We both sat on the two desks in front of Ms. Lin.

    "Uhm..." She was serious. "..see" she breath deeply and looked in my blue eyes. Her eyes, black and serene.
    "I want you to make  Shane understand various chapters of English. You both live near each others house. Right?"

    "What? I didn't knew that!" I shouted in my mind.

    Shane and me were shocked. Completely shocked.

    Shane lives near my house! What? When, how, where, why??

    Ms. Lin got a bit confused seeing our intertwined eyebrows and "scarily" puzzled expression.

    "Wow! Really? It's amazing seriously. You both didn't knew that, seriously!?"
    Ms. Lin sighed.

    We both looked down. Shane started scratching his head.

    "Whatever. Now you know, right. So, I want you to make  Shane understand various chapters of English."

    "Mam. That's fine. But..." I said, in a clumsy voice.

    She interrupted.
    "No but. Mia said she had to go to tuitions so she will not be able to take up any responsibility. And I myself feel that your goodness will effect him in some realisation about what he is doing with his life. "

    I glared Shane, in a bit disgust and in a bit sympathy. He looked at my disturbed face and then giggled, winking at me in friendly way.

    He took away his eyes and got in some good posture. He kept his hands on the table in a way like any boss do to explain something serious to his juniors.

    He looked up at "Ms.D" and said,
    "Mam. You don't have to do it. I know I'm your far away brother's son, so please stay far away only. Please don't worry about me. I don't need your concern."

    Ms. Lin looked at him in a little "null" way. Her face was plain and serene as always. Then she let it all out suddenly,

    "Look Shane, I don't care if you are my niece or something. You are capable. You are capable of doing some great things. I don't want you to feel guilty about failing this year. It is totally alright. Just I want you to realise that you must determine to get out of this stupid shitty jail called school. I know you are a creative person. And I know you neither enjoy  your academics nor your martial arts classes. Do you? Why are you here? For just understanding how world around you is like. For knowing what you want to create and leave behind in this world?
    Do you know what? I knew it all from the starting. I knew it's going to happen!
    I know how your parents are like.
    Your father want you to go in army, as he himself was not able to live it! And she, your mother, want to see you becoming some stupid engineer or doctor.
    But what I know is, you don't want it! You don't deserve it! That's why you are in arts! You don't know in which profession you want to go right now. I know.
    It's completely normal. But they will not listen to you until you proof yourself to them. I'm not saying you to be a rebel.They are worried too. "

    I kept listening to her words keenly. Her voice always creates magic.

    "They are not youths anymore! To them, that's a blurry far away thing now. But you are living it my son. You are still a youth! See yourself. Oh! How I pity you..."

    "Oh! How I pity you..." Wow! I understood how even words come back to oneself.

    I saw him. I saw him in tears for the first time from the past 6 years. He was trying to hold back his tears.
    He was the one like with no future, dreams or hopes. He want to look black. But why?
    It was not like only he is the bad one here. No. There are many. But Shane was the darkest because no one can tell what's going inside his head. He never try to explain anything to anyone. He was smart and really intelligent too, which all the teachers knew but he tried to hide away.
    If he had to speak anyway, he speak immediate and humours answers but they made sense. He spoke it that way, so as to let teachers ignore him. He never try to fit in any group. He is always quiet till anyone calls out his name. He is always lost in his own dark world. All his 'fan-friends' try to take inspiration from him as "he looks so cool in it!"

    Then, after few minutes I realised their was too much silence in the room but not inside the three machines sitting their. Each of it was making a lot of noise. A lot. I could hear it from their faces. A cyclone was moving inside Shane. We both can see that.

    "Oh. How I pity you..." I said in my heart.
    -by Ritika~
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    Have got some points? Want to question anything? Have any views on certain aspects of the story? Want to ask or know about any situation of character?
    Search and open the "BRYCL" DISCUSSION BOX. #beyclbox (Get directly through in my timeline. @err1585)

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    Try to point on these while reading #beycl :
    1) the metaphors or simile, if any.
    2) Any grammatical mistake.
    3) Reading in between lines.
    4) The nature of characters and do you know someone alike them?
    5) Your Favourite parts.
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    Page 1

    I thought, Alina must be scared and regretful. How can the girl as sweet and pure as Alina could turn out to be something like this?

    I saw her mother afterwards, on her scooter. She drives it everyday to school but this time I really noticed it. It was an old one. Really, too old. Each and every part of that scooter was filled with dust, covered with rust and hopelessness. But her mum didn't bother.

    The only thing she bothers about is Alina. She loves her madly. Each day she drove this 'ghostly' scooter, only to pick and drop Alina. It's not like our school don't have a bus service. It's just that Alina don't want to travel in bus or on her own.
    And yeah. By 'ghostly' I meant ghostly, literally.

    Each time she had asked me to call Alina, she looked worried. Each time she met her, after school, she hugged her tightly with all those caring forehead kisses. Not only this, she made new dishes for her each day, for recess.

    She talked to me once when she was waiting outside reception's gate for Alina. I was as usual, observing nature, as after school I stay in school for sometime,  for some reasons.

    "Alina is the best daughter in the world. I trust her completely. She never hides away anything from me. She have great dreams. You will see, she will become something which will make everyone else but me proud. She is my child and my only love. I want her to be independent. She is my only family and so I believe her completely."

    She spoke to me in a very friendly manner. She is a beautiful young lady. Believe me. She didn't look like a typical Indian mother. She don't even look like someone's mother! I wondered she might had suffered an early marriage.

    I really don't know why she was telling me all that stuff. Probably, she is amongst that type of mother, who remain so busy for her children that she don't have time to even think of herself. Her life, health, friends or anything starts and ends on her children. Also, that day she was quite deep into emotions. I remembered it was Alina's birthday.

    She continued,
    "... You look like a decent girl. Please take care of her my child. She said she was not able to make notes of some subject. Please help her with it. Will you? Can you?.."
    She looked in my eyes with so much truthfulness and love. Her eyes gleamed like shinchan's eyes, if you remember. Her eyes waited for my answer.
    What could I have said? I said
    "Okay Aunti. I will. You don't worry."

    Indian mom's are not like this usually. Most of them are always with so many questions, when they meet any of their child's friends or classmates. She was different and fascinating. She have so much of faith in Alina. Oh! How much she loves her. How much she trust her!

    How will Alina face her? Will she be alright? How will I face Aunti? Does she know about her and Shane? Questions, questions and more questions!

    "Hey philosopher!"

    I jerked my head and looked back.
    -by Ritika~
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