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  • blood_and_velvet 2d

    The only time I'll stay sane
    Is when I fall apart
    By the music of the sinner,
    Echoed under the dark of yesterday
    With candles burning their brightest,
    And tides rising their highest.

    Shall I not see
    The depth of my own eyes,
    The mirror reflecting
    Just the silhouette of a burnt me.

    The only time I'll stay sane
    Is when I'll blow those candles off,
    And wish for your presence
    Where I'm going to be.

    -Sunny Sharma

  • damilare_mapper 3d


    Night is the opposite of day, wrong is the opposite of right, death is the opposite of life and life is celebrated with birth, year after year,
    Filled with joy and probably few regrets,
    Subconsciously thinking death is near,
    But consciously pushing the fear,
    Life is meant to be celebrated they say,
    While they waste away resources in vain,
    And those without resources to waste,
    Become sad and feel pain,
    But never realise the essence of their birthdays,
    Is it all about the cakes, is it all about the fake makeup faces, is it all about having fun and acting like babies or about taking so much pictures and collecting gifts, while you lust away on your birth-day,
    The day you begin a new 365 days, Nay
    But we forget that we live in a dream,
    And we are blessed by what we eat,
    While so many try to feed, and so many don't have the ability to read,
    While some of our families and friends are dead, but we were still given that undeserving grace to live, another 365days of being blessed , so to speak,
    Unlike countless which are either dead or are alive but live less, and still thank GOD for not being lifeless,
    So I urge you to always appreciate and be grateful for being blessed with a whole 365days in good health, for this life is nothing but a test,
    So don't treat it like a contest of living the largest,
    Remember every year, as you celebrate birth, you also get closer to death,
    So think more and act with care,
    Because of that day where we would be buried beneath the Earth.


  • quotesnest 4d

    13 November, 1996
    A lil girl was born with a lot of flicks

    Meeting you was my fate
    And then you became my best mate

    You taught me what friendship is
    Talking to you is always a bliss

    Always stay happy and blessed
    I wish you lots of success

    Forever is an illusion
    But let's break that misconception

    I hope we never fall apart
    Caz your friendship is closest to my heart

    I know you'll remember the one who wished you first
    But you can't forget the one who comes at last

    And I wanna be both :p


  • ams4paws 5d

    Do you have the package?

    He: Have you brought it?
    She: Yes, 16gb worth gold!
    He: What?! That's a lot!
    She: It's only the créme de la créme baby, the best of yesterday, today and a little bit of tomorrow.

    On his birthday, he received her love in the form of countless lyrics and a mosaic of tunes. Every song, meant to tug at his heart strings and remind him of her love.


  • _rhea_ 1w


    Best friend's birthday was like a festival.
    It doesn't even matter.


  • silk_amidst_scars 1w

    Happy 19 to me��
    Birthday time
    #words #beautiful #birthday #like

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    A poetry

    A poetry
    Written on a velvet sheet
    With an alliterative ink
    On the land of India
    Almost 19 years ago
    Has now matured
    And is ready to take the cosmos
    With beauty of words


  • samareyouinjam 1w


    ©SAM BKS

  • sapnapulikal 1w


    All the days through the year
    They will not talk to you,
    They will just pass by you and
    lend a fakest smile ever.
    And when they are asked for favours
    they are least capable of it.
    And then arrives your 'BIRTHDAY'
    On that day you are slaying no doubt,
    And they too want be the wellwisher
    Just for coming in the good books.

    And I Don't know why people do this,
    Its like No flowers or leaves in the tree
    and suddenly one day the tree showers fruits!

    Cakes and sweets Oh! I never am crazy
    for that stuff,
    What I love is just your handshake and a tight hug, remembering me that you are mine.

    Talking of gifts,
    I never really expect them
    But I get them at very least cases.

    On My every 'BIRTHDAY' I always think
    Why Don't I have any BAE to spend
    money on me , to buy me clothes and
    fancy cakes (with my picture over it) And gifts those (happy birthday baby) types coffee mugs,
    Then I actually have to come into the real real world and I just be sad.

    Its like, 'Wait to Date
    OR Bake and Make'
    I hate Birthday's,
    Why only on that one day,
    you should have all the fun
    Every day is a reborn you
    and live it to the fullest.


  • pcreation17 1w

    "Bestfriend & Birthday"

    A name to shout aloud
    A name to blabber around
    A name to waste time upon
    A name to remember whole life along
    That's what a bestfriend's name is.

    A person to fight with
    A person to laugh with
    A person to handle enough of your stupid stuff
    A person to carry on with more stupid stuff
    That's what a bestfriend is.

    With no more insane ideas punching up in my mind,
    I wish you a great birthday!


  • theweavers 1w

    Happy Birthday To You

    I have counted all days,
    And the merryful nights,
    For a whole year to say,
    Happy Birthday to You;

    So now don’t be shy,
    Come into my embrace,
    And make the wish you keep,
    for I will go anywhere,
    And fulill it for you,

    And stay happy as today,
    Coz I love you my lady,
    Guess what’s in my hands,
    A small present for you.

    We will never let us go,
    Away from this embrace,
    Together we always be,
    Longer than we know.

    And for the times to come,
    I will be here even if I die,
    counting all the days,
    Every single year to say,
    Happy birthday to you.


  • hayat_1410 1w

    Hey girl! @maher_8149 Happy seventeen! ��
    I so so so wish I could be there hugging you right now
    and we'd stay up all night. Yay!!! *insomniacs party*����
    But you know better, life's not a wish-granting-factory,
    And so I thought I could atleast write you something
    'coz you know that's the only thing I'm good at.������
    (Well not so good , but still. Emotions pe jaa mere samjhi na)
    The rhymes are horrible, I know. Tolerate them��
    Here you go...

    A person to rely.
    A support in need.
    A shoulder to cry.
    An idiot who's freed.
    An accomplice to pry.
    A berserk indeed!
    I know, I don't profess often, but,
    Listen girl, you're all this to me.

    You are the shelter to my bitchy thoughts,
    Not to mention, a partner in crime.
    Remember our eye-talks and virgin jokes,
    Oh! How I wish we could turn back the time.

    I still miss the group punishments we had,
    Sitting on the white line in the school premise.
    "Sorry miss, I forgot", the constant lie we told,
    Just so she'd dump us out. An eternal bliss.

    They say, there's one thing
    you can hardly find -
    A friend who is so selfless, close and true.
    But I guess, they've never met my bestie,
    'Cause that's exactly what I have in you.

    Wait! It's time to wish you "Happy Birthday"
    With all my heart and soul.
    No doubt, we'll be Best Friends Forever,
    Two halves of one fabulous whole.


    Lastly, just wanted to remind you-
    You are the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me.
    I feel so helpless all the times you break down,
    and I can't do anything but assure you of something better.
    But hey! Chin up princess.
    'Cause you yourself know that you deserve nothing less than the best of everything and nothing and of course, a prince cum moron like you!����
    I love you babu.���� @maher_8149
    And yes, I'm not saying this just out of habit.
    I really mean each and every ounce of emotion in this��
    Oh, Who am I telling! You already know right?��

    #birthday #bff @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @mirakee @the_allured_penmanship

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    Supari !!!

    I know you are
    a micro-person.
    You don't often
    read long posts.

    But you dare not
    read this one.
    Or else you know
    the consequences,
    don't you?��

  • shayartist 1w

    6th june 2012

    It all started from 6th June 2012
    Since that day I'm not able to stop myself to stop thing about you..

  • pranavda 1w

    #Birthday ������

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    "What sets you apart can feel like a burden, and it's not.
    A lot of the time, it's what makes you great." - Emma Stone

  • toolism 2w


    I am new to Mirakee. Just writing a first entry. My name is Ashley Halsey. I am 27 years old; my birthday is November 15th 1989. I'm turning 28. I like drawing, writing, & creating; anything that involves some type of creativeness. Involving myself with what's being portrayed in the creative process, I have been drawing since age 3 and writing in a journal since age 11.

    I live in Lawrenceburg Kentucky & I am without any friends because I recently just moved here from Winchester Kentucky. I am originally from Frankfort Kentucky & observe myself as being a loner. I am a mute; I don't talk much, rather I sit back & listen. I learn more by keeping a tight lip, but it's not intentional, keeping my lips shut, it's just something that I've evolved in doing. Maybe that explains why I don't have many friends because I am very shy & can't start the first conversation with someone.

    My looks consist of: brunette medium length hair, green eyes, pale skin, medium build. I wear glasses because I am so very blind, lol. I also have a 12 inch vertical scar on my stomach from appendicitis.

    So now that you know more about me, maybe we can be Mirakee friends & get to know one another just by our blogs/journal entries. Thank you for taking the time in your life to read about mine. That's very cool of you, to take such an interest in me; curiosities kills the cats.

  • tess_lauren 2w


    Your birthday comes during this time of the year
    And I don't even know what you are gonna wear
    I wish you happiness but you will not hear
    Because I will not say it out loud this year
    You seem to be happy when I am not near
    It was totally different the last year
    I loved you with no fear
    All you gave me was an unstoppable tear
    Yet in my mind you are still stuck in the second gear!


  • agropoet 2w

    Teach me to be grateful
    to appreciate the things I have
    to cherish the present moments
    to live in my today and enjoy it.
    Teach me to love
    to value those who love me
    open my heart to respond to love
    to accommodate and love in return .
    Teach me to trust
    completely and wholeheartedly
    without having to look over my shoulders
    to believe and confide in people.
    Teach me to be humble
    to know so much yet not have so many opinion
    to have so much yet show none of it
    to be modest yet moderate.
    Teach me to listen
    without interruption till the end
    and not give advice or ideas
    to hear everything and say nothing till necessary.
    Teach me to live
    to be fulfilled regardless of material possession
    irrespective of my status or position
    teach me to live each day graciously.
    Teach me to number my days
    remind me that I'm nothing but dust
    and my days are but limited
    that I may do only that which honors thee.

  • my_little_musings 2w

    Happy Birthday to ME😎

    November looms,
    A new day has started,
    I have aged one more year...
    Fighting with the battles of life...
    A new year comes...
    With lots of hope...
    I pray the coming year brings many blessings from God..
    Happy Birthday to me... !!!

  • chicklovestoread2 3w

    Sometimes we are so caught up in our own life and problems that we forget how the whole universe is inter related#birthday #wish #addiction #pain #writersnetwork

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    Birthday wish

    She closed her eyes and blew out the candles,
    Made that same wish again

    It was her birthday
    But he loved his addiction more than he cared about her pain

  • ahuja_jatin29 3w

    What's the hardest thing for you? asked her friends.
    "To get a hug from my dad even on my birthday" she replied.

  • aliya_ 3w

    Happy Birthday Best Friend

    Happy birthday soulmate. I love you. You’re a 18 year old now. Please act somewhat more maturely? All the best for boards. Stay happy. Love your family. Love your friends. Be thankful. Be happy. Be kind. Don’t be extra. Not everything needs your reaction or comment. Not everyone needs to know what you’re up to. Don’t hold grudges against anyone. Forgive people. Live without regrets. Don’t regret anything that happened in the past. Everything happens for a reason. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. A bad memory or past action is what you should learn something from. Your bad experiences/actions/memories are what helps you become more mature. Learn something from them. Don’t regret over them. Aim high, to make yourself proud, to make your family proud. Chase your dreams. Achieve them. Work hard. Never give up. Make yourself a priority. Don’t place your happiness in anyone else. People don’t matter. People don’t care. No one. People don’t stay. Don’t make a fool out of yourself by placing your happiness in someone else. It’s all about you. You are the only one who’ll always be there with you, for you, forever. You are the only one who can make you happy, proud,successful. You are your truest friend. You are the only one who can help you live a good life. You are the only one who is responsible for your happiness, betterment, success. No one else is. Always be positive. Always see the bright side. Bad days will come. Embrace them. Live the good days to the fullest. Make memories. Pictures are okay, but memories are more important.

    You know why I didn’t wish you at 12? Why was I online and liking posts but not wishing you? Why I didn’t upload any story or post any picture? Why didn’t I call you? Why I forgot that it was your birthday? Because that’s what you’ll get. That’s what you’ll get if you expect from anyone but you. That’s what will happen in the coming years. You’ll expect from people. People who you think are your best friends. People who you think will stay with you till the very end. People who you think that they care. Cause you know what? They don’t. They don’t think. They don't care. They won’t stay. Cause changes happen. Cause change is the only constant thing. And you should accept it. Cause it’s the truth. And you should expect as much less as possible. Don’t keep any expectations from almost anyone but you. You are all that matters. You are the only one who can look after your happiness and needs. It’s all about you and no one else. No I’m not saying that you should be selfish. Be kind. Spread love. But never make someone else the basis of your happiness.
    A person who failed to send her best friend a birthday message at the stroke of midnight, didn’t even upload a picture of her on social media, didn’t even call