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  • lifeistooochota 2d

    Etna kyu Farq hai ham donu ma

    Wo ladka hai uslya wo rat bhar apne dost ka sath hangout bhi karsakhta hai,
    Ma ladki hu eslya teen ghante bad call bhi aajata hai !!

    Wo room bandh karke bat karta hai to koi usa kuch nahi kehta hai,
    Ma room bandh karke bat karlu to kise bat kare thi puchte hai !!

    Wo 1glass Pani bharka nahi baithega to chalega,
    Ma 1glass pani leka nahi baithe to "ladki ki jaat hai sab kaam aana chahiye lecture milta hai mujhe" !!

    Wo torn kapde pehne to sahe,
    Ma pehne to ladko ka hath uder he jayenge !!

    Wo pyaar kare to sahe,ladki ache hai,
    Ma karu to ladka kharab hai !!

    Wo jawab de to Kamara hai,
    Ma du to ladki hu,ladkiya jawab nahi deti hai !!

    Wo dekhe to koi kuch nahi kahega,
    Ma dekhlu balcony sa to aise ate hai meri maa jaisa koi ladka mera liye he road pe thaira ho aur mujhe apna number dera ho !!

    Wo kare to mobile pe kaam uski typing speed sa,
    Ma Karu to chat meri typing speed sa !!

    Wo gaali daede to ladka hai,
    Ma daedu to 4log kya kahenge !!

    Wo apne Goa ki photo lagaye to thik,
    Ma Apne skirt ki picture dp lagau to galat !!

    Wo jo bhi dekhe sab sahe,
    Ma dekhu to 50shades !!

    Uska kuch karne ya nah karne per usko sab jayaj hai "Kyu ki wo ladka hai",
    Mera karne ya nah karne per mujhe har waqt "Ladki hona ka ehsas dilaya jata hai" !!

    Wo kare to ladka hai ladka hai ladka hai,


  • harf__ 4d

    A simple and straight forward viewpoint about how to treat your lady I can be foolish but of course I must be because I think this world needs some fools too.

    [ Question : - Why so long poem ?

    Answer : - A four part poem in one hope you guys like it. ]

    #love #romantic #care #poetry #girl #boy #relationships #poem #poetry #mirakee #mirakeeworld #harf

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    Her and Him

    Yes! She Bleeds
    Every Month, She Bleeds
    Your Care, She seeks
    She goes through that
    You can't even dream

    No doubt, that She feels hurt too
    Sometimes, even more than You
    Sacrifices, that She made throughout
    You don't even have a single clue

    “Don't worship, you are not pious”
    Her blood, can't stop her desire
    Purity resides in heart they say
    Then why ?
    Bleeding V can't touch worship fire

    What we got to do ?
    Just sit and Talk to her in those time
    House chores by you, aren't crime
    Men too can do kitchen and everything
    She is goddess if the house is a shrine

    Hug Her out, Be calm, just don't shout
    For Two Four days cook, or dine out
    Taking Care is love too, don't be shy
    Its You both, or what its all about

    Obviously You can't feel what she feels
    But at least, You can help her to heal
    Let society bark, it will no matter what
    Just start cuddling her you know the drill

    When Society Interferes
    Why ? can't she say it out aloud
    Why ? society don't let her shout
    “She is a girl” its all what it takes
    Kali was too don't You know about?

    She is different from He, that’s true
    That doesn't mean she must only brew
    She is not, just some flesh of desire
    She must be treated as human too

    She lives dual life, throughout of it
    I couldn't even write, just a brief
    Look into her eyes, while talking
    You will see a life of hard concrete

    In the End
    Don't stare! praise the beauty of her
    Don't make her afraid, make her blush
    She is determined but different too
    She is tender, hold her soft don't crush

    He needs her and She needs him too
    Its always about her and of course You
    The life is beautiful, love it at fullest
    Don't forget, for a life it takes two.


  • _alpha_ 4d


    Un purane yaro ke liye
    Hum bhtt purane ho gye....

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    Kalam ki syaahi kaagaz pe achhi lagti hai...

    Kalam mein zyada rahi tho sookh jaati hai..


  • tathagatkaushik 1w

    Being a boy is so easy , all we do is
    Text one girl and play video games ��
    #being #boy #esay #we #do #text #girl #play #videogames

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    Being a boy is so easy , all we do is
    Text one girl and play video games


  • mishujhamat 1w

    #him #I #poet #boy #girl #me #you #life #quotes #love #like #him #her #expect
    When me as a women stands for him

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    Him and I

    I want to have all the pain of his heart
    If he is hurt so much
    I want to be his backbone all the time
    And I hope he never falls to feel that
    I want to be his desire from love to hate
    From body to soul , from life to graveyard
    I want to hold his hand
    so that no one hold his happiness
    I will burn those fires with my own
    If he is screamed out of pain
    I am him I am his and he is mine
    Not just saying, be careful
    I have rage to fight and courage to win
    From every single war of world
    Not for all but for him.
    I want to be the one to whom he says
    You are the one for all my love hate and anger
    For all the truths and lies i'll ever say
    For all the pain he could ever share
    For all the kindness he could ever expect.

  • ritik_sharma 1w

    Lost boy

    I saw him crying at a corner, for me he was always the one who is a constant source of positivity and happiness, to see him drowning in tears was astonishing. Maybe he got betrayed by someone who was the reason for his happiness but you must know one thing if you love someone with your utmost dedication he or she will someday know about your importance. He did the same and kept loving the one who was sunlight of his morning and moonlight of his night. One must beleive in his ownself and never give up. I met him few days back and to my surprise he was glittering like a star, he became a better version of himself he got his love back.

  • tathagatkaushik 1w

    Mera to yahi sapna h bhai ki bike se Ladakh Jau........
    .#dreams #dream #lovedones #boy #longdrive #desire #dreamer

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    Dark circles

    I wanna be reason behind the dark circles you have

  • lifeistooochota 2w

    Maturity doesn't comes with age
    Perfect Example

    A 65 year old man roaming outside in Lockdown
    A 15year old boy staying at home


  • panabee 2w

    Dear self,

    You are ready for 2020-2021 audition for photography.
    It's going to be your year.you are going to success in anything .you set your mind to...
    Let's do this ...

    How to photography at home.....

    Pose .... sitting position ....




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  • satychirra 2w

    ..i might delete this later..this is way too dramtaic and fantasized for me to dwell in ..:)

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    Once upon a time in the land of countless stars and orange meadows, there lived a boy with half a heart. He had a mongrel named Devil, who was his imaginary companion. He lived in a crumbling tree house made of acacia. All that he had in his home was a bag of beans, a bundle of crumpled papers and a small satchel he held very dear - no one knew what was inside that brown satchel.

    He rarely spoke but the walls of his tree house had some kind of carvings and writings on them; every now and then he would write something on the wall. Though he lived with half a heart, he hoped for something, blue heaven only knows. Every evening he watched the orange skies up on his tree top. Beyond the secret lake, beyond the moors, beyond the mountains and the pines, beyond the enchanted forest he could see a trace of a palace... his half heart was always drawn to it. Every sunset would mean another day without.

    Right up on the horizon where his eyes gazed, there lived a princess, who herself has half a heart. Legend has it that she was a lovely princess born or magic and miracle. She had big brown eyes, long black silky hair, a golden heart, velvety skin and she smelled like a garden of flowers. She was the most beautiful girl in all the seven kingdoms in all of the earth. Her beauty was envied by Gods. She was the light, the gentle breeze, the calming warmth and all in all an angel in disguise. The kingdom however was crumbling and fading slowly because of a curse that was laid upon the princess; the kingdom would flourish if she smiles and would crumble a little every time she is sad. The lovely princess in all her beauty was sad deep inside and nobody ever knew why.

    Every night she would stare into the night sky, waiting for her companion to arrive. You could tell how much she loved the moon just by its reflection in her teardrop. She would ride the moonlit skies on her imaginary companion- a black horse she called ‘silver’.

    She would gallop across the black holes and galaxies, through the waning moon and stars, across the nebula and rich constellations, she would lie in the clouds with a thought in her head, only heaven knows what.

    Life moved on for the boy and the girl and one fine day the boy walked a little deeper into the moors, not knowing that this would be a different day than the usual. As he walked he became curious, he walked a little further down, and a little further down, and a little more, until he reached the foot of the mountains where the pines begin. How curiosity knew no bounds and he starts to climb the mountain. For a second he looked back and thought, he got nothing to lose anyway, so he walked on. Through the green mountain and over the slopes he walked, the devil followed him barking at every twitch of a twig. They cross the tall pines, the six streams and the twelve caverns. Until they reached the edge of the enchanted forest. He paused for a while, he felt his precious satchel and thought to himself, I have everything I need right here with me, I got nothing to lose and he took a step in...

    Far away the golden heart princess wasn’t feeling that well. Her heart was bruised and she wondered what to do. She was helpless and couldn’t save the kingdom from crumbling. Just to keep it alive she smiled once in a while, that kept it going. But deep inside she was longing for something, if only she knew.

    Just as the boy stepped foot in the enchanted forest a lightening struck from the sky, the sound thereof was deafening, devil whimpered and sat at the boys feet trembling, the boy couldn’t see what was happening... all he knew was there was a heavy thunder and a blue streak of light cut through the skies and into the ground just a few feet away. Trembling he looks deep, and to his astonishment there was a voice which spoke.. it didn’t have a shape but yet it spoke. What do you seek stranger? The voice said. The boy replied I seek something priceless, something that I lack. The voice grinned and said what do you give in return? The boy thought for a moment and the only precious thing he held dear came to his mind. He touched the satchel and his heart shrunk. He slowly pulled it out and stretched it out and said .. here, this is everything I can give. The satchel vanished into thin air and all he could hear was a tingling as if from a piece of jewel or an anklet. The voice said, you get a million wishes for what you just gave up, call out your first one. The boy replied, I would choose the same wish a million times is that a valid wish? The voice answered, you’re a fool but yes it’s valid, now what is it that you want. The boy mustered courage and said it at last, I seek love, the one that I lack, I seek just one day where I could be loved and I can love. The voice replied, this could only happen if another wishes the same wish, and you would have time till sunset, and then it whisked away like a storm.

    There was a lull, the boy kept wondering where his wish was... just then from deep inside the enchanted forest he could hear hooves, coming right at him, he could see from a distance it looked like someone was riding a black horse. It became clearer and he kept wondering, is it someone who wished the same thing as I did? Could it be the one?

    As he was riding his thoughts, there she appeared, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. His mouth gasped wide open, he wondered at her gorgeous appearance, the gold of her heart shone radiant on her face, the whiff of her smell captured his being, she smelt like the purple flowers from heaven, her brown eyes shot right through his heart and he stood speechless. She whispered, are you the one that wished? He murmured in silence, yes!

    He had no idea of how he should be treating her, he stretched out his trembling hands and she held his fingertips. They both knew something was absolutely right in that instance, he held tighter, gathered his failing voice and said let’s walk. She gladly agreed.

    Right there they walked, towards a nearby hill, she asked what have you wished for? He said I wished for you for a day. What would you do with me? She said. His voice was failing, he replied, I would hold your hand as long as this wish lasts. She smiled a little.

    They came up to the hill and the evening birds started singing, there by a pool of water, by the willows they sit. Right in the horizon the skies start to turn orange, he knew what that means... his heart began to shudder. He clasped his fingers tighter and so she did. She spoke very little, but the silence was deafening between them. The sun starts to sink, he moved a little closer to her, she smiles, he puts his arm around her, she smiles again, they both don’t say a word they knew what each meant for the other.

    The orange in the skies turns brighter and darker, they held each other right there by the willows, looking into each other’s eyes. The sun isn’t round anymore it’s half it’s shape. Tears roll down their eyes, they both know what this all means, he held her face and she holds his, their eyes locked in sight. A chance for a million words to be spoken but just the gaze meant it all. For in that moment not even a million words would mean half of what they mean. They could feel that they are both fading away ... they held on to each other tighter, as if to not lose each other. The half hearts embraced tighter, not wanting to let go and for time to not fade away. The merciless sun starts to sink deeper, in grief she questions him, why didn’t you ask for an eternity, and why just one day? He whispered in her ear, just one day with you is worth an eternity my love, and he kissed her right between the left ear and the little mole on her left eye, her tears trickled on his lips as he kissed. They held each other tighter and they begin to fade into think air. Little by little they disintegrate, their half hearts start to beat as one. The heaven shed a tear, the earth mounted, the skies seeped at the sight of what just happened. When the last fragment of their fragile bodies faded, all that was left by the willows was one full heart. The half hearts sure were meant to be one.

    The next morning right where the heart lay, there grew a beautiful flower, it was purple and blue, the rarest of its kind. They were gone, into the most but their spirits were right there by the willows, giggling and laughing and running around. So the half hearts now full, loved each other happily ever after.

  • _unknown___ 2w


    pretend to be ok

    Boys might cry themselves to sleep but they always

    make it a point to act as though

    nothing happened


  • singhavantika 2w

    A Boy Who Grown
    Up Earlier..!

    Saw him silently crying , A boy
    who grown up earlier..
    His eyes speaks a lot and heart full
    of love filled with tears ,
    His unspoken words are left in his
    heart and can't express it freely...
    He wants to live his dream with a
    purposeful life.
    But got a burden of life..
    And I saw a boy who grown up earlier
    silently crying...!

  • _alpha_ 2w


    Bewafa na wo
    Na hum
    Dhoka toh waqt ne diya hai..

  • pallavsoni 2w


    He was broken,
    Doesn't mean he gave up.

  • krishna_gautam 2w


    There is no boy in this world

    Who is texting only one girl .

    Note - I don't belong to this world