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  • poojanatoo 18h

    I will stand by you as you struggle to understand yourself. I will be with you when you are getting rebuked. I will stand by you as you fall in love and get trampled in it.
    I will definitely stand by you as you try to piece back your life. I will be there with a warm hug when you are low.
    I will be with you through every bump on the road, on every blind turn to help you maneuver.
    I will stand by you. ALWAYS.

    Being the mature sister.

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    I will stand by you.


  • sparklingpassion 1d

    Even if we fight,I get beat
    And even if we play a game,
    you live me in the dust.

  • nikhilkasaudhan 1d


    Being BROTHER
    Being there
    for each other.

  • buddingthoughts 1d

    Brother by choice

    Today as memories drift in my mind
    I stain with ink these pages
    With description of our bro-sis bond
    Which has crossed several stages

    It began with giggles and care
    Though with motives selfish but innocent
    We both were heart wrenched on drifting
    Dut to little mistakes we still repent

    Although we both fell apart
    With uncountable sorrows we were broke
    Remembering all our companionships
    Wondering wether all promises were a joke

    A new chapter started with an apology
    As things started setting right
    Long conversations and endless jokes
    Which bought glee and smiles bright

    I wish those things wont change
    And our bond will stay unbreakable
    But what i wish today is not our togetherness
    But that your happiness to remain stable

    And whatever happens i just hope
    That in the next birth, brother we would meet
    But not only as bro-sis by choice
    But also as real brother you i would greet

  • lucinda 2d


    Brother, protector, confidante
    A man never short on words
    His own toughest critic
    Constantly questioning himself
    While lifting me up
    Giver of advice
    Always on my side
    Always saying he should have known the unknowable
    Always guilty for not reading my mind
    That’s my brother, my protector, my confidante

    Dedicated to nil_markas

  • anushka1491 2d

    The person who gives me motivation when he has lost his
    The person who makes me smile when he fakes a smile for himself
    The person who pretends to be happy even when he has drowned from inside
    The person who makes me closer to my goals even when he has failed a thousand times
    The person who doesn't often say but he loves me alot
    Is the person whom I love the most and he is my BROTHER....


  • raghuvamsi 2d

    Some stay only during your good times,
    Other's stay only during your hard times,
    But brother from another mother stays with you all the time,
    I don't have many lifelines,but the lifelines which I do have are enough for me survive with happiness,
    I don't have a sibling,but I have friends and cousins who are more than a sibling for me,
    I might not text them or call them frequently but I do think about them daily


  • shewolf_detera 3d

    I clutch my chest ready to support my heart from falling if I tell my brother I'm an atheist. He is known to have the faith of moving mountains, with healing hands and forgiving eyes.
    When the moment I struggle from mental illness arrived and he was there to help me, he said he would pray for me.
    I told him I don't believe in their god.
    I told him that I started not to believe in such fictional man from the above who watched me like a baby sitter always on the phone.
    But he said and insist, "I'll still pray for you."
    I do not know why but having someone to accept you for who you are is the best thing you could ever get. Cherish them. Love them no matter the differences exclude you from the eye of the judgmental society because humanity is the root of acceptance. We are human. We need to act like it.


  • bhagyad 3d

    Now,Then,and Forever the Moments
    Spent with You remains Unchanged...

  • katyaini 4d

    You know, he'd often smile,
    stepping inside these walls.
    Speckled in off-white paint,
    with long memory filled halls.

    Remember holding her finger,
    as she taught him how to skate.
    He'd remember crying so hard,
    when she, in jest, picked his plate.

    memories of time now long lost,
    drawing the whimsical dreams;
    blurred image of cracked relations,
    now so broken apart at seams.

    You know, she'd often cry,
    stepping inside these walls,
    speckled in dying-yellow paint,
    with secrets rotting the halls.

    Remember keeping him hidden,
    from sounds of pointless fights,
    curses and abuses splatters,
    that faded into lifeless nights.

    memories of times left behind,
    painting smiles over tragedies,
    lost in beats of mending hearts,
    now rising from past calamities.

    ***Posting again because this pic was too cute :-)***

    P.C---> Brother and sister drawing by Mike Theuer - WetCanvas

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  • mkdiaries 5d

    I hate you more than i love you,
    Sometimes just by your presence all my happiness blew.
    But sometimes it enhances my mood,
    Forcing me to giggle just as you booed.
    You disrespect me a lot,
    Having no idea how much i cried.
    But the next day the smile you brought
    With you when you appear in front of me still annoying and fried,
    Makes me forget all the bad you do all day,
    Renewing my love for you as i lay,
    In my lazy outfit and crazy mind,
    All my heart pieces it tries to bind,
    But never succeeds.
    Coz that reunion requires respect.
    Respect i seek for in your eyes,
    In your heart,
    Its waiting to hear a sorry for all that you have done,
    An apology for the times you have broken my heart and made me cry.
    But……this broken heart will automatically join, without an apology from you, the day you say, Didi, i love you!
    My ears have been craving…dieing…to just hear those few magical words.
    That day will be my life's golden…nah…platinum day!! Coz…
    I hate you more than i love you,
    But that love for you if far more pure and stronger than my hatred i have for you, and the repect i seek for in you.

  • tumaku 1w

    in the roles of a
    son - brother - father

    guards • shares • loves • cares
    fights • cries • smiles
    destroys • builds • survives
    • holds together •
    ° stays °
    till his last breath

  • sparklingpassion 1w

    I never thought it could be you
    I never wanted it to
    My other half of me jst disappeared
    Darkness came as fast as you got your angels wings
    My tears will never go away
    My heart feels like it's been thrown away
    When I heard the news
    I felt to my knees
    Not wanting to get up
    I heard you say I'll be okay
    Flying miles to see whether it was true
    memories running through my head
    I sit there looking at you
    wanting to talk to you
    I couldn't see those big brown eyes
    There is not a smile that could ever be replaced
    God take this pain away from me
    I never got to say goodbye
    I want you to answer me WHY
    I was too late to take his place
    Now all I can do is wait
    till then I will be missing him..

  • lilmisswriter 1w

    Is it sad or ironic that the protective brother who banned short, revealing clothes for his sister turns into a desperate boyfriend when he asks his girlfriend to wear the same?

  • grimmmlyssa 1w

    Angelic Warrior

    Angelic warrior, with swords of fire,
    Archangel Michael has been known for awhile,
    Brother to me, and my Father too,
    Thank you, Saint Michael, for all that you do!
    Deep down in the Darkness, where there's no Light,
    In moments, you saved me, like the Dawn after Night,
    Some say, you are Jesus, the Son of our Father,
    The One and the Only, this makes me smile,
    Some say, you're the Reaper, who leads sad, lost souls,
    No wonder I don't fear crossing Death's road,
    How lovely it is to know simply this,
    If it's true that you'll journey with me, in life and in death,
    Then I know that I'm safe from the worst it can get,
    Dear Brother, oh Michael! I'm so proud of you,
    There's no one in the world, who hasn't heard of you!
    But you are not proud, just a servant like me!
    You bowed down to Adam, with no kind of rage,
    Beautiful and loyal, your Love remains true,
    For this very reason, I bow down to you!
    Embrace me, dear Brother, your Love calms and heals,
    Once I meet you in Heaven, it will be so surreal,
    In the meantime, while I'm living,
    Please give me the strength, in the moments I need it, Your Love, and your Kiss,
    Thank you once more, for all that you do!
    Saint Michael, Dear Angel , in Death I greet you
    -Grim Lyssa

  • meera_nair 2w


    I am a happy girl .
    I have everything a girl want
    A caring mom is my weakness
    A lovely dad is my happiness
    A friendly brother is my luck
    I am a girl who have got best in her life
    I am living happily with my loved ones


  • sahana_jb 2w


    Its easy to fall in love
    But its difficult to stay in love.....

  • ramya04 2w


    Distance separate us
    Soul unite us
    Blood differentiate us
    Heart Integrate us
    My love on you
    Is more than everything...

  • s_a_n_a_n_d_a_ 2w

    The relationship of siblings can never be imagined... The amount they fight with each other...in the same way they love each other!!
    Life has different ways of separating people...death being the most hurting way!!
    A brother is no less than a father who cares more like him and promises to keep his sibling safe in whatever circumstances!!!
    He proved it so always!! U will be always loved brother!!!
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite #pod #sibling #love #relationship #life #death #separation #protection #unconditional_love #closeness #brother

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    Through the warm earthen road we came -
    I before you and you after me
    To the earth we were bound by our common roots
    Upto the sky we wanted to spring our green lil shoots

    It was late midnight when the doorbell rang
    I said; "Who's this?"
    From the other side came the sweet voice of the night bird,
    "Its me! Hear me out!"
    Climbing up my parched brown skin, it landed on my main branch
    "What's it?"; i asked
    The night bird : " The clouds are coming towards you. I have news that they prepare to use thunderbolt for today's fight"

    The panic stricken night bird took its leave
    And left me all alone with the bad news

    I called out to my elder brother who was a little away
    "Brother", i said, " do you hear what the night bird says? Our lived are at stake!"

    He didn't say anything
    I just felt his twigs over me and suddenly,
    I was reminded of my mother
    She stood a few feet away from us until one day
    The ruthless clouds had claimed her life with a thunderbolt
    Scenes flashed before me.....
    How they took away my mother's lifeless body.....
    How my green lil shoot turned pale
    As it could bot bear the shock and
    How my brother brought me back to life!
    Just like the one about to die, i was recalling my happy days!

    When the summer sun was too firece
    You made me see it through your canopy
    When the rain drenched me from head to toe
    On me, like an umbrella u did bow
    When i would wilt down during the dry day
    You would stir me up, ask me to be happy and gay
    Brother, how you cared for me like another
    Brother with you i never felt like another

    I could hear the clouds groaning above my head
    My leaves were straining in the rain
    I knew it was all going to be over within a few moments
    I shut my eyes preparing to face the ultimate mortal test - DEATH!

    Suddenly, a thunderbolt flashed before my eyes......
    When i opened my eyes next morning, i called out to my brother
    "Brother, we're alive! Brother, hear me out! Brother??"

    Lying very close to me, my brother did not respond.
    My throat kept gurgling his name but to no avail and still no reply
    Someone haf offered me his life
    But DEATH had finally torn us apart!

  • vikramtoshni 32w

    lost memory

    days she never flush
    she stored the memory in a box.
    knows him the way that no one does
    she fights she smiles for a little cause.
    count the days for her payback chocs
    maybe she forget a memory to put in a box.
    he went somewhere under the rocks
    "Rakhi" knows she gonna wait until every drops.
    again she search a memory in her box.
    found that she always fooled by his jokes.