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  • t48castillo 3d

    5 to 1

    I remember one day years ago, I was about 10 I'd say.

    It was sunny and hot and boring,

    that I never forgot.

    I get a kick out of this every time. 

    You see I have five brothers, three older and two younger than me.


    Proudly, I am the only.

    Now,  my eldest brother, he was so over me, plus our other two brothers that followed him,

    well they kept him busy.

    So that left my other two brothers

    stuck with me,  as opposed to one of my younger brothers whom hung with me faithfully.

    On this one particular day, as I said I was bored and my two older brothers were playing outside.

    I asked Dad if I could go play,

    two minutes later, I'm back inside, they heard me coming and ran to hide.

    I did get to play with my brothers as they were for forced to stay.

    With that day, and many others before and followed, in between, my youngest brother was my little fellow.

    I was and am complete with these guys, and I to them was never a surprise.

    I see the Innocents in their face to this day,

    I swear I search for a button for

    a replay of our life.

    We have come a long way, 

    we've laughed and cried,

    I've danced with maybe two

    and tied a couple pairs of shoes.

    I am a sister, my position I hold very high and most importantly

    my five brothers set the bar high.

    Now we stand two,  my eldest and I as we hold our pride.

    Four brothers are imprisoned, two brothers owed to life, another for 35, and the other 15 to 25.

    I've cried many tears over the years, as memories fill my heart and times of laughter so clear, I wish for them to be here.

    I miss our together, of good times and teenage years, changing styles and family pictures.

    I miss these guys, my brothers, all five whom are my pride.

    I love you my brothers, in my eyes you continue to be :

    From My eldest, my father figure


    An Artist

    A Hustler

    A Leader and last but never least

    Our baby brother,  A Singer

    This is what I see...

    Love your sister,

    Always Only.



  • the_quickies 3d


    Kuch toh Taqat hogi Dosti me jo yun Yaar ke lie Pyaar ko chhodne ka mann krta hai.


  • bittu_savalia 4d


    I smile because
    your are my brother
    I laugh there is
    nothing you can do about it.


  • butter_scotch_10 1w

    चेहरे पर नूर है
    हल्का सा गुरुर है

    नही करती अब परवाह मैं
    किसी के भी तानों की, उल्हानो की
    वो दिन अब लद गये
    जब आँखों के कोने पानी था
    छुप कर् के मैं रोती थी
    होठों पर ले नकली मुस्कान

    अब रहती हूँ मस्त अपने में
    निहारती हूँ खुद को , सँवारती हूँ खुद को देख आईने में
    भजन भी मैं गाती हूँ तो गजल भी मै गाती हूँ

    जरूरत नही मुझे रिझाने की अब सजन को
    नजर मुझे आता है आँखों में उनकी अपना अक्स
    मेरे बिन कहे पढ़ लेते वो मेरी जुबाँ

    काम वो करती हूँ मैं जो मुझे भाता है
    कलम भी चलाती हूँ तो कड़छी भी चलाती हूँ
    पार्लर भी जाती हूँ तो मंदिर भी जाती हूँ
    बगियाँ मे देख तितली बच्चो सी मचल जाती हूँ

    सब कुछ होते भी कमी महसूस करती हूँ
    अपने दिल के टुकड़ों की
    बात उनसे करके कुछ पल , हो लेती हूँ खुश मैं
    देख कर खुश उनको भूल जाती हूँ गम अपने
    मैं जीवन की नयी पारी खेल रही मैं
    जीवन के एक एक पल को जी रही मैं
    जो नही कर पायी अभी तक
    वो सब कर रही मैं

  • theweavers 2w

    Its Love

    When a mist hovers over the emotions,
    When the heart starts beating for someone,
    When one feels for someone who is apart,
    When you rule the mind but not your heart,
    It’s love.
    When you see the groom kiss the bride,
    When a mother gives birth to her child,
    When a child is blessed with a mother,
    When an orphan quests for his father,
    It’s love.
    When you are a child and very young,
    When your face has great merriment,
    When they teach you how to stand,
    When you walk on holding their hands,
    It’s love.
    When you don’t know why and you smile,
    When smiling a tear comes down your cheek,
    When your cheeks turn red for a little while,
    When your heart murmurs and fastens a beat,
    It’s love.
    When a soldier steps into the battlefield,
    When in battle he watches his brothers die
    When his brothers in great pain yell and cry,
    When he becomes selfless and runs to heal,
    It’s love.
    When a man returns home after a long time,
    When at the door all his children, he finds,
    When the children run wildly to their father,
    When they are pleased to be all together,
    It’s love.
    When in your garden a rose comes out,
    When a nightingale comes to its spout,
    When it sings sweet song of pure love,
    When it cries for the rose that’s dying out,
    It’s love.
    When you lose the one whose love is divine,
    When you miss the person who is your wine,
    When you try to make real what’s in your mind,
    When you want to change the reality, you find,
    It’s love.
    For love when true is a victor over time,
    For love when true makes a person blind,
    For love when true is painful but kind,
    For love when true is above all and divine.

  • officially_writing 2w

    k .

    They provoked all parties without any hoties
    They matched those drinkers without any liquor
    They needed no money to make memories
    If they were together they needed no other
    There two wheeler was good they needed no hoods
    He is my brother taking some steps further
    we aren't getting sperated we are just being more spreaded .
    The love will remain till the last breath we gain .


  • iamggpanda 2w

    Of Blood and Family

    Distance, disregarded.
    Blood, unshared.
    Heritage, unworn.
    Pain, entwined.
    Peace, reclaimed.
    Brother, Maha.


  • grim_lyssa 3w

    In this world, we are taught by liars.
    Who can we turn to? Ice or the Fire?
    I recommend we learn to teach ourselves.
    Judging from our hearts, for love and not wealth
    Sacred teachings of old, from Our Lord,
    Have been abused.
    They have been destroyed.
    Dear Sisters!
    Dear Brothers!
    The wars now must end!
    Let us come together,
    So together we'll blend.
    Dear Father!
    Dear Mother!
    Stand Firm in your faith,
    And with compassion forgive!
    Respect one another,for the sake of your Kids
    Dear Children
    please don't let your dreams fade away!
    Go on adventures
    Laugh and smile everyday.
    Dear creatures on earth,
    the angels and the demons,
    If we separate and divide ,
    Than which one is winning?
    After all these decades and centuries,
    how do we continue to stumble?
    Nothing has changed when you really sit down and wonder.
    To evolve as a species,
    We need justice and truth!
    First and foremost
    Learn to Love yourself too


  • hanaemiko143 4w


    For as long as I can recall
    There is no one that I can call
    My sister, brother, or dearest twin
    For as long as I could remember, that's how it has always been
    I am lucky to have been born
    That is what I've always sworn
    But t'is my wish, more than anything else
    To not be an only child, my heart whispers and tells

    It's better, some say
    I hear those words everyday
    And it's fun, that I cannot deny
    To be independent, that's no lie
    To not have to share your life
    To not have a place where arguments are rife
    To have their full attention, no need to vie
    To have people really look at you, and not let their eyes pass by

    But there is still that feeling
    That heart-wrenching thing that leaves me reeling
    Because, at times, I can't help but feel alone
    As I see no siblings around me, feeling the emptiness in my bones
    But there's respite, a silver lining on the clouds
    You see, I have no siblings, but there are three people I've found
    Dearest friends of mine, they are, but so much more
    They are there in my happiness, and there when my heart's sore

    To the lovely Lhian
    You've challenged me to be more that I am
    All the while helping me, come what may
    You needn't do anything, you only have to stay
    That isn't, of course, to say there's no envy, no jealousy
    And at times our fights become petty
    But Lhian, hear my words to you
    No matter what we fight about, I'll always be there for you too

    To dearest Timothy, my closest male friend
    This'll be cheesy, but I tell you, you're God send
    We've been classmates longer, and I'm ashamed to think I do not know you much
    But here is a girl whose life you've touched
    I'll always remember the time we gush
    Over a book, oh, I can still feel the rush
    But what I'll remember the most
    Are your ridiculous jokes, the ones that make me smile the most

    To Jaz, we've been friends the longest, haven't we?
    An unlikely friendship, that's what we'll always be
    But there is none that's closer to each other
    Even at the times that one is a bother to another
    My dearest sister, yes, that is who you'll always be to this girl
    The one who'll keep me steady, even as the world twirls
    Because, Jaz, though not biologically
    To me, you are family

    The words I write, the words I say
    Not even the words of a Wordsmith can convey
    The memories, the sentiments, all carved in stone
    In the walls surrounding our quaint home
    And there may come a day
    Where we will all go our separate ways
    But our memories will stay forever in my mind
    And in my heart, our ties that bind


  • grim_lyssa 4w

    Mad as a hatter,
    That's why they're mad at her,
    No, it's not her birthday,
    Still she's drinking tea like it don't matter.
    She can be a little naughty,
    Romantic and erotic;
    To the one, she is faithful,
    If the word was ever spoken, she'd even shoot to kill.
    Don't be mislead,
    By her tone.
    She has no problem walking alone.
    Nevertheless, love's what she needs.
    Rich or broke,
    She's always thankful, on her knees.
    Eveyone deserve's a chance,
    For them, a chance she'll take.
    Brothers, Sisters hear the cry!
    Together they are one,
    Or together they will die.

  • jerrin94 4w

    Soliders eternal

    If these words were
    On the sheets of my pages
    Lest it dies with those pages

    I'm in the hear and now.
    Still here

    The battle rages in the distance
    The shouts of war at ears

    In those cries
    Are words of rage
    And revenge
    In those shouts
    Are names of brothers
    Lost and loved

    For the calling
    I hear is far greater than us

    My people hailing to their
    And as king I stand

    I knew the greatest weapons
    Of all that is the heart of king
    Blood on my hands
    Rage on my arms
    My brothers pain in eyes

    I raise my spectre to the enemy
    Take your best shot

    Never backed down from a fight
    Never will

    For my brothers
    I won't hold back...
    All in..
    All on the line
    Bleeding ....

    If this is the last of me
    Let it be....
    Let all be done

    For I bow only to my father above
    I'll kneel only on his mountain

    Rage . .
    Calls upon rage
    .calls upon the hope.
    That I'll see you again

    But know this..
    I have always loved you..
    Spit the blood now

    C'mon son
    Father calls me

    C'mon now..

    The beast in me

    Screams ..

    I fight back..

    . against the grain
    Against all the odds.

    Cila moreee yorrr Daa



  • tushar_singh 4w

    एक भाई है मेरा जो इस दिवाली घर न आ पाया है,
    एक दिया मैंने अपने उसी भाई के नाम का जलाया है।

    जब तलक वो है खड़ा मेरी रात काली न होने देगा,
    मुझे है यकीं वो ख़राब मेरी दिवाली न होने देगा।

    हिफाज़त के लिए मेरी वो जाने कितनी बार लड़ा है,
    महफूज़ हूँ मैं क्योंकि वो सरहद पर मेरी ढाल बनकर खड़ा है।

    इंतज़ार है तेरा, न जाने कितनी बातें बताना चाहता हूँ,
    भाई मैं तेरे साथ भी एक दिवाली मनाना चाहता हूँ।

  • mandyj 5w


    In order to stand for her family she lost the real "SHE"

  • mayur__patil__ 5w

    #Brothers #from #another #Mothers...✌✌������������

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    Friends are Like MIRRORS and SHADOWS
    Mirrors never lie and Shadows never leave....

  • oncour 6w

    The Divine Ones

    My daughters,
    You are goddesses
    The universe is yours
    You do not need men to remind you
    Only to remember

    My sons,
    You are gods
    The universe is yours
    Watch over your sisters

    They are not less or more than you
    But this world will come after them
    With greater fury than the kind you will know
    Lend them your hand

    I would expect the same of them
    if this world was theirs

  • vedika_11 8w

    Dedicated to all brothers.. ❤❤
    @_yash_ @neil_01 @rejiofficial @sid_02
    If you have a brother then repost.. ����
    Guys check out for the first letter of every line.. It makes brother.. ����

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    Beloved person of my life... Are you
    Rather can be called a true friend
    Or can be called a life buddy too
    Truely my bag of secrets
    Hero... My inspiration of life
    Energetic all the time..to fulfill all dreams
    Responsible for the happiness of our family

    Be the way u are all ur life
    Really don't know what to say ..
    Over the years.. U stay with me
    Thousands of years ur life be
    Happiness and joy ..U will get every way
    Everything has god blessed you with ..
    Rare moments are made for me by you ..❤❤

  • teamie_yusuf 9w


    Brothers, as we were called,
    Yet the blood we shared marked that wrong,
    For long lost was the bond
    that kept us where we belonged.

    Our differences as little as they seemed
    were what separated us from within.
    We found no reason for hating one another,
    yet one would find every fault in the other.

    I helped him and he did the same though without the pleasure,
    Since all I wanted was for him to get lost.
    He’s part of me and yet apart,
    Of all the ones I would need, I feel he’s the last.

    We were joined by blood,
    Separated by nature,
    Although we were born of the same,
    We were never the same.


  • pooja_butola 9w

    आज न जाने क्यूँ आँखों में आँसू हैं,
    होंठो पे ख़ामोशी, हाथ में क़लम,
    और ख़्वाबों में मेरा वो बीता हुआ बचपन।

    मुझे वो पल याद नहीं जब मैं रोयी हूँगी,
    और माँ ने मुझे गोद में उठाकर प्यार से सहलाया होगा।
    पापा ने हर शरारत में मेरा साथ दिया होगा,
    मुझे कंधो पे बिठाकर घुमाया होगा।
    बस कुछ धुंधली सी यादें याद हैं,
    दादी का अपनी चाय में से चुपके से थोड़ी सी चाय हमें देना याद है मुझे।
    रात में डर लगने पर माँ को कसकर पकड़ के सोना याद है मुझे।
    पापा का वो प्यार से डाँटना याद है मुझे।
    मम्मी से छोटी सी बात पर नाराज होना याद है मुझे।
    बड़े भाई का गढ़वाली गानों पर वो मजाकिया गाने बनाना याद है मुझे।
    दूसरे भाई का हर बात पर चिढ़ाना, स्कूल के लिये तैयार करना और
    शाम को बासी कढ़ी चावल खाने के लिये लड़ना याद है मुझे।
    और तीसरे भाई से छोटी-छोटी बातों पर लड़ाई करना और
    हर झूठ में एक दूसरे का साथ देना याद है मुझे।

    जी लूँगी मैं इन हसीन यादों को दुबारा,
    एक बार परिवार के साथ बिताये उस बचपन से मिला दो मुझे।


  • viveksn 9w

    Being brave

    I was 7 when I was first bullied. My father taught me to be brave and not fight back. He asked me to do the right thing and that in the long run, it would make me happier than seeking revenge. I learnt to hide and cry.

    5 years later my younger brother was being bullied. He was bruised all over but kept smiling. The entire playground was amazed at his grit and asked him what gave him the courage. His reply, " Anna (big brother)".

    Yesterday, When I saved those people, I wasn't thinking about fear or glory or courage. I was simply being his anna.

  • tiffany_tirogalas_poetess 10w


    To hate another soul purely because of their religion, sexual preference, color of skin and anything that may make them different from you? Fear drives this hatred. Fear motivates your unwillingness for acceptance. Take a good look around you. Be stripped of your so called identity and all that you have known as your truths. Now, look again. Bare naked, stripped to the bones, bleeding. Tell me. What does your fear look like now? It looks just like your sisters and brothers.
    ~Tiffany Tirogalas