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  • meradilekkhulikitaabofficial 2h

    दौड़ने दो खुले मैदानों में नन्हे कदमो को..
    ज़िन्दगी बहुत भगाती हैं, बचपन गुजरने के बाद..


  • unknown_pen13 10h


    LOL !! ROTFL !! ������
    Whatever you say ������
    Saw some pictures of mine being a kid and thought of writing some random but hilarious things ����

    Hope y'all like it...
    Remember those days, when we wore a hoodie and hide our hands inside it, and act as we lost our hands ������

    We poured cold-drink in it's cap and pretended to be grown up and took shots like adults in front of our friends ����

    It seemed as the moon's following my car with the same speed as your car's and would keep staring until and unless your home came and would have to get inside ����

    Remember the sounds, at night, when it was raining heavily, those heavy droplets, which we assumed was the sound of devil's feet dancing above our roof-top������

    Watching those two drops of rainwater and thinking as they were racing and excited to see who wins
    but couldn't decide the winner as it was so fast ������

    Had a pen with four colours and trying to push all of them together ���� But nothing happened ����

    Would sleep with all of the soft toys including the teddy, papa bear, mama bear and the lovely Barbie which we always used to hide from others so none of them get offended ����������

    Most fear was when we swallowed the fruit seeds and keep praying to God to save us, as we thought tree will grow inside our tummy and we'll turn to a tree man and so nobody will notice us and we'll die ����������

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    ❤❣A Story❣❤

    Childhood is the best part of life, can't deny it...
    ~Every Single
    Human being

    (Caption it)


  • littlebird31 21h

    Wonder is Schitt's creek without a paddle.

    I want to rip this shit out of my head, smush it to these pages, slam this book shut, put four stamps on it and mail it to the woman who is mad at me for not calling her mom.
    If I could hide a camera and record her reaction I would. I want to know what it looks like when she cries. I wonder if she lights a birthday candle every September 12th, I wonder if the breath she blows it out with is full of regret and sorrow.
    But wondering is slightly hopeful and the last email she sent me told me to give up my hope. So I bet September 12th is another day to her, I bet birthday candles are reserved for the people she loves, I bet she tells people she has two beautiful children and doesn't think 'plus one' in her mind.
    And she can bet I didn't think about her, but I can bet I did; every time I looked into the blue eyes of my family and was reminded that mine were the color of shit.
    Every time my brother calls me Fed-Ex-Lex, or laughs as he says it's because I was brought on a Fed-Ex truck.
    He's really saying that I only half way fit in and there's still a piece of me that sticks out like the zit that takes over your school picture.
    He's really saying his mom is not my mom and I shouldn't be here.
    But what I'm really saying is mine doesn't want me, where else am I supposed to go?

    She can bet I'm not thinking about her and I can bet I am, she can bet I placed all the blame on her and I can bet I don't know how.
    And I wonder if I ever will.

  • heyitsujjwal 1d

    #बचपन #childhood

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    एक मीठी याद ||


  • arya9991 1d

    Lost Days

    I loved to smile,
    I cared for an ice-cream,
    Time with Friends was a hobby,
    Craziness lost now in a lobby

    Sun rose but shone,
    Moon came with a shore,
    Lost are they now,
    With all the moving Roar


  • my_head_is_a_circus 1d

    Sometimes we should just take a childs hand and suddenly the world seems to be a different place.
    Cause they are able to see and feel so clear and natural. So innocent and not aware to the cruel world they are living in.

    So, the next time a child is smiling at you without a reason, smile back and you will have made this little person so happy. A smile is worth much more than you might think.


    #pinecone #beauty of #childhood #love my #baby #mom #adventure of #motherhood #inthewoodssomewhere #writing #poem #englisch

    The photo has been taken by #RoannaLuCaptures, check out her Insta profile >>> www.instagram.com/roannalu_captures

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    You took my hand and looked at me,
    wanted to get my full attention.
    Cause you found something never seen,
    you were like in another dimension.
    Your big brown eyes, were open so wide,
    you picked it up, were so excited.
    In your small hands, you hold it so tight,
    a pinecone is what you just sighted.

    Adult human, I speak to you now,
    All you see is maybe blurred.
    But a child could show you how,
    to find the beauty in the world.
    So take the smallest hands around,
    Their leading will sure give you wings.
    You will know, if you have refound,
    the gift to appraciate the little things
    ©my head is a circus

  • worldviewpoetry 1d


    Turning 21, I looked back in the past,
    Wondering how long did my childhood last.
    Added responsibilities and working hours,
    Instead of sound sleep or making pillow towers.

    Those days life used to be so care-free,
    When my parents held me till the age of three.
    I learnt to walk but still crawled around,
    Put things in my mouth from a floor if I found.

    My little world revolved around my mom & dad.
    That is why in my childhood i was never sad.
    But time went by so fast, and now I am not a kid.
    I can't just rely on my parents for every need.

  • s_infinity 1d


    Missing something in myself...those...never ending smiles... those...never tiering hands and feet... cuddling... those innocent eyes...yes I'm missing my best days...when I was 3


  • poonam_hope 1d

    Childhood memories

    In our daily life, how much we care about others decisions on day to day issues. Do we ever ask others to offer their comments prior to taking any decision? Most of the time, we believe in our decisions. It was in childhood that for each & every small issue, we need to take permission of our parents. That was suffocating also, just like reporting and to listen dos & don’t prior to go for sleeping. And, many times, younger sibling used to come and say slowly that parents are calling you. That was horrific time as if I had done some murder unknowingly and used to explore in mind that now what got wrong by me? Do you remember, how difficult was it to get signature of parents on report card? Generally, that used to be last day given with many reminders by the teacher in the school. And, parents used to get surprised & scolded for not showing them the score card for days and always telling to them that the teachers are yet checking the answer sheet. Now, when I remember, I love those days of innocence and being scared from the parents.


  • chavi19_ 2d

    She was begging to him not to let go of her
    Tears rolling down her beautiful face

    Yet,he was smiling and taking her towards her school bus!


  • msupstreamist 2d


    She kept that plum around in her mouth without biting into it and said she loved how it felt.

  • universilje 2d


    Her memories fade from terrorising moments of complete angst, helpless sadness of loss of innocence.
    To fishing with a whole loud family on sunny, windy spectacular days.
    Days of guzzling champagne looking waves, overtaking barren rocky cliffs.
    Laughter and melodic Spanish chattering filling the gaps of sounds in between crashing waves.
    Loving warmth radiating through her loving self.
    Protected by them in they're ways.
    Her memories fade to nothing for years in between, nothing.
    This has soothed her innocence along the way, helped her still dangerously still believe in love .

  • laalpha 2d

    You can see the pureness of heart in every child.

  • pranavanand 3d

    #love,#childhood,#bchpn,#yaade,#child,# lovely time.#missing something....

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    मुझे सब वापस चाहिए वो दिन वो मै..
    वो माँ का थपकी देकर सुलाना,
    शरारत पर डाकु की बाते कर डराना,
    भुखा सोने पर निदं मे ही खिलाना,
    मुझे सब वापस चाहिए वो दिन वो मै..ः

    वो दादी माँ का हाथो से कौर खिलाना,
    चिडिया मैना कर पेट से जयादा ठुसाना,
    दादी कि हर रात किससा सुनाना,
    मुझे सब वापस चाहिए वो दिन वो मै..ःःः

    वो बोतल मे बालु भर झुठा ईलाज करने पर तिलिसम मिलना,
    हर चिज खोलने की जिद ओ जहद करना,
    हर गलती पे वो सबका मुसकरा देना,
    वो पापा की गारी पे अपनीcrushकी साथ होने का कयास लगाना,
    मुझे सब वापस चाहिए वो दिन वो मै..ःःःःः

    वो माँ का दुलार से नहलाना,
    पुरे बाल पर तेल चोप देना,
    आखो के साथ कनक पुशत पे काजल लगाना,
    मुझे सब वापस चाहिए वो दिन वो मै..ःःःःःःः

    वो चोट लगने पर फुक मार ठिक कर देना,
    ठेस लगने पर उस जगह को मार दिलासा देना,
    सुई लेने से पहले वो बातो मे फसाना,
    दरद के इंतकाल को सरेआम सरोताज से सराहना,
    मुझे सब वापस चाहिए वो दिन वो मै..ःःःःःःःःः

    मुदा वो यादें हँसाएंगे रुलाएंगे मार ही डालेंगे..
    मगर कुछ कर लो वापस नही आऐंगे...
    मुझे सब वापस चाहिए वो दिन वो मैंःःःःःःःःःःःःःःःःःःःः

    @ PRANAV

  • harmonizer 3d

    #Nostalgia #Memories #Childhood #Home #Warmth #Comfort

    The Thought Wall

    Some thoughts will chase you from your childhood to the end of the house and back again.
    They'll sit there, hanging in the cobwebs, waiting to be thought back to life.
    Hiding in the walls.
    The smell of a book.
    The way the light shines at a certain point in the day.
    But there are other thoughts, new thoughts, that can take the place of old thoughts.
    Think them well and often.

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    The Thought Wall

    Some thoughts will chase you from your childhood to the end of the house and back again. They'll sit there, hanging in the cobwebs, waiting to be thought back to life...

  • terzarima 3d


    It is strange how we miss the smallest of things when we grow up. My favorite memory of childhood is, waking up in the morning and smelling the Shiuli flowers and enjoying the vibrant beauty of Gladiolus and Dahlia. It was a routine I followed just before I got ready for school. Back then it never occurred to me that one day I'd be reminiscing this particular memory. But, now this seems so dear. Is it because we relate to the happy and soft, colourful memories as an escape from this dull and harsh world?


  • writings_by_fakir_mohit 3d


    Somewhere between getting temporary tattoos done on our hands which we got free from boomer in childhood and getting inked permanently with the name of our bae, we all grew up.


  • girl_sitting_in_sunshine 3d

    I'll remember those days

    Those tiny legs keeping pace ,
    The smile drenched on sweating face.
    When the sun was hard
    And the wind sore.
    When we had the strength
    To keep pace with the roar.


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    Got a dinner invite by a man and his wife..
    One after years in the city life..
    Butter chicken and Biryani; a treat to the daily sandwiches..
    Workdays leaves no time to indulge,
    despite the riches..
    Then came dessert, the sugary brown doughball..
    One bite into supple centre; FOOD COMA!
    Fell deep into freefall..
    Tears of nostalgia, a flood of childhood memories leaked..
    "This is just like mom's savouries sis", I squeaked.