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  • anshuman_tripathi 1h

    Let the light inside you go vibrant
    Let the rays go footloose with the zephyr
    The lights which colour your life
    Are the ones which are unconstrained


  • priya_koshy 2h


    It wasn't strange since they assumed it right,
    She once was full of colours and way too bright.
    Then she fell in love with a colour too dark,
    You guessed it right; it was the colour named 'black'.


  • sharkbaitsharpie 7h

    The mother

    She is green. For she is the green of a mother who protects and comforts their child, such as that of an area in the forest one may find for respite, an area of mossy rocks and trees with the rays of the sun poking through the canopy of trees, as one hikes along and thinks that maybe, this would be a good place to rest their weary body, for it is. Yet she is also a bright green, that of a creator. a green that nourishes and allows things to grow, one that puts great care into that which it makes. Like a old doll maker, one that puts the details into every last stitch, wanting to create the perfect little doll for a young girl to play with and make her happy

  • sharkbaitsharpie 7h

    Pure as cherryblossoms

    They are an anxious orange, yet different than my own, for hers is not akin to a wounded animal yet is rather that of worry. For they are two very different colours, one being more calm and calmable than the other one which runs rampent. Yet they are both still the seriousness of the anxiety within. She is also the innocents of a pale pink that which you find on the pure petals of a cherryblossom tree, or maybe that which one relates to a baby. It is not a colour "pure" of thought perse, as only infants are capable of such, yet that of intent

  • sharkbaitsharpie 1d

    His blues

    Blue is something i see in both of you. Many blues for blue is a common colour, yet each blue means sometging vastly different. The soft royal blue, a colour that instantly makes you feel as though you can trust and that the person you speak to is to be relied on, is a blue that is held close to your heart, shooting out in pulses with your heart beat that circles your body, drawing others near by radiating loyality and trust.
    Yet you both have a calmer blue to you, it has a name that which you do not say for it is not socially okay to admit to fully yet. The calmer blue of a sea, calm before the storm waiting for its oppertunity to take more lives, or the blue that can never be properly seen just felt when you loose someone dear. This colour fades in and out of you both, washing over you and trying to find a hold, for once it finds the smallest thing to get a hold of it will be able to grow and consume all your other beautiful colours, as it does not simply hide the other colours but consumes them, making then impossible for you to see. Yet from the outside we will always be able to see them, for the blue will only ever be able to enshroud your head and never fully hide your proper colours

  • sharkbaitsharpie 1d

    "Him" Again

    Its a pretty colour but this purple isnt pure. Its still holds your passion yet it is more than a sum of its parts, rather than strictly being purple it is a mix of red and blue unable to properly be called purple. The sad blue i see in mike, the one that reminds me of a sea that has taken many lives yet still wants more. Or the blue of the rain that happens when someone special dies, even if the rain is just something to be imagined the colour still lurks. And your red, you believe it to be crimson yet i believe it is more so leaning towards pink. This is for the white i see mixing in. The white that even though it is the most pristine white you will ever see, it will never be pure for it is tainted like the walls of an aslyum. Yet your red is something like a heartbeat, it pulses with your emotions and is a part of your heart. It is not just the red of the anger within, but of something deeper down that shakes its cage to be released.

  • mainakbasak 1d


    Fading light;
    Flying creatures give in to the fear of the unknown
    A soft murmur can be heard,
    The turning of pages

    Its time to balance,
    The things to do
    And the things that have been done;
    Orange is the colour of distraction

    There is a girl in the balcony,
    Her apartment is immaculately clean
    She likes to read poetry
    That makes her float

    There is a couple on the rooftop
    Hoping against hope,
    For their shared sickness
    To keep them tied together

    There is a madman in the streets,
    Sentimental and proud
    A closet realist, if ever there was one
    There is a ghost in my room but he's perfectly visible
    (If I choose to look behind me)


  • prachidhaka 1d


    Originality is black and white,
    Creativity sprinkles in colours,
    Ingenuity bestows with wings.


  • nightgoddess 1d

    Colourless world...

    Ever wondered how world would look like in black and white?
    No green for the lushful trees
    No blue for the ocean bodies
    No brown for the lively earth
    No orange for the setting sun
    The paints in the palette would be lesser
    Consisting just the two of 'em
    Black and white... To diffrentiate shapes
    How'd that be? Beautiful? Surreal? Aesthetic enough? Quite bizarre…

    Now ever wondered why the earth is actually not black and white?
    Why the galaxy is blasting out colours we never see?
    Why the sky has many more shades than we think it to be?
    Why the setting sun is not less than a fantasy?
    The image of rainbows is such an eye candy?

    'cause that's what makes the "realistic" world a better place to be...

  • sharkbaitsharpie 1d


    I see myself as many colours
    For to say that a person is simply one thing is absurd
    And the colours in which i feel mask those of my personality putting a filter on them and muddying them and as i look through those which i feel, deciphering those which i am is hard.
    And i can not ask as peoples own colours they feel will morph those which i am to them. As to some i am the soft mossy green of a sanctuary in a forest where you lay down with a loved one to loose track of time, a colour to trust and love. Yet to others i will be the soft baby blue of a newly broken heart, a colour that will pulse with pain for some time, yet fade into something else after a while.
    Personally i hope that to others, i am yellow. The soft glowing yellow of a candle lit dinner
    The yellow fuzz of a bumblebees butt
    The yellow that reminds you oddly of a libary as there is no one colour to a libary yet thats the first colour that comes to mind when you think of them.
    I want to be yellow because yellow spreads happiness
    Yellow is a very fatiguing colour and
    I think people get tired of looking at me
    And my yellow

  • sharkbaitsharpie 1d


    Worry not for no matter what it is you do the colours you give off make the world a brighter place.
    I can not say all your colours for they are too vast yet in the moment we speak i can tell you that you are a fire of colours
    For you are the red of a passion for creation and life which in itself fades to the orange of your humor
    Something with intensity that isnt overwhelming just brightining
    And a soft glowing yellow ebbs around my vision when i stare at you
    Because you are first and foremost a happy person
    And that glow makes those around you happy too

  • shabd_siddhi 1d


    For him, joy isn't in playing with the toys his mother borrows,
    nor does he enjoy the sweets that temporarily numb their sorrows.

    He derives joy in that 'taped-together' half a crayon box; his best fellow,
    where he is the master of colours, shooting strokes for his bright morrow!


  • sharkbaitsharpie 1d


    You are an amalgomation of colours
    In the moment that we speak you are a brown
    You are the yellow of a happy sunny day or the soft marigold of a book with a cup of tea
    Yet you remain lilac
    A soft purple as one may imagine their favourite sent
    Something reminding of home, a brown created out of happinedss and saftey
    Hints of a green that can only remind one of mother nature courses through your veins. The protectiveness of a bear with her cubs cause that colour to glow when you are protecting me.
    Yet i did not tell you, that you also are the navy of a cold dead sea
    The navy of an unrequited love, a colour you can drowned in yet would be happy to do so

  • sharkbaitsharpie 1d

    Colours of the void

    The void still has holes from last time but i know what it wants i know why its here
    Its on the mend to be full again and tear me limb from limb
    There is nothing i can do about the void but accept it for itll never go away
    But the mood right now is to embrace it and thats not right for i should fight it
    As I look now,
    It morphs through all the colours of a fire
    Red. The anger and frustration of the situation and those to come. Wanting to hurt myself or others as a way to vent off the steam that feels like its blowing out of my every pore
    But also
    The increased energy and passion of the situation. The feelings welling up to become overwhelming
    Then the red fades lighter, into orange.
    With that the anger fades, as does the frustration leaving only a nervous energy behind.
    Its warm, but overwhelming. The nervousness grows like the heat of a freshly stoked fire becoming an anxiety that is unbearable
    All the mistakes of the past, all the worries of the future and the things left unsaid
    The orange is overwhelming, like the fire has jumped from something tangable near me to something more inside me. Lighting every last piece of me up in an orange so bright it burns
    Finally the void morphes yellow, not the bright yellow of a light but the soft reassuring hue of marigold or the soft little bumblebee that had landed on it
    This is both the most alluring and dangerous colour for the void, as yellow is my favourite
    This yellow is warm and inviting, not overwhelming in the same way the orange was. Yet the yellow is also a warning
    For the danger to come, the danger that is
    For the void looks alluring as though if you embrace it it may solve your problems yet
    From inside the void everything looks yellow.
    And its fatiguing
    So you sit there and pray, for what else are you to do with your eyes closed?
    The void is simply doing its dance of colours like birds of paradise in mating before it reveals its true self of never ending pitch again. For it can not truely be called black as the pitch of the void lacks the emotions of black

  • sharkbaitsharpie 1d


    i am enshrouded in the uglyiest green imaginable, that of a jealous bitter heart. This mixed with the orange of my anxiety creates a colour which has no name, for if you were to see it you would throw up from how vile the colour is. I try to hide that from those who need not see it, yet i feel as though the green seeps out. I am able to contain the radiant orange of the panic, as i do that constantly yet i still radiate the orange of a wounded animal, calling towards me that which intends to harm and fester under my skin, intending to turn that which bleeds red to a sickly blue of that infected
    But i am not used to the green
    I do not know how to contain it within myself
    just as i do not feel that which i write is a "poem" perse

  • sharkbaitsharpie 1d


    Panic attacks are orange, the orange that pumps through the heart of a wounded animal, the orange that grows stronger with the longer the animal panics, wanting to buck or run but knowing that those actions would lead to their wounds growing greater. The orange that draws bacteria and ugly colours to the wound to make it fester. Festering and growing constantly until it becomes overwhelming

  • arya_ballal 1d


    Small dolls of various colours,
    Of hues and spectrums like rainbow,
    One wears a skirt of leathers,
    Another one is sad like a shadow.

    Its a small little story of different people,
    Some are happy some are sad,
    Some are still and some are cripple,
    Some are generous some are bad

    One for all and all for one,
    Says the shopkeeper,
    And if applaused by none,
    You'll just get one sweeper

    Come on all lets see the story,
    How it ends and how it starts,
    After which make some merry,
    Playing the role of your favourite parts!!

    @Arya Ballal

  • smileytales 2d


    Oh,how colourful are my dreams,
    Wow! they are so disparate than my screams,
    Wish these colours dissolve in my life's stream.
    Wish through palm ridges all happiness I glean.

    But ,I am a girl.
    Caught in social whorl.
    I don't possess the flawless herl.
    Can't I be treated as a delicate pearl??

    -Arpita Tiwari

  • trees_are_life 2d

    Coloured sky

    Blue fades to grey
    As grey bleeds to red
    Red settles into a purple
    Which then darkens to blue once more
    This pallet of colour ovetakes my view
    Turning the once plain sky into art
    As the day gives out one final blast
    Of it's marvelous presence
    Before finally fading into night
    It's final farewell

  • akanksha_singh36 4d

    I do it to create affirmatory,
    With pure intentionally,
    What's the issue, IDK
    You've to modify yourself
    Be selfish, but think selfless.