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  • uncomplicatedfingers 12w

    Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime.
    Appreciate what you have, before it becomes what you had.



  • writers____write 12w

    Hindi post ...
    Hope you find it relatable... ����....

    @writers_._._._write ��support us��

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    जताना भी नहीं आता, छुपाना भी नहीं आता,
    इस दुविधा को कोई क्यूँ नहीं समझ पाता ||

    -अविजीत कुमार


  • quotes03livealifeman 12w

    Dear crush

    I like your geeky glasses and how this glasses hide your beautiful eyes,
    I like the way you keep your hair short and messy,
    I like your long eyelashes,
    I like your vampire teeth,
    I like your unfunny jokes,
    I like your charming body,
    I like how you are being serious about life,
    I like your unique personality,
    I like the way you stare at me,
    I like the attention that you give to me,

    When you told me to sleep when I'm sick,I'm happy.
    When you told me to don't hug other people,I'm happy.
    When you told me I'm beautiful,I'm happy.

    I love you!

    But when we are alone I became greedy,i want you alone!

    But you are not mine because your heart is already full with someone I love too...
    My friend.


  • jiltedfriendshipwidtaintedluv 12w

    Loving someone never be wrong
    Confessing , somewhere.


  • shyamli_saxena 12w

    College confession

    Bunking classes to spend time with education...!


  • psychosammyr 12w

    I'm confused, yet confident
    When I am happy.
    I'm an optimist, but tainted
    With cynicism when I'm in dark.

    You saw the paradox, experienced
    The conflict of my emotions and
    Left and judged.

    Oh darling, when will you
    Have understood that you have been
    A constant, while I have been your variable?


  • psychosammyr 12w

    I have been tacit, where
    You were loquacious.
    I wanted to hear those words
    That you never revealed, and
    Kept mute to listen to you confess.

    Now, I have become forever silent;
    Call me quixotic, but this
    Has been the only way.

    You took away the words
    I never spelled;
    You shattered the soul, that
    Wanted to be whole.

    Now, I bleed and plead silently
    To the divine to assuage the pain
    That I feel;
    To get me through the dark times,
    And shed on me the light - from within.
    I wait and it prolongs, still
    Faith falters and creaks, yet



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    ...Now, I have become forever silent;
    Call me quixotic, but this
    Has been the only way...


  • musafirr 12w

    Sun lo zara jo main na keh saka.


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    Sun rhe ho kya keh rhi hai,
    Kya tunhare kaano me bhi beh rhi hai,
    Meri khamoshiya tumse kuch keh rhi hain,
    Gar sun paao toh sunna meri khamosh kahania!

  • psychosammyr 13w

    It's preposterous -
    I have scribbled many words
    To camouflage you in my verses, but
    Never revealed nor confessed
    Who you are.


  • itsdeadpoet 13w

    // nanotales.2

    I automatically smile
    when she commented
    on my quotes..!!


  • mel010 13w

    A confession

    Hey guys!
    So this was really responsive than I thought. I have a problem, I give up things when I get attention.so yesterday I uninstalled the app, I decided to quit. But like I said yesterday, I am starting over again. This is a new beginning...so I came back. Currently I am on a train to college. It would take around one hour so I have got a lot of free time and I thought I would fill in more. So I have got 12 friends, I met them during my degree. They are the second best thing ever happened to me. I guess they were life's way of making up because I was a loner once. Now we are all doing our masters in different places. We have been on a lot of adventures together, we did stage shows together. It is crazy. They are more like a family to me.One of them is with me now, but I will be changing the college soon. The admissions to masters are just starting up and this is more like a temporary option to me. I have managed to make friends here and the whole class is kinda awesome..so I guess I would miss them. Anyway I am kinda excited about the new roads and new chapters. Speak of roads, there are amazing sites on my way to college. A train trip is fantastic. There are abandoned roads in forestish areas here.. reminds of the poem road not taken. I will post it before I leave. So that's all for now
    Good morning and buh-bye bros
    Catcha later

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  • _adexiquitsaprobe_ 13w

    The Comeback_.

    Smoking, On the top of my life,
    I'm sorry, Did you just freaked out,
    My bad fella, I'm doing the shit,
    Caffeine, Alkaloids, Smack, Brown Sugar,
    I'm breathing in the heaven, Hell Yeah,
    I'm doping venom, I'm planning to die,
    Liquor on my mind, I'm not sure,
    What If I Die, What If We Fall,
    Me, My Throne, You, Your Ego,
    Tell me, Don't you think so,
    Is this alright, Is it a crime,
    Abyss beneath my portrayal,
    Devastation on it's best,
    I'm, so willingly, seeking my quietus,
    In order to live, Just for the sake,
    Just sold my pride, Dumped the codes,
    To feed the Satan, To tempt the cause,
    Running on the razorback, I'm going,
    To be a part of them, The dead, The Dust,
    The Divinity, The Peace, For the Council,
    My serenity, all erased, a perfect task,
    To attain the peace, to claim it,
    My corpse, lying, all dead,
    In the cemetery, like a decaying daisy,
    All oppressed, heavily cursed,
    This is a must thing to say,
    My roots, all infected, all burning,
    My castle is going down,
    I'm witnessing it, the downfall,
    The crisis, the massacre, the war,
    I lose everything, there's nothing left,
    For you to dwell, for me to claim,
    My legacy all stomped, all thrashed,
    Torn into the peices, as it's nothing,
    No one can save me, I'm all utilised,
    Dedicated to the ritual, like it's my last,
    As determined as the tale,
    Of Nico and the Niners,
    Anger is trespassing my ground,
    I lost it up, The patience, The dignity,
    The morality, The Integrity, All of it,
    Go ahead, kill me, cut me down,
    Snatch the blood, the veins are sore,
    Don't wait, roast the flesh, consume,
    In order to fake, the superiority,
    The domination, Bury my Skull,
    Deep down in the Hell, Do it,
    It's not for you, It's a bait,
    For the Satan, in order to thrive, for the withstanding,
    Leave me hollow, naked, wounded,
    It's all worth it, It's acceptable,
    My soul, so greedily lurking,
    For the homecoming, The dresses,
    The parades, The triumphs, The Orchestras,
    I reached on the top, Fill me up,
    With madness, Integrate me,
    I'm begging you, come on,
    Do it, in the name of welfare,
    Provide me with comfort,
    I want luxury, the lavishness,
    The lustre, the royalty, every single thing,
    All around my corpse, Mind it,
    This isn't a spin cycle, It's a comeback,
    The setback, in order to return,
    For payback, for the sake of prophecy.
    This, Is an Illusion, one illustration,
    Of the Scenes, I feeled so deeply,
    When I'm high on the pills,
    It's future folks, It's hallucinogenic,
    I can predict it, Only for a moment though,
    Really, Trust me, I can, Come on,
    You know me, I'm not faking it,
    You'll realise the fact, very soon,
    Mark it bubs, It's time, Embrace yourself,
    You're about to witness history,
    Once again, like a pathetic threat,
    Like a immoral peice of shit,
    Get ready, To grace my funeral,
    I'm going home, Sayonara,
    Will never catch up with you,
    Pardon me, Do I know you ?
    Negatively obvious, as like my state,
    All calm, So cold, Damn too Hot,
    Yet, Subtle, In every step, On every Turn,
    I'm bidding you gracefully, Cursing the walls,
    Praying for your realm, Thank You,
    For appreciating the wickedness,
    I'm highly grateful, For my personality,
    Not for you, what, Is this inappropriate ?,
    Fuck It, Who the hell cares, No one,
    Go ahead and send me off,
    It's your turn to do the right,
    For promoting the wrong, The evilness,
    The darkness, The Failure, The Fallover,
    Thanks to you, folks, Once again,
    This society, truly deserves my attention,
    For the sake of Destruction,
    It's a must thing to do,
    This organisation, must be terminated,
    Expelled, from the reality, You're just nobody,
    To judge me, Fuck yourself bastards,
    I'm here to slay, I'm going down, Yet,
    I'm saying it to your bloody faces,
    I'll be back, someday, very soon,
    In order to hunt, In order to kill,
    To seal the deal, To claim the throne,
    It's in the bloodline,
    The betrayals, The duties,
    The controversies, The sins,
    All of it, Wanna see it,
    Don't worry, You'll, for sure,
    Very soon, not yet, still too early.
    Behold, I'll be there, in a moment,
    And, You can believe that,
    Please do so, and stop bitching here.
    Go get a life, your services are bullshit,
    Go to hell, Please, Would ya ?
    Do this, and stop messing with my mind.
    Leave me in peace, I'll be thankful.
    Now leave, you traitors, Just Go.
    Finally, Peace attained, All is good.
    Sins, I Can Smell'Em.
    All rights reserved, as per 2018.

    #mirakee #pod #IWriteSins #BloodAndSins #CannotBeTouched #TheComeback #SickAtIt #Confession #ThankYou #TheEnd #IWill #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #Fuck . ��.

    *Forgive me for the shortcomings,
    I don't know, what I've done to this peice,
    I'm all high during the creation,
    All exhausted in agony,
    My bad.


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    The Comeback_.

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  • psychosammyr 13w

    You have always been the Sin, and
    My good deed;
    I have held you through and through
    For myself and thee, as
    We are each other's salvation.


  • carl_roxan 13w

    #©arl♥®oxan #Confession #Inloved

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    I like you

    I like you
    Your confidence boasting and smile
    I like you
    Even if you're somewhat vile
    I like you
    Even if the whole world will turn down on you
    I will always be here and never cease to like you

  • crazzysoul 13w

    Lost and found

    I saw something in you,
    That moment when your eyes met mine...
    Smiling face of yours admired me..☺
    My inner voice felt so strange that day
    I lost for a moment and rediscovered myself back!

  • zedie__ 14w


    Too many questions to ask ,
    Too many schemes are drawn,
    But when I saw your shadow,
    My brain was eclipsed .
    Skipping heartbeat was heard ,
    When I collected my thoughts .
    My mouth was ready to slip
    Next mistake was made many times before,
    Hypnotism spells are taken from your eyes.
    All my pain flied with my sense,
    But I know it's gonna hit me back,
    Forgot the breeze and hurricane formed from single pack.
    Every second I was talking
    My heart was fighting for your lips
    Every second you spoke
    Why can't I own this wonder
    I wonder
    I know I don't deserve you
    But why can't I die when I have you
    From the memories till the fights we last
    I can't keep a full stop when my life doesn't have a sentence
    When time is moving forward I am travelling backward
    Like a dream I refuse to wake
    Like a nightmare which I would rather be with you
    If tears are expression of pain
    I wonder how oceans are formed
    I may not be reason for it
    Because I don't want her to see one.

  • wonder_words 14w

    One Love

    He knew every small details of her
    And a glance of her always;
    Made his day fill with joy.
    But he never had the courage;
    To confess his heart out,
    Little did he knew that there was
    Same spark in her heart too,
    They were always together,
    Slowly making them realise how stupid
    They are by not saying it out,
    Finally they said it loud I am yours,
    The confession made love to blossom,
    And once again love upsets the fear!!

  • jainilsampat 14w

    Disclosed emotions

    Would like to you to tell many things,
    but I'm not able to say anything.
    Oh to share you my secrets,
    but my shyness has tied the lips.
    I forget the words to confess,
    You're so beautifully dressed.
    I'm feeling today every movement sweet,
    Surrendering myself in happiness indeed.
    Blooming inside sky has become perfume due to your presences...
    Music is flowing in life,
    I wished you could be my future wife...

  • benignadversary 14w

    I have been good to those, for only maintaining my morality; now i feel like a silhouette try to escape the peer - peer reality....