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  • ofthingsandpoems 15h

    My dear, remove the walls that surrounds thee
    Let me see who you were meant to be
    Do not smile for it confuses me
    So please comfort me with honesty
    For once, experience being free
    And remove the chains that you choose not to see

    Won L.

  • mystery13 16h



    He asked " Why you keep on looking at your watch very often when you are with me?
    Don't you like to be with me or do I make you uncomfortable?"

    She replied " I lose hold of time when I stare into your eyes."

    Her reply was her confession of love
    This was the honest reply which she wished to give

    Instead she says I had to reach home at time and don't want to get late

    Both replies were genuine but

    Somewhere she wants him to discover the unspoken feelings.....

    To bridge the gap

    She wants to know that how close are their hearts.

    I am not going to tell you the end
    Its complicated ;-)

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    Unspoken Words

    He asked " Why you keep on looking at your watch very often when you are with me?
    Don't you like to be with me or do I make you uncomfortable?"

    She replied " I lose hold of time when I stare into your eyes."


  • jitendrateja 1d

    Final confession

    "There's been a lot of unspoken and masked up emotions behind my silence,whenever there was a question raised by you and I was asked to speak something.
    A lot of things have happened from the day we met and were there for each other,it's been a long time.
    patch-ups,hatredness, quarrels, apologies, what not ,had every single thing with you with a bonus of care that never faded and was unconditionally the same.
    Few things that i have always wanted to say but never could,perhaps writing them up for you would relieve from this emptiness.
    I wont say that i'll never hurt you, chances are i'll,i'll make mistakes ,break promises and even might make you scream out and not wanna be with me.
    But even so i'll always learn from my mistakes ,i'll never give up on us .
    I'll always love you ,i'm not perfect might not be even after trying hard.
    But i don't wanna be dishonest making promises that i can't keep rather show my faults and try to make up to you.
    I've asked you many times can love happen twice , well I've been answered every time in the silence after you leave , if it's true it happens with a person until there's care and respect for each other.
    Finally wanna confess something that is I can't fake myself anymore as if i don't love you and distance you in the fear of hurting you.
    I'll be missing your presence in your absence and will be loving you as the first day we met and as long as you are staying i'm never gonna give up on us."


  • clockwork_skinsuit 2d

    I never deserved you.

    No. Nope. I never deserved you.
    That's not a compliment to you.
    I didn't mean like you were
    Out of my league or something.
    Instead, what I meant was
    That you could have done better.
    Me? Seriously? You have a really
    Bad taste when it comes to men.

    Eventhough you came to your
    Senses recently and realised your
    Folly, I knew it from the beginning
    But I didn't warn you because
    I enjoyed the ego boost I got from
    Knowing that someone wanted me
    I guess my self esteem was in the
    Gutters even before you dumped me.

    You won't realise how hard this was
    For me to express because there I
    no way you are going to read this
    For I know you too well to know that
    You arent the type who would
    Read edgy poems or use Mirakee.

  • desireddreamer 2d

    Staring for quite some time
    At this blank white page,
    Just like dark clouds
    Roaring thunder, bursting rain
    My emotions flew
    In the form of rage
    Once the words left my mind
    It was not hard to find
    My reason to write
    Was definitely not you
    I wrote for those few
    Who have felt the pain
    Who have everything to loose
    And nothing to gain
    Who share there feelings,emotions
    By wrapping them in these mere words
    Their feeling is what gives them worth
    Every poetry is an emotion
    Shared by its poet
    And copy you must not do it
    If you are too desperate to pen than
    Take inspiration from their work,
    Feel their emotion, that pain
    And search for your own muse


    "If you find any one who plagiarized someone else's work then please tell them in private instead of making fun in public..."

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    I too used to plagiarize...
    Until a friend gave me nice advice;
    To watch a "video on how to improve my poetry"
    I watched it with no hurry
    The guy in the video
    said "Every poetry is an emotion
    shared by its poet"
    And copy you must not do it
    "If you want to improve
    Take inspiration from their work
    And make your own muse
    But © You must not do"

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  • sc_writes 3d


    In the beginning I thought we were genuin friends

    At the end i realised i was just a need .


  • lettersdilse 3d

    Love is perhaps among the best feelings one can experience in life.
    Usually it begins with a one sided feeling and soon the person begins dreaming about how our lives would be together. Although everyone wants those dreams to come true, the feelings should be common from both sides. The most you can do is confess your love and then wait for the other person to respond. And most importantly, accept and respect what happens next.

    #ikraar #confession #love #lettersdilse #hks #mirakee #hindiwriters

    @hindikavyasangam @hindiwriters @mirakeeworld

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    मत पूछो क्या हुआ
    आज तन्हा रहने दो।।
    कुछ पल इन आँखों से
    दो आंसू बहने दो।।
    कुछ बातें हैं इस दिल की
    फिलहाल पर्दे में रहने दो।।
    जीता हूँ जिसकी चाहत में
    उसको ज़रा परखने दो।।
    जागा हूँ अक्सर उसकी आस में
    अब कुछ पल चैन से सोने दो।।
    ये ज़िन्दगी तो कबसे उसके नाम है
    अब उसे भी इज़हार करने दो।।
    अब उसे भी इक़रार करने दो।


  • shimmuthoughts 5d

    All the phone calls were 'Just Calls' and All your Thoughts became Memories. I board the Plane of Dreams and travel the world of Fantasy yet Fail Finding you. I went to the ends of the world, tried my best to make our two ends meet but ended up falling flat in the ground. No one perceive why I forgave you and You never understand my Love for you, Neither I tell u. But I do.

  • demonztimexs 2w


    Best memory was
    Looking at her, from my class, during on going classes, and she doesn't even knew that.

  • fierceunicorn 2w

    here I am, trapped and deteriorating.

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    It was like being assaulted with words. What she spoke about wasn’t particularly offensive or radical nor did it require the stretch of imagination or intelligence. Yet, I was exhausted from just listening; trying to keep pace while tightly holding to my facade of being ‘interesting and likeable’. Once I leave, there’s mortification and over analysis, till the ‘friend’ gets back to me. I wait with growing dread, impatience and my defences on high, for a call or text or any sort of indicator that things are good and friendly relations will be maintained.

    This seems like such a flimsy fear to have. Perhaps to many of you, this might even seem superficial. But my entire adult life so far, and through teenage, this is what I’ve been doing. My psyche autopilots on being likeable and thrives when surrounded by people. However, the insecurities have made it so much more difficult to have genuine social interaction. I don’t even know what truly interests me and what are the mannerisms that I fake. It’s a capricious existence, alternating between validation and anxiety. Words and writing is the only true emotion, only strength and genuine act of love that I have.

  • himakshirathi2004 2w


    It's my fear of attachments that stops me from admitting my love for you.

    Although, I've confessed it to you on many ocassions, and laughed it off saying that it was all a joke.

    I don't pretend to not have this feeling but I've to hide it, because I've been a lovestory, and I've been a heartbreak. Mad I'm not sure If I can be back both, again!


  • thataviguy 3w

    If I confess my feelings for you,
    Would you still talk to me the way you do now? Would you still love my poetry, knowing that they're for you?
    Or would you just break my heart and walk away??


  • dreamyc 3w

    The last of my #dreamyconfessions series. Surprise surprise - I'm an overweight, but that's alright - I've always been fat. Just that. Thanks for all the support so far. :)

    #confession #fat #overweight #obese #bodyshamed #society #nothanks #body #size #repellent #unwanted #outcast

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    Confession Nine

    Overweight, obese
    Just call it what it is
    I go by 'fat'
    My body is that
    The repellent
    The No Thanks
    The reason why
    No one gets into my pants
    Is that good
    Probably yes, but
    I'm never thought twice
    By being fat

  • kanupriya_pandey 1w

    Even the time is envious of us I feel.
    It goes so fast when I'm with you,
    Making me feel of a whole day spent together as a small moment.


  • schizoar 3w


    Nung sinabi ko sa'yong mahal kita
    Narinig mo ba?
    Mahal kita!
    Ayan, dinig mo na?


  • pallav_bhatia 3w

    The Ending Tale:

    Hey, as you know this year is about to end, so with falling away this year there are few things I would like to share.
    Firstly sorry of anything and everything I did terrible to you during this year. I am really apologetic to it. I know I have few anger and rage issues and promise you all I would treat them during the coming year. There might be some things said or done that wasn’t appropriate to do but I too didn’t wanted to do them. I just ask for forgiveness this time.
    Secondly, a big thank you so much for being there for me during my best and my worst times. I means a lot when people do stay around you to support in your stuff doesn’t matter how stupid they sound.
    If you can still read through this on my story, then I would like you tell you that : Yes you do matter in my life and I do still care. Thanks for staying so long with me.
    The fact is this has been one of my most terribly great year.
    I still hope the next year would be much great to understand each other in a more better way.
    Keep the spirit of friendship alive always

    - Pallav Bhatia

  • threepinkdots 4w


    The water was cold that night. But that didn't bother me. I took a dive into the freezing water. It's kind of pathetic because I know I might get sick or drown...because I didn't know how to swim. But I guess my mind was so numb it convinced my body to not feel anything as well.

    This is one of those moments when that thing that you're trying so hard to run away from catches up to you. And let me tell you, they catch up real fast. I kept running away from a reality that I had known all along but couldn't truly accept. I keep telling myself that as long as I don't see a "tangible" reason to stop, I won't stop. But that "tangible" reason suddenly came and slapped me on the face so hard I wanted to cease to exist. It felt horrible. And it still does.

    You know those movies where the female protagonist gets brokenhearted but she realized in the end that there was always this other person who really cares for her and that she didn't have a problem to begin with? Yeah. This is NOT that kind of story.

    We can never truly know pain until there's nobody left to catch us anymore. And with that comes the questions. The "whys."

    Why wasn't I good enough?

    Why wasn't I interesting enough?


  • threepinkdots 4w

    AS WE WATCH THE CITY LIGHTS (entry #008)

    I was listening then. Everyone else assumed I wasn't. But I was. Everything you said was crystal clear. It still echoes in my head until now. How you said those words really broke me. It felt as if I'm caught between a massive earthquake and a horrifying thunderstorm and there is no way out.

    There's nothing left to do but wait for that terrorizing blow to kill me. And somehow, it did. But the most painful thing about that disaster, was that I survived. And now I'm paralyzed...not being able to do anything yet still feeling everything.

    But this is nothing compared to the after effect of the calamity you've brought. I had to go and tell everyone I was fine. Nothing is wrong with me. I'm okay. Because I have to be okay.

    I can't cry.

    I can't make a fuss out of this whole mess.

    Because if I can't be strong there would be no one left to put all the pieces back together again.


  • gatedwalls 4w


    The little girl came up to me and asked me for the toy I had in my hand.
    I gave it to her without thinking twice. The full blown, toothy grin on her face, blew me away.
    I guess, gifts aren’t always intentional.