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  • soulfulcreature 7w

    What she wants

    ‪She wants love that consumes her, ‬

    ‪She wants passion and adventure; and even a little danger.‬

    ‪Life, we can’t always get what we want...‬

    ‪Not all of us will get what we want...‬
    ‪San ‬


  • bettina 81w

    Two Waters

    Part 1

    I stood on the shore
    The sun showed the beauty up front
    I admired the sea from afar
    And my loneliness begone

    I took little steps closer
    To sense the warmth it offers
    I felt this before
    Till I've been dried up by the world

    A still voice within has spoken
    Wait and stay
    Yet my heart has been enticed
    Heedless, the voice I despised.

    Slowly I swim upon the waters
    Till I can't move anymore
    I was drowning and helpless
    The warmth is killing me inside

    Part 2

    I woke up on a different shore
    Light displays indescribable peace
    A new life revealed
    And joy is overflowing

    The sea is calling my name
    To come and see and taste its goodness
    I've felt this invitation before
    And it always overwhelms my soul

    I heard the voice again saying
    "In my freedom, there is no limit"
    My heart melts in His love
    The words are embraces of God

    You, Oh Lord, is the living water
    Let Your waves take me deeper
    Further till Your consuming grace drowns me
    And Your Spirit be my breath.