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  • eblans7 13w

    Seems even more creepy

    Seems even more creepy to have friends these days, nobody afraid of being left alone, maybe all creepy loners just died, for now being empty and lifeless is a miracle, everyone adores it, it is new era, called today

  • dorkydork 15w

    Black Widow

    After a night of passion with her lover, she killed him and feasted upon his body parts....
    after all the widow spider has a reputation to maintain.

  • pixelpie 15w


    I lay in bed, feelings cluttered in my mind
    If you didn't exist, what would be left to find

    I want you to, I really do
    But they say you don't, they act like they knew

    I want you to exist
    I want you to exist
    I want you to exist
    I want you to exist

    If you don't

    I've got nothing left


  • pixelpie 16w


    The dollhouse opens, the show begins

    Will we be lovers, foes or friends?

    A hand reaches in, choosing a random

    And the the dolls begin their randsom.

    The dancing, the singing, the noise doesn't stop,
    And the screams break the silence across empty lots.

    We are the dolls, we are the broken
    Living our lives with our lines prespoken


  • pixelpie 16w


    I can still feel it.

    I can still see a cold metallic glint as I traverse across an unforgiving world.

    I can still smell a sickly, stickly, scent in the breeze as I selfishly steal the air.

    I can still hear a loud, shrill noise of terror as I cover my ears..

    I can still feel a cold, limp arm as I run my fingers along bark.

    I can still taste a sour taste lingering in my mouth as I swallow down my words.

    I can still live with what I've done.

    Why stop now?


  • _aryasmita_ 16w

    A dreadful night

    It was a rainy night
    When she was returning from her site
    All alone,
    Walking to her home,
    She encountered with a crate
    Which took away her mental state.

    Someone was sitting on that crate
    Gazing at her, straight
    She slowly came towards her
    Her hands were greasy
    Her legs were disorderly sneaky..
    Her eyes, covered with her long and beastly hairs
    For which the girl could not summon dare,
    To forward her steps.
    Her nap was in layers,

    It was so creepy to look at her, so near
    Still the bold she didn't give up to curb her fear.
    She was about to ask her name...when
    the alarm rang up "it's tym to wake up with an aim".

  • jaykirish 16w

    ' A Night of False Awakenings '

    Odd -

    As you feel,
    You just woken up -

    Only to blink,
    And wake up again -

    And Interesting.

    As it feels,
    You've experienced
    Several different,
    Conscious states -

    Being fully aware,
    That you're dreaming.

    As if,
    You're just,
    A soul -

    Floating around freely like.

    Although that's,
    Where the fear aspect,
    Sets in -

    For it,
    Can make you,
    Feel trapped -

    After ten to twenty,
    False awakenings.

    When you finally awake,
    You can't help but question -

    Am I in reality?
    Or am I dreaming again?

    And that alone really,
    Puts the phrase:

    " Life is but a dream! "

    Into perspective.


  • op_rah10 17w

    “Nothing But DEATH 💀

    There are cemeteries that are lonely,
    graves full of bones that do not make a sound,
    the heart moving through a tunnel,
    in it darkness, darkness, darkness,
    like a shipwreck we die going into ourselves,
    as though we were drowning inside our hearts,
    as though we lived falling out of the skin into the soul.


  • azydreamer 18w

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  • littlebird31 18w


    All that is creepy is sent to death.
    When we describe creepy, we think of death.
    Maybe that's because death accepts us how life would not.

  • tokyossss 19w

    The Orphanage

    There was an orphanage in which no one was allowed near.  The street that it was on was barricaded from the society in which they lived in. The only way they were to let you in, was  if you were truly the same disturbed as the children. 

    No adults was allowed within those walls . Not even normal parents who were interested in adopting the children wee allowed. No one besides a simple group who never showed their faces. They were always in black and always coming out an hour later with 2/3 kids at their side. 

    You see, you come to realization that the fence around the orphanage is to keep the public safe from the kids -- not the other way around.  There was always signs around the small town. Signs in which, the Caution Sign "Children at play" is not what it seemed, but rather a warning sign. 

    Everyone knew there was something "wrong" with that orphanage. It didn't seem as others would be. It was rather a place in which the locals wouldn't want to go anywhere near it.  Not if they didn't have to. 

    Everyone, including the children who had family. The ones on the outside all knew. Yet one day everyone in your neighborhood starts to become paranoid and begins to lock every door and window each night out of fear of "the monsters." You think they have all gone  crazy and overreacting, until you start to hear voices whisper to you outside the window...

    You notice at the same time, there was a birdsong coming from within the orphanage's walls. You start to notice the children make their way out of those thick and heavy doors. There was something odd about them... 

    Something didn't seem right... 

    Something was wrong...

    too awfully wrong, for they seem to have came to stare directly into your window...  

  • shanky03 19w

    Voices (1)

    We were alone
    So we must return to being alone
    If they want our soul
    So we must give them a part of our soul
    That empty heart will be filled
    And so will the soul
    I can hear it
    Throbbing from deep under the sea
    The sound to the voice
    The voice speaks
    The voice's wish was....
    A friend


  • toothdecay666 20w


    The putrid mass of flesh's pulse quickens as a trembling outstretched hand moves toward it- so very slow, as if testing the waters.
    I stare deep into Its core until I feel Its eyes burning into me. I retreat with a yelp- my hand blisters.
    Did I create It, or did It create me?


  • toothdecay666 20w

    The gears turn thrice.

    The gears turn thrice.
    Worms wriggle between my ribs;
    I cannot crush them, no matter how forcefully I inhale.
    The cavities in my mouth burn like acid;
    Bubbling, dissolving my tongue;
    The foul liquid dribbles past my scaly lips.
    The bugs- they crawl across my flesh, the sensation sickening;
    Their pincers dig into what is left of my beaten body- they burrow deep.
    The maggots plug my nostrils.
    My nails chip at the decaying wood.
    Am I still screaming?
    How long have I been screaming?
    The gears turn thrice, but my soul still will not rest.


  • littlebird31 20w

    Death, my old friend.

    I heaved myself up the nine stair stoop to the doors of my apartment building and tripped my way over to the mail boxes to check my mail, before I lugged myself up four flights of stairs and down the hall to my apartment. I sighed when I saw the figure sitting in front of my door.

    "Is it real this time? Because I don't have the energy for another close call." The figure lifted his hooded head at the sound of my voice, his piercing green eyes meeting mine.

    "No, I've got an appointment in the building, in an hour. Thought I'd drop by and see how you are." He said pushing himself to his feet without any effort. I was incredibly jealous, I wasn't sure I could lift my arm enough to unlock the door.

    "Who this time?" I closed the space between us as I walked closer to the door. He grabbed the keys out of my hand and unlocked it, pushing it open for me.

    "Mrs. Harris in 2D, how about some tea?" He shrugged off the hooded cloak and hung it on the coat rack, then made his way to the kitchen to start some water boiling.

    "Green please." I called from my bedroom where I was changing out of my uniform from the dinner with worked at.

    "How's it been Devon?" I asked while walking out of my room, pulling my hair into a high loose pony tail.

    "Dandy, business is up." He said absentmindedly strumming his fingers on either side of the store where the teapot sat over high flame. He whipped his face up when he realized what he said a few minutes later.

    "I... I meant..." He stuttered "I just meant unfortunately businesses up. I mean I've been busy." He sighed and shrugged his shoulders. I nodded.

    "I get it. Speaking of..." I tapered off hoping he wouldn't make me ask.

    "Heart attack. Which reminds me, if you could call emergency services for her, that would be an amazing gesture." He looked at me pointedly before snatching the tea pot off the stove as it started to whistle, pouring it into two cups before putting it on the back of the stove. He walked around the counter and set one of the cups in front of me. I bent down to smell it.

    "This isn't green tea." I pointed out.

    "Mmm yes." He said at last, wallowing a sip of hot tea. "How perceptive you are, it's Tension Tamer. I know you said green but you don't need green. You need Tension Tamer." He said matter-of-factly. I didn't feel like arguing with death after the day I had so I picked up the cup and took a sip. He watched me expectantly. I nodded my head furiously while setting the cup down and going into the kitchen.

    "You're right, it's just missing one thing." He eyed me as he watched me go over to the cupboard and pull down a bottle of peppermint schnapps, a smirk sliding across his lips.

    "Well... Had I known that was available I would have poured you some myself." He chuckled, pushing his tea towards me so I could add some of the alcohol to his cup too.

    "How have you been Emma?" He asked, pulling the cup back and taking a sip. "Mmm." He grinned. I waited until I was on the other side of the counter and back in my seat before I responded.

    "Brian broke up with me." I said softly.

    "I'm sorry to hear that." Was all he said and he took another sip of the tea. I couldn't think of anything to say so I shrugged. We sat in silence for a little while, until finally Devin started laughing.

    "What is so funny?" I demanded.

    "Remember the first time I came to you?"

    "That was funny?" I glared at him.

    "No, but to think you went from screaming to drinking hot toddies with me and your kitchen." He chuckled. I laughed too I'll admit.
    The first time Devon came to me I screamed so loud, it's probably will save my life. I petrified poor Devon though. We met again a few times and my reaction lessened and each time. Lately though Devin has been stopping by when he had a pickup in the neighborhood. Our relationship is progressing if you ask me.

    "Yeah, I have to say I didn't see that coming. I thought I was a goner the second time for sure! I mean it's rare for death to come for you once and you live, but twice?" I scoffed.

    "Ah, but you escaped more than twice." He pointed out.

    "It feels a bit excessive to say I escaped nine times." I looked at him lazily. He laughed and downed the rest of his tea.

    "Well Emma, I must be on my way to 2D. Thank you for the lovely drink."

    "Hey anytime, I quite enjoy your company on these rare visits." I winked at him. He put his cloak on and went to the door.

    "I'll see you soon Emma." He winked back at me and then softly shut the door, on his way to escourt Mrs. Harris out of this world.

    "I look forward to it." I whispered. I finished off my tea and then called nine-one-one to tell them I heard some noise in my neighbor's apartment when I walked by and she wouldn't open the door. Assuring them I wanted to make sure she was okay, I hung up the phone and retreated to my room. As I got ready for bed I saw Devon leaving the building from my window. He turned and waved, so I waved back. When the fire trucks, police, and ambulances arrived I climbed in bed, shut off my light and went to sleep.

  • arunimacamelliaroy 20w


    I am a spider,
    Trapped in my own net!
    The more tangled my web becomes
    However I try to set!
    What once was my pride, my happy home
    Now, all my peaceful freedom it ate!
    I tried to crawl away,
    With my spiny creepy legs.
    But I couldn't rescue me,
    No matter how much to myself
    I beg
    And beg
    And beg.


  • _sols_ 21w

    She had to ponder, she had to go check her past,
    Legs messed up in mud, she may not really last,
    Thinking,stuck in the years,her past.
    She's going crazy finding questions that they won't ask,

    Knowing if they get her in her weakest,
    She will be left with nothing to harvest.
    And in the worst everything will be okay,
    And all she says Is everything will be okay,

    Beauty in her becoming grey,
    Bones weak, she needs help,
    The best heart she had.
    No one could save her from the silence she suffered.

  • elegantfacts143 21w


  • rhydain54 22w

    Abacus of crazy

    Holy Father, we need to talk.
    I have a secret that I can’t keep.
    I’m not the man that you thought you wanted.
    Please don’t get angry, have faith in me.
    Strangling her was so uplifting. The mist from her last breath dissolved into my tongue. I didn't mean to kill her, actually i did but i never wanted it to be this painful and slow.  The voices tell me It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.

  • simetra_ 29w


    A silence comes without any call
    when with darkness I again fall
    A shadow creeping softly says
    and shows its vision in many ways
    every thing my mind knows
    step by step into silence it goes
    dreams, feelings as it breaks
    away my vision all it takes
    When alone on streets I walk
    silence to me softly talk
    about the heart that was here before
    but is going forever more
    A lonesome soul only knows
    The restless silence that never goes