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    Lost Children - Chapter 1

    Note: Hello again! This is something that I'll hopefully finish one day...one day. ;w; Be sure to tell me what you think!


    I can feel myself slipping away.

    I feel blood.

    My blood.

    My tears.

    What happened to me?

    Everything's so blurry...

    I hear sirens...

    Loud sirens...so faint...

    I feel something sharp...

    In my body...

    Under my skin...

    Where's mum? And dad?

    The noises are fading away now.

    I hear people moving...

    Ever so faintly...

    But it's too late.

    I can feel it.

    The pure nothing.

    The sweet release of sleep.

    Ignacio awoke -- but he knew he wasn't truly awake.

    The world around him was shades of gray and black. The land looked like a melted, monotonous masterpiece: the gray and dismal trees sagged towards the ground, and he couldn't tell where the ground stopped and the sky began.

    He slowly sat up, noticing his outfit had been changed -- at least he thought it had.

    He now had on a black-and-white striped, long-sleeved shirt with a pair of black overalls over it. His shoes were black and polished, a gray gleam flashing across them if he angled them a small bit. There was a black string tied around his wrist. When he glanced up, he saw a balloon.

    A bright red one, shaped like a heart.

    Where am I? he pondered silently as he stood.

    He held up one of his hands, noticing his skin was now completely white. His nails were a deep black, so deep it confused his eyes to look at them for too long. He didn't remember much of anything before this, but he was sure he didn't look like this normally.

    So not only was this strange world monotone, he was as well. The only thing that stuck out was the balloon.

    Ignacio faintly wondered what it would happen if he untied the string -- if he let the bright color disappear and fade into the gray sky. But then he got a feeling in the pit of his stomach.

    He couldn't let go of the balloon.

    Ignacio began walking, his legs a bit shaky. He didn't know where he was going, but he thought that since he was here he should explore this world. He felt like he wouldn't be leaving for awhile.

    He felt as if he'd walked for centuries, but it at most had been a few minutes. His feet felt tired and heavy as he trudged along. The landscape hadn't changed, and he has no idea where he was.

    And then he saw the children -- kids his age, he assumed.

    As he listened in, Ignacio realized they were singing.

    Tick tock, goes the clock,
    And all the years they fly.
    Tick tock, and all too soon,
    You and I must die.

    The strange verse was repeated over and over as the children did assorted activities: bounced a ball back and forth, skipped on what he assumed was crooked hopscotch squares...some just ran around while another jumped rope.

    They had balloons, heart-shaped like his, but they were all a dull gray. Their clothes were similar: the girls wore black or gray dresses, and all the boys he saw had overalls or dress pants.

    He also noticed that they all had masks -- dogs, cats, rabbits, and other assorted animals. The eyesholes cut into the masks were completely black, making it impossible to see the childrens' eyes.

    If they had any eyes at all.

    As he approached the group of children, the bunny masked child stopped jump roping. The dog and the cat that bounced the ball let it lay on the ground as they raised their empty sockets to look at him. The duck and the pig stopped in their tracks, turning to stare at him as well.

    He felt creeped out, but these were the first people he'd seen here, and he wasn't sure if there was anyone else around.

    The group solemnly stared at Ignacio.

    Wait...they weren't staring at him...

    They were staring above him.

    He looked up at his balloon, then back at the children, a feeling of unease washing over him. He tried to continue on his way through the group, but one of them grabbed his arm.

    It was the boy with the rabbit mask. His grip was abnormally strong; Ignacio had found out when he'd tried to pull away.

    Ignacio heard the soft wetting of lips beneath the mask before the boy, in the most raspy voice Ignacio had ever heard, spoke.

    "Stay," he stated simply. His empty-looking sockets were filled with a nervous energy that sent shivers down Ignacio's spine.

    He was about to try and break out of the boy's grip again when he felt another hand on his other arm.

    "Stay," the girl in the cat mask echoed, her grip as iron clad the boy's.

    "Stay," the twin lambs said in unison.

    They all began to repeat the phrase.

    The dog. "Stay."

    The pig. "Stay."

    The duck. "Stay."

    Ignacio didn't want to stay, but maybe the children were just asking him to play for a bit. They didn't mean that he had to stay forever.

    So he smiled at all the children, and he began to play with them.

    He ran around with the lamb twins and jumped rope with the rabbit; he bounced the ball with the dog, the pig, and the cat, then played hopscotch with the duck.

    As he played, the children never said another word. They played in silence, watching Ignacio -- his balloon -- with a creepy fascination.

    Eventually, Ignacio grew tired.

    "I have to leave," he told the other children before beginning to walk away. "It was fun. Thank you."

    He thought his leave would go unperturbed, but he felt a grip on his arm.

    "Stay," the rabbit spoke.

    The children began to slowly move in around Ignacio, trying to block him in. He began to panic, and in his panicked state he did the one thing he knew how to do.

    He knocked off the rabbit's mask.

    And immediately began to scream.

    The boy's face wasn't there.

    There was nothing there, only a deep black hole that hurt Ignacio's eyes to look.

    The boy let out an ear-piercing shriek before covering his face. The other children began to scream as Ignacio ran, his balloon trailing above him.

    He couldn't hear the children, but he knew they were there: slowly gaining on him with bad intentions in their blank faces.

    Ignacio began to sob, but all he managed was a gasp as the ground gave way beneath him. He looked up, seeing the children around the hole, their voices still screaming as he fell.

    Ignacio was silent as the air brushed against his back. Darkness surrounded him on all sides as the mild light from the hole faded.

    Slowly, the darkness consumed him and his senses, and everything went pitch black.

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    And you thought...

    #horror #creepy

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    Don't worry, you're not alone.
    In fact, you're never alone.
    I am always there.

    ...lurking somewhere near you.
    ©Manya Agarwal

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    Lame one!
    I love horror, but I am not good at writing scary stuff.
    #horror #creepy #monster #writersnetwork

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    If you don't find them under your bed, search in the closet. If not there, then in the basement. They maybe on the ceiling... Or in the attic.

    Just don't look in the mirror, for your sanity's sake.
    © Manya Agarwal

  • surgeonremley 1w

    Phantom Hands

    My chest, these phantom hands grasp
    For a heavy heart that beats tar and black
    But alas...
    They find a void through which all souls pass
    So into the abyss, these spectres amass.

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    Ode to Rose

    Ode to Rose;
    The beauty and the divine
    Oh how I dream how you would be mine
    Her soft long hair a vibrant red
    Each word spoken is a song said

    Her pale white skin fragile to the touch
    It'd surely crumble if you felt too much
    I couldn't help but watch her bloom
    This bud now a blossom
    And she forever in my room

    Oh dear rose
    Now corrupted unwhole
    My beautiful flower
    Can no longer grow

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    What's LOVE: Chapter 1

    "Come on ya wuss, just do it, there ain't nothin' to be scared about ." "Ok..." I stuttered. I began to creep down the creeky moldy basement. The mold and mildew air smell crawls up my voldemort nose. I actually enjoy it kind of...I still can't beleive marcus is forcing me to do this. I just have to go down there and get something that's all, but the basement is as creepy as hell. I hate it, but since Marcus manipulated me, here I am down in this sick basement. CRACK. "MARCUSSS STOOPPP THHHAATT OPEN THIS DOOR." I said this through state of mind and my speaking machine. I dart for the door screaming because the monsters are coming out with there slimy selves. They creep and crawl all over the floor getting near me...I scream even louder trying to get Marcus to open the damn door. He just wouldn't answer. After I skipped college for him, after I left home for him, after I went home with him like he wanted! He's now locken me up in a stupid scarey basement, tormenting me. The only escape I had thought of was out the window, in the basement, that lead to our front lawn. So I just picked an old brick left by the builders and smashed the window and crawled out. In the process there was PAIN as the windows tore my feeble skin causing much blood. Possibly making it look like a crime scene. I managed to bear crawl out and get on the front lawn. From there I decided that I wasn't going to stay with Marcus so I just began running down deep into the woods until nightfall, when I found a mysterious creature...

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    A Dance with Death

    I dance with death, at first modestly but as she dances more erotictly it now draws me in, I know it's wrong but how can I a mere mortal man resist such cardinal sin, she pulls me to her tightly, now I feel the burning hot embrace of the hell that seems so inviting, one slip up or one mistake could easily spare me from my heartache as my tempting mistress of death slowly steal away my breath and I can feel my heartbeat like an ember barley glowing, it seems as if I played with this idea too much, with one soft kiss and a sweet goodbye death releases from her clutch.


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    His hot red blood
    Trickled down like rain
    It hit the ground and colored it crimson
    Oh what a gruesome scene it was.

  • baephomet 3w


    It crept , it crept
    Dormant I thought it slept
    Surely I had wept, when the creature's feet loudly stepped
    After me it sought
    Misery is what it wrought
    When I had those wicked thoughts
    To life the creature, I had brought
    A hunter in its nature
    The devil in nomenclature
    And I , was it's creator
    A production of my sin
    It borrows into human skin
    There it lays deep within
    Marked from birth by its evil grin
    It is a toxin to the mind
    Morality within just goes blind
    As I scream and scream yet my sanity it does unwind


  • mmbftd 3w


    She watched me
    Studied me
    With such an inquisitive face
    That at times
    It frightened me
    It penetrated me
    And still I felt
    She needed more.
    She was a blank person
    Lacking identity
    Lacking thoughts of her own
    Her style evolved until
    It was as if
    when she stood before me
    She was a mirror
    But one with a crack
    A fissure
    Too deep to repair
    Not even I could do it
    And I was her best friend.
    There were times
    When her intensity
    Made me run and hide for days...
    Now I realize, my psyche needed relief, protection and time to stand alone.
    That stare she had...through disguised blue eyes
    Lined in jet black
    Rimming with sexuality
    Which she used like a net.
    That stare
    Scared me to the core
    They way those new robots stare
    Searching, always for their humanity...blank blue space
    Orbs floating in the skin of latex that hides their mechanism for mimicry.
    She was blank like that.


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    "Here is a small fact: You are going to die."


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    Please Read. It's amazing. Not written by me. But I loved it. Taken from Amino. #creepy #horror #amazing #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    Adults always tell me;

    "You're so lucky",

    "Your hair is so pretty",

    But children are mean.

    They always told me

    That I was a freak,

    That I was weird.

    So I dyed my hair.

    The adults told me not to do it.

    That I'd regret it,

    That I was losing what I was lucky to have.

    Blonde was I chose in the end,

    I thought it was pretty enough

    And light enough.

    Anything but the painful copper I had.

    The other children made fun of me even more for it.

    Because I had bleached my hair,

    It would not go back to its natural colour,

    Or at least, not for a while.

    So I dyed my hair back,


    None of the stores in my area

    Held the right colour.

    It was always too scarlet,

    Too orange,

    Too 'strawberry blonde'.

    Until I came upon a dark, desolate store.

    The sign said open, so I went in.

    I was beckoned in,


    The man at the counter knew what I was looking for.

    He offered me an empty bottle.

    I casually dismissed him but he insisted.

    for free.

    I was foolish.

    Curiousity got the better of me


    I squeezed the empty bottle,

    Causing red dye to seep out of the cap.

    Confused, I squeezed once more.

    If only to check if I'd imagined it or not.

    But I hadn't. It was really there.

    I used it on my hair,

    It worked perfectly.

    My natural colour was restored,

    And a newfound confidence lit me up.

    I didn't care if they made fun of me anymore.

    I was ready to face it.

    I shouldn't have questioned myself.

    That day,

    I'd enjoyed the mysterious object.

    Squirting the liquid down the sink.

    Again and again.

    Creating an immense pleasure.

    It was like magic

    Where was the dye coming from?

    I strolled to school the next day,

    A hop in my step.

    Waiting for the other's surprise,

    Anticipating their reactions,

    Enjoying the fantasy.

    But when I arrived at the school,

    It was an empty husk.

    I ask teachers

    And the minimal amount of students

    What had happened.

    Why was the school so empty?

    What had happened to the students?

    My classmates.

    My peers.

    Soon enough a horrible truth rang though my ears.

    Reports came in, the school day cancelled.

    Upon discovering the students,

    They were all dead, cold as stone.

    Corpses, all alone.

    One thing they had in common,

    Was the cause of death: complete blood loss.

    It was unclear how they had lost the blood,

    There were no wounds, cuts or scrapes.

    No entrance or exit for the blood to make.

    But they were empty, dry like prunes.

    A sinking feeling then consumed me.

    I rush home, check my empty bottle,

    Red dye no longer appearing from it.

    It was truly empty.

    Empty like them.

    I immediately ran, into the town,

    To find the store that had now shut down.

    Was it there in the first place?

    If so, where did it go?

    For this empty bottle was my only memento.

    It had killed my classmates, that was for sure,

    But I found myself laughing,

    joy that everyone saw.

    I danced with happiness,

    Grinned with glee.

    The ones who had made fun of me

    were no more.

    ©oldie (amino)

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    There's something--off;
    I can't explain,
    Those things that steal away our sane,
    And nest in our unwary brain,
    To plague our thoughts with fear:

    The backwards laugh from doll beloved,
    The hand of corrupt physician gloved.
    The puppet that shifts from place to place,
    The big black dog that has no face.

    The child's print on glass untouched,
    The crow with human hair inclutched.
    The visiting playmate long since dead,
    The serpent with an extra head.

    The deer that smiles with razor teeth,
    The pool where darkness lurks beneath.
    The unknown liquid inside a cask,
    The horse that wears a nuclear mask.

    The butterfly with missing wings,
    The box that holds unmentionable things.
    The red-eyed rabbit who likes to stare,
    The voice-less whispers in the air.

    These things that steal away our sane,
    And nest in our unwary brain;
    Are they enough to cause us bane?
    Not if we don't let them.

    ©Ärynel Brennan

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    On the way home

    A : Did you see that person?
    B : Who?
    A : I don't know
    B : Is she beautiful?
    A : No
    B : Ugly?
    A : No
    B : mm...handsome?
    A : I don't know
    B : Wha-
    A : That person has no head


  • _sols_ 6w

    Changing in my sight,
    Walking away,
    I wish I was the air you took to.
    For I won't let go,
    Only will I keep asking are you safe in our temple,
    Each smiles is an history,
    saying stories to each broken bones.
    What can I say but let's not make same mistakes.
    Trying to let go but still bleeding of you.
    Away as dust,playing with the us of truth.
    Worrying a whole lot.
    I'm deceased without you.


  • writer_cutio 7w

    Horrors Of Dark Room

    When I stare back into a
    Lightless, dark room
    I find shadows
    Lurking upon my doom
    I flinch from entering
    The hell of eyes
    Still the creep of
    Someone spies
    I still imagine a mysterious
    Man with no face
    Will jump from the blank
    Engulfing me in deadly embrace
    I still think of witches
    In hollows of night
    Will come from the
    Dark room flying
    And kill me in a nasty fight
    I still fear the corner in the black
    Where one eyed monster stays
    Slidding and crawling
    In bloodfull ways
    Fear of dark room
    Haunts me everyday
    That some feary creature will pounce
    And take me away


  • purphy 7w

    Bloody Mary

    There lived a boy who ate away
    Scared and fragile, never was gay
    Until once the flower blushed out early
    And let him suffer for eternity

    There lived a boy who sank to gray
    Feared and miserable, too scared to play
    Until twice the door knocked, then rang
    And let him lie, too young to say

    There lived a boy who smiled at May
    When the Reaper showed up to prey
    Until three strikes show upon face
    And let him lie once upon again

    There lived a boy who sinned all day
    Laughed at the mirror and swayed
    Until everything vanished for good, said Mary
    And let him live in her cold dream

    There lived a boy who lost his eyes
    He whined and bled, never spoke to waste
    Until fourth mistake came, then delayed
    And never saved him from scars and gray.


  • midorinaoi 7w


    He saw madness in her eyes everytime she blinked. He loved her for that.


  • numerous_shades_of_poetry 7w

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee @readwriteunite
    In the world of poetry , she finds a free world where she could fly in the world of words .. Wherever she wants, whenever. She finds these words so soothing to her soul . Words if used in great manner gives you ideas , she added beauty to the words when she saw the ugly souls of creepy humans eating up her freedom . Her freedom of love , freedom of her own choices, freedom to live her life the way she wants i.e simple n sweet❤
    #poetry_love�� #fly #high #lusting_words #words_love�� #fascinated�� #ofended�� #shattering�� #cage #poet�� #feel #free #beauty�� #creepy #poetry_for_her��

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    World of poetry

    In this world of poetry
    Some are fascinated by words
    Some are ofended by love
    Some are lusting with words
    Some have love for words
    A girl who is shattering in the cage .
    The words let her feel free
    These poems let her fly high
    This is what a poetry to her !!

  • the_old_teen 10w

    Him I for hours had stalked
    Sent texts to and tried to call-
    Realized after being blocked
    Rejection isn't sweet at all.