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  • theunsungwriter 3d

    Hey love,

    Hope you're at your best.
    We haven't met yet, but sooner or later our stars gonna align and universe gonna bleed love.
    Our meet maybe not be the most beautiful thing ever happened in history; But it will for sure, be one of those moments remembering which I will never miss to smile, no matter even if I'll be gone to the next world.
    So much time has ticked, waiting to call you exclusively mine.
    Now, I want to grab you in my arms and never let go, just like trees' roots holding soil and like darkness holding color black.
    I need you, need you beyond much my lungs need air and beyond much a poem need words.
    I want to kiss you, just like a like a song kissing rhythm and just like a fire kissing warmth.
    I want to take you out on a beautiful date in twilight and impress you with extraordinary surprises.
    I want to hold your hand, get lost in your eyes, feel your heart, live for you to smile and share my deepest and darkest corners of my soul.
    I want to get jealous, when you'll intentionally speak of other guys to tease me.
    I want to trust blindly on you, like a small child on his mother (which I haven't done on most from quite a while).
    I want to laugh with you, cry with you and do crazy and silly things with you.
    I want to make unforgettable moments with you.
    I want to grow old with you.
    I want to die in your arms
    and begraved beside yours.
    But above all,
    I want to fall in love with you again and again, in every moment and in every way.
    And I know, I don't deserve you;
    You're beyond perfect for me.
    And I will say,
    None is as beautiful as you
    Neither any sunrise nor the moon.
    I will wait,
    Will wait for us,
    Doing nothing under the
    chandelier of stars.
    I will wait,
    will wait for us,
    to meet soon.

    -Forever yours

    ©The Unsung Writer

  • iinked_mistake 1w

    Him v2

    How do I say this..
    When you're around my mind goes blank
    And I run out of things to say
    I get tongue tied and I die inside
    When I see your lips coming hungrily towards mine
    Yours are the sweetest kisses I've ever had
    And somehow that makes me feel bad
    ...I want you...
    Because I know I don't deserve you

    How do I tell him...
    Recovering from years of abuse
    I keep my mouth closed and my emotions close
    So I don't get slapped
    So I don't draw attention to myself
    I don't even try any more, you know?
    I am stoic to a fault because
    It hurts to get raped
    It's painful to get punched in the face
    It's embarrassing to hold your ribs as they heal
    Holding back tears
    Every time one of your unsuspecting friends tries to make you
    Laugh at some stupid joke
    When they see your eyes empty and blank
    Not knowing what happened but hate to see what's in your face
    It's humiliating to even think of opening up to him the way he wants me to..
    The way I want to..
    Because maybe he will leave if he knows all the things I hide inside
    All the demons that come out to play at night
    The reasons I can't sleep
    And the reason my soul runs deep
    When you can't breathe
    The following morning in recovery

    I think..
    I'm thinking so much these days
    Maybe I should walk away
    He doesn't deserve the burden of anything I carry
    He carries so much of his own
    Yet he's so gentle and every day he's shown
    What a perfect gentleman he carries

    How do I tell him..
    I'm beginning to fall in love
    And every time he's close my soul lights up
    With a fire and brightness that threatens to consume me
    But I keep my face straight
    All business
    All restraint
    Every time he walks away
    I hold every single moment of the day
    And recount it
    Eyes closed
    Over and over and over for days
    Never losing the afterglow
    Even when I'm struggling not to lose my own soul
    In the aftermath, plunged back into the real world
    He's become my escape from reality
    My warm and glowing
    Where there are kisses and hugs happily
    I keep finding myself
    Looking for your face in every guy I see
    I can't stay focused
    And you have to believe I have tried
    I've been looking for you
    In a thousand others

    I'm choking
    And my heart is still drumming like a racehorse
    Ready to run
    But, God..
    I want to stay..

  • ankita_ghosh 1w


    Their first date.
    She takes the bill from his hand.
    "what are you doing? "
    " breaking stereotypes ", she says placing her credit card.


  • khushhi 1w

    Love yourself this time ? �� #you #date #believe

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    Have a date with your soul
    Loving yourself isn't a foul
    It's a party most satisfying
    A date to remember?
    A day to start believing ,
    In love.


  • theldapperapple 1w

    Young Love

    I walk her home from our date
    Her father said, "Don't be late."
    I look at her face in the pale moon light.
    Looking at her face so happy and bright.
    The wind so gentle and fair.
    The breeze runs it's fingers through her hair.
    I wish this night could last forever.
    She even thinks my jokes are clever.
    We finally reach her house.
    The stairs squeak like a mouse.
    We reach the front door.
    We wanted to be together a little more.
    I hold her tight.
    Her eyes shine so bright.
    I gave her a gentle kiss.
    Then I learned the true meaning of bliss.


  • theweirdbeard 1w

    First Date

    That Awkwardness
    Is still my favorite moment
    From my First Date Experience;
    Which I cherishes
    Whenever I see
    Any couple, anywhere
    Around me
    sipping the coffee.

  • my_escapades_and_peace 2w


    Pretty face, empty head.
    One of us didn't get the
    memo to this date.
    I wonder who?

    ©D. S

  • neerajparab2012 2w

    Applies suitably to people in a Long Distance Relationship who tend to cherish each other in just a few moments...��
    #love #date #romance #romancequotes #lovequotes

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    .. but it's just the first date.

    You count seconds, and I count moments.
    Sometimes, not enough moments in a lifetime,
    And sometimes, you live them in a day.

    - @neerajparab2012

  • pratyushyaduvanshi 2w

    The Outer He :-
    I have forgotten her man I am party animal .

    Inner He :-
    But the sleepless nights and The dark spots below the eyes were telling a different story


  • ellakshi 2w

    Yet another year is coming to a close... yet another brand new start awaits us... yet another year that will make us hustle hard and teach new lessons!
    The date may change at the strike of 12 in the clock... but what does not change is the fact that fate will never change with the date, it changes with efforts!!


  • stories_by__me 3w


    Date someone who knows how to stay.


  • trueme 3w

    #love #longdistancerelationship #date
    From the post of @sumona .
    Original line: I've met a thousand people. But the conversation with you are my favourite.

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    My love,

    I came across so many boys.
    But my conversations
    with you are still
    echoing in my heart.


  • abykhuman 4w

    All i want is you, I will wait all my life if that's what it takes

  • charliesvision 4w

    And today after
    a long a time
    met again.
    Two of them filled
    with joy to see the other pair
    of Eyes
    she was wearing...

  • to_the_eternity 4w


    Now even the slightest change in our meeting plans
    Or cancellation of our date feels like end of the purpose to survive

  • hemant305 5w

    Date someone who brings out the absolute best in you.
    More than just manners or kindness or growth and learning.
    But the person who teaches you what it’s like to start living.
    Date someone who pushes you to do things that scare you. Who pushes you to achieve your dreams and goals and passions even if they are the only one who believes in you.
    Date the one who holds your hand when you’re scared but you know whatever happens they are right there ready to catch you if something were to go wrong.
    Date someone who makes the little things in life fun. Someone who makes you laugh louder than you ever have just cleaning dishes. Someone who makes you sing your heart out when you’re driving shotgun in their car. Someone who makes you look forward to Sundays.
    Date someone who makes you believe in love and soulmates and all those sappy songs you never really understood before.
    Someone who just has such a positive impact on you. They’ve made you better. They’ve made you happier. You look at them and you start to believe in something again. Even if you don’t know what that is.
    Date someone who is both home, and an adventure all in one.
    You will finally understand why you had to wait so long for love. You will finally understand what the universe was saving for you.


  • edible 6w

    D at e

    Candles and roses and violins and wines
    None could contain my screams in your hollow rhymes.


  • the_scarlet_dawn 6w


    "What's the most delicious thing you've ever tasted?" I asked him on our first date as he munched the last piece of cartilage with a look of delight on his face.

    "Your heart," he replied.

    When I tried to look into his eyes, a bit confused with this absurd bit of humor, at the same time a little overwhelmed... all I saw was a skeleton looking back at me.

    Moments later, I looked down at my hands and figured out the pun. It has not even been a year. Strange how he makes me forget about my death at times!

  • thespillingink 6w

    The best coversation we have is with ourselves which creates the hues of different aromas.

    -"So, here it is ; my first date ever.Well his bike is cool but he seems a little uncomfortable."

    - "She looks so alluring today I don't know how she said yes for a date with me.I hope she doesn't finds out that this bike is not mine."

    -" I have dated so many guys but he is the only one who asked me so politely , this date is going to be wondrous. Should I keep my hands on his shoulder or not , I have never done this."

    -Why are we not talking , maybe she is waiting for me to start the conversation. Okay let's go; "hey so you like coffee?".. Why is she not answering..and I don't have any sense to the gears of this bike.

    - "Yup I love coffee", I don't know but I have never felt something like this. He is going to be someone special.

    - "I already love her."

    #rwu_text. #readwriteunit #first #date #writersnetwork #write #feel #thoughts

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  • kajal_godbole 7w

    The Candle burned
    The life took a Turn
    Late at night
    The eyes were still bright

    The happiness and wait
    For the Loved one in the gate
    It never stopped the little's belief
    That one day His Hero will get relief

    He will come back
    Said The Low Tune of music track
    Even the mind knew the truth
    But how to explain the little youth?

    He fighted
    And ignited himself
    In the names of Bravery
    He brighted himself.

    Television, Radio Even News Had his name..
    But How to explain the little? the reason of his hero's fame?
    People explained and Gave them reasons
    That their hero is a savior and had broke all the Life's prison.

    Time flew
    Little grew..
    Everything settled
    But few things still mattered.

    Little heart was still confused
    His mind even now curfewed
    Why did that day
    the balloons,the gifts and cake
    Were replaced by the the Revovler, the gun and the grenade?

    Now the Little was not seven
    But now he remembers the date of His hero's Birthdate TWENTY-SIX ELEVEN!