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  • jcannon 13w

    I'd rather be in love

    Everyone thinks dating is suppose to be about the experience, Until they meet someone they want to build a life with.Its suppose to be all a game until that point. All in good fun. And then lifelong happiness. Problem is,the person you fall for, they could just see you as harmless fun,a game,an experience,until they find someone they want to build a life with, lifelong happiness....dating is a broken cycle,I think I'd rather be in love.

  • slecna_lubezna 13w


    In the past there were guys singing serenades, writing love letters, sending flowers.
    Now girls get dick picks..


  • trees_are_life 13w

    Filled with love

    Filled from the top to the bottom
    Of this wonderous thing called love
    For my writting reflects it's perfection
    And it's everlasting gleam
    It shines into my life
    This ever bright light
    Blinding my senses
    It pours from my soul
    And blissfully exists in my life

  • wifey_suicide 13w

    Just Like The Others

    If I played you a song with my own lyrics
    Would you treasure and hold onto to forever
    Or would you just simply throw it away
    Just like the others
    And what would happen if I said I love you
    Would you push me away
    Just like the others
    What would happen if I knew exactly what it's like to walk in your shoes
    Would you want me to keep walking in my own
    Or would you take my hand like how I want to take yours
    And hold it forever as I watch a ring suddenly appear
    Happiness I will feel
    Just to find out that I'm not wearing mine
    Just like the others
    I honestly want to love somebody like you
    But I'm also afraid that I might quickly lose you
    Just like the others
    But wait, there's also alot of things about you that don't make you like the rest
    Yet I have to be with you to point it out
    Unless you're really like the rest
    And yes I do confess
    My standards are actually pretty low
    Sometimes the relationships I'm in really do treat me like I'm slow
    But can't you see I'm so full on retarded for you
    I just want to see the other small details within your shoes
    Do you like metal or the blues
    Justin Bieber? Honey, you got me like Selena
    Or his fiance

    I honestly don't keep up with that stuff. 'Cause you know, I'm not TMZ or that crazy....

    But I'm crazy for you
    I just want to smell and run my hands through your hair
    And honestly tell you how much I care
    You don't understand how much love I honestly got for you
    We could just get together and you could already have my baby
    A growing family is all I want
    Because being a single parent isn't what I'm trying to go for
    Unless secretly you're a whore
    Just like the others
    You claim what is right
    And preach was is wrong
    I would love to see what type of actions you will mix in
    And what about your parents
    Are they strict, carefree, do they like their coffee black
    Honestly please tell me everything
    I'll even set up a date and keep my phone away
    Fuck it, I won't even bring it so I wouldn't even feel it vibrate
    Unless you won't come, but plan it with me anyway
    Just like the others

  • dalinolasco 13w

    Sooo...Yesterday I got my Level 6 marathon badge
    So now it's time for my retirement...I mean vacation.
    See y'all on the other side... ������

    And by other side I mean after reading this piece, checkout HIS BIGGEST MISTAKE by @river_blaze

    Our unintended collabo is the very definition of TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME

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    Her Biggest Mistake

    Her first mistake was to give me the roadmap to her heart
    Clearly marking all the stops and turns along the way
    She told me about all her likes, hopes and desires
    How she liked flowers and chocolate
    How she hoped chivalry wasn't dead
    What she desired in a man
    She was eager and convenient
    I should have told her I wasn't right for her
    But for the next 2 weeks I was the perfect gentleman
    Calling, texting, planning dates
    I became the epitome of dedication

    Well I met her at a bar
    Sitting at a table alone nursing a cocktail of what seemed like sadness and vulnerability
    She looked up, our eyes locked, our gazes lingered
    The chameleon in me quickly matched the sad in her
    My intentions were never pure
    But she needed someone to relate
    Even if it was a Devil with a Halo
    So I pulled the sheepskin tighter from around my shoulders to over my head
    And slowly made my approach while holding her gaze gently in the palms of mine
    The wolf in me was salivating
    As I sat down across from her
    She didn't know it yet
    But she was the moth to my flame
    I could already smell it
    The nauseating scent of a broken heart, burning
    As we sat and sipped in silence for a while
    All the while thinking how lucky her straw was
    Because the succulent lusciousness of her lips was an aphrodisiac for making out
    She caught me staring a few times
    So I asked her,
    With visible enchantment in my eyes,
    "Have you always been this pretty
    or were you an ugly baby?"
    She smiled her walls away
    She was disarmed

    So we conversed deeper
    We drank
    Gambling with flirts and light hand touching
    We drank
    We did shots and toasted to new beginnings
    We drank
    Flirted with the idea of the flavour of her lips
    We drank
    She blushed
    We drank
    We laughed
    We drank
    We talked for what seemed like hours
    Entranced by each other's gazes
    Only for 'Last Call' to play referee
    So I asked for the bill
    She wanted to pay
    I told her no
    Then she insisted we at least split it
    Then I said to her as I stood up,
    "I wouldn't be a gentleman if I let you pay.
    Consider it a gift for your time. You came in here with sad eyes, I don't see that sorrow nomore. You were hurting but I'm the one who got to heal having spoken to you Miss....eerr I..I never got your name"

    "Olivia" she smiled and extended her hand
    "Bradley, nice to officially meet you Miss Olivia" as I took her hand in mine and shook it
    "Why so formal?" She asked
    "After all we've shared, call me Liv"
    "Well I'm still Bradley. Some famous Hollywood actor already ruined anyone else's chances of being a Brad."
    She laughed and continued holding onto my hand as if she was saying Don't Go
    Her eyes now barely blinking staring deeply into mine
    As she bit her lower lip and got up to stand a few inches from my face
    "Olivia" I said, in a low tone
    "Yes?" She whispered, still looking up at me
    With the sweetest yet vulnerable yearning in her eyes
    "I need my hand back to settle the bill."

    She let go of my hand and it felt naked without hers
    I paid the bill then walked out with her
    "How are you getting home?" I asked
    "I'll call an Uber" she replied
    I offered to wait with her, I would call mine after hers had arrived
    She smiled, "Such a gentleman, how are you still single?" She asked
    "Well I hadn't met you yet" I flirted
    "Then why haven't you kissed me yet?" She asked as she stopped and turned to face me
    I paused for a second before responding
    "Because you might regret it once you sober up in the morning"
    She was briefly taken aback
    Before she could respond her Uber arrived
    "At least take my number" she suggested
    "Well inorder for me not to overstep my bounds, you take mine. Whenever you're truly ready hit me up," as I handed her my card
    She took it and was ferried away into the night

    'Thanks for taking care of me
    last night. I got home safely.
    It's morning now and I'm sober
    and still wondering why you did
    not kiss me'

    This was the message that greeted my eyes

    'well I haven't slept a wink,
    still beating myself about
    it. I'm full of regret now &
    I hope you'll give me a
    chance to redeem myself'

    I replied
    My heart pounding
    If you've ever asked a beautiful girl out
    Then you know what I'm talking about
    That short pause
    That seems like an eternity in limbo
    Before she responds
    Is one of the longest waiting periods ever
    Well that and the waiting after asking a girl to marry you

    'Where and when?' she finally replied


    She gave me a chance

    -Dali Nolasco-

  • littlewritergrl 13w

    I wonder.

    I wonder if you'll ever see
    How much you truly mean to me.
    I wonder if you'll ever know
    I'll fight for you wherever you may go.
    I wonder if you'll ever be
    One and truly only with me.

    I wonder if you'll say goodbye
    If this love is all but a lie.

  • littlewritergrl 13w

    You have my body, you have my soul.
    You complete me and make me whole.

  • littlewritergrl 14w


    Even with all of your love and lust
    You was still able to turn me to mere dust.

  • abacarhiuaneabacar 14w

    The best piece of advice I ever got!

    Abacar Hiuane Abacar

    It was from this girl, five years ago. She told me, "Abacar, you should not be dating girls for the sake of dating, if you choose to ask someone to be your girlfriend, let it be someone who you see yourself getting married to, having a family with and building a home, a life". At first I thought to myself, 'nonsense', but now I follow that advice to the letter. Ironically, having said that she pretty much guaranteed the fact that she would never be my girlfriend, which was what she wanted and she knew that. In spite of that, she went ahead and told me this with no hesitation. And from this, I believe there is another valuable lesson to be learned.

    "A person who truly loves you will want your best, whether you are with them or not, even if it means sacrificing their love for you."


  • littlewritergrl 14w

    What is love...

    Is it a soft kiss on the cheek from your mum?
    Is it the first embrace that leaves you numb?
    Is it the sweet smell of freshly cooked pie?
    Is it the sweet success of telling a white lie?

    Is it the feeling of climbing into bed?
    Is it when new exciting ideas fill your head?
    Is it the beam of the warm summer glow?
    Is it the taste of just cooked pizza dough?

    Is it the sensation of touching someone's skin?
    Is it the kind of kiss in which you hold her chin?
    Is it the cold breeze upon your face?
    Is it the sexy lingerie She wears made from lace?

    Is it knowing that she is all yours?
    Is it when it hits you deep within your core?
    Is it when you stare into his eyes?
    Is it the last breathe before someone's dies?

    Love is everything and anything you want it to be.
    You just need to want It to be able to see.

  • bleeding_ink 15w


    Table was served with relishing tastes.
    Her noodles & some cupcakes.
    His softdrinks & some shakes.
    They enjoyed a splendid date.

  • dalinolasco 15w

    For Pinklipz_69

    There she was...
    She was when beauty meets elegance
    She was God's breath breathed curvaceous
    Beautifully packaged into the seduction in her smile
    She was the hypnotic spell cast by the hazel in her eyes
    She was the sunlight trapped in the tresses of her hair
    Then she said in her bio,

    Well I hope not
    I hope there's more depth in your foundation
    Beyond that of your makeup
    I hope you are deeper than you look
    I hope you have unwaivering morals and strong ethics to support your physique
    I hope you can hold an intelligent conversation longer than you can hold a selfie pose
    I hope you're more than the party lifestyle you so elegantly tableau in your pictures
    I hope you're making your own money to pay for that lavish looking online lifestyle
    If not, I hope your love and loyalties are not merely transactional
    I hope whomever you choose to give your time and affections to honourably earns the privilege
    Not by being the highest bidder
    But through love, consideration, respect and dedication

    I hope there's the possibility of childbirth carried between the fecundity of your hips
    Not just as a readily available burial ground for layover manhoods seeking convenience
    I hope there's more to your wardrobe
    Than bikinis and leggings
    I hope there are more dance moves in your repertoire other than twerking
    I hope you'll make them realize that there's more to you than just sex appeal
    I pray to God I'm not wrong about you
    I just hope one day you'll finally have a reason
    To deactivate your account

    Maybe, I don't know

    - Dali Nolasco-

  • sammiey119_sarah_p 16w


    Last night I dreamt
    Last night I dreamt we met again
    Last night I dreamt we waved hello
    Last night I dreamt we both smiled at each other
    Last night I dreamt we had an instant connection
    Last night I dreamt we had the same goal
    Last night I dreamt we hung out with each other
    Last I dreamt that we went on a roller coaster together
    Last night I dreamt that I snuggled with you and you snuggled back
    Last night I dreamt that we were close
    Last night I dreamt that we were together
    Last night I dreamt that we were lovers
    Last night I dreamt this dream


  • dalinolasco 16w

    Manners Maketh A Man


    I said : SAY PLEASE

    Because you may think she's your girl when in fact she's ours. Perhaps we've both been played. What if she's actually more mine than yours. What if she belongs to another and neither of us have any actual claims to her time. What if I was here first. What if she's actually a free spirit and a few dates and a few nights spent with her don't make either of us her boyfriend. So choose your next words carefully, don't just react without the benefit of intellect. Maybe the problem is you're talking to me instead of fixing your problem at its source. Her.

    -Dali Nolasco-

  • rainydreams 18w


    I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years and I am now starting to fall out of love. But not sure how to break up

  • quotestagram_poem 18w

    "What's the best part of dating you?" He teased her. She smiled looking into his eyes and replied "I'll be honest with my feelings to you."

  • quotestagram_poem 18w

    Dating Advice

    Never let others know what's happening in your love life. Not even to your friends because if a problem gets solved and when you wanna patch up, you will hesitate for others.

  • thankyoulordgod 18w


    There isn't a problem with one or the other.

    Monogamous and Polyamorous just don't belong together in a relationship.

    I think we should be more forward about these things.

    There would be less cheating, less heartbreak.


  • ataisi 18w


    I'm scared to love
    Because in love, nothing is certain.
    But when I met you,
    I realised that it is scarer to chose not to love.

    I don't need to be sure,
    As long as you are with me,
    I'm okay.
    That's why I promise you
    Starting from today and for the rest of my days,
    I will love you without fear,
    I will take your hand
    And I will hold on to you tight
    We will jump together
    And face the world together

    I will love you
    Whoever you are
    And whatever you will become

    The one thing I pray for all my life
    Is to be with you;
    Be beside you
    That's my one and only prayer
    Until death, do us part.

  • jp_official 18w


    I am in love with life. Where every single day seems like a date with her. We are in a happy space dating,where neither of us demands a commitment. She has made me realise that there are far more reasons to be happy than to frown upon and that's what I love the most about her.