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  • chandalfaz 16h

    Childhood Diary

    Baba was busy in thinking something. I asked, “Baba, why are you so depressed?”. Even though depression was apparent on his face but he denied and stayed quiet. I was curious but Baba did not tell me anything. Then I changed the topic, and during our conversation he said “I am so lucky that you are my daughter, you are better than my sons.” That statement made me so happy that I felt like growing wings and flying high.


  • arnab_2301 18h

    The door bell rang" trrrring"

    A 3 year old girl came running towards the door yelling "Papa!!".

    A bundle of happiness bursted in the air as the father embraced her daughter warmly.


  • desiderattaaa 1d


    She'll mock me on my downfalls.
    She'll does'nt care on my achievements.
    It does'nt really mean she wants what's best for me,
    because it is more than what I think.

    She styled me, the way she wants me to be,
    She buy my make-ups and accessories,
    Yet she'll always scold on my hot red lipstick.

    She'll let me do the chores,
    But when I can't,
    She'll do the rapping session of stating my 'laziness'.
    But that's not the way it is.
    She'll take charge of what I can't but make sure I learned.

    She wants me to be strong whatever happens.
    She's just testing my emotional capability and motivating for my own good.

    A slap means, "there's more thing that can hurt you than those slaps".
    Hurtful word means, "You are not good enough, so keep on striving".
    Rejection from her means, "Learn to decide on your own, so you'll gonna stand from the rejection of others".

    She may be too frank and morbid on her words and ways,
    but she cares more than what I think.
    She's been hurt more than I am whenever she spits the reality on me.

    She's not as bad as what others think.
    I love her whatever happen.
    No one can replace her,
    No one can be her.

    She's just a mother, overprotective but caring.
    She is my terror teritorry.

  • seekpoetry 2d

    Dear little fighter, (PART 2)

    You will also meet the malevolent
    Those who curtail your goals
    But don't believe the small minded
    Or surrender to empty souls
    Don't bow down to the dominant
    Save the crown on your head
    You're my strong princess
    Whose legacy won't be dead!
    Although they attempt to destroy you
    Live with your head up
    Because you're an epitome of strength
    Not a mere face with makeup
    Your mama's life's a book
    You'll read it chapter by chapter
    So you can write a new book
    To proudly narrate to your daughter!

  • sahildureja06 2d

    मामू की जान

    गोद मे खिलाऊ, या फिर सीने से लगाऊ,
    तू ही बता-मेरी नन्ही लाडो, कैसे तुझे मनाऊ-2
    जुदा न होना, मुझसे तू कभी, बता बिन तेरे अब मैं कैसे जी पाऊ।

    FeelinGs of नन्हा LoVe

  • withlove_mrwriter 2d

    I already dreamt this about a million times
    Sitting in hospital n waiting
    for my gift of the life time .
    A nurse would come n greet me congratulations!
    She would say its a"Girl"
    n I would get impatient .
    To see her for the first time ,
    N holding on my hands
    Tears would flow through my eyes .
    As my dream becomes reality in the end .
    My daughter ,My life
    My happiness N my pride !
    I have already dicided her name
    N imagined her beautiful eyes .
    Thinking about that feeling gives me goosebumps everytime
    I wish I could fast forward to that day .
    When I'll be her daddy n she'd be my life .

  • ranchani_sankar 4d


    She gazed over things;
    He brought the things she gazed,
    As a Father!

  • shreyansi 4d

    She dreamt of stars but he gave her the entire universe

  • yugesh 4d

    बच्ची रोती है

    आँखें मूँद इंसानियत जाने कहाँ सोती है
    जीते जी मर जाता हूँ मैं जब मेरी बच्ची रोती है|
    क्या कुछ नहीं बीता नाज़ुक सी उस जान पर
    माँस के इस ढांचे में अब कहाँ वही बच्ची होती है।
    छलनी-छलनी हो जाता जिगर मेरा,जब जिगर के टुकड़े से
    कहाँ छुआ,कैसे हुआ ये तफ्तीश होती है।
    कमाल है समाज,मुझे सोच पर तरस आता है
    जुर्म करता है कोई और चेहरा मेरी बच्ची ढकती है।
    हुजूम सा आया है सड़कों पर खबर है मुझे
    अफ़सोस!ये सबकुछ हो जाने के बाद होती है।
    हाल किसी ने न जाना,बस कौम पूछते रह गए
    सियासत है जनाब,अफ़सोस ऐसी ही होती है।
    गुरुर अब भी उतना हीं है,मुझे अपनी बच्ची पर
    आदमी ही हूँ,कौम जिसकी बस एक पिता की होती है।

  • gargi_kanjilal 5d


    Yes I m born
    Dad says princess
    Doll for my mom
    Lakshmi for the family
    Who am I today
    For the rest of the world…!!
    Some kill us before birth
    Some beat us after birth
    Some forbid us to study high
    Some restrict us to speak right
    Why are we still fighting
    With the rest of the world… !!
    Standing with pride and honour
    In every field we are challenged
    Yet questioned now and then
    When considered equal to men
    Where shall we stand forgiving
    Everytime the rest of the world…!!
    Equality granted in society
    Rights though not equal yet
    Fear of molestation eveteasing
    Alone wherever she steps
    when shall we be safe
    Equally in the rest of the world…!!

  • poemsforsoul 5d

    The innocence in your questions makes me cry

    Dear daddy I miss you.
    Where have you gone so far?
    I'm not big to understand things,
    Every night I miss your kiss
    On my forehead..... I miss
    Your voice telling me stories,
    Of happy things.
    Then I think where you are?
    Confused, I look at your picture,
    Search for you when I see
    Someone like you in streets.
    Even sister asks about you,
    You see I'm already confused,
    I don't know how to explain her too.
    Please come & meet us like everyday,
    We miss you while eating food,
    So daddy tell me where are you?
    Do you miss us like we do?

    I have so many things to tell you.
    It gets hot here, I eat ice cream
    & It doesn't make me cough anymore.
    I wish to talk to you over the phone,
    Make the conversation go on....
    I wish you could see how much I've grown.
    I don't cry even when I'm alone.
    They say you're gone.
    But where daddy? Can't I come along?
    Every one makes me confused,
    I just want to hear from you.

    It's been months since our last interaction.
    I fell down, got hurt on my arm.
    Momma applied medicine but I didn't cry.
    Sister and I, we play along,
    She looks funny singing songs
    Two days ago we went for a picnic,
    I ate even the veggie thing.
    We enjoyed, played and dance.
    I laughed a lot when momma cried,
    She was playing to make us smile.
    It was so real, she even dropped tear.
    It was fun and I'll not forget for years.
    See, daddy we are doing fine!
    We miss you every hour.
    Write me back, if you read this letter.
    I love you Daddy.
    ©Sallon ©2018poemsforsoul

  • magically_scriblled 1w

    Adopting one child will not change the world,
    but for that child,
    world will change����

    #Adoption #feelings #writingcommunity #writersworld #noblework #repost #tag #follow #life #newbeggning #she #daughter #father #bond #support

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    You are not my DNA Father..?
    how can you say you love me alot..?

    ~A teen Girl asked to me.!

    i am not your blood father..!
    i didn't give you the gift of life,but in my heart i know the,
    the love i feel is real and deep.
    indeed i didn't give you the gift of life,
    life gave me the gift of You.!
    Yes our skin doesn't match.you don't have my eyes or mouth,and our faces aren't the same shape.!
    but yes i can see in You the Angel of mine.!
    our skin may not match but our hearts do match for sure.!

    tears rolled down from her eyes and she hugged me.

    and i closed my eyes and feel the warmness of love.!

    ~Tanmay Sinha

  • sontay_shamar 1w

    A Daddy's Dream

    Holding you in my arms the night you were born, I day dreamed your life for you
    The story was long so I'll just highlight a few
    It started with your first walk, first talk
    Transitioning to you as a teenager having our first squawk
    Can't remember if it was over a boy or school
    I just remember saying 'girl, don't be no fool"
    Then graduation came, high school then college
    Now your stepping into the world with street and book knowledge
    I see you getting serious, hope I set an good example of what type of man to marry
    Fast forward some years I see your own family happy
    Dreams do come true and sometimes they're sidelined
    But remember This was just Daddy's Dream, follow yours not mines
    'Dedicated to Phoenix-Reign'

  • coldplaydreams 1w

    #female #foeticide #death #birth #end #life #daughter #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #love #dgx #allen

    @pen_and_paper @panache_stains_and_hangovers
    @lovenotes_from_carolyn @mirakee @iammusaafiir @writersnetwork

    Save the daughters - A prayer for them

    This poem is dedicated to the young wings of a dead princess . Her cries echoed from parts of a world who let her die !

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    E Y E S O F F A T E u s

    Outworn in tresses of a mother ,
    Frozen woods harnessed bells
    Of fear painted in pillow tales -
    Bevvied beast , she knew a father

    The drops withered , dark clouds ;
    Till the night they heard screams
    Inside the faces of lonely streams
    And blood dripped ,shadowed hounds

    All of them stared , all of them heard ,
    Savoured cherry blossoms of a child
    In cups of wine , with roars so wild -
    Rived the pinions of an angel bird !

    Days of torment set her free
    From the puddles under wheels
    Run by men , fresh flesh peels ,
    In chained - a foetus , arms windy

    A sea of grief oozing salt in white
    Over a bed of glimpses in shades
    Where all the love in a tear , fades
    For none to save a daughter's sight

    Slaughtered for ages , a dowry song ;
    A chest in fire , burnt by a son ,
    Oh pupils torpefied , wars he won
    Mist of blue bay , near death along

    And then a day when to mourn -
    Deeds so grave , trinity in plight
    The eclipsed sun floating a flight ,
    A womb where shall he be born ?

    A flower , beauty of buds that spring
    Saw then , a wonder - she could live
    But before a now , a sky in leave -
    From the dead , a dead they bring !

    © Debjit Ghosh

  • agirllikethat 1w

    Daddaa, why does everyone say that you are gone?
    why do they say that you won't come back. That you are dead. What is death daddaa?
    I tell maa that every night you come to visit me. But she just won't believe me. She says that I must be dreaming.
    What is dream daddaa?

    Why don't you come in daylight daddaa, so that they all can see you with their own eyes. They all blame me that I am just making up stories to cope up with your death. But daddaa I am a kid and I don't even know what is death, how can I make up stories?
    I tell granny that last night we both went for a walk and chatted alot, she started crying. But daddaa you do visit me right? Then why do they say that all this is just a dream?
    What is dream daddaa?

    No one believes me daddaa, not even Maa.
    But I know that you believe your princess and you will never blame her. I know that you love me alot. After all that is the reason you come every night secretly to visit your princess.
    Daddaa, I don't know what death is, my classmates say that after a person is dead, he/she goes to another world and they never come back, not even for their family!!! This is so bad na daddaa?
    But your love for your princess is so pure that not even the "other world" can stop you from coming to me.

    Now that is some kind of achievement right?
    So this death thing doesn't make me sad at all. It proves how strong our love and our bond is. I love you daddaa.

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    Daddaa, why does everyone say that you are gone?
    why do they say that you won't come back. That you are dead. What is death daddaa?

  • vidyaarthi 1w


    "माँ" सा प्यार
    उस जैसे ही कायदे हैं
    "बेटी" तुझे पाने के
    अपने ही फ़ायदे हैं।

  • biglittlelies 1w

    ... (continued from previous post)

    जब मैं गुड़िया गुड़िया खेलती थी,
    तो तुमने कबड्डी सिखाई थी|
    उसी कबड्डी के ज़रिए ,
    आत्मनिर्भरता की सीख सिखाई थी ||

    जब घर से दूर जाना हुआ ,
    और माँ भी थोड़ी कमज़ोर हुई|
    तुमने मुझ पर भरोसा किया,
    इसमें भी मेरी जीत हुई ||

    जब तुमने मुझे रोते देखा था,
    और आँसू मेरे पोछे थे |
    उस दिन भी तुमसे सीखा पापा,
    कमज़ोर कभी नहीं होना ||

    जब पूरी दुनिया में शोर हुआ,
    तुमने शांत रहना सिखाया है |
    मेरे हर सही गलत फैसले में,
    मैंने तुमको साथ पाया है ||

    मेरे सारे सपनों को,
    आँखो में तुमने बसाया है |
    जो भी मैने माँगा तुमसे,
    एक झपकी में सामने पाया है ||

    जब तुम साथ गए मेरे,
    बाज़ार के हर खिलौने पर मैने हक जताया है |
    अगर माँ ने भी इंकार किया,
    तो भी प्यार से तुमने दिलाया है ||

    जब मैं देर तक सोती रही,
    तुमने न कभी उठाया है |
    जब मैने रूठकर खाना छोड़ा,
    पापा हाथों से तुमने खिलाया है ||

    जब तुम्हें कोई मना न सके,
    तो पापा की बिटिया आती है |
    मैं ज़रा सा तुमको डांटू तो,
    ना भी तुम्हारी, हाँ में बदल जाती है ||

    अब जब मैं बड़ी हुई तो,
    कहते हो छोटी अच्छी थी |
    और मैं पूछूँ क्या बदला है,
    इसके जवाब में तुमको बस हँसना है ||

    इतना तो मुझे आभास है,
    मेरी शादी से घबराते हो |
    हर बात पे राय देते हो,
    इस विषय पे चुप हो जाते हो ||

    पापा तुम सबसे ऊपर हो,
    तुम हर रिश्ते पर भारी हो |
    जीवन की हर मुश्किल दौड़ में,
    पापा तुम कभी न हारे हो ||

    तुम्हारा सिर न कभी झुकने दूँगी,
    ये वादा तुमसे करती हूँ |
    सब कहेंगे मेरे पापा हो,
    ये फ़र्ज़ मैं पूरा करती हूँ ||

    पापा तुम मेरा गर्व हो,
    तुमने बेटी को एसा बनाया है |
    पापा तो बहुत बने हैं जग में,
    कोई तुमसा न बन पाया है ||

  • biglittlelies 1w


    तुम पर लिखने बैठी थी पापा,
    मुझे शब्द नहीं मिल पाए थे |
    पूरी वर्णमाला खोजी मैने,
    तुम उसमें भी नहीं समाए थे ||

    पापा तुम मुझसे कहते हो..
    जब मैं दुनिया में आई थी,
    तुम्हारा सौभाग्य साथ में लाई थी |
    मेरे चेहरे की रौनक देखकर,
    न केवल होंठ तुम्हारे, बल्कि आँखें भी मुस्काई थी ||

    माँ कहती है मैं भारी थी,
    तो तुम गोदी में रखते थे |
    नए नए सपने आँखों में,
    रोज़ तुम्हारी सजते थे ||

    तुमने ना कभी मुझे डाँट लगाई,
    बल्कि माँ से हर बार बचाया है |
    तुम्हारी ही उँगली को पकड़कर,
    मुझे अपने पैरों पर चलना आया है ||

    जब मैने साइकिल सीखी थी,
    तुम हर मोड़ पे मेरे साथ थे |
    सहारा तुमने भले ही न दिया,
    जब नीचे गिरी, तो गोदी में लेने को तुम्हारे हाथ थे ||

    गिर गिरकर ऊपर उठना,
    तुमने ही मुझे सिखाया है |
    अब हर मुश्किल से खुद लड़ती हूँ,
    जो सिर पे तुम्हारा साया है ||

    .....continued in next post .


  • just_dialogues 1w

    Mom, daughter & Boys

    : Oh my girl!
    One day you will have
    feelings for boys.
    : I already do.
    : Really???
    : Ya, I just hate them.
    They piss me off.

  • amp1972 5w

    The Dark Eye fan poem: A Thorwalson braves Spookwood

    Inspired by: Author Heidi Schmitt-Lermann's poem;

    There is no allegiance between me & any official 'The Dark Eye' publishers,
    this is a personal fan-poem of just another roleplayer...

    A Thorwalson braves Spookwood, experimental translation
    © Andrè M. Pietroschek, alle rights reserved, Mirakee edition

    His loving wife could not accompany him on the quest,
    she had to guard their home from any unwelcome guest.
    Still the dreadful legend of the Spookwood was his path,
    for no ghost-forest should teach a Swafnirson the 'math'!

    Armed with battleaxe and shield he ventures forth,
    facing the horrors of that night in the frozen North.
    Because no horror of our sacred fatherland Thorwal,
    could send more folks than cowardice itself to hell.

    Damp fog suddenly arises, as if by dragon's breath,
    the brain assailed by raptures of panicking & death.
    Still unshaken the bold son of Thorwal marches on,
    for a loud werewolf-howl offers a dueling to be won.

    Berserk robber or moonlight skald it will be known,
    unveiling a truth by combat as it'll soon be shown.
    The frost wraith, she witnesses alike worried wives,
    as a Norse and a werewolf foolishly risk their lives.

    Indeed the Thorwalson overcame the raging beast,
    a close call still, leaving the carcass as crow's feast.
    Now the ice fey nears, enticed by her own curiosity,
    'Behave, ghostly lady, as I rest and bleed as courtesy.

    Her lethal kiss, she considers it merely Rahja's gift,
    but Norse choice of duty before death comes swift.
    To banish this ethereal visitor it needs a holy shake,
    made from salt and warding oils of the mandrake!

    The witch observes it with a smirk, this man's way,
    for this dark night it's not her whim to curse or slay!
    'I will spare your life, if you do swear to me this night,
    you'll never return here, except it is due a divine right.'

    A man of honor the Thorwalson proudly takes his leave,
    the witch observes, but then retreats stealthy like a thief.
    Returning home he sees his loyal wife as she had sworn,
    That long night, dear child, we ensured you will be born!