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  • beachhive 13w

    To the wind

    Flick ego to the wind
    Where the made up words of others dwell
    Loosely set upon from the lips of zombies
    Really we are nothing and everything
    Defining the edges is a mechanism
    Rotated by the expectations floating on the wind.

  • beachhive 13w

    Where Gods Dwell

    It's simple
    The cool of the morning
    Dew gathering slowly
    Mist hovering precariously
    On the breath of dawn
    As the sun moves towards its zenith
    The eagle stirs
    Soaring up where the air is dry
    And the view climbs the horizon with every pump of the wings
    At these times the stars bow to the power that is and dim in the presense of the sun's light
    Waiting steadfast until the late evening turns her face towards them.
    Where in the black of space suspended
    Await gods, guides and fearsome beasts
    Poised ready to tell their story over again
    As the sky is strung with ribbons of evening color
    And the eagle flys home
    The first star in the sky is wished upon
    Which sets the stage for wonder
    And awe.
    And through this grandeur
    Through this drama
    Sings the haunting cry of the wolf
    Giving thanks to the light of night
    And the gods that swim there
    It's simple
    And stunning
    Living amongst the stars

  • my_lil_world_of_stars 13w

    You are my beautiful dream!!
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    And you are
    the only beautiful
    dream of mine.
    That I don’t
    want to wake up,
    until i wish for die.
    And rise like
    a rebirth life.


  • beachhive 13w

    Step back

    Hope can curdle
    Love can sour
    Strength can wane
    But by choice do we let this happen
    With jaded eyes
    Where hope can be all
    And love heals all wounds
    Where strength is power
    It's all momentary
    But if we live with beauty
    With balance
    With courage
    Then at deaths door
    Life won't be a regret of broken dreams
    But a tapestry of color
    Bright vibrant hues
    Reds, oranges, indigo
    But also those threads of black,
    Grey, dark blues
    Where death held a moment
    And hurt prevailed
    Continue looking
    And there's threads of gold, silver
    Whispers of white
    But when a step back is taken
    The tapestry holds
    No regrets

  • neerajsaini 13w


    विचार ख़ूबसूरत है हीरा बनने का, तराशने की पीड़ सह पाओ तो इतला कर देना।
    प्रेरित करती प्रेरणा...✍

  • beachhive 13w


    In the purest form
    Her poison kills
    But to dilute her just right
    Shatters the kiss of reality

  • beachhive 13w

    Life reflects life

    Have you ever thought
    Life reflects life
    Therefore is the globe, our home,
    Perhaps the rivers and lakes are
    Her lymphatic system
    Supporting her cells
    Purging her environments
    Of toxins and needless materials
    What if oil were her blood
    Which feeds the very soil below our feet
    Then there are the trees
    A network of information gives and takes
    What if these are the hairs along her body
    Telling her of pain
    Telling her of pleasure
    Would tectonic plates be her skin
    Where the outerlayer coats the inner essentials
    oceans her brain
    Moving growing and shrinking
    Unseen nerve pathways marked in currents and Eddie's
    Most of our body functions remain a mystery to the layman
    Do we not also live with microbes and bacteria
    Some beneficial some symbiotic and some parasitic
    Would not the organisms that flow over her reflect our own bodies
    That which lives in symbiosis to the body remains happy
    That which creates havoc trigger processes to return the body to balance
    Are we beneficial, symbiotic or parasite?
    Will she start reacting to us?
    Will the earths immune system attempt to purge the overgrowth that infects her?
    Pulling her blood from her,
    Toying and blocking essential lymphatic flow
    Poisoning her brain.
    Will she refuse to be shaved and heave her great breasts in anger.
    Life reflects life
    What do we do to invaders
    How do we react to imbalance in our bodies.
    Life reflects life
    What if she is

  • beachhive 14w

    The sweet note

    Sing to me
    Sing in whispers
    In arias
    In concert
    Sing to me
    Sing in streams
    In rivers
    In torrents
    For its in the sweet note
    The climax of emotion
    The moment of bliss
    That frees me from my thoughts
    To dos
    Just sing

  • beachhive 14w

    Sometimes you just need to cry, really cry. Shed the tears not fallen in the moments held back.
    Life doesn't hold beauty with stone faces.
    Life is rivers, streams, volcanoes, struggle.
    When the dam is broken
    And the heartache can no longer be stopped

  • bleeding_ink 14w


    It hadn't been a tremendous drive, as it was when the newly wedded couple headed for the honeymoon. Place a kind of utopia for them,
    but of course a white covered lanscape, peak high trees, coolness in delight, panorama of heaven and a cozy wintery days. Guessed the place? Don't you, yet! Ahh.... It's the beautiful Shimla.
    Chilled winters, loving vibes and just charm endowed fragrance all around, being the month of November.

    They had been best friend before and a couple now.(for the reader to be in a comfortable zone with the series of things happening now on.)
    Now, the real game begins!

    Well, they arrived their destination. Checked in
    'The Castles of Birds' around 6pm. Both being tired by the journey, preferred a sound sleep and rested themselves on the bed in suite no. 306.
    There was nothing awkwardness from either of them as they already a best friend and a love bound couple. The night passed off and the morning sun knocked the sky with sunrays on their faces.

    He woke and raised curtains a bit so as to move those rays projections from her eyes down to her lips and neck. For him, she was indeed a sleeping beauty for sure. Innocence,charm, sleekness, all at one place, her face. And he couldn't stop staring her. She opened her eyes slowly with a cute yawning.(Hahaha may be not that cute but he perceived it so!). She (in a soft loving tone),
    "Darling, why are you standing there. Get me my bed tea my doggy! ". He replied(smirkingly),
    "Honey, your tea is next to you on table right side. Your doggy knows what his bitch wants!".

    The climate was cool,fresh and rejuvenating.
    The couple too have done with their tiredness of last night.)

    He strolled towards the bed. She gave him a smile. "Want it now that hadn't been done in the night honey", he asked kissing her cheek. "If my master wants something, how can i say no to him", she replied with a wink.
    "Great then get comfortable with the bed and your dress as well",he said. She responded in a rhythm and after finishing the tea, eased herself on bed putting aside the blanket. He acquired the role of master. She happily enacted the slave and
    said "Tame my wild sins, my Master."
    He got closer to her with one knee on bed other leg straight on the floor. He alligned his lips intertwined with hers. They had sips of love together with eyes closed and hands fixed to each others. Slowly, they lied down. She opened his buttons and threw away his shirt on the couch.
    He moved her gown up and slid his head down.
    Down and down kissing each part of her sleekness, his lips landed on her lips, wet, soft, pink and fragile. He kissed, she smiled.He licked, she gasped. He started whirling his tongue,she as a result screamed high. He ate her treasure, she moaned heavily, with every touch of his tongue, she just lost her breathe. He explored all inside the cave and moved towards upper lips and smooched his girl. They kissed too passionately.
    He,again started going down while sliding his lips and reached between thighs,right on the cave.
    She(moaning)No please,no.He made her quiet by putting one finger inside her mouth. "Keep sucking it my slave",he said. She followed her Master for the moment they were into.
    He licked, twisted and moved her tongue all down an to and fro inside her cave. And then he waved his head up. He leaned. Honey, it's your turn to knock out me now. "Sure! Definitely darling.", she replied and pulled down his trouser very slowly. His hardness found a high erection towards his love. She controlled him.
    she kissed,licked every inches of him. Then, held his hardness and followed ups and downs, teased, sucked, kissed at the same time. He groaned, slowly started caressing her hairs while feeling her love down. She made it all wet, all ready, all set for the love to bloom for them.
    She lied on her back, legs wide opened, with her welcoming wet flower to be rinsed by him.
    He slowly put the shaft inside, she moaned, he pushed and it was all inside with balls touching the skin. "Do it darling", she craved. "Not now honey", he replied. He moved his hands over those riped cherries and asked her to take off her covers for him. She did.
    (Both completely a naked soul)
    He kissed those fluffy nips with one hand busy in squeezing and caressing the skin. "Please, drink my love, darling", she craved with high gaspings.
    He suckked too deeply her each drop.
    He was done with the Top...Now it's Down turn.
    The pitch was all set for the batting. He made a thrust, she screamed. He pulsated a wave again, she moaned(deeper this time). He began increasing his thrust inside the cave. Her moans went higher and cherries were bouncing and dancing with every INs and OUTs.
    Ohh, my love, you are a bliss! - she said.
    His pulsating vibes and penetrations turned more intense, was going deeper and faster....
    She was now crying out of pain.
    "Cry more my Slave, let me kill your sins with love", he said.
    Cherries dancing faster, bodies in a rhythm and heat in that winter - all was just intimate.
    As her sins were killed by him, her eyes got closed in that pleasure of sanctity.
    Finally, her eyes had the stars of their universe
    and the milky way formed its way inside her.
    The cave got filled deeply with hus love.
    Her moanings stopped, relieved, happy, lost in those pleasures of him.
    Both exhausted, her cave started closing a bit
    and he turned soft. Both were there in love, were highly inlocked.
    They slept together holding each other. He rested the shaft inside cave and hugged her tightly.
    They exchanged some sips and dips of their eternal love. Had drink of it and were in ecstasy.
    They left the bed later and took a shower together seeing every inches of rach other and kissed each part of their divine love.
    A blessed yet Sinful Love!


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    Sinful Love

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  • beachhive 14w

    Marketing madness

    A sirens song
    Spells the eyes
    Binds the soul
    Lies lies lies
    A siren song
    Sweet as silk
    Fall for it and
    Die die die

  • beachhive 14w

    Beveled edges keep from cutting
    Join together
    Hold tight
    Keep words soft and beveled
    And peace becomes a possibility

  • beachhive 14w


    It's the gap between moments of faith that foster truths of ourselves.
    For it's when light stuns the shadows that the hidden things stand still before scurrying unseen again.

  • beachhive 14w


    When the lights go out
    Where unseen eyes look from the shadows
    When the moon peeks
    Between the curtains staring certainly
    That stepping on the floor
    Will hold a hard certain surface beneath feet
    Echoing from skull to toes
    In response to ethereal fingers tickling
    Of knowing just knowing
    The unseen eyes from the shadows
    Waiting indefinately
    Forever sitting in the shadows
    One day
    This living body will empty
    Will I disappear into the shadows
    With the burden
    Knowing the next could be shivering in front of me

  • beachhive 14w

    Wars and scars

    This journey
    Has left scars,
    Stories of war
    But there was a path
    There was sunshine
    Sweet scents
    If only the promise had been made
    But no
    The call of adventure
    Of risk
    Of living
    One hundred miles an hour
    Rang in my ears
    Threats of quiet
    Sedentary living
    Scared me
    To the bone
    But now,
    As I gaze at this body of ruin
    I smile at the memories etched there
    But would I take it back?
    There was a path
    Some days I think
    The quiet,
    The softness,
    The giggles of generations
    Holding space for family
    Would stitch me whole.
    I lament the never was.
    But, would I take it back?
    Those years of war.
    There was beauty there as well
    In the intimate moments
    In snipits of clarity
    In the mornings
    When the first red ray pierced the night
    Tears flow
    As loneliness seeps into my final breath
    I'd take them back
    Every last one
    Just to step
    If only for a bit
    On the path
    The oasis
    Where the mundane
    Radiates joys
    Even if they are small.
    Those years of war
    Those hated struggles
    The ache
    Of knowing
    There was another way
    If only
    The promise had been made

  • beachhive 14w

    Return to the dance

    I am ready to be beautiful again
    I am ready to shine brightly
    I am ready to step forward
    Not shrink back
    Take this load from me
    It doesn't belong to me
    Tie me with gypsy scarves
    I shall twirl in a plethora of colors
    Remove these shoes that wreak of vocation
    Witness the sand in my toes
    Dont you know when you're beautiful again
    Earth shines
    Birds sing arias
    Sea life whisper ancient proverbs
    Grass plays symphonies
    When you choose to be beautiful
    Nature is no longer cryptic
    It's simple
    Its beauty
    And you become one
    I am ready to be beautiful again
    Last time I was beautiful
    My language was dance
    Was music
    Was laughter
    I never lived shame
    Or anguish
    Or drew prison bars
    Those scarves are dusty but they are mine
    Dancing and music
    Seem so far away
    But I will get there
    One step at a time

  • beachhive 14w


    Could I ever bask in your light
    If I chose to bow to you?
    Would I ever be able to serve you
    If I chose to bask?
    Will your words keep me company
    When I am lonely?
    Can you say you love me
    Even if I am not trustworthy?
    Why when the world is dark
    Are YOU my light?
    What can allow me to see you
    If i am blind?
    Shall you forgive me
    If i am weak?
    Or am i to remain impossibly strong
    Even if you know I'm not able?
    Should i serve you
    If when I'm lost you remain unseen?

  • beachhive 14w

    Design of friendship

    I search
    I stumble
    I fall

    You see
    You smile
    You offer your hand

    I'm lost
    I'm alone
    I fall

    You find me
    Support me
    Clean my scrapes

    I weep
    I grieve
    I fall

    You weep
    You grieve
    You offer your hand

    I sigh
    I breath
    I offer a staff

    You tire
    You stumble
    You fall

    I smile
    I sit
    We rest

    We love

  • beachhive 14w


    Brave sword
    Would it not be unnatural
    Without you?
    Within me you are my hate
    Within me you are my love
    Beside me you are my security
    In front of me you are my burden
    A loyal defence
    You never fail to be there
    I live by the sword
    You are the sword
    Without you
    I would be lost

  • niyatioza 14w

    Mental stability is the fight that a person fights in their lives
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    Hallowness is something that is always felt subconsciously, the mind that craves for the inner peace the satisfaction for the taste of mental stability