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  • spiritual_writer 4d

    Seeking perfect love
    From imperfect
    People will only
    Lead to disappointment
    Seeking perfect love
    From an all perfect
    God will bring to you
    A sense of your own
    Value and worth.


  • rskumar1991 5d

    The world will not give you credit for what you did.
    It will blame you for what you did not.


  • _turn_another_page_ 1w

    #mute #pain #turmoil #sadness #heartache #disappointment #darkness #destroyed #deathofwords #poeticsoul #newwriter #writersnetwork #mirakee #readwriteunite #grit #writersthoughts #bleedinghearts #spilledink #_turn_another_page_

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    I’m a single mum who wants to support her children by following my passion. To write is to breathe.

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    Within Your Silence,
    Lived Blind Indifference.
    My Words Crumpled
    To The Ground & Died
    In The Arms Of
    Your Deaf Ears.

    My Voice Now.

  • delusionalvoid 2w

    Last question....

    "Are you ready for the last question,Mr.Void"

    "Yes! I am" I said in irritating manner

    Mr.Reaper don't you get bored by using same dialogue,
    "Are you ready for next question,Mr.Void" (wowowowoooo)
    you should write down some new lines and dialogue ...
    May I give you a advise..you should watch KBC..and learn from Amitabh Bacchan....
    ...Mr..Reaper, you really need that....." I said with a laughing.

    "Mr.Void,you trying to be funny but trust me,you are not funny at all.
    And just for the record ,I try to be simple and also I am not hosting a show.."
    He said in cold serious voice.

    "Ok, Sorry! A flop joke ,I am just trying to be funny after lot of serious talk...so...I thought that it is necessary...well...
    ....what is the next question..you told me it is boring..
    hope it is simple one.." again I said in funny sound.

    "Ok,Mr.Void,it is a simple question or I should say questions, What do you want?
    And What will you do after resurrection?"
    He asked me.

    "Hmmm! Really!You want to know that,I have told about it to death..you could ask him..
    ..it is really a boring question
    and well first is more boring.."
    I said him making a weird face.

    "Mr.Void,it was before you faced me...or...
    I think I should say faced yourself...
    I want to know again,what is in your mind now.
    Mr.Void this your last question and don't think you will feel enjoyed if you don't get resurrection reaching this near
    and did you forget about our schemes,there are plenty of them left " He said like he was enjoying it.

    "Ok ! No schemes....I will tell you ....
    (..I will kill you..son of **....) " ,I muttered.

    "What ,Mr.Void ?" He exclaimed and asked..

    "Nothing..... just saying I will tell you ..
    Honestly , I don't know what I want and ....
    I have no idea what will I do with it.. really i don't have any idea...."I told him

    "If you don't have any idea ,Mr.Void
    why you want another chance, just to make same mistakes and hurt more people around you.
    Do you think you can bring something good out of it"

    I start telling him
    "No,I know there is risk that people could get hurt..
    And but I am trusting my guts on this...maybe ....
    I could bring something good out of it..
    Maybe I could do something right...
    I don't know where life would lead me...
    I don't say that I will not try to find my love again...
    Or I don't know if I will walk alone this time with numb heart...
    I don't say I will forget every memory voice...
    I don't say ...that... people will not be hurted by me...
    There will always be a danger.... but...
    ...I want to play this game for one more time...
    ...I want to believe myself....for one more time...
    ..maybe I can't fit anywhere .....I know I can't correct every mess...I have created
    I know I can't take back the pain people get due to me......
    ..but I can apply salve on their wounds......
    I can build the town of my life again..
    I can face my nightmare this time ....
    I can think about others ...this time rather than me...
    I could help others......I can prove that I am not rich man's gold lover....
    I can move forward from immaturity to achieve maturity.....
    I just want to do things in right way this time....
    I want to fill people around me...with happiness..and..
    .....and..... with.......you know....with glory.....

    I have a dream lot of them....and...I know....that.... somewhere...maybe....if I say....practically all can't become true...but one dream I want to fulfill even just for one time ...I want to say my family do what you want to do...you want to buy something .....buy ....
    You want to eat....eat anything you want....
    You want to visit places say the name....
    ... everything will on me...
    Just for that i want resurrection..
    Because I can't do it with present way.... the hopes have already broken ....I want new hopes to blossom in the dessert.....I know it's difficult .... But even cactus bear flowers....
    This is all I want to say....." I ended my words with eyes filled with tears.

    "Very Well,Mr.Void", Reaper said with a serious look on his face.


  • mustafizur 2w

    When there is too much fog and nothing seems clear...
    Just follow the moon.

    ©Dr. Mustafizur

    Where fog is disappointment and moon is hope.

    #fog #moon #disappointment #hope @writersnetwork #writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    When there is too much fog and nothing seems clear...
    Just follow the moon.

    ©Dr. Mustafizur

  • delusionalvoid 2w


    Reaper :
    So, coming to our next level, your teen phase,Mr.Void
    Why don't you make friends?
    Why you are so mean and selfish?

    Me :
    I don't believe you are asking me that.
    Yes,I don't need any homie or any bestie or any friends..
    I don't need them..and
    Also, I don't trust anyone..
    And yeah, you could say that I am selfish and mean..

    Reaper :
    Really! But you have done sacrifices and many things in friendships..
    Once you even take your friend's blame on you...why...."

    Me :
    No, I didn't done that ,I mean I did..but..
    I did that because it was necessary..
    And sometimes I was debted of some acts done by so called friend..so I do that ..so that I can remove my debt...
    Simple maths.."

    Reaper :
    Ok! Why you always try to make people laugh...
    Why you treat them in very good manner?
    Why you try to share their sadness and
    Why don't share their happiness?

    Me :
    "I do what is necessary,I don't do anything because I want something ..
    I just do it..what I feel right...
    I just wanted to distract myself sometimes ...so I do these things....
    and also,I am not that much good in relationships...
    .....like friendships
    ....you remember that I accidentally called a girl fake ...in joke and I forgot her name?

    Reaper :
    "Yeah! You feel guilty about it...
    But why you felt that...when you know it was like an experiment...."

    Me :
    "Why are you lying to yourself,Mr.Void?
    Why don't you accept that you need someone as friend to share your thoughts, your feelings..
    How long will you keep talking to yourself..
    Crying and laughing without reasons.."

    Me :
    I don't want anyone ,I am my best friend..
    Yes,I talk to myself and even cry and laugh..
    Because I feel good and why need friends...
    You never know when they break your trust...
    When they will leave you..
    I don't want anyone sympathies...
    And I don't want any weaknesses..
    I already have many......

    ....I just wanted to left alone..I felt more focused
    And I felt more stronger when I am numb..
    I wanted to remain broken because pain is my drug now...."

    Reaper :
    But, how long will it go...
    Tell me..why don't you find someone with whom you could share your feelings..how long you will befriend
    with paintbrush and pen and with songs..tell me.."

    Me :
    Hmm.as long I am alive..
    Maybe you are right I should find someone
    And you know that I tried that several times...
    And you know what I get ... failures..or ..
    ...you could..say.. nothing...
    I don't say I am alone ,there are many like me .......
    ....some even worse than me....
    .... but for clapping you need both hands ....
    ... you can't talk only about yourself..
    When I wanted to talk about them...
    you know what they say....it breaches their privacy
    ....maybe.. sometimes secrets should be remain secret but why force other about the same thing when you can't share your feelings....
    ..But I admit that I still have hope that I will find someone....I will try to take a chance..."

    "And you should Mr.Void",he said and I know this question ended...


  • delusionalvoid 2w


    Reaper :
    So,here your next question Mr.Void
    Why did you beat your brother?

    Me :
    Hahaha! Every brother even sisters fights .
    It's part of relationships

    "Yes! It is.
    But Mr.Void,they don't fight to kill..
    And you know ,what I am talking about.
    You beat him that he choked out,"

    He screamed"Why, Mr.Void"

    I said in loud voice
    "I didn't beat him ,
    Yes,I mean I did,but I never meant to choke him.
    It was an accident ..I just lose control.."

    In an anger voice he brought his face near me and looked into my eye and said,

    "You lose control or wanted to lose control.
    Look at me,Mr.Void..Why you did that ..
    Answer me..
    Say you wanted to kill him..
    Say,You are a disappointment..Say it !"

    I rejected with anger
    "No! I am not."

    He laughed and said
    "Yes! You are ,Mr.Void..".

    My eyes filled with tears and shame,

    "No..I am not .." I said in crying voice
    Yes ,I beat him because he was making same mistakes like me..and it was worse than me..he can't control himself like me...
    I thought....I thought ..I saw my father in him..
    I thought I would lose him...he disrespected mother
    Maybe,I wanted to put my responsibilities on his shoulder..and I felt disappointed ....
    ..I felt that I am not a good elder brother...and..
    I am not a good son....I got so angry ...that I spill my
    magma on him...
    But I never meant to ..i never meant to choke him..
    I still felt guilty ..I wanted to apologize..
    But...my ego hold me back..
    ..I can't lose anyone.....not now..I am not ready for that....not yet..
    I am not that much strong..
    My mother cried several times due to me...
    It kills me .. believe me..it does..
    I can't see the same thing happening again when the reason is my brother...
    I hate myself.....for the mistakes I have done..
    I don't know why.....why , everytime I wanted to do something right..I end up with destruction.."
    Why even I was born ...I wish I would have never born... it's becoming difficult for me to take anymore....I am losing myself..I am.. in real..."

    "So, you admit that it is your mistake.."He said with smile

    "Yes! It is..." I spill the words after drinking my tears..


  • theexpressionist 3w

    You just have to find courage in your heart to face it all.
    #face #brave #strong #courage #heart #sad #happy #disappointment

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    These things are inevitable. You cannot be happy all the time. In fact, sometimes what makes you happy also makes you sad.


  • lost_thoughts_who_cares 3w

    New Year??

    Well my NEW YEAR started with big disappointment��

    Yup! I was hoping that she will WISH me at least with a simple text. But like always all I got


    Actually it's not HER fault, it's mine coz I always EXPECT from"HER"

    I just hope somebody she will realize my feelings and love for her. Hope she understand how IMPORTANT she is for me.

  • adorer 4w

    I never knew the meaning of love and hurt
    Until you made me fall for you
    then broke my heart

  • amyrose 4w


    No news is good news
    As the saying goes mostly
    But it's just the wait

    No news is nothing
    But shall I venture to hope?
    In the wait, I hope

    Disappointment waits
    To devour any hope left
    Waiting for the rest

    Leaving emptiness
    Where nothing grows in the void
    Disappointment lurks

    Waiting for the chance
    To obscure optimism
    Look for the good news

    ©a. rose 18 dec 2017

  • imkaushiksanyal 5w

    Treat me
    with anything
    or anyway
    you like
    but not
    with a common story.

    Kaushik Sanyal

  • overthinker_chronicles 6w

    Didn't you know he couldn't swim?

    That he would rather dip his toes
    In another's shallow waters
    Than risk drowning in your depths?


  • anshicreation 7w


    I asked him
    "Choose me or your best friend"
    He said you then l blocked him
    The person who isn't loyal his bestie
    So he is can't be loyal to other


  • realistik_dreamer 7w

    When the unexpected happens, nobody expects further.


  • shamshy 7w

    Thought You Were Different

    When I met you it was so magical
    We'd laugh and do all types of crazy stuff
    You promised not to hurt me or do me like them other niggas in my past..
    And I believed you..
    You started to drift couple months after, you stopped putting in effort
    When I asked you about it , you said it was the distance
    But you already knew what you were getting into so why complain???
    You left the island and it became even worse
    You barely talk to me , I had to beg for your attention
    You found someone and kept it a secret
    But I found out and you started to disrespect me for her
    Treated me like I was the worse thing ever..
    How do you treat the girl that was down for you like shit for a girl you just met?
    How do you say she doesn't mean shit to and you don't give a damn about her just to please another girl??
    You gave her everything I wanted and all i got was disrespect..
    But karma is my best friend, she'll take over for me
    When you hurt someone who truly care about u and love u , you won't be happy.
    It's gonna happen to you in return, all the things you put me through will turn around and haunt you..
    And you'll wonder why you can't be happen ..
    Truth is , I can never do people like how they do me
    My heart is too clean and loving for that.
    Not everyone you lose is a lost so In this case you're just another lesson
    You can't replace me , my personality, love and care will always be different
    And when you realize that , I won't be here waiting for you..
    You knew what I've been through and you repeated my past all over again
    Wish you all the best still cause you won't change the person I am
    I thought you were different but you're not
    You're just like everybody else..


  • loonylily 8w

    Haiku - 11/27/17

    Words trapped in my throat;
    When I try to spit them out,
    Disappointment shrieks.


  • firefly_lovie 9w

    She wants to be loved to feel the spark
    She wants to be loved till the level of craziness surpass
    She has only option to dream about it
    She don't want to be used again


  • wallflower_foreverinfinite 11w

    She laughed so not to cry.